35 Yr Old Mum of 4, Moving from the Back of the Queue to Get my Butt ***Now going with Comfort Zone not Elite Aftercare***

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From as long as I can remember I have always...

From as long as I can remember I have always wanted a bigger bum. When J-lo came on the scene, as much as I love her, she kinda ruined my life. The new trend was a big butt and unfortunately for me & my ass, we were now officially unfashionable. Being of dual heritage (English/Jamaican) i felt that i was meant to be blessed in the butt department but again i'd pulled the short straw & inherited my mum's pancake booty. Getting my bum done has always been a dream but now i am past ready to make my dreams come true.
I have been sifting through reviews and i found this site so helpful.
I have to'd and fro'd from different surgeons in UK, USA, Spain & Dominican Republic. The reality is... i cannot afford these places. So it was back to the drawing board.
I came across LATEYSHA GRACE on youtube sharing her 3rd bbl with Dr Ali Uckan @ elite aftercare in Izmir Turkey. Something told me straight away that Dr Ali Uckan was the man for me (well the man to do my bbl anyway).
I've researched as much info as I can about him & elite aftercare on this site and on the web & im just really confident in him.
I sent my photos to the patient co-ordinator, I did expect it to be Gina but got Caraline who has been so helpful answering all of my questions.
Caraline emailed me with a quote of £4000 for my bbl and lipo of multiple areas & said around 1200cc could be achieved on each side. Although I would need to return for a TT, Lipo & touch up BBL for an added discounted price of £2500.
I've been looking at thousands of "wish pics" but tbh I'm not sure that it's been helpful as we all have our unique shape. I do know that I want every last bit of back fat removing (that stuff is gross) and i do want Dr Ali to sculpt my waist as slim as possibleas I am quite wide with a short torso. I do not want to look like Nikki Minaj, in fact I don't want the unnatural look full stop. But want a noticeable S curve waist to hip ratio without lookin like a cartoon character.
Caraline has told me a few available dates this year & early 2017. But before I pay my deposit I would be so grateful to get some feedback from anyone that has had work done at elite aftercare, or from anyone with a similar apple shape that has some before/after pics (so I can see some realistic expectations), or from anyone that just wants to say hi and offer any advice.
The only thing I am a little unsure of is INSURANCE ABROAD, so any advice reguarding that would be appreciated too.

Thanks for reading. WI'll update soon.

Bbl pillow

Where do UK patients buy bbl pillows from? All the websites I have found are US based.

Change of doctor

So today i've decided to go with Dr Ilker Manavbasi @ comfort zone in Istanbul. I am also having a TT because I feel it needs doing all at once... yes ive read all about killing fat cells but if the doctors in DR do it... then it cant be that bad to lay on it in surgery because they have some of the best results. Plus I figured my fat sticks like glue anyway so I will be ok. The skin on my stomach is already ugly (from 4 babies & recent weight loss) and i know i wont be happy looking at it after my BBL... so I'm doing it and that's that.
ANYWAY... today i've booked my flight, bought my booty pillow, a zero gravity chair, 2 giant rubber rings & 2 female urine aids.
I can't believe I am finally doing this after years of walking around with my sponge bob square pants. Roll on 6th December !!!

Highs & Lows pre surgery

Omg... what a week I have had. I swear I thought I was going crazy some days. This journey really is a rollercoaster and I have gone through so many emotions... anxiety, happiness, doubt, fear, anger, excitement, sadness, guilt, confusion etc etc etc. And this is before surgery, gosh can you imagine me post surgery.
Today I am in a really good place and just can't wait to get it all over with.

All the bits i ordered have been delivered. I love my booty pillow. I got it 2nd hand on eBay and i am so pleased it is in perfect condition. It's really hard to purchase the pillows in the UK so I will defo put it bk on eBay when I am done with it and save somebody some money.

My family & friends (well the chosen few that I have told) have been ok but they did manage to wobble me last week. I was so stressed out, I wanted to swap surgeons again or even cancel all together (only for a minute or so though lol).

I really don't know what people's issue is with Turkey. Anyone would think I was going to a remote village in India ffs. End of the day, I am confident that I am in safe Turkish hands :-) I wouldn't be going if I didn't.

