Almost 3 Months PO - New Pics - TT/Lipo of Flanks/BL/BA/Hernia Repair - Elizabeth, NJ

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After two C-Sections, I was left with an adhered...

After two C-Sections, I was left with an adhered scar and reasonably mild stretch marks. The scar especially bothered me because any low-rise underwear or bikini bottoms seemed to always find a way to settle right into the scar making it both uncomfortable and unattractive. About two years ago, at an annual appointment, I asked my OB/GYN what, if anything, can be done with the scar. He suggested I see one of his colleagues who could release the scar for me with a minor procedure. Stupidly, I didn't research the doctor or the procedure at all because I trusted my OB/GYN's suggestion. The doctor he suggested was not a plastic surgeon, but another OB/GYN who likes to dabble in cosmetic procedures.

The doctor, who I won't name, suggested doing tumescent liposuction on my abdomen in addition to releasing the scar tissue, explaining that the small layer of fat on my abdomen acted as a weight, pulling down the skin and causing a more exaggerated overhang above my scar. This made sense to me at the time, so I proceeded. Unfortunately, this doctor did not take into account the quality of the skin on my abdomen and after the liposuction, I was left with saggy, wrinkly skin and an uneven overall appearance. At 5'6" and around 120 lbs, give or take, it certainly isn't the most dramatic "before" picture out there, but it's enough to make me very self-conscious, so I have now spoken to several PSs about how to fix the problem.

Of the surgeons that I've spoken to, Dr. Alkon made me the most comfortable. He only spoke of issues that I specifically addressed, where others have actually pointed out imperfections to add in. He took his time to discuss specifically how he would perform the procedures to correct my concerns and he was also the only surgeon to actually take the time to check for (and find) that I have an umbilical hernia. We agreed that a tummy tuck with lipo of the flanks and lower back along with a breast lift/augmentation as well as the hernia repair would best address my concerns. Also, Dr. Alkon was the only doctor to truthfully tell me that, although he could do the procedure, the liposuction on my thighs that I also hoped to get would not produce dramatic results and would really be a waste of money.

My husband and I agreed almost immediately that Dr. Alkon would be the one to perform my Mommy Makeover and decided to schedule as soon as possible. I've now also had the consult with the general surgeon who will correct my hernia and have scheduled my pre-op for next Friday along with my pre-admission testing. Even though I trust Dr. Alkon and think he will do a great job, I'm feeling equally excited and nervous, especially after having had an unfavorable outcome from a previous procedure.

Right now, I'm really looking forward to my Pre-Op appointment next week so we can further discuss the procedures and implant size, etc. I'm already a C cup so I don't want a major change in size, although I definitely want to see perkier, rounder breasts! Pics and updates to come!

Had my pre-op appointment today. Yikes! Less than...

Had my pre-op appointment today. Yikes! Less than two weeks to go until surgery!!! Dr. Alkon was awesome today. Took plenty of time to answer all of my questions and explained everything that I was curious about very well. We decided on ~400cc high profile implants & I think they will turn out really well, especially with the lift! Kind of funny because my breasts were sort of last on my list when I first started looking into surgery, but now I'm most excited about perky, full new boobies! lol I bought a few extra compression garments because he suggests wearing them for a minimum of four weeks and I'll definitely want to wash them often!

As I was saying to Blonde in Bluffton in the comments, it's funny how when you first start looking into surgery, it's sort of this abstract idea that you don't necessarily think too heavily about & as it becomes closer & closer to the date, the little things you do to prepare along the way really start to make it "real". I'm definitely getting more nervous about how everything is going to work out and how I'm going to look and feel afterwards. I do think I'm in good hands with my PS for certain, but I guess it's just a fear of the unknown.

Anyway, can't wait! WIll post pictures soon... Have to edit out my tattoos still!

Hope everyone is healing well!

Adding some before pics. If some spots look a...

Adding some before pics. If some spots look a little funny, it's because I photoshopped out my tattoos and did somewhat of a rush job.

Oh! And I forgot to mention yesterday that I'm...

Oh! And I forgot to mention yesterday that I'm really excited that Dr. Alkon said that when he did the lift, he could reduce the size of my dinner plate areaolas!!! Yessssss!

Crazy how time is flying... 10 days to go! Anyone...

Crazy how time is flying... 10 days to go! Anyone else starting to worry about stupid little things? Like what if this Friday when I go for my pre-admission testing, despite having a Mirena IUD, I'm somehow pregnant and I can't have surgery. It's stupid, I know, but just silly little things like that are in the back of my mind. I think because I had the two c-sections I have a reasonable idea as to how to prepare for a major procedure, so I guess that's why I'm not as concerned about that sort of thing.

