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I am a mom of two teenagers and after diet and...

I am a mom of two teenagers and after diet and exercise failed to get rid of my "baby belly", I've decided to go with a tummy tuck with muscle repair & lipo of my flanks. I am super excited and nervous at the same time. I cannot wait for October 23! I have my pre-op on Oct. 10, and will meet Dr. Alkon for the second time to shoot all of my many, many questions at him.

Tomorrow is my pre-op and appointment with my...

Tomorrow is my pre-op and appointment with my surgeon. I am very nervous, anxious, and excited! I have a lot of questions for my surgeon. I've been prepping my house for about two weeks now, done a lot of food shopping. I plan on prepping meals that will be easy for my teenagers to cook. My son insists on staying at the hospital with my during surgery and the overnight stay--this I will discuss with my doctor....don't want to traumatized the, I just realized in exactly two weeks from today I will be in surgery....OK, starting to freak out a bit. I will keep you posted.

Oh, one more thought.....I initially didn't...

Oh, one more thought.....I initially didn't consider a tummy tuck. When the surgeon for my first consultation explained that my abdominal muscles were separated and cannot be repaired with any amount of diet or exercise, after spending time in a gym, modifying my diet (no bread, potatoes, etc), I finally resigned to the fact that a tt is the only solution. I mean, the gym aided in the tightening of my body overall, just the darn belly makes me look like I'm pregnant! Presently, I weigh 121 pounds, so I am not overweight by any sense of the word. I must add; I was a whopping 96 pounds when I got pregnant with my daughter... I gained 49 pounds for that pregnancy. I lost all but 10 of those pounds. 18 months later I had my son...I gained about 10-12 pounds for him. So my poor insides had to stretch to accommodate my two pride and joy.
I know there are people who believe a tummy tuck or lipo is just for vanity...or for people looking for quick results, but, we all know that's no so. Just thought I'd share....

My husband and I dropped our daughter off at...

My husband and I dropped our daughter off at school and headed towards the NJ Turnpike by 7:30am. The ride was nice and smooth, light rain, but nice. Then, at the toll plaza, about 10 mins. away from Trinitas Hospital, bumper to bumper traffic...I mean, dead stop horrendous NJ traffic!! Not a good sign. Anyway, skip ahead....we pulled up at the hospital two minutes after 9. By this time it pouring and surprisingly cold. As my husband and I raced through the rain to the main entrance I was fuming after spending so much time sitting in the car in traffic. My mood instantly changed as I approached the admissions front desk; a woman looked up smiling as I gave her my name and reason for my visit. She asked for our parking ticket and validated it. I was given a form to fill out. Within minutes of completing the form, I was called by the information taker, after that I was asked to sit and wait to be called for blood and urine samples. Waiting a bit more after that for the nurse to call me.

Well, let me tell you, the minute I saw Nurse Rosemary I was impressed! She was fun yet professional. She made me feel so at ease. She had nothing but great thing to say about Dr. Alkon. After answering all of my questions and I've signed all the paperwork, she gave me two vouchers for free continental breakfast. She escorted us to the cafeteria, showed us around and made some recommendations for what's good on the menu. What a a lovely person, she didn't have to go that extra step, but she took the time to do so. Most hospitals, or other establishments usually just point to where you should be without so much as glancing up at you. So far, I am happy with Trinitas.

After lunch we drove the 20 minutes from the hospital to Dr. Alkon's office. Once again, his staff was great! After waiting a for several minutes (I was about 30 minutes early), I was called in to see the good doctor. He explained everything to me, pausing frequently to ask if I had any questions or concerns. Basically, my doctor walked me through. Every aspect for the procedure. He asked me to drop my scrubs for my photo opp', surprisingly I was not embarrassed by this request. After all, he's going to see all of me in a couple of weeks. He wrote me my prescriptions, advised me on the supplies I'll need. I feel so much better now that my fees are paid and now only 12 days til the big day. Honestly, I wish surgery is tomorrow. I am very anxious for it to be over. I know as the surgery date approaches closer and closer I freak out more.

WOW, only one week to go! I am so anxious. I...

