8 Months PO & I got my bellybutton pierced!

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Wow, where to start? Haha. First off, I'm still in...

Wow, where to start? Haha. First off, I'm still in disbelief that its actually going to happen now! In August I finally get my tummytuck!

I joined the military right after high school, I met my husband in Heidelberg, Germany and a few years later we decided to start a family. In 2004, I gave birth to my one and only child and my body has never been the same since.

I have always enjoyed being active, I love running and weight training. I actually became a Certified Personal Trainer and was going to college to get a degree in Kinesiology but no matter how hard and long I would work out, that stomach flab NEVER went away. Sure I could hide it pretty well, and most people thought I probably had a six pack but if I wasn't wearing some sort of Spanx-like garment, my flab always showed through! This alone hindered my confidence so much when it came to personal training, people base how good you are by the way you look and I was ashamed that I just couldn't get rid of that stomach no matter what I did, both at the gym and the kitchen!

I've contemplated getting a tummytuck for 8 years now, constantly looking at pictures and reading blogs, it just was never the right time for my family to do this. Now I am so excited to say that I am in a point in my life where I know that I am mentally and financially prepared to do this for myself. My husband loves my body the way it is now, but, come on, he's not the one that has to live with it! Haha he supports me 100% on this decision and has made it a priority to get this done for me, he knows its something I really wanna do.

Currently I am again trying to trim down as much as I can before surgery so that I can achieve the best results I can. I'm active 6 days a week, currently going on 2-3 mile runs every other day, plus I'm doing Insanity and P90X simultaneously. I can't go to the gym because I don't have someone to watch my daughter right now. So my home videos will have to do this summer!

Anyways, I am excited to read more blogs on here and looking at everyone's progress pictures! I wish everyone the best of luck during their tummy tuck journey!

My Inital Consultation

I had my consultation back in February 25th with Dr. Sozer. It was about 15-20 minutes long. He showed me some pictures and answered some questions for me. He told me I was a good candidate for a tummy tuck and he showed me where my incision would be. He also said he would be doing Lipo of the abdomen and flanks and my mons pubis.

The pricing: $9,475. Here's the break down: $2,400 for the surgical center, $1,235 for anesthesia, $1165 for surgical packet and garments. The tummytuck itself was for $4,575. My consultation fee was $100. That was my pricing, from what I understand, the price is different for everyone.

I had a previous consultation with another surgeon but he just seemed uninterested and bored. He was not a good fit for me, Dr. Sozer seems very knowledgable and professional. He also did not hesitate to answer any questions I had. Although I am still very nervous and sometimes wonder if he is the right surgeon, I think all in all I made the right choice.

Weight Loss Update

As I mentioned before, I am really trying to trim down as much as possible before my surgery. I started a new workout program this month, May 5th to be exact. Here are the stats, I'm 5'2 by the way:

Starting weight: 149lbs
Current: 146lbs
Starting Waist: 38in
Current: 35in
Left arm starting: 15in
Current: 13in
Starting left thigh: 24in
Current: 21.5 in
Starting Hips: 40in
Current: 38.5 in

I'm trying to get down to my 120's again before surgery, Im sick of yoyo-ing between 120-150lbs. I bought the BodyMedia Armband so that I can really tweak my meal plans. Anyways, I'll keep you guys updated! Good luck to all you ladies having your surgery in the next few days!


I am currently scheduled to have my tummy tuck surgery on August 16th but here's the dilemma. My husband is currently in Iraq, he comes in leave Mid-August which is why I scheduled my surgery that way, that way he can be here for it. After reading all these posts about recovery I do not know if it would be fair to him. He only has 35 days of leave and then he has to go back. I would rather spend time with him on my feet then in pain recovering.

Secondly, my 9 year old daughter and me wanted to participate in The Color Run 5k, that's in September 15th. If I have the schedule in August I know I more thank likely wont be able to participate in it.

I can reschedule my surgery for end of June or sometime in July, I just don't know if it would be better to have my husband here taking care of me or to rely on my mother? What would you guys do? Should I wait for my DH to get here and do it while he's on his R&R or should I just get the surgery out of the way ASAP? Thank you ladies in advance!