Also, now that my MM is paid-in-full, I'm feeling a bit more guilty about having spent all that money. Sheesh. I could've bought a car (not that I need one), or taken the family on a really nice vacay! I guess as a mom, it's pretty common to have that practical side and worry about how much you're spending on yourself, but when you think about it, bringing children into this world and caring for them takes a lot of effort and sacrifice on mom's part. Maybe I'd feel a little less guilty if I had a "job" and contributed financially to our family instead of being a SAHM. Idk? In the end, I suppose this is just a non-issue anyway. Hubby wants me to have the surgery so I feel good about my body and it isn't like we can't afford to do it, so it's silly to even spend time and energy thinking about it.

Yikes! This time next week, instead of updating RS...

Yikes! This time next week, instead of updating RS from my own bed, I will be recovering in my hospital room! Pre-admission testing tomorrow morning... And the countdown begins!

So, I did my pre-admission testing today. The one...

So, I did my pre-admission testing today. The one irrational thing I was nervous about is all good... Not pregnant. lol. Not surprising since I have an IUD!

Less than a week to go now, and I'm starting to get nervous about my choice of implant size. I'm currently about a 34C and chose 400 cc high profile. When I was trying on the implants, this was around what I wanted and when I spoke to my doctor, it was what he suggested as the max size for me to achieve the fullness and shape that I want. Thing is, I don't really want implants for a major increase in size... It's really about the upper-pole fullness and shape for me. What do you ladies think? 400 cc's too big? Just right? Just quit worrying, it'll all be fine? lol

Thanks, ladies!

Don't know if I will be able to update tomorrow...

Don't know if I will be able to update tomorrow since I will be doing any last-minute preparation, packing the kids up and dropping them off with my parents', so here we go... Day after tomorrow and I will be getting my MM! Yikes! Totally freaking out about it right now! lol

Anyway, wish me luck, ladies! Will post after pics and updates as soon as I can!

I was beyond nervous this morning to the point I...

I was beyond nervous this morning to the point I was almost nauseous and wishing today wasn't the day. I was pretty surprised at myself because this is not my first surgery and normally I do manage to stay pretty cool and calm. I really just couldn't wait for them to put me under so I could stop being so nervous.

Arrived at the hospital a few minutes past 7 this morning and they brought me up within a few minutes. Got changed then was wheeled to the holding area to wait for my doctors (Dr. Alkon, PS and Dr. Colaco for hernia) got all marked, signed consents and off I went. Surgery was pretty much on time and I think I awoke in recovery around 2 or 3pm in a decent amount of pain. I haven't had another dose of pain meds since this afternoon in recovery, although my PS did put a pain pump in, which I didn't know he would do until this morning. I didn't request the pump, it's just what he does so I was pretty glad for that. I'm feeling pretty good right now. Still a bit sleepy, but not in a lot of pain... More just a tight sore feeling. I'll be in the hospital tonight and going home tomorrow morning. Hope the pain stays at a manageable level once I leave!

All I can really see right now is the top of my new boobies. He used sizers in the OR and went with 400 cc's in my left breast and 375 in my right. He said he sucked out about a liter of fat from my flanks and lower back. Whoa!

Anyway. I'd better out this down. Kinda struggling to keep my eyes open.

Good luck to anyone else having their surgery this week and happy healing to those who are done!

Lol. Nurses are funny... Call for pain meds and...

Lol. Nurses are funny... Call for pain meds and she asks, "injection or pill?" Ummmm, I will take the good stuff, thx.

Day 3 post op - RS ate the update I wrote last...

Day 3 post op - RS ate the update I wrote last night. Strange. So, I'm feeling OK. More uncomfortable than pain, but I'm still taking rx pain meds and I still have the pain pump in. I took my bra off yesterday so hubby could see my boobs. Took a few pics and added them. This experience definitely has its ups and downs. I do think once I'm healed I will love my results, but the past few days I have felt really out of it and have been wondering what the hell I was thinking to put myself through this. I'm still walking hunched over to a good extent and my back is quite sore from it. I'm really getting tired of the drains hanging around so I hope that I can at least get one out when I have my follow up on Monday. Last night I think the pain meds were causing me to be itchy. It was so intense that I was almost in tears. Called the pharmacy to see if I could take Benadryl to alleviate the itch and they said I could. Slept pretty well after that... That is, until I started a having gas like a freaking rhinoceros around 4 am! Holy moly is the gas bad! It sounds like a small animal mewling in agony inside my belly! Ive been taking colace to try to get the BM party started, but nothing yet so I guess that's why I'm so gassy. Ugh. I still need help getting up from laying down even though I have myself propped up with numerous pillows. Hopefully in the next few days I will be a bit more able. Tomorrow when I see my PS he will remove the binder and put me into a garment, which I'm looking forward to. I can't wait to see my belly and also can't wait to put on the garment because the binder is all bunched up and annoying. I guess that's about all for now.

Good luck to anyone whose surgery is coming up and happy healing to all who are on the flat side!



Day 4 PO. Had my first PO visit with my PS....

