35 Yrs Old, 5'8 130lbs 425cc Alergan Natrelle Saline Submuscular, Boobay Time!

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Whew, Well here I go! I have had Crohns disease...

Whew, Well here I go! I have had Crohns disease for 15 years and suffered extreme weight loss, That and after having my son, my breast were engorged from breast milk and not breast feeding crushing my breast tissue. So between those two things I was left with very flat deflated breast. It has killed my self esteem and depression and being uncomfortable in my own skin. This is something I have wanted to do for the better of 10 yrs. FINALLY I can do it! I'm so excited being 10 days and a wake up from my surgery. I ve spent years researching breast augs, and I think I'm a lil obsessed with boobs now Haha!
I wanted to join this site to show my progress and give the info I know I was looking for myself.
After a lot of researching all the options and my personal options, I will be going Saline implants for mostly money reasons but they are safer and the scar will be smaller. Natrelle Saline implants, Submuscular, under the breast incision. My first choice was 371cc, But my surgeon thinks he may try 425cc. He said he has ordered three sets of implants to see which are best. lol Like trying on clothes I guess. After reading other women's experiences I think I am going to tell him to go 425cc. So excited yet nervous. I had a nightmare that my breast were too large and I couldn't walk. hahah Oi! I am also just a little concerned about the submuscular placement because I have always had a lot of upper body strength and like that about me. Just worried I'll loss that. My Dr. says no but Ive read stuff. lol
Anyway I'll be posting pics and making updates along the way. Any comments advice or questions is appreciated. Much love Ladies!

Prepping For the Post Op!!

I'm 9 days away from Surgery and I'm getting everything I need gathered and sorted. So recovery kingdom Aka my big fluffy couch and living room, will be ready for me. I have cleaning to get done, a lil bit of organizing. I may go out and by a few button up nightshirts to lounge in. I already have appropriate stuff, but I think I may go find something new. I have my list of things to do for before and after. Going to pick up my antibiotics in a few days and look into the Arnica Montanta for the swelling. My last thing to do will be food shopping, gassing up my car . Ooo I wish I could sleep for the next 9 days hahah I'm too excited! This website has helped so much. Its great to have place like this. Lol so we don't annoy everyone we know about non stop talking about are BA's. Great advice here and just a great way to be at ease!.

It's REAL! Really happening!

The surgery center called me this morning. The nurse had some general questions about my health" medications, prior surgeries etc. She told me what time to be there Friday morning 645am procedure to begin at 730am. Hehehe! It's so real now! I can hardly contain myself. For the ladies who've gone under the muscle placement, did you feel you lost and upper body strength? I know at first there will be minimal use of arms and lifting but later down the road.. I've always had a lot of Upper body strength. I can lift twice my body weight. I can climb just about anything lol I'm a bit agile. Also I take care of my disabled mom in a wheel chair. I lift her in and out of my car for drs app. She's small but top heavy kinda dead weight. I've scheduled her drs appointments before my surgery and shouldn't have to take her anywhere for the next 3 weeks after my surgery. I think my biggest concern is not being as strong as I was. The nurse told me it wouldn't be an issue. Unless of course I was a bodybuilder or non stop worked my pectoral muscles. Lol not the case. Any ladies who are a few months post op care to weigh in on this? Comments are appreciated thanks!

Too excited!!! Final preparations

I just realized yesterday that I haven't told my about to be 17 yr old son. Lol its not a convo a mother plans on having with her boy. But I realized crap I have to tell him. It's not like he wouldn't notice haha. So I tell him and boy do I love him. He totally supports me and knows what I've been through with my health and weight loss. I told him the possibility of me being helpless and he said he's staying home all weekend with me to take care of me. His only condition is not to ask him what he thinks about them afterwards. Lmaooo. Uh no son I won't be asking your opinion it was odd enough discussing this to start with lol. We've always be so close but good grief I never thought this would be a topic. Lol

4 days pre op and on edge!

