Emotional Mess After Tummy Tuck until I found an amazing Plastic Surgeon Dr Nijher @ Ocala Plastic Surgery.

I decided to have a tummy tuck after my 3rd child....

I decided to have a tummy tuck after my 3rd child. she really did a number. I had no stretch marks but lax skin that petruded when I sat down. I chose to have a TT, MR AND LIPO to fix my problem. I thought a TT would make me happier about myslef.

After several meeting with my PS we had established I could have a low scar. When i finally saw my tummy my scar was half way up my belly. This has put me in an emotional state of mind I cant snap out of. This is not what we talked abt. Not only the scar but I had increased swelling at day 14 an the PS said I coud have pulled a stitch (How I would have done this is beyond me I have been on my butt for 2 wks.)

If I could do this all over I would have taken more time to find a better PS. That would have given me what I payed for.

I am now 9 weeks an still unhappy. I have spoke...

I am now 9 weeks an still unhappy. I have spoke with my PS abt scar revision and he wants to charge me. I also have excess skin an jigglyness in my upper tummy. I asked him abt it an he pinched the rolls an told me to put it on the back burner. Why did I even pay him? This is crazy I trusted him and he lied to me. I wish I woiuld have choosen a different PS. Now im having to pay another 8 grand to have it fixed.  

Photo Update

3 yrs have gone and passed since I had my first...

3 yrs have gone and passed since I had my first Tummy Tuck. When I think about what happen and the outcome of my first tummy tuck it still creates a tornado of emotions. I wont finish this update without tears in my eyes. I trusted a board certified surgeon practicing in Inverness Florida to preform a TT that ended with disasterous results. I have decided to post pictures this time to show what I started at, where I went and where it ended. Two years after the first procedure I found an amazing Plastic Surgeon in Ocala, Florida, Dr Nijher. I will admit he wasn't the first surgeon I met with to discuss revisions, but he was the most honest and forthcoming about my situation and gave me realistic hopes.

One year after the worst day of my life, I am finally at the point that I can have my TT corrected. Several PS on this site told me my results are normal. After meeting with several PS I was assured that my TT was done unethical. I have spent plenty of tears and dollars on my poor choice of Dr. Please do your research if you have a tiny little doubt or question something a PS says see someone else. Dont go against your first instinct. I had my first revision 3 days ago and I feel wonderful except for the fact I dished out another 8k. In 6 mnts I have the last part of my revision and then I will follow up with a tattoo to cover what is left of a bad decision.

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