WOW, only one week to go! I am so anxious. I haven't been sleeping or eating well. I've been trying to keep my mind occupied with work and prepping the house, but it's hard to concentrate. I have a great support system---family and friends have been offering their assistance, which I will be graciously accepting. I also have this wonderful friend from work who has been coaching me through this and what to expect before, during, and after surgery, as he has gone through several stomach surgeries. I am very grateful to have him in my life. My 14 year old son is also a great source of support to me...he tslks to me about trying to relax and not to worry so much. I suppose I am so nervous and downright scared because I am choosing to put myself though this, and there are potentials for complications (although I truly trust my surgeon), anything can happen. I am praying that all goes well. Anyway, I am very excited and cannot wait until next Tuesday. I am eager to see my flat tummy again and to feel confident in the Way i look, it would be great not to have to buy clothes to accommodate a bulging middle.

Four full days to go before surgery! YIKES!!! I...

Four full days to go before surgery! YIKES!!! I cannot wait for next Tuesday. I've created a menu for at least two week after surgery to enable my family to survive without having to eat soup, salad,and sandwiches every day. I will be prepping meals this weekend---lasagna, sausages and peppers, etc. I'm also going to stock the pantry and refrigerator with the essentials, such as, milk, juice, eggs, water, frozen pizza and lots of bread and cold cuts.

I've purchased 6 extra-soft pillows, 2 body pillows, and some new beddings. My PS advised me to not go overboard with buying expensive garments, inflatable donuts or special furniture. All I need is a lot of soft fluffy pillows. I've stocked up on movies and audio books to help me recuperate. I think I am ready.

Three full days left to anxiety level is...

Three full days left to anxiety level is steadily rising! Except for a tiny piece of chicken and a spoonful of rice and beans I had nothing else to eat yesterday. Today I feel if I put anything in my stomach other than a few sips of coffee I will surely puke. I'm trying to calm my nerves the best way I can So far, that is not even taking my mind off the surgery,so I've decided to update my post.

My son has a football game tonight and hopefully watching him play will ease my worried mind. Tomorrow I planned to do additional food shopping and further prep my home. Gotta remember to take my bamboo plant home from work to ensure it doesn's die (I tend to forget that the darn thing requires water once a week to keep it going). I also have to remember to get my 'scrips filled today if I have any hopes of getting them in time for the surgery. I also need to purchase a pack of lady boxer brief as my pretty little undies are not going to support my incision. Lord, there is so much to do before next Tuesday.
I am on my second cup of coffee and trying to munch on peanut butter sandwich crackers. I am such a bundle of nerves right now; anxious, excited, petrified.....I'm sure I'll need a valium or something to calm me down on Tuesday. Tonight I am going to enjoy my son's game, take him out for his celebritory meal, and try to get a few hours of sleep. I'll check in later.

I'm going to try to post a few of my before pics.....

I'm going to try to post a few of my before pics...hopefully!

It worked! I am able to post my before pictures. ...

It worked! I am able to post my before pictures. As you can see, I am not a heavy person. I weigh 121 pounds (as per my doctor's scale), I am 5' 2" tall with skinny legs and arms. But the extra weight and skin around my middle makes me look fat and I feel like a overstuffed sausage. I totally trust that Dr. Alkon will make me look and feel wonderful.

It's almost 1:30 am and I cannot sleep. I am...

It's almost 1:30 am and I cannot sleep. I am super excited and very nervous....only two days to go. I've started packing my overnight bag for my stay at the hospital. I am so anxious I cannot think straight. As I've mentioned before, I went to my son's game and had a great time; his team won....whoohoo!!! My little man played the entire game and worked very hard. He's now fast asleep next to me on the sofa. He's so beat, I do not have the heart to wake him up to go to his bedroom.

I'm going to find something boring on tv and hopefully I'll be bored to check in tomorrow.

Good morning or good afternoon (depending on where...

Good morning or good afternoon (depending on where you are geographically located). So, I didn't find anything boring to watch on tv last night. I ended up watching a couple of episodes of The Walking Dead, such an awesome show! I figured I might as well enjoy something if I couldn't sleep. I finally fell asleep around 4am and slept until 9am....5 whole hours! I have a full schedule today; last minute shopping and prepping meals to be frozen for easy preparation. Still need to find a robe and dry shampoo. I also need a pill cutter, as I may not be able to stomach an entire pill ( I'm not a fan of taking meds), and even the thought of taking Vicodin along with anti- biotics, anti-diarrhea, anti-nausea, and my allergy meds is making me nauseous. I'm a big baby when it comes to any kind of meds. Oh, I also need a couple of extra pillows.