Day 4 PO. Had my first PO visit with my PS. Removed the pain pump bc it was empty, but he said there was still a lot of swelling so he wanted to leave the drains in regardless of how much was or wasn't coming out of them still. Stinks, but I'm not horribly upset. I'm still feeling out of it so a shower isn't exactly at the top of my list right now. If you knew me personally, that would speak volumes... I am very specific about my personal hygiene. He did change me out of the god awful wrap around Velcro binder and into a compression garment and I am beyond thankful for that bc the other one bunched up and dug into me like crazy. Also changed pain meds today bc the Vicodin is making me itchy and nauseous. I've heard Percocet is binding, but I had my first BM today so I think it should be OK as long as I continue taking colace. Also I'm really glad I got the bra I found on with the built in strap. He said he was going to get some for his practice because it worked well. Apparently implants would normally ride higher than what mine are now. Phew! Other than that he said everything is looking pretty good. I didn't get to see myself standing up because I got faint when he took off the binder, but from what I can tell, my belly looks pretty good. My belly button is small and cute compared to the cavernous one I had before! I was surprised I really didn't have much bruising at all in the areas he did lipo on. I bruised quite a bit after the lipo I had previously so I guess he has a gentler approach? Idk. Either way, so far so good.

Happy healing and good luck to anyone whose MM is coming up!

Here's a link to the bra I got if anyone is...

Here's a link to the bra I got if anyone is interested. I saw some breast augmentation pics showing really high implants and it freaked me out, so I knew right away I wanted a stabilizer!

Day 5 PO. Woke up today with a headache and nausea...

Day 5 PO. Woke up today with a headache and nausea. Feeling OK otherwise. Decided this morning to give just plain old Tylenol a try instead of the heavy meds. So far so good. I like the new CG as far a mobility goes, but with my swelling it is so stinkin tight! I feel like I got plastic surgery and lap band surgery right now because I can hardly eat with this tight thing on! It's crazy! I'm almost tempted to give myself a little breather outside the CG today. Drains aren't draining much now so I'm thinking Friday they should both be out. Fingers crossed!

Happy healing everyone!

Anyone else having a tough time standing upright...

Anyone else having a tough time standing upright and an incredibly achy back as a result?!?! I know I was pretty small to begin with so I suppose there wasn't much skin to work with. My PS told hubby afterward that he pulled me very tight and boy am I feeling it! Day 6 PO and I still cannot stand up straight. Walking hunched is hard, but sleeping propped up on pillows is really taking its toll. I tossed and turned last night and my back is killing me now. Ugh. Hope I can straighten up soon!

Needless to say, today I am having a "why the hell...

Needless to say, today I am having a "why the hell did I do this to myself?!" Kind of say...

Instead of just complaining I should also mention...

Instead of just complaining I should also mention how lucky and grateful I am... My hubby has been off from work since my MM last Thursday and will be home until next Tuesday. He has been such an amazing nurse, making/picking up meals, taking care of the kids, giving my meds, helping me clean myself up, etc. Oh. And posting my after pics for me. Lol. Thanks a million, babe! Couldn't imagine trying to get through this without your support! Love you!

One week PO - so, I'm feeling pretty good for the...

One week PO - so, I'm feeling pretty good for the most part. I'm really not in any pain. I'm walking a bit more upright and even some of my back pain is subsiding. I haven't taken anything for pain since last night at bedtime. I'm draining very little at this point, so I'm hopeful that tomorrow the drains will be gone. Only concern today is that I'm feeling a bit under the weather! I didn't sleep well again last night, as has been the case since surgery. Woke up this morning feeling nauseous, a bit of chills and generally just unwell. I have a low fever of around 100°. Called my docs office and he is still in surgery so I'm waiting for a call back. This feels like a cold and I wouldn't be surprised if it was since I have two little ones in the house, one of which is in preschool. Plus hubby is feeling crappy, too. I guess we will see what my doc says when he calls. Rather be safe than sorry!

Heard back from my PS's office shortly after...

Heard back from my PS's office shortly after calling. He called in another antibiotic for me just in case. Said to keep well hydrated and take off the CG so I'm comfortable. I have an appt with him first thing tomorrow morning anyway so I don't think there was much sense rushing in to his office today. Truthfully I think I just have an ear infection... Keep getting sharp pains in my right ear.

I just took off my CG now (wanted to wait until after dinner and the kids went to bed an i could relax to take it off) and I'm surprised how uncomfortable I am without it. So strange! I think right now my muscles just need the support. I put on my CG that I had from when I had the tumescent lipo a few years ago but it isn't really tight anymore so it's somewhat of a waste. I guess the fact that it is loose is a good sign! Even swollen I am too small for it. Woohoo! Lol keep your fingers crossed that I get my drains out tomorrow! They're driving me nuts!!!

Had my second post op appointment yesterday and...