Quick update & Abdomen Lipo

Lost another inch off my waist! Yay! Stopped doing Insanity and P90X and started doing Insanity Asylum 1 & 2. I love it. Still watching my caloric intake, making sure I'm always burning more calories than what Im taking in. And making sure they are good quality calories also.

Anyways, I have been reading that not many surgeons do abdomen Lipo at the same time as a tummytuck, my surgeon does. I don't know if to be nervous or glad about this....I've heard good things about Dr. Sozer and have done extensive research on him. Just hope it all turns out great.

Paid off my balance!

Today I made my last payment on my TT surgery. The ball is officially in my court. I was thinking about having it done sooner but I'm going to stick with my August date. Gives me a few more weeks to trim down a little more.

I'm so excited, it's been 9 years since I have wanted this and am so happy it's almost a reality!

No Pain Pump

So I decided to not get the pain pump for an extra $500. I have a high pain tolerance and I keep hearing mixed reviews on getting it. Some people loved having it, others said they had no need for it. I guess I just don't want extra tubes coming out of my body, I think the drains are going to be bothersome as is! Hope I don't regret it!

I'm also going to call my Drs office to or row and try to schedule my surgery to an earlier date, hope they have something available in July. I'm still working out like a mad woman, my weight hasn't dropped but I have lost a few inches. I started doing 2 workouts a day and I love it. Anyways, hopefully I can reschedule my surgery tomorrow because I want to get this over with!!

New Date!

Ok, my new scheduled surgery date is July 26th, only 31 days away! Heck yeah!

Haters Gonna Hate

So although I tried to keep my surgery as private when it comes to my family and friends, my mother told one of my aunts. You know, that aunt that we all seem to have that likes to criticize everyone. Well she apparently told my mom that she doesn't know why I'm wasting all that money because my body is never gonna change. I should just accept the body I have, I'm always gonna be "boxy" whatever the fuck that means. Last I checked, it's my money and I can spend it however the hell I want. I know I'm gonna have to deal with little sarcastic comments here and there at family get together, sigh. I have a very short temper so God help them.

Anyways, I guess I'll do a progress update from my workouts while I'm at it. I'm only 3 weeks away from my surgery! Awesomeness!

Starting weight: 149lbs
Current: 143 lbs
Starting Waist: 38in
Current: 32.5 in
Left arm starting: 15in
Current: 12 in
Starting left thigh: 24in
Current: 22 in
Starting Hips: 40in
Current: 37.5

I have just been doing my Insanity Asylum 1 & 2 hybrid. I love it. I always watch what I eat, don't really eat much sugar or salt. I try to eat good carbs and lean proteins. My Shakeology is a must. I'm not worried at all about gaining weight after my surgery, I know how to work out and eat, I honestly just want to get it over with so that I can participate in the Color Run in September and hopefully start going to the gym again around that time frame. After all, I need to shut up all the haters. ;)
Alright, girls, I'll talk to you in a few weeks! Take care!

Bloodwork Done!

Today I went in to my doctors surgical center to get my Bloodwork done. They drew some blood and did an EKG test on me, passed everything. Then came the posing for the "before" photos, ugh.....I wanted to crawl out off my skin, so embarrassing! Anyways, thanks God that's over with! I also got my surgical packet which included AM & PM multivitamins, Bromelain, Arnica, ScarguardMD, and $100 gift certificate for any skin care product or treatment I want. I also got my prescription for my postop medication, will go get those tomorrow.

Now I just sit an wait and they will give mea call a day or two before surgery so I can go in an do my preop markings and check in with my plastic surgeon. I'm so close!!

Talk to you gals later! Take care. :)

Surgery Tomorrow!

I can't believe it's finally happening tomorrow! I'm not going to lie though, even though I am extremely excited I am also very nervous and scared. I'm trying to keep myself busy, cleaning the house and doing some last minute laundry.