Tomorrow I will be making a trip to New York to visit with my family and pick you some supplies from my mother ( she may have an extra pill cutter). I am so going to need a drink by tomorrow night. I am so excited and cannot wait.

Funny thing: for the past few weeks, I had about half dozen people asking if I'd lose weight. I am so happy to hear this question. Honestly, I've notice the difference in the way my clothes fit, and I can see my cheekbones and collar bones showing more definition, but didn't expect others to notice. I've only lost 13 pounds since starting going to the gym in February. I've toned up quite a bit....only downside to the toning is my belly is hanging more! The skin is so loose that, as you can see from the pictures if posted, my belly button "frown" is even more sad than before. I almost feel sorry for my poor belly, but will not miss it when it's gone.

Btw, my PS said he's transferring about 400-450cc of fat to each butt cheek. Said that based on my height, weight, and frame, anything more would not give me a natural look. But, ultimately, the final decision is up to me. He is going to put in a little extra to compensate for the fat cells that don't survive. As I've stated before, I am completely trusting my surgeon, he knows best.

Well, I'm going to drag myself off of the sofa and get started on my long list of tasks I have to complete today! Happy healing and best of luck to all. Check in later...:-))

Hi Everyone, Tomorrow is my BIG day! Gosh, I am...

Hi Everyone, Tomorrow is my BIG day! Gosh, I am soooo nervous and super excited. I had two hours of sleep last night...I was so exhausted but couldn't not fall asleep. I thought about taking an OTC sleep aid, but given my sensitivity to any form of medication, I decided against taking anything. I am sure tomorrow I am going to need a valium by the time I arrive at the hospital!

I am hoping to leave work a bit early today after I've taken care of a few loose ends (expecially as I will be out for 2 weeks and I am the only Accounting Clerk here).

I've visited with my family in New York City yesterday...that is very nice. I had a glass of wine with my sisters, hung out with my nieces and was back in Jersey by 8:30. My mother will come over to assist me should I require any assistance...I am going to let her know for sure after I am discharged from the hospital on Wednesday. I am not the kind of person who likes to be fussed over, so having a full house with someone there to help all the time may not be what I will be up to. In any case, she is going to cook a few different dishes and my husband will pick up over the weekend. I am hoping for a quiet, stress-free recovery...that said, I am dealing with teenagers and a husband who is like a teenage at times, and a over-fussing mother, that hope may not be attainable.

I know I am just rambling on and on, but I am so nervous and jittery. I am staying away from coffee today. Have to shave my legs when I shower tonight. My overnight bag is already packed with the, charger, YES, that's the #1 essential when packing to go anywhere. Of course, toilettries, undergarments, a robe and reading materials are also stuffed in my bag.

I am almost ready. I will try to update my post if I am lucid enough to think straight. I am definitely going to take pictures as soon as I am awake. OH DEAR LORD, I am a wreck now. I think I am going to leave work at midday...cannot concentrate and much.

Catch you ladies later.

Please forgive my errors. My hands are shaky.

Please forgive my errors. My hands are shaky.

I didn't leave work early as I'd planned, but...

I didn't leave work early as I'd planned, but that's okay, I had plenty to keep me occupied. I'm home now having dinner and watching my favorite show, The Walking Dead. I am sure I will be wide awake tonight, but I am a bit calmer now. My doctor's office called me earlier today to remind me of my appointment and to say that instead of getting to the hospital at 6 am I'm now to be there at 8 am. That's least I do not have to get ready at 4am.

My daughter is asking me to give her a massage before she goes to bed, so I'll check in a bit later. My son and his dad should be getting back from football pretty soon.

Less than 10 hours to go! I am so excited. I'm...