Had my second post op appointment yesterday and figured out a few things! Lol I am still taking the antibiotic my PS called in on Thursday when I wasn't feeling well. When I spoke to the girl from his office Thursday, she told me he had said to take off my CG for the rest of the day so I could be comfortable. Well, taking it off, to my surprise, was anything but comfortable! I knew from having had lipo previously that I should take the CG off slowly because the change in pressure could cause lightheaded-ness or fainting (learned that the hard way and faintd after lipo!) I took my CG off slowly, but even after a little while I continued to feel very hot, clammy and lightheaded. I did put on my old CG and binder while hubby washed the one I just took off and it was OK for the night, but not great. I was still not feeling great without my CG the next morning getting ready for my post op appointment and was glad to get the CG back on, but dreading having to take it off at the PS's office. Taking the CG off at the doctor's office was again pretty rough and I was faint and clammy. They gave me a few minutes to relax before getting on with my appointment. I was glad to get one drain out, especially because that one was really pinching quite a bit. After talking a bit and seeing how pale I was (downright ghostly compared to my normal pale!) my PS suggested I start taking an iron supplement to help build up my blood. Also, my appetite has been greatly diminished since surgery and we think that part of my problem was also low blood sugar, which even without having undergone major surgery I am very sensitive to. He suggested drinking some meal replacement shakes if I couldnt eat enough to make up for the elevated caloric demand my body would be having as it tries to heal. Also, doc suggested that perhaps my CG was too small, so he gave a larger one and that seems to be working out much better. Bottom line, one drain down, next one comes out Monday, take iron supplement and eat more.

I'm also glad to say that today I'm able to stand nearly upright. Woohoo! I also slept through the night for the first time since surgery last night and boy was that nice!!! Slowly but surely I'm coming around! Can't wait to be able to get back into the swing of things with the kids and hubby!

Hope everyone's healing well!

12 Days PO... Been a few days, so I'll back track....

12 Days PO... Been a few days, so I'll back track. After the whole feeling faint when removing the CG thing last week, I was pretty nervous to try it again for a shower, even though I was cleared to take one after getting the first drain out on Friday. I had cleaned up that morning before having the drain out while switching back into my regular CG so I wasn't in much of a rush. Sunday afternoon while the kiddies napped, hubby and I decided to hop in the shower. I didn't feel faint, fortunately, but it was actually pretty difficult. I was already standing almost fairly straight with the garment on and feeling pretty good, but without the support, my abs feel very weak and I found it difficult to keep myself upright. I did get a new seat for my shower before surgery so I was able to sit through the entire shower, but I couldn't do anything for myself. Thank God for my awesome hubby, who washed me up for that first shower! I really felt the strain in my lower back from using those muscles to try to support myself in a seated position, so I was glad to get out of the shower and back into my CG. It sure was nice to be clean, though. lol I was even able to blow out my hair for the first time!

Yesterday I had another appointment with my PS and got the second drain out. Woohoo! So nice not to have crap hanging off/out of my body anymore! Oh! And I was even able to wear my skinny jeans to my appt! So nice to wear something other than sweats or pajama pants! I did pretty well getting in and out of my CG again, so I was glad for that. My doctor and the nurse in the office both remarked separately remarked about how I was looking much better and the color had returned to my face. The iron supplement and really focusing on eating enough despite not having much appetite seems to be doing a world of good. I was feeling pretty good so we decided to go out to lunch and do a little shopping. Sitting in the booth at lunch was kind of difficult because the back of the booth was far from the table so in order to eat over my plate, I had to sit up with my back unsupported. Needless to say, I was sure ready to get out of that booth when I was done! Spent about 45 minutes shopping after lunch the headed home. I was pretty wiped out and noticed that the spot where my last drain was removed was leaking a good bit... Enough to soak through the gauze and my CG. Put on some jammies and relaxed on the couch for the rest of the day and the drainage mellowed out. By the time bedtime rolled around, I was feeling really uncomfortable in my CG. The tightness and support is great, but I really hate the elasticized opening for ...ahem... my lady bits. It really digs in and I'm a bit sore from it! Ugh. Not to mention that although my hubby has been a saint as far as taking care of me, he does have a penchant for breaking my chops so he has enjoyed making fun of my "meat" hanging out way too much! Normally, I wouldn't mind, but laughing is still a little tough on my belly so I find myself doubling over in a ball trying to stop myself from fits of hysterical laughter. Oy. Anyway, decided to slip into a pair of spanx for bed last night instead of my CG so I could give my poor lady business a break from the strangulation. Normally a night in spanx has me feeling like I'm being compressed like crazy, but compared to wearing the CG, I felt like I was sleeping in the nude! I did also put my wrap around binder on for added support since the spanx felt like they offered none. I slept comfortably and I think it was good for me to do because this morning I felt like my stomach was stronger when wasn't wearing the CG for support. I even managed to take a shower alone this morning!!!

Tonight I go for my first of ten lymphatic massages, so hopefully that will help bring down the rest of the swelling I still have. Can’t wait! Will try to add some more pics soon.

Slowly, but surely I'm getting back to normal and feeling good. Feels so nice to be free of the drains and able to clean myself properly again! Hope everyone else is healing well!

Oh yea... I forgot a few things... The drains...