My husband actually came home from overseas on Tuesday to take care of me, so I got my mom off the hook, haha. I'm so glad he is here, he spent all last night prepping meals for me and gave me a full body massage because he told me he wants my body as relaxed as possible and wanted me to get a good sleep. I'm so lucky and so happy he's here. My mom will be coming to check on me anyways and will be helping my husband with anything he may need. We only have one child and she is 9 years old so she's going to be my little helper also.
I've been having horrible tummy tuck nightmares lately and they are making my anxiety worse. I'm going to try not to think about my surgery and just keep myself busy.

Alright ladies, I pray all goes well tomorrow and I get amazing results! I will gives you guys an update as soon as I can. Take care, ya'll! :)

4hrs Post Op

Here's what I know so far: my doctor told me he removed 3.5 lbs of skin and lipoed close to 5lbs around my flanks and abdominal area. I woke up with a compression garment that goes all the way down to my ankles. It's super tight. I only have one drain and he said hopefully it can come out on Monday, that's when my next appt is with him. Right now I'm on 2 Vicodin, the pain is tolerable, but it still hurts. I have already peed once so I'm glad for that.
The doctor told my husband and I that the surgery was great and that he was thrilled at the results he gave me, he said my stomach looks completely different and he can't wait to show it to me on Monday. Yay! :) The nurses also told my husband that I seem to be doing astonishingly good, that I'm really tough. I am walking around every so often for about 5-10 minutes, really hunched over though. I have been snacking on the same protein bar for about 3hrs, I'm halfway done, lol, also have been drinking lots of water.
Okay ladies, I'm getting sleepy again. Hope all is well with you guys! Take care, happy healing, and I will update you guys later. Goodnight! :)

Before photo

Forgot to upload this before photo of me scrunching my skin. So gross and depressing.

1 Day Post Op

I have started weaning myself off of the Vicodin, downgrading from 2 pills every 3-4hrs to 1 pill every 5-6 hours. Hoping to switch over to Tylenol tomorrow. I haven't had a BM but I do pee about every 2-3 hours. The areas were I got lipo are extremely sore and swollen. Pain is tolerable, I have been taking naps and stretching outs legs every time I get up to the bathroom. I have been taking my arnica, bromelain, and vitamedica pills without fail. I have no bruising. My appetite is not completely back but I have been snacking having yogurts, soups (low sodium) and my hubby made me an egg white omelet with tomato this morning with no salt. It was delicious.
Alright girls, still no pictures, hopefully by Monday! Happy healing to all of you, take care! :)

2nd Day Post Op

Finally had a BM today! Well 2 BMs actually. It felt so good because I was starting to feel really bloated! It doesn't help that I'm supposed to be starting my period within the ne t day or two. :(
Anyways, I have been taking Milk of Magnesia, the prescribed colonex pills, eating prunes and drinking prune juice, eating Quest Protein bars that have 18g of fiber each, and adding some fiber to my water in the morning. I also drank a cup of black coffee this morning to help me along. It all seemed to work quite well, it was painless and very soft.
I have also been alternating Coconut water and regular water. Haven't eaten anything big, today was just another egg white omelet, a protein shake, and low fat cottage cheese with pineapple. Tomorrow I have my first Post Op appointment with my doctor, lets see what he has to say. Talk to you guys tomorrow! Happy healing and hope you guys had a great weekend!

3rd Day Post Op

Just came back from my first doctors appointment. Everything looks great! Healing well, not too hunched over any more. Also, I have switched over to EXtra Strength Tylenol every 6hours. swelling is still very present but I think I still look pretty good. Pain is tolerable, BMs are good. He said I will probably get my drain out on Wed, alright ladies, this is it for now. :) take care

4 Days PO

Today I am so bloated and in pain from me trial cramps! Why oh why did I have to get my period right now?! It hurts, I had to switch back to Vicodin, one pill every 6 hours, at least for today. Everything else is the same. I have had no problems going to the bathroom, my appetite is back but I get full really quick. I eat very small snacks/meals. Still drinking my bottled water and coconut water constantly. I'm almost done with the bottle of Bromelain pills I got from my doctors office, but I have another bottle I will start after that. My energy levels are improving and so is my mobility. Everyday I seem to be able to do a bit more. I have another dr appointment tomorrow, he will be removing the drain.
K, girls, I will let you now how tomorrow goes. Happy healing ladies!