So much to do the next 4 days. Get my antibiotics n clean n shop and setup. I'm glad to be busy but whew this is on my mind constantly. I'm super excited but also anxiety. Some fear and still having boob dreams and nightmares lol I feel a tad silly but this has to be normal. This is going to change my life. Never thought I could do this, always seemed like a pipe dream. But it's real and happening! I hope the pay off is better then the pre excitement lol I kinda like the night before Christmas feeling but it's getting to me now lol sigh can't wait.

34 hrs left until Go Time!

The hours are counting down and I'm all over the place lol. I'm cleaning like a mad women whole house is disinfected, organizing everything I need. I'm not even close to done. I have to get up early and go food shopping and household items. I even have a hospital hand disinfected foam to sit by me. I'm so excited. Kinda wishing I choose a closer surgeon. I'm leaving 2mrw at 330pm to spend the night in Maryland where my surgery is. It's early am so it will be done before 930am. Starting at 645 for pre op 730 surgery.. I will endure a 45 min ride home. I'm hoping I'm drugged up enough to not feel pain. Lol I'm so ready for this. I'm super thankful to a couple special gals here that have been with me every step of the way. Thank you. I can't tell you how you all have helped me thus far!

10 hrs to go until B Day!

I'm about to take My shower and take a sleeping pill even though I don't think I'll really need it. I'm exhausted. All my last min running wiped me out. I didn't sleep at all last night worrying I forgot something lol. Now I'm at my friends in Maryland and beat. I usually don't sleep to well at other ppls home so I'm taking a sleeping pill anyway. We have to leave at 6 am to arrive on time. Unfortunately I won't be able to head right home after my surgery like originally planned. So ill be staying in Maryland for an extra 5-6hrs. Hopefully I'll sleep for most of it. I'm really not to anxious now but it's mostly because I'm tired and over the being stressed stuff lol. So wish me luck 2mrw starts a new Me!

I have BOOB! BIG ONES! hahah

Wow wow wow!. So I'm all done and back at my friends house relaxing. I'm in a great mood. I woke up in a lot of pain and severe shaking and chills from the anesthesia. They gave me some meds to relax me and stopped that. But I couldn't breath worth a damn from the pressure of it. That's slowly getting better. My PS went with 400 cc is one and 430cc in the other. He and me are super pleased. I'm still in too much pain to take many pics but here's one right now. THANK YOU to ALL of beautiful wonderful women who've been with me through this. I'm so very thankful for you all. Xoxoxox

One day PostOp

I've been too weak and sore to really take pics and I'm still a lil too scared to look at my new breast bare lol but here is one still wearing my surgical bra. Looks like they've rounded out a lil more already. But I have to say my right arm hurts pretty bad. I'm right handed so I think the muscle is tighter on this side. Ice packs have been a godsend though. Chest is very tight and my breathing is still on the shallow side. I'm still a lil out of it from meds, pain, and overall tired. But I'm happy. My son is taking care of me and my best friend is on her way over now too. I do hate feeling helpless but it's temporary. Not sure if I mentioned yet but my surgeon went with 400 cc and 430 cc. My left breast was slightly bigger. My implant ID card says 400 cc left and right but he told me the one is 430. I'm definitely pleased. I'm starting to feel a lil itchy I'm using the arnicare gel and may use a lil coconut oil on my skin too. Overall I'm doing well. I'm gonna take it easy and do everything I can do insure ultimate results. I know I've said it many times but seriously, THANK YOU to ALL of you who have been here right a long with me. I love you gals, even without seeing your faces hahaha

Day 2 post Op

I'm still hurting pretty bad, but mostly in the morning when I first wake up. I'm sleeping pretty decent but the drugs of course are helping that part. My right side is still the worst pain. My breathing is getting easier but still tight. I had a 99.1 fever last night but from what I've read that is normal due to anesthesia and the shallow breathing. My surgeon told me if my surgical bra bothers me to take it off because there's no magic to it. Lol but it doesn't bother me at all. I don't have one of those bands for across the top of the chest. But I feel like maybe I should. I have small ace bandages I thought about wrapping loosely to encourage dropping but I'm gonna ask my PS 2mrw. He also didn't tell me to do massage so I'm not doing that either. I'm using arnica gel and natural lotions for the tight itchy feelings. I have real coconut oil and Burts bees aloe and buttermilk body lotion. My neck pillow and ice packs have been miracles for me. I highly recommend getting them, if you ladies still waiting for surgery haven't gotten them yet. I'm gonna try and take some pics a lil later today. I took this one last night after the short walk I took. They look like they are rounding out more already