So with only 10 days till i fly out... it's time to get organised!! Any tips/must haves/do's & donts welcome X

Designing my body with black, white & brown pes

Just having a play... all i can think of is butts butts butts. I really don't think I should show any of these to my surgeon though. I'd be devastated if my bbl matched my little doodles. Here's to a 100% better job from Dr Ilker Manavbasi????????

Butts butts butts

I am struggling to find specific wish pics because I find all perky round bums amazing!!

I will tell Dr Ilker Manavbasi...
Ultimately i want to look feminine. I would love a slimmer waist an to create an s curve shape by making my torso look longer and giving me wider hips. I want a fuller rounder upside down heart shaped butt... biggish but natural looking. It is really important that maximum fat is removed from my whole back, waist/flanks & abdomen. My inner thighs & arms could do with some fat removing (and my double chin if the surgeon is feeling generous).

My updates will mostly emphasise on my BBL results (because that's my chosen/preferred surgery) ... but let's not forget my TT.

I have stretch marks from my 4 babies (mostly under my naval)... and although they don't bother me... I won't miss them either. Tighten my muscles but not too tight eh (still wanna be able to breath). I don't want a pin sized belly button... looks weird. I want my scar where my fat fold line is, so my panties cover it. I'll be really happy to be reunited with my abs (it's been about 17 years since I last saw them).

Thinks thats it... Anyway here are some lovely butts to look at ????

Quote & Confirmation

The day b4 surgery update

MON 5th DEC (The day before).

So we set off to the airport but had to turn back because I couldn't find my bank card. Then got stuck behind slow drivers most of the way to the airport car park. Finally arrived and took a 5-10 minute ride on a bus to Manchester airport. Check in was swift. Was asked by a man to stay with his wife & child so made a new friend. Turkish Airlines are amazing. The flight was perfect... comfortable seats with TV and a large choice of films and complimentary earphones. Even a USB port to charge my phone!! Meal on board was really nice... I opted for the chicken meal (chicken mash & roast veg), side salad with lemon/olive oil dressing, crusty bread roll & a chocolate mouse for dessert. Lemon drink and cup of tea was also included (Anyone would think this is an airline review.... as you can tell... I am impressed lol).
Landed safely in Istanbul and went through passport control and collected bags swiftly.
Engin & the driver were waiting for us at the vodaphone stand as previously mentioned in their email.
Got into the pimped out van and was welcomed by 3 beautiful girls from Sweden (2 former bbl patients who have brought their friend to get it done). Didn't really take notice about the transfer... too busy chatting but we
arrived at the villa after a 25 minute drive and shown straight to our room. Engin offered us a quick tour of the villa and then went to bed.


Day of surgery & the day after

TUE 6th DEC:

Woke up at 9.30 (Turkish time). Had a really good sleep, the bed was so comfortable I really didn't want to get up.
Me and my mum washed and brushed our teeth and then went downstairs to get breakfast. We met 2 sisters from Dubai. They were the sweetest girls ever. We literally sat chatting the whole day in our pj's. One of the sisters had a BBL, fat transfer to the breast and a tummy tuck scar revision. The other sister was about to have lip fillers. We were told to be ready for 3am. I was ready early and sat waiting when one of the staff members came and said the driver was coming at 4pm now. I was so gutted because when you get to this point you just want to get it over and done with. When the driver came, myself & my mum the 2 sisters from dubai & 1 of the Swedish girls (about to have BBL) drove to the hospital which is about bout 40 minutes drive (maybe less, I can't remember). We arrived at the Istanbul Aesthetic Clinic and sat down in the waiting area. A lady came and we had a question sheet to answer (name/ address/ date of birth/ telephone no./ signature). They took our passports to copy and soon enough another lady called us to go up to our hospital rooms. I said a quick goodbye to the sister from dubai, then me, mum and the Swedish girl went up in the lift and shown to our room. Soon enough Engin turned up with Dr Ilker Manavbasi  and basically told me to strip (Engin asked if I minded him being there too, I said it was ok). I took my clothes off and the surgeon took a few pictures, spoke to me about what I wanted, I showed him a wish pic & then out came his pen and he started drawing lines all over my body. I paid for lipo of lower back, love handles and full tummy but he also said he would do the inner thigh arms and upper back too (what a great guy lol). A nurse came around 5.30pm to put in my cannula & take some blood. My bloods were really good apparently 13/14 which is almost perfect.
Then they came with a bed to wheel me down... I climbed up and they gave me something to knock me out & that's all I remember.

