35 Yr Old Mum of 4, Moving from the Back of the Queue to Get my Butt ***Now going with Comfort Zone not Elite Aftercare***

From as long as I can remember I have always...

From as long as I can remember I have always wanted a bigger bum. When J-lo came on the scene, as much as I love her, she kinda ruined my life. The new trend was a big butt and unfortunately for me & my ass, we were now officially unfashionable. Being of dual heritage (English/Jamaican) i felt that i was meant to be blessed in the butt department but again i'd pulled the short straw & inherited my mum's pancake booty. Getting my bum done has always been a dream but now i am past ready to make my dreams come true.
I have been sifting through reviews and i found this site so helpful.
I have to'd and fro'd from different surgeons in UK, USA, Spain & Dominican Republic. The reality is... i cannot afford these places. So it was back to the drawing board.
I came across LATEYSHA GRACE on youtube sharing her 3rd bbl with Dr Ali Uckan @ elite aftercare in Izmir Turkey. Something told me straight away that Dr Ali Uckan was the man for me (well the man to do my bbl anyway).
I've researched as much info as I can about him & elite aftercare on this site and on the web & im just really confident in him.
I sent my photos to the patient co-ordinator, I did expect it to be Gina but got Caraline who has been so helpful answering all of my questions.
Caraline emailed me with a quote of £4000 for my bbl and lipo of multiple areas & said around 1200cc could be achieved on each side. Although I would need to return for a TT, Lipo & touch up BBL for an added discounted price of £2500.
I've been looking at thousands of "wish pics" but tbh I'm not sure that it's been helpful as we all have our unique shape. I do know that I want every last bit of back fat removing (that stuff is gross) and i do want Dr Ali to sculpt my waist as slim as possibleas I am quite wide with a short torso. I do not want to look like Nikki Minaj, in fact I don't want the unnatural look full stop. But want a noticeable S curve waist to hip ratio without lookin like a cartoon character.
Caraline has told me a few available dates this year & early 2017. But before I pay my deposit I would be so grateful to get some feedback from anyone that has had work done at elite aftercare, or from anyone with a similar apple shape that has some before/after pics (so I can see some realistic expectations), or from anyone that just wants to say hi and offer any advice.
The only thing I am a little unsure of is INSURANCE ABROAD, so any advice reguarding that would be appreciated too.

Thanks for reading. WI'll update soon.

Bbl pillow

Where do UK patients buy bbl pillows from? All the websites I have found are US based.

Change of doctor

So today i've decided to go with Dr Ilker Manavbasi @ comfort zone in Istanbul. I am also having a TT because I feel it needs doing all at once... yes ive read all about killing fat cells but if the doctors in DR do it... then it cant be that bad to lay on it in surgery because they have some of the best results. Plus I figured my fat sticks like glue anyway so I will be ok. The skin on my stomach is already ugly (from 4 babies & recent weight loss) and i know i wont be happy looking at it after my BBL... so I'm doing it and that's that.
ANYWAY... today i've booked my flight, bought my booty pillow, a zero gravity chair, 2 giant rubber rings & 2 female urine aids.
I can't believe I am finally doing this after years of walking around with my sponge bob square pants. Roll on 6th December !!!

Highs & Lows pre surgery

Omg... what a week I have had. I swear I thought I was going crazy some days. This journey really is a rollercoaster and I have gone through so many emotions... anxiety, happiness, doubt, fear, anger, excitement, sadness, guilt, confusion etc etc etc. And this is before surgery, gosh can you imagine me post surgery.
Today I am in a really good place and just can't wait to get it all over with.

All the bits i ordered have been delivered. I love my booty pillow. I got it 2nd hand on eBay and i am so pleased it is in perfect condition. It's really hard to purchase the pillows in the UK so I will defo put it bk on eBay when I am done with it and save somebody some money.

My family & friends (well the chosen few that I have told) have been ok but they did manage to wobble me last week. I was so stressed out, I wanted to swap surgeons again or even cancel all together (only for a minute or so though lol).

I really don't know what people's issue is with Turkey. Anyone would think I was going to a remote village in India ffs. End of the day, I am confident that I am in safe Turkish hands :-) I wouldn't be going if I didn't.

So with only 10 days till i fly out... it's time to get organised!! Any tips/must haves/do's & donts welcome X

Designing my body with black, white & brown pes

Just having a play... all i can think of is butts butts butts. I really don't think I should show any of these to my surgeon though. I'd be devastated if my bbl matched my little doodles. Here's to a 100% better job from Dr Ilker Manavbasi????????

Butts butts butts

I am struggling to find specific wish pics because I find all perky round bums amazing!!

I will tell Dr Ilker Manavbasi...
Ultimately i want to look feminine. I would love a slimmer waist an to create an s curve shape by making my torso look longer and giving me wider hips. I want a fuller rounder upside down heart shaped butt... biggish but natural looking. It is really important that maximum fat is removed from my whole back, waist/flanks & abdomen. My inner thighs & arms could do with some fat removing (and my double chin if the surgeon is feeling generous).

My updates will mostly emphasise on my BBL results (because that's my chosen/preferred surgery) ... but let's not forget my TT.

I have stretch marks from my 4 babies (mostly under my naval)... and although they don't bother me... I won't miss them either. Tighten my muscles but not too tight eh (still wanna be able to breath). I don't want a pin sized belly button... looks weird. I want my scar where my fat fold line is, so my panties cover it. I'll be really happy to be reunited with my abs (it's been about 17 years since I last saw them).

Thinks thats it... Anyway here are some lovely butts to look at ????

Quote & Confirmation

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