Radio Frequency Treatment Ruined my Life!!!! Elmhurst, NY

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Hopeless08 December 21, 2014 I had 2 radio...

December 21, 2014
I had 2 radio frequency treatments done with a machine called Endymed 3 deep.I had them done one week apart from each other over my buttocks hips and thighs and lost all the fat I had. So much fat loss that it looks deformed. I have dents on buttocks, uneven lumpiness and some areas cave inward due to the amount of fat lost. The worst part is that I used to have a Brazilian type buttocks/hips full firm and plump. Now it looks deformed. My hips literally look like an iron passed over them and my legs look like toothpicks, with such a big gap between them.i now look like i'm wearing diapers when I put on jeans or pants due to the butt area caving inwards. and i have to keep pulling them up as i walk, they fall down cause there is no fat left to support them. It feels and look so awkward when bend down because all the fat on the top of my butt has been flattened out and the fat behind my thighs right above the bottom of the buttocks and the hips as well so only a small section of fat in the middle of the butt is left, since she did not touch that area as much.i know its hard to imagine and i'm sorry that i'm rambling on and on and not making any sense but i am crying as I am writing this review, just remembering the body I used to have. My intention was to build collagen in the skin. I made it clear to the Medspa technician that I liked the shape of my butt and hips and do not want to alter it, just improve the skin and she promised me it would not alter the shape in any way. I have so much anger towards her. She was completely careless and disregarded any guidelines. she applied so much pressure with the hand piece, going over my buttocks hips and thighs at the same time, as if she was performing a deep tissue massage. I did ask her if she is supposed to go over such a large area at once, because according to the guidelines you can only do small sections at a time (10 by 10 parameters) but she said "it's the same thing". she was talking the whole time not concentrating on the screen of the machine to make sure she does the same number of passes over each section and when I pointed out that she wasn't counting, she said " oh i don't need to, i have a visual memory since i've been doing airbrushing for years." When i think back at that response, now, it infuriates me. how could she actually compare airbrushing to radio frequency.I am an idiot though for not informing myself of the dangers of rf if done in the wrong hands and am now paying the price.i should have gone with my gut feeling the moment i walked through the door, it didn't feel professional to me. The woman at the front desk did not speak english, could not find my appointment and didn't even know they performed the treatment i went there for. the name of the rf machine is endymed 3deep. I am in a horrible depression, have not left my house in 3 months. It has ruined my life. It's been 7 months now since the treatment and it just seemed to be getting worse with time.i think that it stabilized now. I can't imagine it getting any worse I truly have no fat left. I also have this constant burning sensation in some of the areas and that's not going away. I figure it's due to nerve and tissue damage.but the worst part is that No one understands the emotional pain I am in. I have lost the will to live. I had plans to get engaged and start trying for a baby with my boyfriend. However he has not seen me since this happened cause he's been overseas and I know he will get turned off by seeing me now.He used to love the shape of my body and the difference is dramatic. I ended up having to cancel our plans and breaking up.i am 40 years old it was probably my last chance to have a child. I'm in so much pain that it's hard to breath. I'm unfortunately coming to terms with the idea that the fat loss may be permanent. The device is not suppose to kill fat cells but this woman turned the heat up too high and was extremely neglectful. I really don't know how much longer I can take the emotional pain I am in. I can't even look at myself in the mirror, I now hate my body. I would give anything to have my body back and I keep asking myself why is this happening to me everyday!!!!! I pray that somehow at some point at least some of the fat will regenerate. That hope is the only thing that keeps me hanging on.
If anyone is thinking about having this treatment done, please be very careful and make sure it is with a reputable doctor. I could use any words of advice or wisdom. I would put up pictures but I am honestly ashamed.

Endymed done with with Florence at WW med spa in queens

Please stay away from this place. I thought I was going to improve my skin texture. Florence, the technician assured me that it would not alter my shape at all. I walked in with a nice shape and walked out with no curves, saggy butt, fat taken out of my butt and thighs and my life has been ruined since then. I regret it every minute of every day. Plus she caused me nerve damage. And the damage kept getting worse with time. 8 months later and it was still eating fat from my butt thighs and altering my shape. Notice how my butt in the before pictures is much plumper and hips and thigh are less seperated. She went way beyond the heat settings causing me to hate my body.
Florence (technician)

The technicians name is Florence and the name of the place is WW med spa in Elmhurst,NY. She is extremely unprofessional, neglectful. She spoke of the treatment as if she had a lot of knowledge of it but in reality is completely uneducated and unaware of what she was doing.

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