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I have had hypertrophy of my labia minora since I...

I have had hypertrophy of my labia minora since I was a child. This has been a problem with wearing swimsuits, tight jeans, and thongs because you could see them through my clothing. My excessive growth of my labia minora also caused pain such as pinching while wearing clothing, walking, sitting, working out, or having intercourse. I have been so self conscious about this since I was a child and have never been able to talk to anyone about it. I of course shared my insecurities with my fiancé, and he didn't care how I looked, they did not bother him but they really bothered me still. We started looking into plastic surgeons in Louisville who would do the procedure and started to save money for it. So when I got married in Febuary to my high school sweet heart and starting having regular intercourse, I realized that it was preventing me from achieving a great orgasm. I still could orgasm, but my labia seemed to just get in the way and would cause pain for me. In March I went to the gynecologist for a routine check up and I expressed my concerns with him. He did not act grossed out or surprised at all. I thought it would be really awkward having a male gyno but he was extremely nice and I was way more comfortable talking to him than I have ever been with a female gyno. Him and his female assistant, who is in training to be a PA, said they were both just talking about Labiaplasty. They were both highly educated about gynecology in geneneral and labia plasty. So after my routine exam they took a look at my labia and said I did have some hypertrophy. I then found out that my labia was interfering with my urine stream also; causing it to run into my vagina, which then was causing me infections. My gyno thought is was medically necessary to do my labia pasty. ( but he woukd have still done it for me either way) He said he had performed them before, but he was no plastic surgeon. I decide I wanted to do it with him just because of how educated he was and because of how comfortable I had already felt with him after my first visit. His scheduler Mary was amazing with communicating with me about the procedure. They wanted to get me in right away and so I booked my surgery date that day at the office. Mary stayed in touch with me to get the procedure covered by tricare and I was approved. I was going to do it either way, but holy cow you talk about releif. About three weeks later I went to Hardin Memorial Memorial Hospital for my procedure to be done with Dr. Mormon. In the morning I walks in to same day surgery and got registered with the hospital, then I went back to a snap little room where I had nurse Libby get me ready for my surgery. I had never gotten anesthesia or had a sugary done before so I was very anxious. I had mentally prepared for the local anesthesia, but when the anesthesiologist came in to talk to me and explain everything that would happen I was very afraid. He was so nice and answered all my questions but I had not mentally prepared for a tube to sit in my mouth to continuously deliver the anesthesia gas. He then told me it is the best way for them to make sure I do not wake up, it is very safe, and I would be asleep before the tube was even put in my mouth so I wouldn't ever know it was in there. Nurse nubby then got my vitals and put in my IV. I had a small metal breakdown when she said she was going to put the IV in my hand. Again something I was not mentally prepared for, and I had not slept all night long either so that didn't help my mental coping capability. I had a small temp of 100 and high BP. Then Dr Mormon came in and talked to me and said I would be fine I was just neverous. Nurse Libby made me very comfortable while I was waiting to go to the OR. Nurse Libby and another nurse who was going to be my OR nurse same in and gave me something through my IV to relax right before I went down to the operating room. They said I may not even temper the ride down there but I remeber most of it. My procedure went quickly and the staff kept in touch with my husband. Doctor Mormon went and talked to my husband while I was in recovery to let hin know how it all went. he said everything went smoothly and gave him instructions to take care of me. I was in recovery for about 20 minutes then went back up to the room I started in. I was feeling very nauseous because they gave me 2 does of pain meds when I was in surgery and did some numbing shots right on my labia. Nurse Libby got me some Zofran for my nausea. I had to walk, drink water, and pee before I was allowed to leave. I was able to get it all done pretty quickly then I came home. I got a prescription for Norco 7.25-325. I got home my hubby got me all situated in bed and I slept all day long. I have been keeping ice on it for 20 minutes five times a day. Pain pills every 6 hours. I have found the most comfortabke way for me to lay is on my back with two pillows under my head, a pillow under my knees, a pillow on each side of me, and a pillow over my tummy ( I still felt nauseous). Peeing at home is pretty painful but my hubby had helped me clean up with some unscented, sensitive skin vaginal wipes afterwards, then putting on my special antibiotic ointment. I have no had much bleeding at all and am only using a panty liner. I was so exited to see how it looked I had my husband take a picture for me and I started crying. I had just gotten done with surgery 6 hours before that. Yes I am swollen, but Dr did a great job. I got the trim method done and I have stitches in the inside and glue on the outside. I have a follow uo appointment Wednesday ( 5 days post op ). I have needed help with everything today including walking and going to the bathroom, so it had worked out great my husband has a 4 day weekend for Easter so he can be hine with me. I have also found that getting into bed is much more comfortable when using a stool, I am short so when I get in the stool I can just roll into bed. That's all for now I wilk keep everyone updated. I just really felt the need to share my story and let every women out there know about talking to your gynecologist about labia plasty before you talk to a plastic surgeon. Your procedure may then be able to get covered by insurance too. I am exteremky happy with my results so far.

Before and after pictures

Two days since my labiaplasty

I am feeling pretty good today. I was not really experiencing pain yesterday so I stopped taking my pain meds. It had been 24 hours since I have had any meds. I was petscribed Norco that had 335 mg of acetaminophen in it. I feel like that had kept my swelling down a ton, but it was making me sick to my stomach even with food. I have been doing extra icing to keep the swelling down and I have seemed to do just fine all day. I went to church today, had a pretty long walk inside. I felt fine it was just uncomfortable to sit for that long.

One week post op

I am experiencing more pain than ever. I have started to take the pain pills again. I am having more swelling than ever and for the first time I am experiencing bleeding. I had a check up with the Doc and he said nothing is infected or out of the ordinary that this is part of the healing process. I have so much burning when I urinate it's almost unbearable. I have to use a water spray while I am going to feel better. Some of this may be my fault because I have tried to go back to my normal life the past couple days with walking a lot, doing laundry and carrying baskets upstairs, cleaning. I should have waited longer until the stitches were fully healed.
Dr. Mormon

Excuse my misspell Dr. Morman is Amazing! Very knowledgable, educated, easy to talk to, comfortable to be around, very comforting, very informative.

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