:( I'm so drained

I'm feeling more helpless. One min I feel alright then back to pathetic. I'm hating being sedated but I think I have to be still. I did take a walk yesterday but that just wasn't in the cards today. I can't wait to feel excited again. This under muscle placement is rough. I think It's due to the fact I have pretty strong pec muscles and being in trauma right now. My care takers won't be around until 2mrw so I'm pretty much on my own tonight. My kitty is staying super close to me. She knows somethings up with me lol I'm able to turn on my side a lil more which is helping right now. I know this is only day 2 so I shouldn't be expecting too much but it's hard being helpless. I'm monitoring myself making sure no fevers . I did have a low one last night but it's be normal all day. But no bowel movements in days. That's scary for me with my crohns so I hope that gives soon. Sigh well time for more meds and try and sleep more.

Feeling better, Music is medicine for the soul!! 3 day Post Op

I woke up better than the last two days. Less pain just very stiff. I think I understand the emotional blues part of all this, but for me it is definitely not regret, it is just the having to slow down my life part. I'm so used to be independent and on the go and not needing anyone. That is what is getting to me. I know it is soon and I told myself I was gonna be useless for at least a week. But why does it feel like time has stopped? lol And I HATE the drowsiness from the valiums in the daytime. But it is getting better, honestly a lot better.Today I put on my headphones and have listened to all my favorite music and I swear it has made a world of difference in my attitude.. I'm drinking nothing but water and only my morning coffee. I give you ladies a lot of credit, I still haven't looked at myself bare chested. I peaked a lil but haven't removed my surgical bra at all. lol My surgeon didn't give me one of those band things.. I almost feel like I need one to push these suckers down . Maybe I'll try using one of my mini ace bandages.?

6 days post finally I feel more normal

I finally took a real good shower and took a good look at myself. I'm glad I waited because boy are these suckers high up. My pec muscles are so swollen over top I couldn't even get to my arms pits. I hope them drop fast. I know I'm impatient lol. They look so much better covered up. I think they're gonna be quite larger when they settle. Which is fine by me haha. My pain is much better and sleeping is at least better than the beginning. I'm gonna attempt to drive to the store that's close today for a few food items I need. But overall I think I'm doing well. I'm so glad I knew what to expect from other women because this square frankenboob look would've made me ball my eyes out. So here are my first bare pics. I bought a genie bra I found in the drug store and it's comfortable. It came with 2 beige and black. I'm able to slip things over my head without too much trouble lol. It's not easy but doable.

9 days post and feeling MUCH more like myself

9 days of basically doing nothing has been hard for me. I'm so used to do everything and feeling weak sucked lol I've gone through a roller coaster of emotions since the start of my process and even a bit still. I've had a bit of oh no did I go too big? To oh no will they always look this high up? And is this ever going to end? Lol knowing the answers to all these full well. I've tried not to get carried away or depressed. So now at this point I've been sleeping pretty sound so that's helped a bunch with my mood and I don't have much pain left. Just the occasional zing or quick stab. Swelling is going down and I didn't get any bruising at all. Also i don't have any numbness. My nipples are more sensitive which I'd rather have than lost feeling lol my clothes so far, well I haven't been wearing much since A: I haven't really gone out and B: the swelling made them look too huge in my clothes for me to feel good about them. But today's pics show me that I'm gonna LOVE them once they settle down lol and teaching me patience. Good things come to those who wait. ;)

Well hello Girls!!!!

