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I have a hernia and didn't want a scar on my belly...

I have a hernia and didn't want a scar on my belly button, so a tummy tuck is the best option for me!

Took about 4 years before I got fed up not only having the bulging belly but also of how I felt :( when trying on clothing despite of girdles, spanx etc. and still looked 5 months pregnant.

I lost 40 lbs through Zumba and healthier eating - but oh no! The tummy wasn't going anywhere! Argggh!

I'm nervous but I love that there’s realself .com - it’s definitely positive and encouraging D

Look forward to all your posts and advice! the anesthesia, that’s it. I’ve must of changed my mind about 500 times..but I would need to undergo surgery anyway because of the hernia anyway.

Sooooooooo, Dr. Alkon is board certified and surgery is performed in a hospital not a clinic, I’m a healthy woman, don’t smoke or do drugs or abuse alcohol...

I will be just fine!

Just think about my beautiful kids that’s all - it’s the only thing I worry about really.

pics to follow..

Newark Plastic Surgeon

I Googled for surgeons in my area. I chose Dr. Alkon because I felt comfortable and at ease during the consultation. He took his time answering all of my questions & concerns.

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