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Hello ladies! I'm 24 year old mother of a lovely...

Hello ladies! I'm 24 year old mother of a lovely 3 year old boy. I gained so much weight during the pregnancy. I took "eating for two" very seriously!I got tired of being heavy so I started crossfit 4x a week along with a healthier diet. I went from 255 lbs to 190 lbs.My bra size was a 42F(ouch) and I am down to a 38D but very saggy boobies:(.I got the courage to get this procedure done and well I'm exited about getting my TT along with a breast lift with no implants in dec. will post more later thanks!

Pre op pics

Here is just a little view of my mummy tummy .. Ugh hate having to be tucking it in all the time :(


I am way to anxious about getting my TT. I'm starting not to sleep.. its messing with my eating habits.. ugh help! I am up to 200lbs! Where and when did I manage to gain 10 lbs?? :( I'm so disappointed in myself. I'm just ready to get it over with and start my long healing process. everyone around me is tired of hearing about my surgery I'm so glad I found RealSelf. but ok enough of negativity..
33 days to go!

show me the money!

So today I paid in full for my procedures. OMG this is real. I almost cried! this is really happening within one month. One of the nurses there told me she had done a TT in july and she couldn't be happier! that calmed my nerves a little.. to all you beautiful ladies on realself, thank you for all those kinds and encouraging words! I really find it helpful to know I am not the only one going through this and that my fear and anxiety issues are normal.lol
on another note, i think i now know why i might have gained the weight.. I started off working out 4x a week and eating super clean (no dairy no sugar, no alcohol) I cut down my working out to twice a week and started consuming dairy again.. mmm my love for cheese is ridiculous!! anyways I'm going to try and avoid dairy and sugar for this last month and start working out 4x a week again. so wish me luck!
one last thing if anyone has gotten a BL with no implants i would love to hear from you all. All together I will be getting a BL no implants,with fat transferred from my trunk also a TT w/ MR eeeek!!
sorry for being a chatterbox! xx

Almost my time

Hello my TT friends! I am 2 days away from surgery .. Yikes!! Dealing w lousy comments from some of my (lady) coworkers :( so sad how some women are just so mean .. But I'm not letting that get to me anymore!! Moving foward I didn't loose anymore weight. I'm still a pant size 12 but the scale just won't budge!! I also wanted to mentioned I won't have any walker, lounge chair, toilet seat thingy, or anything really. Everything is just an extra expense for me that I just can't really do. I'm already spending 22grand for crying out loud lol so basically I'll be sleeping in my bed w a lot of pillows.hmm let see what else .. I have horrible insomnia, I go to bed around 1am and by 4 am I'm tossing and turning until it's time to get up. I get motion sickness here and there, I'm used to drinking tea to calm my nerves but I had to stop all herbal teas/supplements 2 weeks before surgery. Hope everyone is great! Xoxoxox

Hello flat side !!

Hello my TT ladies ! I made it through surgery & feel great! The pain is tolerable so far . I was getting morphine through my IV so u think that's why. Once I got home I was advised to start the Vicodin whenever I had pain. Only taken one so far. I also have a patch for nausea and a pain pump attached to my abs & only one drain. I did get my period womp womp but it's very light so far. The nurses were soooooo nice in assisting me yesterday big shout out to nurse Kimberly in recover & Erika & Stephanie in the OR. You ladies ROCK!!! dr. Jabor was very attentive also.hes such a sweetheart :) I see him today , hopefully I get a sneak peak!! I went into surgery @630 am & 7 hours later they had me in the recovery room. It does hurt to pee I'm thinking is was the catheter ??? I think the hardest part right now is getting in and out of bed. I have tons of pillows under my legs & back kinda in a V position.. Well atleast that's what I'm shooting for lol I am leaking a lot from my trunk I got lipo & used that fat on my breast instead of getting implants. I am very sore from the lipo That I can feel. I can feel my boobies so firm. My tummy looks very flat w the CG although i haven't seen it . I am very very swollen , my face Arms chest stomach hands .. Basically all over. Other than that I'll update later after my appt. oh & no BM yet .. Hopefully soon

Happy healing xoxo


I got marked the day before surgery here it goes


When do I change my gauze ? I have an appt w my ps on Monday . Should I change the gauze myself during the weekend of wait for Monday when I see him?? Oh help I can't think straight :(

Not a happy camper

Ok this recovery is very annoying . I can't move much my pain is frustrating. I feel tight all over my back & abs. My BL is not as painful and the TT though. I can't find a comfy place to rest so I've been moving from bed to bed chair to couch. Haven't slept well. Is this where I regret getting surgery ?? Trying to stay positive but it's tough. I'm starting to get gas & that's bothers a lot . I can't shower either for the next 5 days.. Oh man just having a bad day today :( I just want to be 6 month PO & go back to being and feeling normal. Hope y'all ladies are doing great!! Xx

A little better

Hello ladies sorry I haven't been around. I had a rough start. Im still very uncoftable. Can't sleep right I move from the bed to a sofa all night. The main issue is my lower back. It's just so much tension being hunched over. I have horrible mood swings so I get frustrated very quickly. Lol I had a pain pump which was helping me w the MR pain. My pain pump was keeping me from showering but my PS removed it on Monday and gave me the green light to shower. I was so excited but OMG I think I could've gone another day or so w greasy hair! So I finally got to shower Monday night after I had a BM. my mom washed and dried my CG. I brought a in a chair placed it inside the tub covered it with a towel and sat down thinking I could do it my self. Boy I was wrong! Once I started to unzip my CG I felt so out of place. My mother had to help me wash my hair and girl parts cause I just couldn't .i kept getting dizzy spells. It took about two hours to undress shower and put that CG back on. It was so painful. Once I had that BM and managed to get back in my CG I took some Vicodin and passed out for a couple of hours and felt great. But there comes the lower back pain to kill the Moment lol. I go back Friday to get my drain removed yaay! All in all I can't say I would do it again at this point. Maybe have my procedures separate and not all at once. Keep in mind I had a tummy tuck which has the incision from hip to hip, I had a breast lift w no implants and lipo on my back . That fat was then transferred to my breast. Now that the pain pump is gone I can feel everything . I feel so tight and itchy it's driving me insane!! I'm hoping I will have a positive post some day but for now I just gotta say I am miserable. Can't even walk to the bathroom to pee without being so tired! But patience is key ... Hope everyone is healing well xxxx :)



Merry Xmas to all you lovely ladies!

I love Dr Jabor. He's just the best Dr ever!!

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