WED 7th DEC:

I was in theatre from 6pm and came back up to my room around midnight. Bless my mother she was so scared.
But OMG I woke up shivering so badly (Nobody can prepare you for that). I had heaters blowing hot air under my covers but it just wouldn't stop (i must have caused an earthquake in Istanbul that day). All I can say is WOW. I have had 4 babies with no drugs and I can honestly say the shivering is the worst feeling I have ever experienced in my life. I'd say 1 hour later it stopped. The nurse put some drugs down a cannula and I fell asleep. Around 2.30 am she brought me some soup which was tasty (alot of people cannot eat or throw it back up but seriously nothing can come between me and my food haha). I hoped to get some sleep but i was literally wide awake all night. I pissed the bed twice because I honestly couldn't feel it coming and then i pissed all over the floor trying to get to the bathroom (the nurse looked so angry but what could I do)... how embarrassing though lol. I heard the adhan (call to prayer) & then soon enough it was time for breakfast which of course is my favourite meal of the day lol.
At around 10am we got a call from Engin to say the driver was on his way and we would leave hospital at 11am.
I was horrified... I felt like crap and couldn't move around well and it was such a rush. 2 nurses came in... untied my compression garment to remove the padding around my tummy tuck then tied it back up ( which hurt like hell), they pulled off my compression socks, I went to the toilet, they pulled out my cannula... and all of a sudden I started sweating and feeling dizzy... then I passed out. The pain of them moving me to the bed woke me up (I'm convinced I popped some stitches) . When I felt slightly better they asked if i could walk downstairs... my mum asked for a wheel chair instead so they wheeled me out and helped me into the van. The drive back was painful, I felt every bump in the road. When we arrived back in the villa the staff helped me back up to my room. They gave me a light lunch & some pain killers and a sleeping tablet. I slept till about 3pm. Then I was just chilling in my room checking out my new body. I absolutely love my new shape and my tummy is seriously flat... i cant believe how tiny it is. Because i am slouched its hard to tell what my bum looks like now but Engin said i had 1300cc in each buttock so i am confident that the size will be just right. By about 7pm I'd had enough of being stuck in my room and needed to go for a walk. I went downstairs to see the Swedish girl. She was happy to see me as her friends had been gone all day. We sat in the living room chatting and eating oranges. At around 9.30, Engin, his daughter & the 2 Swedish girls came back & we all sat up all night chatting and having lots of laughs... the girls were drinking lots of vodka & orange but i settled for a 7up lol. This place (comfort zone) is like a friendly big brother house without the drama. It really is everything it says it is on the website & more and i i would highly recommend to anyone thinking of having surgery to use comfort zone. It has that home from home feeling.
At 2am Engin and my mum helped me to bed, I took some more painkillers and and a sleeping tablet and that was that.

Changing day by day...

THU 8th DEC:

So today I woke up about 10am (Turkish time). I had a really good sleep again. I vaguely remember my mother saying goodbye (must've been about 5am) as she was flying back to the UK. Was so comfy in my donut rubber ring so just stayed in it ( definitely recommend one... It offers great support for the back).
Breakfast was brought to my room (boiled eggs, cheese tomatoes, toast & tea) but i needed a little help to get out of my bed/rubber ring. After breakfast i got up, went to the toilet, washed my face etc etc and then watched a movie in my room. I have started taking Arnica pillules today to help with Bruising and scarring.
I then went downstairs... it's great to get out and about. Read my magazine, had a cup of tea and just relaxed. The girls from Sweden joined me around the kitchen table and we chatted. Soon enough lunch arrived (pasta & salad) which was nice.
Spent most of the day chilling in the living room. At 5.30 the staff made me my daily green juice (spinach, green apple cucumber & banana) that I have at home. Chatted with Engin he is  so lovely... I never want to go home.
Had a yummy meal around 7pm and then the new girl arrived from Norway. These girls are so beautiful (personally I don't think they need surgery... I would love to look like any of them).
After food, Engin took the Swedish girls to the solarium (fortunately my dad is black so I didn't need to go lol). I stayed with the new girl and we spoke some more and looked at butt shapes on the Internet. When Engin and the girls returned we chilled out & then went downstairs in the basement. Engin & the girls played pool & darts but I had to go to bed because I am off to the hospital clinic tomorrow.
I am loving my new body... can't stop.stop checking myself out in the mirror.