Less than 10 hours to go! I am so excited. I'm not as nervous as I was earlier today. I am sitting here sipping a cup of tea and munching on a slice of blueberry streusel last snack for the night. The next time I eat or drink again will be a nice cup of coffee after surgery...that is, if I am allowed to have caffeine.

I would like to take a moment to thank all of you wonderful women on this site who have offered so generously your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. I will continue to post here for a long time to come.

I will update again after surgery.

I had my surgery yesterday. I am home now. I...

I had my surgery yesterday. I am home now. I experienced quite a bit of pain last night, but I had a couple of awesome painkillers. morphine and Vicodin were my friends. Everything went well. Right now I'm having a lot of back pain. I cannot seem to find a comfortable position to lay down or sit up. Surprisingly, I feel better walking around. I will not be able to see the incision until I visit with Dr. Alkon on Saturday, but I can already see the flatness of my tummy.

I had a really great experience with everyone I came into contact with at Trinitas Hospital. Dr. Alkon was amazing and he has a really great staff. I took a few pictures after surgery and will post when I'm not so drowsy.

2 days post op, and i must say, the pain and...

2 days post op, and i must say, the pain and discomfort is quite intense. I was only taking 1 Vicodin when I should have been taking 2. Somehow I assumed that with my narcotics I wouldn't feel antyhing...not so, it's only taking the edge off the pain. I am very swollen,,,my butt looks gigantic, but according to my PS, the swelling will go down and I wouldn't have an abnormal behind.

The hardest part now is getting in and out of bed. The pain in my lower back and my glutes are very painful. My drains are draining very well; the one on the left side is already running clear. Hopefully one or both will be removed and I can shower. I am very anxious to get this compression garment feels as if I'm being strangled by the darn thing. It is so tight and uncomfortable but I guess it has to be to keep the swelling down.

I feel surprisingly great today! Thr last time I...

I feel surprisingly great today! Thr last time I took my pain meds was 3AM. I have quite a bit of swelling on my legs and glutes whic,h is starting to decrease. I cannot wait to get this very uncomfortable compression garment off and see what my incision look like. Thank you very much for your well wishers and prayers. Happy healing to all.

I'm going through the stage of 'why the heck did I...

I'm going through the stage of 'why the heck did I do to myself'. I love the results, but I am in so much pain and discomfort I am unable to look forward to when I am completely healed. I haven't bee able to sleep in my bed, so I've been bunking on the couch---it's easier to maneuver on and off. The back pain is excruciating! I will be seeing my PS again on Wednesday (if we don't get hit hard with Hurricane Sandy), and hopefully get these drains removed. On the upside, I do love my new belly button and flat belly. It was amazing to actually see my private area without having to lift the belly out of the way first,,,LOL. I haven't taken a picture of the new middle yet...I only took off the CG for a few minutes to make #2. It took my husband and I about 15 mins to hook and zip that hing back. I feel very safe and secure with it on.

Any advise and recommendation will be greatly appreciated. It's 4:30am and I'm going to try to get a couple more hours of sleep.
Happy healing to all.

9 days post op and I must say this has been a very...

9 days post op and I must say this has been a very eventful several days! First, as we all have been experiencing, Hurricane Sandy! Yes, she's created lots of destruction in the path. In North Jersey, we lost power on Monday evening at 7:04 pm. In any other circumstances I would just deal with the situation as best as possible, but trying to recover from surgery is pretty hard. Without power it is so much harder. I was planning to catch up on a lot of my shows to take my mind off of the discomfort I was feeling, but with no power and nothing to distract me, recovery is that much harder. With no school the kids were home so there goes my nice quiet stress free recuperation. At my first post op visit Dr. Alton removed my pain pump, but said the drains needed to be in for longer. I have to say, I really missed that darn pain pump. It freaked me out a bit because I could feel my abdominal muscles! I guess after years of not feeling them I wasn't used to he feeling. Weird huh? Anyway, my second post op was scheduled for this past Wednesday, but due to the massive power outtage it's rescheduled for Monday, providing power is restored. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed. I am sure both drains will be removed at the same time.