13 days post 14 days old. Waiting to drop Sux

So my girls are technically 2 wks old today 13 days post. I really have no patience. My muscles must be so stubborn because I don't feel I've dropped much at all. Swelling has changed but it does come back slightly and go down again. I haven't been to my post op visit yet. I was told 10-14 days. And I won't be able to get to him this week. I feel great no major pains at all. I still have my lil bandages on they haven't budged. But also I have no pain at all at my incisions. So I'm not worried. I can get to my PS next week. So my first post op visit will be almost 3wks post. It's complicated as to why I can't get to him lol but I will get there. Pretty sure I don't have stitches that come out and I feel great so no worries. I just want conformation I'm where I'm supposed to be with everything. I did take it upon myself to wrap myself for a few hours a night to encourage dropping. I don't see why not. Lol i can't wait for these to get out of my arm pits and get down behind my actual breast. Damn my tight skin and muscles lol ugh. I also bought a cheaper sports bra. Have no clue what it is called. But it looks more bra like. It's a lil small but I got it because my other sports bras show oddly in some shirts. I'm thinking it will fit better when I'm dropped more. If not oh well its just temporary. I have no clue what bra size I'm gonna be. I've tried to figure it out and because my band is still skinny it's 34. But I may end up being a 36D. Or large C.. All the websites are confusing subtract band from top add 5 inches bust measurement, refer to chart LOL huh? Whatever it's really too early to buy bras anyway. I was told 3 months and to still wear sports bras mostly the first year whenever possible. Sigh sorry for the long ramble.

Feeling a tad melancholy

I haven't updated in awhile. I haven't had much to report really. I can say I don't have much pain just nasty zingers in a few places especially when I do certain movements. I also am not seeing changes nothing to be excited about. And just when I think one is dropping suddenly it's back to being swollen and high an squarish. This is making me feel kinda down. I keep telling myself it's too soon and stop worrying. I even seen a few others here who felt the same way even into 3 months post op. And it took that long and longer to drop and look good. Ugh 3 months? If I'm feeling this shitty about it now I will be going loony by then. The other day I was looking at my breast and seen my right one was obviously lower and looking good. My right is my stronger side and the most painful side to start with. I thought yay now the left can give a lil and catch up. Smh nope swollen all over again and I swear the right jumped back up. And I'm getting a lil irritated when looking and all my pics recent and before. It looks like my right is sticking out much farther then the left. Right is also the one that got 430cc and left 400cc. I really hope that wasn't a mistake. Yet when I look in the mirror or down at them I don't see what I see in the pics. ..? Ugh lol I really can't wait for these to not be so hard and tight and just enjoy the new me. I see my PS this Friday so I'm obviously going to voice these concerns with him and get to see my incisions. I'm definitely going on a week late seeing him. But that was unavoidable. Hopefully he puts my mind at ease.

Post op app and incisions

Finally got to my post op appointment and talked with my PS. Apparently the nurses didn't yell him I had to cancel my first app and reschedule it. He said to me I was just talking about you in surgery yesterday, the nurse who helped me with your surgery was in surgery with me yesterday and I said "I really hope she's ok she never came back" lol I laughed and told him I had cancelled my app and that the surgery center had called and checked on me the first week. Hadn't they told you? Nope they didn't tell him. So we chuckled about that and how I'm doing fine but the first week was hell. He said ugh yea it can be rough. I told him about some of my funny struggles of getting stuck in my shirt and my son helping me sit up and not being able to pull my own pants up lol he laughed. I like dr scheiner he has a sense of humor. Anyway he removed my incision bandages and took a good look all around and he was quite pleased. I didn't bruise at all, all my feeling is intact even the majority of my swelling is down. I still have a few months to go when it comes to dropping and stretching my skin. I'm very pleased with my incisions. They are very straight and thin. They are scabbed over so they look dark but it's mostly from the scabs. They are tucked under pretty good too. I'm starting to have a lil bit of bounce to my breasts not a lot but my PS told me I can massage lightly and wrap myself at the top like I've been doing, just a few hours a day I do this.. I have to admit I think I'm a lil bigger than I really wanted. No boob greed here. No regret either. I was told over and over again to go bigger because a year or more from now I'd be wishing I did... well we'll see lol I just can't wait to be able to push my ta ta's together with ease. Going to start looking for wire free bras this week. Overall I'm feeling good. This has tested my patience beyond belief lol

Ut Ooh!? Mondors cords?