Another pic

Loving my ass

Drains out today yippeeee!!!

FRI 9th DEC:

In my honest opinion I think my recovery has been amazing but I know it can be  even tougher for some (I think I have warrior blood). Last night I managed to get into my rubber ring bed without any help and got out of it this morning too.

When I looked in the mirror this morning I could see imediately that i was swelling up fast... my feet look like they belong to princess fiona from shrek. My waist is so swollen and my compression garment feels so tight.

Getting up & down out of chairs must be done slowly because my tt area stings when I move from sitting to standing & vice versa.

I can walk around pretty well now... just have to "warm up" from the position I was in prior to walking.

Today at 12.30pm  we went to the hospital. We had to wait around a while for the doctor to arrive but that's normal even in the UK (it seems doctor appointments are never bang on time allmover the world haha so don't be surprised if your waiting upto an hour... maybe bring a magazine to read).
A different doctor removed my drains ( i had 3 tubes (connected to 1 pipe/tube) coming from my tt, and 1 tube coming from my bbl.
Dr Ilker Manavbasi then removed my compression garment, examined my body and then put some patches over my 4 holes (from the drains). My new belly button has a patch over it so we havent been properly introduced yet. Also my tt scar has sticker type patches over it so can't really comment but the scar is low so i am happy. He said I should let the holes have some time to heal and shower the next day... I was a little gutted because i must stink by now but I guess "doctor knows best". He said the swelling woukd go down, as he pointed out that my back, thighs, vagina & tummy were really swollen. He said its normal. A staff member from the villa helped me back into my compression garment and the doc said I should go see him again next week before I fly back.
Dr Ilker is soooo sweet I wish I could take him home and put him on my mantle piece. I asked him if he could sort out my boobs and nose. He explained he couldn't give me a Caucasian nose because I have an ethnic nose with a wide bridge & thick skin... but i said I wanted a natural look so that was ok. He gave me a hi 5 lol. Honestly he is such a lovely man... he is so busy... he speeds around the hospital but during a consultation/check up he listens and doesn't rush you at all.

We drove back to the villa & the Swedish girls stopped off to buy Engin a thankyou present. Engin has arranged a night out with the girls... they will go for drinks and maybe a club. I have opted to sleep, watch a movie, take my meds and sleep some more... it is so important for me to heal fast so don't want to go anywhere just yet. The Norwegian girl will be back in the morning from her bbl op and the Swedish girls will be going home :-( I will definitely miss them. They have given me so much jokes.

Anyway I'm gonna get some rest and will update you soon. X

Compression garment off for a wash & i finally get my shower

So I woke up around 10am this morning... had another great sleep on .y rubber ring. Finally was able to take off my compression garment for washing and was able to have a shower. Honestly it's the best feeling EVER and I no longer smell.of piss which is an added bonus.
Just had breakfast and the Nowegian girl just arrived back & has gone straight to bed... hopefully I will see her later. Now I am just waiting for the Swedish girls to finish eating and leave for their flight.
I'll post some photos of me without my compression garment... remember I am extremely swollen but still very very happy with my results :-)
#teamcomfortzone #teammanavbasi #ilkerbaby #bbl #Istanbul #thebest

This time last week...

... my surgery & bbl transformation had just started (6pm). I cannot believe a week has gone by and it will soon be time to fly back home to the UK. I can't wait to see my babies but not gonna lie... part of me wants to stay... maybe the snow will keep me stranded. All I have had to worry about in the villa is recovering but I know as soon as I get home I won't be able to rest the same. Life goes on eh.
I have been so bored today... the other patients are either at the hospital or in bed because they have just got back. So I've spent most of my day in bed too catching up on the Walking Dead.
I have also had a shower and had my garment washed again. I removed all my plasters covering the lipo holes and finally seen my belly button properly. I thought I would be horrified but I'm impressed... it's even better than my old one hahaha. Engin has promised me a McDonald's today... after all i've been really good and only had healthy meals since surgery... so I deserve a treat.
There's not much else to report tbh... have to see the surgeon in the morning for my final check up & to be discharged from his care. Gonna fire a few questions at him re: coming back for a breast lift and nose job (let's see what he says).