I am healing well. Each day I remove my "oh so very tight" compression garment, sponge bathe myself, relieve some of the itching (oh my, the itching drives me bonkers), coat my back and stomach with baby powder, check my drains for signs of redness and re-zip and re-hook my CG. My back hurts quite a bit. I supposed it's from the lipo sites...the small of my back is very swollen and since I can't sleep on my sides my back is taking a lot of the burden. Sleep is not easy to come by for me so if I get sleepy during the day I jump at the opportunity.

Tonight I decided to go to NY to stay at my mother's for a few days. At least there is power here and I can relax, watch some tv and take my mind of my discomfort. My daughter is staying with friends back in Jersey, my son is here with me, and my husband is staying the night and going to work tomorrow. I'll stay here until Sunday. We have to conserve all the gasoline we can to make the trip to Linden for my doctor's appt. Hopefully our power will be back on by Monday and life can resume.

I do hope everyone is healing well and managing during this difficult time. I saw the news for the first time today of the destruction caused by the storm. I cannot believe the devastation of Seaside Heights and LBI !!

God Bless and happy healing.

Oh,...I've had to contact Dr. Alkon three times with minor concerns during off hours and each and every time I was connected to him immediately and he took the time to answer my questions with patience and understanding.

Hi there everyone, I know it's been a while since...

Hi there everyone, I know it's been a while since I've posted an update. I finally got power back last night after 10 days! Thankfully we had a small generator which we ran for a few hours in the morning and evening for the kids to get ready for school and to do homework.

Got both drains removed this past Monday and as much as I was anticipating them being very unpleasant to remove they were not---it was easy and I barely felt them. The comfort level I am feeling after their removal is unbelievable!

I am 16 days post op and feeling pretty good! There is virtually no pain, only a bit of discomfort with my back...which is still pretty swollen. I'm still not standing or walking fuly upright yet, but getting there each day and with my upcoming lymphatic massages I hope to be 100% better soon. I am also going to need a smaller compression garment as my current on is loose. My next post op is in one week and although I know a small CG is going to be super tight, will cause me discomfort and sleepless nights, I now know there is relief down the road.

Now that I have electricity back I will be taking pictures and posting them soon (I took a few with limited lighting...didn't come out right).

I do hope everyone is recovering nicely from surgery and Hurricane Sandy. To those of you who are awaiting your procedures, good luck and all the best to you.

I am healing quite nicely. I still have a lot of swelling and bruising but everything looks nice, especially my cute little belly button! My PS gave me a small marble to put in my belly button to help it heal in a rounder shape.

Hi everybody, it's been a while since my last...

Hi everybody, it's been a while since my last update. I am on my 21st day post operative and I am feeling and looking great! I have not had any set backs other than my energy level which is almost zapped after a few small everyday chores. I saw my PS yesterday (I wasn't due for a visit until tomorrow, but as I had a massage session scheduled at his office, he saw me before the session), and said I was looking good, my swelling is slowly going down, my scar is healing quite nicely, and he put me in a small CG (I started with a medium that is quite loose now). He recommended a multi-vitamin with iron and an increase in my protein big juicy burgers here I come! I do have a small problem area; on the very end of my incision on my right side, there is a bit a "bubble". It went down a bit since my last post of visit, but my PS said if it doesn't go away by my next visit in two weeks, he is going to incise it right in his office. I believe the bubble effect is from the stretch marks I have on my side. No big deal. My glutes lookin' fine! Both surgeon and massage therapist said as soon as all of the swelling goes away from my back and sides, I will be how nice and round my "backside" is going to be....hahaha! I am loving my results so far. I look 100% better in clothes in spite of the swelling. It's great to be able to paint my toe nails without my old belly obstructing my view...LOL!

I had my first of a 10-series lymphatic massages yesterday at my PS office done by a very experienced therapist. If you are able and can afford these massages, I strongly advise you to get them; they are awesome! I've only had one, my next is on Thursday and I cannot wait. By warned though, it is not a relaxing, dozing off kind of massage, it hurts, tickles (if you are as ticklish as I am), deep tissue, but, oh so worth it. I got off the massage bed and was able to straighten my back for the first time in 21 days. During my shower today I will try to replicate some of the techniques the therapist showed me---she said it much easier to do while in the shower with soap and water. She's advised to use as much pressure as you can tolerate when massaging.

