Tummy Tuck Aug. 3, and I Am So Excited - Elmhurst, IL

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I have my post op appointment next week. I have...

I have my post op appointment next week. I have always thought about it but never thought I would do it. After four kids and alot of other stuff the most I have weighed is 250 lbs, I have been able to get down to 180lbs. The moment I started to go into size 18 and 20, plus I started to feel embarrassed to eat in public I realized it was time to do something now. So after three years I was able to lose weight. I am happy with my size, but my stomach is flabby and I am getting rid of it. I am so excited. So to all the ones that are on the same journey good luck and hope you get the results you are looking for.

As I see the other posts and pictures I think it...

As I see the other posts and pictures I think it is making me nervous. Not so much in a negative way but I can feel my heart rate go up as I see some of the pictures as you heal. I am not very good at dealing with pain. I am still going to do it. The kids will be gone for a month and the first few days the hubby will be taking care of me. I will post a current picture soon when I get a few minutes from the kids. Hope every one of you get the results you are looking for and thanks to you all that have kept the posting and the encouragement for us that are on way there. Have a good weekend.

Had my preop appointment, Signed all my papars and...

Had my preop appointment, Signed all my papars and it is a go. 645 am Friday Aug 3. I wish it was this friday. I was given all my instructions and I am so ready. I can do it and deal with all the work and pain for recovery, I am so prepared mentally. I can't wait. Hope everyone is doing good. See you guys next week.

So hubby and I were talking last night, he asked...

So hubby and I were talking last night, he asked me how appoinment went and what going on and wanted all the info. Always pretty supportive of anything I want to do ( probally he knows I would do it anyways, so dont have much of a chose) Well I told him about recovery, and the medicine dr going to give me, and a pain pump I will have. So he said it sounds like it's dangerous and everything else. Why do you want to go through this pain. He says that he don't care how I look that he always has loved me for me. True never once complained about my weight. What can he complain about, I gave hime 4 kids and its him always lets go eat, lets get ice cream. hehehe got to blame soemone.

So anyways I figured coming here would make me feel better because it's true anything can go wrong but I have the confidence this will be great and my PS is wonderful. I figure the pain will be well worth it.

I have lost a significant amount of weight in the past 3 years, yesterday I wore a dress and recieved a compliment from a much younger man. I feel great. So guys, I mean ladies, I guess just needed to vent, other people don't understand what we going through.

5 Days post op. I feel pretty good today. Getting...

5 Days post op. I feel pretty good today. Getting around better, still little dizzy here and there. Usually in the morning and after waking up. I have to take my time.

Recomendation for anyone on there way to do it, take your pain meds with you to the operation. I had a hour travel home due to traffic and by time I got home I was in full pain.

I am taking atiobiotic and pain med, I am switching off to tylenol, the pain is not that great. It seems a little harsh in the morning. For the first few days I was living on vitamin water, jello and drikable yogurt and ritz crackers, not I started off with soups and eggs with toast. Since I was advised that the pain meds will constipate you, I started taking milk of magnesia when I started solids (2 days) now still no BM. I am relaxing as much as I can so I can heal as fast as possible.

As I looked at my incision I noticed I have staples on my right side. PS never mentioned that. I am gonna ask later. One of my drains was bleeding at the insertion point, I don't know if I had tugged on it. It seems not to be draining. i am going to give the dr a call today, I might have to go see him.

Wow I don't believe I have not updated. Well I am...

Wow I don't believe I have not updated. Well I am 17 days post op. I lived to tell about it. Wow what an emotional ride, thanks to a friend I have here at home that has done it plus all the friends here at real self. Thanks for all the support. I will try to be like Kimmer and Karen and the others that stay and help the newbies. Because it was great to here from the priors of what to expect before, during and after. Once again thanks to everyone and our peers that raises our spirits when we doubt our actions.

Anyways that’s it for the gooey stuff. So 17days post op, yesterday PS took out the 2nd drain, all the stitches and the staples. So I am somewhat free. I can see I did a little to much over the weekend I swell a little. So I will be taking this week easy because the kids come home on Sunday. I need to be 100% for them.

This is the 1 of three hardest things I have done in my life. Wow. It is emotionally and physically draining. My hubby asked me how do I feel about this. Well it made me think. I did it for all the wrong reasons, but it will become to be done for the good of me.
I have decided this is the beginning of a new part of my life and I will only let the positive parts of it affect me in positive ways. So prepare yourself mentally, the few friends that knew here at home were great support and my real self friends. I would not have been able to do it alone.

I feel pretty good, I notice when I strain my body I will walk hunched over for a few minutes. When I am doing stuff I feel my body saying okay you’re going too far. So I stop it and relax. Otherwise I am excited to see my body in a month from now.

I love how the clothes fit my stomach area. It gives me a lot of confidence, and I have notice a few glances from males. I like it. I think I regret not doing my breast but I will see in the future.

I have researched many Dr. in my area and Dr. Raine i found very good reviews and nothing negative. I also felt very comfortable.

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