Oh yea... I forgot a few things... The drains being removed was easy peasy. Felt a little strange, but no biggie. Actually, I felt like the big thick drain tubes were easier to tolerate coming out than the skinny little tubes from the pain pump, which is the opposite of what I expected. Also, the bra that I had been using with the attached strap had to go this weekend. Oh my gosh. I was getting really uncomfortable from it rubbing under my arms and I had a bit of chafing so I switched into the sports bras I got before surgery. They hook in the back, which wasn't entirely ideal, but at least they aren't racerback, which kills my shoulders. Feels so good to have a regular sports bra on. I got these bras from Kohl's... Love them! Super soft, very gentle on my nipples. lol. Oh, and they are not nearly as high up on me as on the model on their site. Maybe it's because I was trying not to buy them too large so they would offer some sort of compression. PS said that my implants were already starting to drop into place so it wasn't necessary for me to wear the bra with strap if I didn't feel like it. It does feel a little funny not to have that downward pressure, but the girls seem to be staying in place nicely. He said I could start massaging them at this point. Also, I'll be getting all my tape off at my appt on Friday. Hooray!

I think that's really all for now... Link to awesome sports bra below.

13 Days PO - I also forgot to mention in my last...

13 Days PO - I also forgot to mention in my last post that yesterday was my first day home without hubby. Boooooo! :-( He got the kids ready in the morning and took them to school, which I normally do, but although I'm not on pain meds, I still feel a little uncomfortable driving. I guess it's partly because I haven't done it in what feels like forever, but mostly it's because I feel like with the weakness I feel in my abdomen, I don't feel like I can react as quickly as normal. And you don't really realize until an area of your body is compromised how much you use it... Specifically, I didn't realize how much I really use my abs for support and stability while driving. Especially when turning and such. Anyway, I was home with the little guy for the day, which is exhausting because he's always getting into something. Hubby was slammed at work after being out for over a week so I picked up the kids after school. I was so wiped out afterward that I actually considered canceling my lymphatic massage that night. I was totally dreading having to be out, the effort it would take to get in and out of my CG, etc. But I'm really glad I went in the end. It wasn't as relaxing as a typical massage, but I did feel a lot better after. Especially my back. It did feel like even after just the first massage that some of the swelling in my back from the lipo decreased, so I'm glad I'm going for them. $350 to help better the results of $15k surgery is totally worth it in my book.

I was able to shower on my own again today and even managed to shave more than just my armpits! Woohoo! lol. Now my clam is still hanging out of this damn CG, but at least it isn't a bearded clam anymore!!!!! LOLOLOL I'm pretty wiped out this morning, though. I think maybe all the running around yesterday still has be out of it. Today should be a little more relaxing, so I'm glad for that.

Guess that's all for now. Happy healing everyone! Good luck to everyone about to venture to the flat side!

Two weeks today! Wow. Time flies! Feeling pretty...

Two weeks today! Wow. Time flies! Feeling pretty good, but I'm definitely still a little hunched over. I felt very tight yesterday and I don't know if it was because of the massage the night before or the way I slept or something? Idk. I'm having another massage tonight so we will see how I feel tomorrow. My biggest complaint right now is this damn CG. I can't wait to not wear it anymore. Love the support, but man it is hurting my lady bits more and more each day!!! Everything is good otherwise. Cannot wait for my appointment tomorrow to get all the tape off! I'm super excited to see what everything really looks like... Especially my new & improved areolas! Hahaha! I can't wait to see how much smaller they are!

I keep forgetting to tell you all a funny little story about the day of surgery... I was so nervous that morning, as I mentioned in an earlier post. While I was in the "prep area" getting changed into my sexy hospital gown, getting my IV line started, etc, the chaplain came around. I'm marked down as not having a religion, but he took the time to speak to me anyway, which I was glad for. He was very kind and calming. But the funny part of this story is that when he came around and introduced himself, he asked what I was having done that day. I guess with my nerves my brain to mouth filter was not functioning properly because I proceeded to blabber away to this poor gentleman about how I was not only getting a tummy tuck, lipo, etc but my breasts done. Duh. Who the hell tells a chaplain this sort of thing?!?!? Apparently, I do. lol He kindly cut me off and said, "So just some cosmetic procedures..." My husband was on the phone at the time, but overheard the whole exchange and could only shake his head at me. Only me...

Anyway, hope everyone's healing well!

15 Days PO - Had another follow up this morning....

15 Days PO - Had another follow up this morning. Everything looking good. Got all the tapes removed. Things are still a little scabby and crusty, but the incisions look nice and thin. Looks like I am going to have an awesome result, so I'm really excited! Will have to shower up tomorrow and take pictures once I can get some of the funk off. lol Still feeling pretty good, but I definitely get tired very easily. Went to my appointment, had a quick lunch with hubby and the little guy, came home & put him in for a nap and I'm totally wiped out! In other news, I solved my CG strangulation issue... Took a seam ripper to it this morning & removed the elasticized edging around the opening and now it is super comfy!!! Aaaaahhhhhh! lol I have a few scabs that came off on my incisions so PS wants me to wait another week to start with scar treatments. He said mederma or whatever else I choose is fine. I will probably order some silicone strips, which he said was good, too. Guess that's all for now.