Strange in all my before hand googling and research I never came across this. A fellow realself woman here posted about it and I had to look it up. We'll here am almost a month post and WTH is this? Lol vertical down my rib to part of my upper abs?. They are tender but I didn't notice until now. I went to scratch an itch and felt them clear as day. I can only see them if I stretch backwards some but it was still a shock. Wonder how long they've been there.. not particularly painful unless I palpate them.. ehh oh well they go away on there own. I got a pretty clear pic of them..

Looking better but oh so tight and hard.

Ugh I really feel like my right is noticeable bigger than my left. I really hope my PS didn't over compensate for my left breast it was only slightly bigger not by much. Oh come skin and stretch already lol my left breast is softer and may have dropped some. Not sure really. A lil bit of giggling is happening so that's good. I can't wait to be able to push them together lol

Over the Month hump!

Ok so yes the first month is over! And there is definitely changes going on. Not as drastic as I'd like but it's happening. They are gradually getting softer, I'm doing breast massage and wrapping myself. I do feel this has got the ball on the roll. I'm getting happier.

I'm sleeping normal again. I still wake up with a lil bit of morning boob but not much. It's getting better everyday. My strength has almost completely returned . At times I feel a lil weaker or a lil scared to test my strength. But I'm mostly getting on with day to day business. I have yet to buy real bras. I thought I was last week buy I never got around to it. Probably still best to hold off a lil longer until my breast can be pushed together lol they're getting there but not quite.

Starting to feel like a part of me! Even thought they are still tight and high they are feeling less like I'm wearing a padded bra and more like my own body. Only thing that is really bothering me is my right breast is larger definitely. I'm not sure it's going to adjust much .

Well all you lovely ladies know I always need your opinions on my pictures and changes so I have a bunch of new ones I took today. :)
When I hold my shoulders back they look much more round. I hold my arms up, they are very round. Standing normal still a lil off looking. But this give me more hope.

No more padded bras!

Gotta love it! I haven't gone nuts buying bras yet and I will eventually lol but I did grab a few plain olé non padded bras and it feels great.. I'm softening up giggling and more bouncey everyday. Only problem is I really think my right breast is much larger then the left. I don't think dropping is going to help the difference. It's more noticeable in pictures but I know I'm not imagining this. Originally my left breast was only a lil bit bigger not by much. Buy I told my PS and he looked and said oh yea it is a lil. Well Wth man left got the 400cc and the right 430cc. Ccs aren't much and all but uhh I feel like it is for my case.. I'm not bothered much by it but enough to mention it.
But I finally feel like things are moving along. I sleep fine no pain. When laying on my side they push together. Lol standing they almost come together but not all the way. But over all I'm good and happier each day.

Officially saying it's worth it!

It really took the whole month for me to feel happy and back to normal. But now I'm happy and have excitement again. My bf bless him. Lol he never acted excited about me getting this done. I think he thought he would hurt my feelings. But now that he knows I'm in no more pain, he is touching them and I swear grinning like a 14 yr old teen seeing boobs for the first time. Lol ive been laughing.

Now I'm loving trying on my clothes and one of my favorites shirts fits even better! My psychical strength seems to operating at 95% or better. I'm still shying away from my wonder woman moves lol not trying to push it that far. But I'm good to go.

My incisions look really good. I forgot to grab pics today I'll post later. But they are lighter and nice and clean cut. I'm using a scar cream now since they are healed over completely. And I'm definitely giggling more and more. I can tell there's more dropping and fluffing to do so this is good. Only getting better!

Incisions, dropping and before and after

Now I'm wishing I took more before pics. But as I try on my clothes I have plenty of pics of me wearing them before, most likely with a padded bra on. But it will still be a fun comparison.

My incisions look great I couldn't be happier with them. Getting lighter and nice and straight.

