Ruined my Skin-don't Do It, It's Not Worth It - Pensacola, FL

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I had one fifteen minute treatment with a very...

I had one fifteen minute treatment with a very qualified electrologist. My skin looks AWFUL now. It's like I aged five years in a matter of months. And it took over a month for the damage to really be noticable. I would not suggest this at all. It is not worth the risk. My face is scarred and I have to avoid the sunlight so that the scars won't worsen. Also, there is no way to reverse scars. Really, it's not worth it. It did not hurt at all though. So that's a plus. The process that was used on me was thermolysis. I had it done on blond peach fuzz on my cheeks. The scars are WAY more noticable then the peach fuzz. Don't do this. Just be happy with yourself!
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