Happy healing, everyone!

16 Days PO. Woohoo! No tape, no drains, just...

16 Days PO. Woohoo! No tape, no drains, just healing left to do! Added a few new pics. The lines down the center of my belly are from the closure of my CG. Will try to take some closer shots of incisions after tomorrow's shower. Still not quite standing straight up, which I'm sure you'll notice in the pics, but I'm getting there. I think I will be really lucky as far as my stretch marks go... Most of them were around or below my belly button, so if I have any left, it will be very minimal, although from what I can see, there don't seem to be any left at all. Hooray! I think there's a pretty good difference in my boobs compared to the first shots I put up... Starting to drop into place and have a softer, more natural shape. Areolas are a little funny looking, but PS said they are odd shaped bc of the swelling. They are definitely much smaller than before, though! Looking forward to getting the scar treatment and putting them on next week when the few funky spots on my incisions are healed up.

Guess that's all for now. Happy healing everyone! Enjoy the weekend!

20 Days PO - Can't believe I am almost three weeks...

20 Days PO - Can't believe I am almost three weeks post-op! Time is flying by! Had another follow-up today. Nothing particularly exciting. PS says everything's looking good and he won't need to see me for another two weeks unless something is wrong, which I can't foresee. Incisions are healing up nicely and I'm hoping to be able to start using the silicone strips that I ordered soon. I still have some scabs so I have to wait for a bit. The only "problem" area is under my right breast at the bottom of the vertical incision. I think because I am right-handed all the movement keeps breaking open a healing scab. Doctor says it looks fine, no infection, just keep putting on polysporin and a gauze pad to keep it moist until it heals up. I have been using a hand mirror to peek at it and I can clearly see what he's talking about. Looks like exactly what he is describing, so I am not concerned. Just want it to heal up so I can use my strips and minimize the scarring asap. In the meantime I am using cocoa butter (the really firm, pure stuff) that my massage therapist gave me on the scars until I can use the silicone.

Also, I've had three lymphatic massages now and I have to say, they are very helpful! It is not a relaxing massage like you would normally expect at a spa since the point is basically drainage and reducing swelling, but I feel so much better after each one! I'm able to stand straighter since starting them... Almost fully upright, but the pulling from one area of my scar is the only thing I'm favoring. To the ladies who have upcoming surgeries with Dr. Alkon, if he suggests the massages for you, I definitely suggest you use their masseuse Isabel. She is fabulous! Love her! And I don't know where else in this area would give a better rate. Considering what surgery costs in the first place, I think it's definitely a good investment for your healing. Dr. Alkon says that if you don't do the massages, you'll still wind up with the same result, but the massages really help to expedite the process, and I do believe that to be true given how much they seem to be helping me along.

Hope everyone is doing well! Happy healing!

Day 22 PO - So, I've been trying to get back into...

Day 22 PO - So, I've been trying to get back into the swing of things around the house. I don't recall if I mentioned it in an earlier post, but I'm a SAHM. My hubby has been beyond fabulous about picking up the slack while I have been out of commission. Yesterday I did a small bit of dishes for the first time, which was really no biggie. Laundry has been super backed up, so today I got going with it so hubby wouldn't have to do it all weekend long. I only carried small handfuls of clothes to and from the machines rather than carting hampers or baskets full. Folded a few loads and man did it wipe me out! I was kinda surprised by how tired I was feeling. I actually had to lay down and rest because I had a headache and started feeling a little nauseous! Yikes! Had my fifth massage tonight and felt 100% better afterward. Actually, I was able to stand fully upright for the first time today! Woohoo!!!!! It still feels a little tight at the lowest point of my TT incision when I stand up like that, but definitely helps with the ever-present backache.

Most of my scabs have fallen off now, but the one spot under my right breast is still healing up. I'm going to try to sleep with my bra off tonight to get some air into that spot to dry things up per my masseuse's suggestion. Hopefully that helps! Can't wait to start reducing these scars! Also pretty exciting... My boobies are starting to get a little softer and they even jiggle a little now! Ha! My masseuse said that in her experience, mine are in very good shape for being three weeks PO both in terms of softness and position of the implant, so I was glad to hear that! I'm trying to get into the habit of massaging both my breasts and belly in the shower to move things along.

I wore "regular" clothes today as opposed to a hoodie/zip up jacket, which I've been living in for the past few weeks & was surprised that my boobs don't look much bigger than they did before surgery, which I'm pretty glad for. I definitely don't want anyone who I haven't specifically told about my surgery to be able to guess that I had them done. It's so weird because without clothes, they look MASSIVE to me. They definitely have that nice upper pole fullness that I'm looking for, which is visible in a lower cut shirt, though.