Now my breasts seem to be racing each other to see who drops farther first lol now my right is winning. Let's go left!! Keep up! Lol

Oh so they do THIS now!!

Cleavage! Yes yes yes.. and my natural cleavage is back!. The original swelling kept them fairly far apart for awhile but now they are sitting just as they did way back when I had my own boobs lol I think they will always be more on the firm side since they are saline. But they are so much softer and giggly that I'm very much ok with how they are. And I can tell there is still some dropping left and can only get better.
The best part is that no one has noticed. A lot of the people I didn't tell have seen me and not one has even flinched. That tells me I didn't go to big and I don't look like I obviously had work done.!
Oh what a awesome feeling!

Almost 2 months post!

Just wanted to show some almost 2 month post pics. They are doing great!! I'm so happy! Looks like my right incision was a tad irritated and I was getting a lil pain and weird feelings there but I'm keeping antibiotic ointment on them.
But we are dropping and dropping! No more boxy look. No more square swollen pec muscles. And they still have some dropping to do but I'm loving them.
I can push them together and giggly. I'm ready to buy some bras and figure out my size. Pretty sure I'm a 34 D. But we all know bras are ridiculous when it comes to size. I maybe in a 36 in some. And Cs. In others. All I do for sure is I HAVE BOOBS! Hahaha and that's all I care about.

A lil upset. Incision scars and problems.

Ok WTH my incisions were great looking so perfect. I think I wrote about this once already, but I think I tore a internal stich and maybe outside also? Its sore and very ugly and irritated now. Ughhhh wth I'm worried and bummed about this. Im keeping antibiotic ointment and foam bandaids over it and it seems it has helped.... some... ugh my surgeon is out of state and I hate to have to go all the way there to show him this. But ugh. Im definitely mad about this. I dont want to use scar treatments until I know it is completely healed closed. But this setback is upsetting me.

3 months Wow!

Wow 3 months! I haven't updated in awhile. I had some setbacks. First my internal stitch tore slightly on the right and caused the incision to spread some. It caused some pain. But i kept it neosporined up and covered even butterfly stitched it. Healed pretty rapidly after 5 days. Looks much better and no pain.

I'm dropped nicely, giggly and firm. But good.

I have been sick the last few weeks from Crohns complications and back on steroids. I was worried it would effect healing but I think I'm past that worry. My immune system took a big hit and now have a cold. Smh I never get colds or the flu due to over active immune system. (Yea that's the only plus side haha). But with that all said I'm doing great boobage wise. I'm happy and excited to decorate them for Christmas lol
My official bra size is 34D. Some 36 if they are tight elastic. I can squash then into a C for mega turbo cleavage lol but that would be reserved for special occasions.
Hope all you beautiful ladies are doing well!

Wow Ladies 5 months

I haven't been around much due to some personal problems, my mom suffered a massive stroke and I have not been in good sorts. I always think about all of you lovely women. I hope you are all doing fantastic. I see I have missed a few things. I will try and catch up with you all. I had a whole thing written on mobile and it decided to POOF vanish as I tried to upload new photos. :/

First I can say is I can not complain about my girls. They are doing great. They look better all the time. Even look more natural now than they did ever through this journey. I am definitely happy with them. I can say the saline is firm/er. That's ok with me. My size is officially 34DDD. Not that I ever heard of such a size. Or seen them in stores. I'm seeing them online though. I can fit into larger C bras for extra cleavage and most D's.

The only complaint I can think of is the under muscle. Not so much a complaint as it is a ( I would've gone on top if I had the choice). Due to me upper body strength always being above average, this was a concern of mine. I didn't want to lose strength. Not that I think I did. I am not sure because I am still afraid to push myself to that point. What erks me is that now the distortion is obvious. Not obvious to where you see the implants, just now my boobs dance all over the place like they are in Vegas with every flex. lol Maybe I'll enter them in a dance off!? These suckers pop and lock with ease and on command. Its mildly entertaining smh lol It doesn't hurt, it feels weird. I could do this before with m natural bittys but whew I didn't think about this happening lol I'm tempted to get some tassles and put on a show, charge 15 bucks a head make my surgery money back LOL!!!