5 Days PO - Drain Removed

Today I had my second doctors appointment, he told me everything was looking great and that my recovery was going really well. He also gave me the green light to start showering. My drain was also removed. It was not as painful as I though it would be. It burned a little in the beginning but after that it just felt weird. So glad it's out! Going to the bathroom is so much easier without it in the way!

Yesterday night I went out to eat with my husband and daughter, had half a waffle and some coffee. At around 3am I woke up and decided to do some laundry, did one load then laid back down, took some Tylenol and went to sleep. Today I woke up at 8am, did another load of laundry and folded the other. I have been trying to stay out of the recliner as much as possible because it only makes my back hurt worse if I sit too long. My energy levels are nowhere near normal but as long as a rest between energy sputs I feel good.

Right now I'm walking about 85% upright, and am still extremely swollen. My next doctors appointment will be next Wednesday and that's when he will remove the stitches from my bellybutton and the tape around my incision I think.

Alright ladies, I'm posting another picture from today. Not much different than yesterday. Take care and happy healing!

1 Week Post Op

Wow, I can't believe it's been a week! I still swell mostly on my lower back, it gets worse when I sit for long periods of time. I'm pretty much tired of my recliner! It's uncomfortable to sleep sitting down.
Anyways, I've been out and about the last couple of days and I do get tired real quick. I can only handle being out for a few hours at a time. Today I'm going to go watch a movie with my daughter and husband, I can't guarantee I won't fall asleep somewhere during the movie though!

What else can I tell you........still a bit hunched over, still get tired easily, still swollen. The glue over my scar is starting to fall off and this damn CG is starting to dig into my incision and it hurts like hell! I can't wait to replace it for something else. My shower yesterday felt AMAZING but it did drain my energy. My husband washed my hair first while I was on my knees and bent over the tub, then I did the rest of the shower. It was like a 30 minute task! Alright girlies, I'll try to take some pictures later on tonight or tomorrow morning and post them up. I will update again on my 2 week mark. Happy healing to all of you and good luck to all you girls up for surgery soon. Take care and god bless!

1 Week Photos

My flanks and lower back are still ridiculously swollen, they hurt! Everything from my belly button down is also swollen and numb. My waist and back curve are not noticeable at all but I know it's due to swelling, I'm not worried about it. It's an improvement and any fat that remains I have no problem losing at the gym. It was the flabby lose skin I had a problem with.

11 Days Post Op

I'm 11 days post op and I can honestly say you guys were right, it gets better every day! I'm much more agile now and I can move around more easily without pain, just a bit of discomfort on my lower back due to swelling and tightness on my abdominal muscles. I still get tired pretty easily. Today I took a shower all by myself and didn't get as tired as the first time I showered about 5 days ago. I've gone to visit a few of my family members, and have gone shopping but nothing to drastic.
The swelling is still presenting I feel fat and bloated most if the time but it really doesn't bother me or get me down because I know it's just part of the recovery process. I waited 9 years to be able to do this, a few months of dealing with swelling is not going to kill me! It's almost fall/winter so I'll be covering up a but more and the swelling wont be that noticeable. What is killing me however, is not being able to go to the gym!! I must work out, it's driving me crazy! Tomorrow my surgeon will be removing some stitches and the rest of the tape on my incision.
I also bought a different CG at Target because the one my surgeon gave me bothers me too much because its getting big. I'll tell him about it tomorrow. Alright ladies, hope you are all doing great! Take care and healing blessing!