Let it snow let it snow let it snow...

... because I honestly wouldn't mind getting snowed in. Start my watet tablets today so u bettwrcstay close to.a.toilet... you all.know what happened at tge beginning of this trip haha. TODAY is my last full day & despite all the pain I have been through and still going through my time @ comfort zone has to go down as one of the best experiences of my life. I am so gonna miss this villa, Engin, the staff, my surgeon & all the amazing patients I have met throughout my stay here (that's why I am definitely coming back).
My next update will be made when I am sat in he comfort of my own home... drinking proper English Tea. Have a good day folks.

Homeward bound.

So I woke up later than expected so literally had to to rush breakfast. A man helped me into the airport where I had to wait in a queue to check in. In the queue a cute Turkish guy asked for my passport and began to ask me so many questions about my stay in Turkey... he went to his supervisor who came over to ask me more questions (is this normal... they suggested I change my passport photo). The cute guy was asking me more about my surgery & said I didn't need it. I actually believe he was hitting on me.... if only I was 10 years younger... Oh & not married with kids then I swear I would've stayed in Istanbul forever lol. Unfortunate for Emir (that was his name lol).
Flight back was ok... had to switch seats. Asked for an aisle & was given a window seat (the worst seat ever after a BBL & TT. I watched the end of X men and then the Last Witch Hunter. When I got to the other side my mum had booked me wheelchair assistance so I didn't have to walk the long distance back or get my bags off the conveyor belt. Finally at the exit I just had to walk through the car park to the petrol.petrol station where my mum was waiting (to avoid car parking costs lol). Tbh that was a struggle but I made it. The ride home was awful and so long (it was rush hour)... I just can't seem to get comfortable in the car.
Was so good to get home but now the battle begins with normal life.

Think they turned me into an X-Men member...

... cos there's some electric twinges happening inside my body. It doesn't hurt but it is annoying. Started getting them in my abdominal area today. I vaguely remember someone saying something about it being to do with nerves repairing or something like that.
As I thought... I have done far too much on my 1st day back and by 4pm I had to lie down on my bed. Mum made a beef stew so just need to peel some potatoes & veg to go with it. Comfortzone have spoilt me and now I feel like I need to hire a maid lol.
The swelling is very slowly going down... think I need to rest though.

Tighten up me belt...

... and I mean in the literal sense... not just the financial context. Yes my compression garment wasn't feeling as tight today so I have moved it across to the next hook & eye place. That's gotta be a good sign right??? Swelling must be going down, although I can't see it.
Tbh i have had a down day today (I was aware of post surgery downers) but i think it's doesn't help.that u haven't left my house. Yes I am hiding out because my surgery is meant to be a secret. I don't want anyone to catch on (with me struggling to sit & stand like an old woman) so not going anywhere yet. My mum is taking me food shopping on Monday but that's still 2 days away. Need to find another way to snap out if it.
Anyway here's another side view pic taken just now... I guess that is something to smile about :-)

Feel like an old cart horse...

Been out today for the first time... food shopping & what a nightmare. Apart from walking at a snails pace, I couldn't even lift anything up. Luckily my mum, gran & friend were there or I would've only managed to grab some milk & bread. Think I'd better donut online for a while.
I honestly thought I was a fast healer but now I'm getting so frustrated with the whole process. I feel so drained (probably since i came home tbh). Everything is a chore but thankfully I am not in pain.
Cannot wait to start feeling like myself again.

Feeling refreshed.

Ok so yesterday I hit a major low. By 9.30pm I felt I was literally cracking up. So I popped a sleeping pill (the last 1 I saved from my flight home) & i was out b4 you could say bootilicious.
8am I woke up (10 hours uninterrupted sleep) and you bet i feel soooo much better this morning (by the way I am not promoting sleeping tablets... they can become very addictive so take responsibly).
I've had a few issues about my swelling (particularly in my tt/pubic to naval area) but I have decided the best way to be is patient in this waiting game called "the healing process". I was getting a bit obsessed checking out my body every 2 min. And honestly 1 min I am super duper happy with the size of my ass & then 1 min I can't see any difference (apparently this is normal and to do with swelling in the back & pre fluffing in the ass)... again patience is the key... but i am keeping this review 100% real of how I feel day to day (highs & lows).
Even though I feel completely rested regarding sleep, i have decided today is going to be a typical "Sunday in Yorkshire" so I will have a relaxing day watching bk to bk kids movies with the kids (that's after making breakfast for everyone, dressing the kids, peeling potatoes and cutting up veg, making yorkshire pudding batter, stuffing mix, seasoning my chicken lol).
I just wanna thank everyone yesterday for the well wishes and kind words... I love my real self family... you know who you are ;-)
Think I will make weekly updates from now on because I have waffled on long enough lol :-) but my inbox is always open if you have any questions xx