Just a quick collage. DON'T WORRY you will drop!

Before during and after at 5 months.
Whew there was definitely more times than a few where I thought they were never going to drop into place. Seeing some drop so quickly had me nervous. My common sense told me "you're muscular strong those muscle will be stubborn just relax"
My irrational side said" omg you're stuck with frankenboob what did you do to yourself? This sucks" lmao
Thankfully my rational side prevailed and common sense proved correct.

Scars and under boob

Loving under boob lol my incisions are nicely tucked under now and scars fading fast.

My lil incident with the right incision corrected itself with a lil assistance of butterfly stitching it. It healed fast.
I can tell it will take a lil longer for that scar to fade but they look pretty good I think.

Almost 9 months post. Can't believe how much time has passed

Ok so I think my surgeon over compensated for my left breast being a bit larger and now my right I feel is obviously larger.? I also have been worried about bottoming out.. im hoping I'm just not settled in completely. Some days my right breast looks way too big to me. Other days not so much. I dunno. I am mostly happy not gonna say I'm not. But i can't stop thinking about bottoming out especially looking at pics or in the mirror and I panic thinking I'm seeing my nipples point in other directions. I was so flat leading up my surgery, that I'm not sure now if this is how they are naturally. I didn't have any other work like tucks or lifts. Just implants. I was mostly symmetrical but a lil off. My feedback from the close ppl in my life tell me they look natural with alight imperfections but also tell me they don't really see all that I am seeing. Maybe I'm stressing too much?. Lol i dunno but I hope all my ladies are doing well those of you that have been along for the ride of mine and their surgeries.

Almost my girls birthday! Post 11 months 2 weeks

I've been so busy with personal (not fun) stuff to truly enjoy my new girls. But they couldn't be better. Well I guess they could be better. Lol but I love them they suit my frame perfect. Sometimes I wish I went a tad bigger but no boob greed here. I've gained some weight due to my meds do that's added to my satisfaction. My scars have healed nicely and are tucked under the crease very nicely.
I'm going to do a happy birthday update on their day. But I'd figure I'd upload a few today pics just to show their basic end result.
It took me over 5 months to truly drop. I know some of you ladies have has the same delay in drop and fluff and just a reminder for anyone currently waiting. Don't worry they will!.

Just a top a bought pre surgery

This is one if the many shirts I bought before having surgery. Had a lil padding. Couldn't wear it because it made me look ridiculous. Even with a bra under it. I'm loving putting on old clothes that feel brand new now..

1year and 6 months

I haven't updated In a very long time. I was ill and bought a house with my fiance. Then became very ill again. Developed blood clots and severe anemia. Required blood transfusions. Soon again free u had again free emergency surgery of removing a 15cm mass rumor from My right ovary, ovary removed and fallopian tube. Required more transfusions. I don't believe it's related at all to my BA. This was all long time in the making.

But back to the girls. I love them. One Is Def a bit bigger than the other but I'm ok with it. I'm still very happy. If i could fix it I would but I'm stuck. I'm told they look more real this way lol okay.. but here is my updated pics taken today.

Officially 34D or DD depends on the bra. I'm happy and for once when my health causes sever weight loose I don't feel like stick shadow of myself. My crohns and weight loss caused my breasts to disappear in the first place so that was the main factor in getting BA.

Thank you to you lovely ladies for being there fir me along the way. I have friend who Is about to have her a done. I have recommended she join since re experience here was amazing. Hopefully she joins. Love you all.
Dr. Marc Scheiner

I like Dr. Scheiner. I kinda forced myself on to him, beings I felt at first he didn't think I was serious or ready maybe. He was going to have me come back for a preop visit if I decided to proceed. I don't live right near his facility and I went there for a reason, so I stopped him and said Oh No I'm ready and this was 10 years in the making. After listening to me he realized I had done my research and he jumped at setting me up. Obviously I will have more to report when I have my surgery so more to come.

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