Also used a marble for my belly button today and that worked way better than an ear plug, which I tried earlier. I put on a little antibiotic ointment and taped the marble into place. Definitely helps the swelling go down and the opening widen. As you can probably tell from how many times I've mentioned her in these posts, my masseuse and I chat up a storm during my massages & she was telling me today that she has actually seen people ignore the suggestion of my PS to use either a marble or ear plug and their belly button healed closed and had to be revised! Yikes! No thank you!!!!!

I think by next week, I might try going down to the smaller size CG. The medium is still OK, but I think that going to the next size down will help knock out the remaining swelling a little more. It's not quite as tight as it was at first, which feels better for all day wear, but probably isn't the best thing for the swelling. I have two of the smaller size lined up. Just have to rip out the band around the opening so they won't bother me.

Guess that's all for now. Will try to post some updated pics this weekend... Happy healing everyone!

23 Days PO - Added a few new pics from this...

23 Days PO - Added a few new pics from this morning. Incisions are healing up pretty nicely and most of the scabs have fallen off. Part of my TT incision is photoshopped off in the frontal because of my tattoo, so that's why it looks like one side is shorter than the other. Also, please excuse my interesting shave job. lol. Had to shave because the regrowth was driving me crazy but I couldn't shave up towards the incision because of the scabs from the drains. Oh, this is such a sexy time right now!!! Lady bits squeezed out of my CG, funny shave job, incisions all over the place. Sometimes it feels like I'm gonna feel this unsexy forever. Sigh. Definitely still have swelling down around the TT incision as evidenced in the side shot, but it's getting better.

Soon enough, I'll be flat and sexy...

25 Days PO - So, I said I would update after I...

25 Days PO - So, I said I would update after I found out more about the marble for the BB today... I was told to make sure that your BB is dry inside because it can start to stink, clean the marble with alcohol and wear it for a few hours at a time throughout the day... Kinda seems like do whatever is comfortable. Use it for about a month to get a more natural result. I've been putting a little polysporin around the BB incision before putting the marble in & holding it in with tape. It doesn't go in very much when I put it in, but by the time I take it out, it's in there pretty good.

On to the TMI... I read someone else's review (I don't remember who!) a while back & they were saying how that had had sex pretty shortly after having their MM. I was pretty surprised that they had! But, alas, hubby and I had a little quickie yesterday. Let me just say, it was the unsexiest sex ever. lol. The little ones were up & we had to hurry, so I didn't even get out of my CG, bra or t-shirt. That opening in the CG sure is convenient. My belly did feel a little strange when we did it and my nipples were a little sore afterward, which I thought was a little funny, because he sure didn't touch them!

Otherwise, doing pretty good & starting to get back to normal. Can't believe this weekend will be a month PO! Time sure flies.

Hope everyone is doing well! Happy healing!

Wow! 4 Weeks PO already! Time sure flies! Had an...

Wow! 4 Weeks PO already! Time sure flies! Had an appointment with my PS last night about a few things that popped up this week... I had what looks like a little blood blister form at the lowest point of my TT incision. He wasn't worried about that and it appears to be shrinking down now. I think it may have been from my CG rubbing. Also, a few of my dissolving stitches were still hanging around, so he removed three little stitches, which was no biggie, although I hate to watch because it makes me a little squeamish. Cracks my husband up to watch the faces I make.

Aside from the few little blips that came up this week, I'm feeling so much better! I slept flat last night for the first time. Propped up on pillows is not even remotely ideal for me, so to have just one pillow was glorious. I mostly slept on my side, hugging a pillow with another pillow between my knees. I did switch positions a few times, but overall I was far more comfortable than I have been in the past few weeks. I switched into the smaller size CG yesterday because the bigger one wasn't quite as snug. It did seem to make a big difference with the remaining swelling... My belly looked a lot flatter this morning. I don't know if it was entirely because of the CG or if sleeping flatter helped, too, because my breasts weren't as hard this morning as they have tended to be in the mornings. I also ordered another CG... the small one is a bit snug on my thighs and you can see where the band digs into them through my jeans, so I ordered one that comes down below the knees. Also, it doesn't have suspenders, so I think it'll be a nice break on my shoulders to have one less set of straps to dig in. Hopefully it will be more comfortable!

Here's a link to the CG I got. Will update with whether or not it was comfortable.

Happy healing, everyone!

One month PO! Finally seeing what the flat side is...

One month PO! Finally seeing what the flat side is really going to look like! Had a massage last night, then decided I would give myself a break from the CG at bedtime. Slept reasonably comfortably without it, although I still can't stay in any position for too long. Woke up, took a look at my belly and was pleasantly surprised by how flat it was looking! There's definitely still swelling, but you can see from the pics the difference from last week to this week. Boobies still look mostly the same, so that's why I didn't bother to include them in the shot. They are getting softer, but of course that's not visible in photos. The spot under my right breast is healing up nicely now, but still not ready for my silicone scar strips. Also, the blood blister on the TT incision is shrinking up, too. Massaging at home in addition to lymphatic massages seems to really be helping. My belly doesn't feel quite as numb/weird/sensitive when touched anymore. Definitely noticing some progress at this point. Hooray!