I have been slowly getting my house back in order. We were out of power for 10 days, and although my husband and children have been great in tidying up after themselves, it's not the same. Yesterday I did a few loads of laundry and had to lay down for a rest because my energy was zapped. Doc said my body went through a lot and it will take a while to completely be 100% again, I should take it easy. He gave me a few extra day off before clearing me to return to work. So my big day back to work is this Thursday.

This site has been a huge asset to me; I check it each day and enjoy reading the many stories from you wonderful ladies. Maybe one day we can all, or as many who can, meet for a reunion.

I am going to take some after pictures soon and post them. Happy healing to all. To those of you with upcoming procedure(s) best of luck to you.

My biggest advise is to listen intently to your surgeon's advise and follow it to the letter. I've read many reviews and advises from many other surgeons and patients---each patient and their surgeon is unique. My surgeon is not into the "buy everything, the most expensive products out there" kind of a doctor. Right now am using cocoa butter, the hard kind by Palmer's and Aquaphor as per his suggestion, and my results are great. He also gave me a small marble to put into my belly button to help it heal in a more rounded shape. I am to clean both belly button and marble with peroxide, put a bit of Aquaphor in the belly button, put marble in, cover with a piece of gauze or tape to keep it in place and wear for a few hours during the day. That is working out nicely. I can now use Mederma on th belly button.

Jumping into the shower now. Hopefully I'll be able to post picture later.

So, I finally returned to work on Thursday! ...

So, I finally returned to work on Thursday! Although I am happy to return, there is so much to catch up on, especially since next week is going to be a short working week for me. I lefts work at 4 on Thursday because I had to make the hour-long trip to my doctor's office for my second lymphatic massage. This second session was not as pleasant as the first; I supposed it is because I am beginning to regain feelings in certain areas, and because my back and sides lipo areas are so very swollen and painful. Masseuse did say I was a bit more swollen around the incision at the bottom of my belly. Said could be the result of me sitting, learning forward for an extended period of time at work. I am advised to walk around often.

Yesterday was not a very good day for me. I do not know if it's because my smaller compression garment is so tight, but, my oh my, my back was killing me. I couldn't sit or stand comfortably, so after 3 hours of work I finally decided to go home, removed my garment, got comfy on the couch, and lots of cocoa butter massage time. After about an hour of massaging I felt so much better.

I am certainly not sleeping well at all which is making my upset and cranky! Today started out exceptionally lousy; didn't sleep much again, and woke up to a massive migraine, I mean the type where you lose your vision and develop nausea. It took me a solid hour and 2 strong cups of coffee while I lay in my bed with a cold compress over my eyes to stop the bright quivering lights to subside. I am beginning to feel a little better now. I plan of taking a sleep aid for tonight.

I am feeling quite a bit of sharp needle-like pain...kind of like when your leg falls asleep and the feeling is returning---it's a very weird sensation. I can also feel my ab muscles which is also so strange.

Oh, well. I knew the healing process is a long and uncomfortable one so I'll stop complaining about it. On a positive note, I am looking good! I have a nice flat stomach, cut little belly button, full lifted glutes. Overall, I am loving the results. I cannot wait to get out of these darn yoga pants and CG and into some regular clothes.

Happy healing to all. If I do not get the chance to update again, have a wonderful Thanksgiving's Day.

I am almost at my one month mark! Healing is...

I am almost at my one month mark! Healing is progressing nicely...I am very please with my results and cannot wait to start wearing regular clothes. I am going to attempt to upload a couple of after pictures...keep in mind, the lines you're going to see on my tummy are from the compression garment. I take pictures after my mornning shower and self-massage. I still have a lot of bruising and swelling. My pictures came out a bit tummy looks much better in person. My next post op visit is on Wednesday...not sure if PS is going to relieve me of the garment. I am anxious to stop wearing it, but I also feel secure and safe in it. We'll see. I have a scheduled lymphatic massage for tonight. As I am regaining feeling in some of my numb areas the massage is not as pleasant as the first one, but I do feel so much better after each session.

I screwed up trying to upload pictures. I'll try...

I screwed up trying to upload pictures. I'll try again when I go home, as I have the pictures on my home computer.

I'm just about 5 weeks post op, but it feels...