4 weeks today since my surgery

Well I cannot believe that this time 4 weeks ago I was being wheeled down to theatre to have my bbl & tt operation. 6 hours later i'd made it to the flat side & now here I am.

I honestly think I have recovered very well and I am almost back to my normal day to day routine, although i still have to take certain things slower or it wipes me out for the day.
I have started driving again this week (using my bbl pillow)... just in time for nursery/school runs that resume tomorrow. It's easier than I thought it would be to be honest.

On new years day i removed the steri strips from my tt scar. I believe the scar is healing well and i definitely think Arnica & drinking gallons of pineapple juice helps. The scar at my sides is a little higher than i'd expected but it's not something I am unhappy about. I am now using PROSIL silicone gel stick to treat the scar itself, I'm confident that my scar will fade in time. Still wearing my compression garment all day & night... I probably don't need it now but I just feel like it holds me together and like o feel supported. I also bought some shape wear from Primark (to wear when my garment is in the wash) and have to say I am impressed with the firm support it offers. Only £5... BARGAIN!!!!

I've noticed that the swelling in my back is going away nicely too but I am still paranoid about the swelling below my belly button & around my pubic zone... Engin assures me that this is normal in such a sensitive area so i am trying my best not to panic.

I am still sleeping in my rubber ring to reduce prolonged pressure on my arse but I have sat on my bum for short periods of time. It definitely doesn't hurt but I do think it feels strange and after a short time it kind of goes numb so I just get up. I am happy with the overall shape of my bum but not going to lie... i would'nt have minded it being a tad bit bigger (the butt hungry curse is real lol). But i am not in any way saying my surgeon didn't give me the results I'd asked for... on the contrary I just think I am just being greedy haha, but I am happy and don't need a round 2. I can really see the difference in my body... for once in my life I have a waistline and i can say at this momment in time that i am happy with my body :-)

A belly button close up...

6 weeks post surgery...

Just thought I would update you on my surgery results...

Belly button is perfect & i have named her DOT :-)

My TT scar is healing well, although I do have a dog ear on my left hip & i do think the scar is higher than i expected at the sides. I literally have NO squishy fat left on my abdomen (I am super tight) but i do have a bulge caused by visceral (intra abdominal) fat, so will need to head back to the gym real soon to improve the contour of my abdomen (I'm still a little scared tbh incase I tear something). But i have started a strict meal plan, began taking daily fish oil supplements, drink 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar every day and also try to do some light exercises at home.

I have expressed some concern to my PS about my mons pubis area which hasn't gone down yet but I know this area takes the longest time to settle. So trying my best to be patient & just waiting on some feedback from him. I have to say here that this is the downside to "surgery abroad"... I really wish I could just pop into the clinic but obviously that is not possible so any questions or check ups are not as easily accessible.

I am still really happy with my overall shape. Loving my s curve hourglass figure & happy with my booty... BUT... butt greed is real... infact I really see how addictive surgery can be (i've been looking at even more procedures). Its probably a blessing that i am poor hahaha but i will never say NEVER to a 2nd round in the future lol.

I still have a little swelling in my lower back & still wear my compression garment for bed.

RS member Ilker_please recommended a really good waist trainer so I bought one last week. Wow!!! Waiting to get checked out by my GP and then I will begin waist training.

I dont take any pain relief... tbh I hardly ever really needed it after leaving the villa (after 9 days). I would say i am definitely still "recovering" though. I've noticed i do get really tired (more than usual), I guess my body has been through a lot, but as a mother of 4, it's hard to stop and by the end of each day i am exhausted.

Any questions please feel free to ask. X
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