Happy healing, everyone!

This Thursday will be 6 weeks PO! Wowza! Time is...

This Thursday will be 6 weeks PO! Wowza! Time is flying!

The past week has been a little nuts around here... I'm in NJ, so we got hit with Hurricane Sandy. Thankfully we are inland, so we suffered virtually no damage, however we were without power from Monday evening until Saturday evening. Thankfully, were able to get a generator and run the essentials, but it still felt like we were camping in our own house. So, that's why I was mostly MIA from here last week. Hope everyone is doing well!

I'm starting to feel much more like myself... Except sexier, of course. lol. Swelling is going down a great deal in my belly and it looks so much flatter. When I posted the last set of pics, I had taken them in the morning right after waking up and was still swelling up later in the day, but since then I'm not swelling much by the end of the day. I've started wearing Spanx more instead of the CG. I feel like I swell more when I wear the CG at this point, if that's even possible? Besides that, the Spanx are significantly more comfortable than the CG. I bought one last night that is basically a high-waisted, control-top panty and it's like heaven!!! I also ordered a thong one online and can't wait to get that bad boy! You all know how I loathed the opening in my CG, so you can imagine how happy I am to wear something that is much closer to my normal panties.

As far as the boobies go, they are mellowing out as well. Last time I saw my PS, he told me that I could wear normal bras and that I should remain about the size I am now. So, last night I finally got around to buying some new bras. Yay! Pretty, unlined lace ones! I always wore a moulded cup, but since I have nicely shaped breasts now, I think I can mostly do away with the moulded cups in favor of the sexy stuff my hubby prefers. I normally wear a 34 band and measured myself around the fullest point at a 38, so theoretically, I should be a 34 D... Wish manufacturers would all use the standardized units of measure because I am different sizes depending on the brand. Grr. So, I ended up buying a few 34 D and a few 34 DD. I will have to go to a good lingerie shop and have them measure me to make sure I am wearing the right size. The ones I got at Kohl's last night are nice and seem to fit properly, so they will do for now. I don't want to invest in many more bras until I'm sure that they've fully dropped and settled into place.

I'm starting to get back into the swing of things around the house as well. Have been doing more housework, although I have been avoiding lifting things still. Last night, I did lift my little guy into bed and it felt funny, but no pain or anything, so I guess I'm probably good to go. Feels good to get back to normal!

Guess that's about all for now. Hope to post some updated pics soon. Happy healing, everyone!

Alrighty, so I've been meaning to update my review...

Alrighty, so I've been meaning to update my review since hubby posted the most recent pics... Apparently it has been almost a month since that. Yikes! Will have to post some new ones soon.

Things are more or less back to normal now. I quit wearing spanx I guess about a week or so ago. I really felt like I just needed to breathe already! I'm feeling my core strength coming back now, so I'm not really missing the support of the spanx or CG at this point. Feels so good to wear normal underwear! lol. Fortunately, my regular underwear do cover the TT scar. The scars on my breasts faded very quickly, so I really wish the scars from the TT along the lower abdomen and around my BB would hurry on up and do the same. They are still fairly red. Not as bad as they had been, but still definitely very visible and defined, although very thin. In time I know they'll fade, so I'm definitely looking forward to that. I've been doing pretty much all the normal lifting around the house again.

I think my final bra size is a 34D, but it's funny... Some brands I loved before surgery are very uncomfortable now and brands that I wasn't crazy about before are now more comfortable. I guess each bra is shaped a little differently and my breasts are different with the implants in, so I will have to figure out what works best in time. They are pretty soft and dropped quite a bit, but I think there's still more swelling in the right breast compared to the left. Again, all in due time. I'm mostly still wearing my sports bras unless I'm going out and need to wear something nice.

I do still have some lack of sensation in my abdomen, so I'm hoping that is going to resolve eventually. Still that sort of numb, tingly feeling. So strange! I've also noticed that it's easier for me to strain muscles and I did manage to strain something in my abs a week or so ago. Nothing a little Advil couldn't cure, though.

I guess that's about all to report, really. Hopefully I can get some new pics up soon. Hope everyone is well!

Just a qiuck update... Kind of funny. Every once...

Just a qiuck update... Kind of funny. Every once in a while I'll be sitting around with less than perfect posture and suddenly realize... I can't feel my saggy belly rolls anymore. Kind of interesting that it's almost something to "get used to"! Also, when I dry my hair, I'll flip my hair over at first to get some volume then look over in the mirror and it's so nice to not see the rolls either! Hahaha. That's about all for right now.

Hope everyone's doing well!
Newark Plastic Surgeon

Found Dr. Alkon online. Didn't have any friends or family to offer suggestions since nobody else had plastic surgery he's the chief of plastics at the hospital he works out of, so I trusted his talent and he really made me feel comfortable during the consult. So far, he has been fabulous! Takes plenty of time to answer questions and explained everything. Healing well and so far everything looks like I will have amazing results! Post-op appointments he has been wonderful & very caring. He's just a great doctor all around.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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