I'm just about 5 weeks post op, but it feels longer. I am amazed at how great I feel---not to mention how awesome I look, not to pat myself on the back on anything like that. My PS did an amazing job and even he was amazed at my results after only about 27 days when I saw him last. I still have quite a bit of swelling but the incision is sooo delicate its barely noticeable--well, if you can imagine it without the bruising. My belly button is a nice rounded shape, thanks to the marble which I am still using each day. I've started using silicone sheets after showering each night. After my morning shower I massage incision with cocoa butter, bio-oil, and pure aloe. My bi-weekly lymphatic massages have been amazing with the stiffness and swelling. I am also sleeping and eating a lot better now. I am also walking and standing fully upright without any discomfort. Ive also been given the green light to resume normal activities, including returning to the gym. So, overall, all is well.

For the first time in many years, I will be able to wear what I want and not what I need to wear to accommodate my belly. I am very happy with my results at this point and as time goes by I am sure I will be even happier. I will have some pictures taken and post soon. Somehow, when I take pictures of myself I cannot capture the true results...they're always dark and don't do justice to the real thing.

Happy healing to all. Happy Holidays.

Hi everyone, just checking in. I am about 2 1/2...

Hi everyone, just checking in. I am about 2 1/2 months post op and I am feeling great. I cannot be happier with my progress and results. A majority of the swelling is gone. I have a bit of swelling on my lower back and some on my left side and the bottom of my belly. The scar is healing quite nicely I must say. I am using cocoa butter and bio-oil twice a day. I am now only instructed to wear the garment 50% of the time, although I am wearing it for longer---I guess I am more comfortable and less achy when I have it on. I started with silicone strips a few weeks ago, but have stopped as it is a hassle to apply lotion and bio-oil to the incision then wipe it clean to apply the strips. I'll resume with the strips soon. I have one massage left...:( so sad. I love them.

I've resumed going back to the gym---esp after all the eating I've done during the holidays. I am currently 113 pounds. February of last year I weighed 132 pounds so I am very happy to have my weight down and will continue to exercice and eat healthier to maintain my new figure.

Anyway, hope everyone is healing well. Will take new pictures and post as soon as I can. I've been so busy, it's hard to find the right time to take pictures.

I'm a little over 3 months post op and look and...

I'm a little over 3 months post op and look and feel great. I do still have soreness and a bit of swelling on my lower back. I also have a bit of puckering at both sides of my incision--the right side more so than the left. In addition to those two minor issues, about 3 weeks ago I felt a pea-sized knot on my lower right belly. My massage therapist thinks it's scar tissue forming. I've discussed these issues with my PS and he is going to recitfy them at my next visit in March.

Overall, I am feeling great. I look really good in clothes and I am looking forward to buying a nice bathing suit for this summer. I've returned to the gym to tighten up my entire body. I've started with crunches---but, I have to say, they are not easy! I feel quite a bit of stinging while doing them, so I've slowed down to just a few each day.

I will keep you posted.

Happy healing everyone!

Hi everyone, I know it's been quite a while since...

Hi everyone, I know it's been quite a while since my last update, so here goes....I am almost at the 6 month mark and I feel great. My scar is fading nicely--although I'm sure I'm could do more to heal better. Right now I am using Palmer's Cocoa Butter (the hard kind), Bio Oil, and Scar Therapy fading creme. I bought but haven't used the silicone strips but once. It's a hassle to apply each day so I'm sticking with the creme, oil, and lotion. I still have a bit of swelling and after a hectic day I feel swollen and achy--my remedy for this is to put on my compression garment and believe it or not, I feel better.

I have a tiny pea-sized knot at the bottom of my belly which my doctor said is minor and is scar tissue forming. His advice is to keep massaging it so I've increased from 2 massages a day to 3.

I also have a bit of "dog-ears" on both ends of the incision which will be corrected in a couple of weeks when I see my PS.

Will update later.
Newark Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Alkon on-line. I've consulted with two other PS previously and I am very comfortable with Dr. Alkon....his prices were a big appeal to me, but it was is patience and understanding that played a major factor in my choosing him. I've done a lot of research on Dr. Alkon. I've read about some of his patients and I am very impressed with the before and after photos.

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