3rd Doctors Appointment

Saw my surgeon today, he told me everything looked great. He seemed very pleased with my results and so am I! He removed the glue/tape off of my incision and it looks great, very thin. I also got my bellybutton stitches removed, also very happy with my bellybutton, he does inside stitching so there's no visible scars, awesome! I'm cleared to resume any supplements or medicines I'm taking so I'm happy I can get back to drinking my Shakeology! I can't resume my workouts yet but I can walk on the treadmill. He told me that I still need to use my CG during the day but I can now sleep without it, I'm going to sleep in my Flexees cami instead. I can also start scar therapy with the ScarGuard he gave me.
All in all, everything is going great, I haven't taken any pain meds today at all and I'm doing just fine, I will also attempt to sleep in my bed tonight for the first time! I can't wait! Also I was able to wear my jeans today, I actually had the guts to try them on and they fit perfectly! They are size 5 and have about a 1/2 in. of give right now. I'm not worried about my pant size, like I said, I'm just ecstatic that my skin is gone!
Alright ladies, this is it for now, best of luck to all of you getting surgery in the next few days and those of you in recovery, I hope it's goes by quickly and without complication! See ya in a few days. :)

Two Weeks Post Op

Alright, here's the deal with being two weeks post op: I'm almost walking straight, I'm about 90% there, I hunch over more and more as the day goes by if I have been walking or sitting down for too long. I have laid on my side one time and it was uncomfortable but it felt good to relieve the pressure of my back. I'm sleeping with my recliner all the way down, I think in a few more days I should be able to sleep back in my bed without any problems. I have not taken any pain meds all day today and I'm doing fine, all I'm taking is my multivitamins from my Vitamedica pack, some Arnica, Bromelain, and BCAAs.

Today I was out all day, went to the outlet malls, Chilis (where I had a Margarita, made me feel bloated and my abs tightened up quite a bit), and to a few other stores, a total of maybe 6 hours and I felt fine until I drank that margarita. So I'm staying away from alcohol a few more weeks. Tonight I'm also going to the movies, I guess my energy levels are getting back to normal, maybe 80%.
I'm also at the stage where I wake up flattest in the morning and swell up as the day goes by. My appetite is back to normal, my sleep patterns are still off. My agility is about 80% back, I can move easier and faster as the days go by. I have actually been wearing makeup and have dressed up the past 3 days. Everything looks way better. Haven't tried sex.......maybe tonight, hehehe.
Hmmmm, what else can I tell you? I'm absolutely happy with my results and so is my husband. My surgeon is an amazing doctor, he really knows what he's doing and he is very nice. I think that's about it for this update gals, see ya next week! Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

Incision Picture

Quick picture of my incision.


Just another before and after picture, WOW, so happy I finally did it!

3 Weeks Post Op

I've made it to my three week mark! I actually went to the gym yesterday and walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes. I had to do it at 2.5 mph because my doctor hasn't cleared me yet to go any faster. I miss the gym and working out so much! I'm hoping he clears me to work out on my next appointment. I will be 4.5 weeks post op by then.
Anyways, lets see, what changes have I seen? I'm still sleeping on my recliner because my husband is too scared to sleep on he bed with me, he doesn't want to run the chance of hurting me at night. So he sleeps on a couch next to me. I'm sleeping about 90% straight just because I don't want to put too much pressure on my incision, I want it to heal thin. I still can't sit up by myself because of my muscle repair. I'm extremely mobile though, my agility is around 95%. My energy levels are pretty much back to normal. I do get a little sad from time to time, still don't know what that's all about. I've been intimate with my husband a few times already, no pain whatsoever.......and it's AMAZING to not feel self conscious about my stomach! It's great and my husband loves my confidence and new body. If I don't eat correctly I swell more than usual, I drank a beer the other day and I didn't get swollen but my abs did tense up.
I have been using ScarGuard, Scaraway Silicone sheets, Bio oil, and paper tape on my incision. The Scaraway sheets make my incision itch quite a bit. My incision is completely healed and I just pray it stays that way.
I did buy a new compression garment at the mall, it was the same ones people order online from Colombia. It's very compressive and when I wear it I can walk completely straight. They help to reshape your waist and make it smaller. It cost me $100, I know I could have bought similar ones in downtown El Paso for like $30 but I just didn't feel like driving down there.
Alright girls, I think that pretty much sums up all the changes. If you are on the first days of surgery hang in there because it gets way better in just a matter of days! See ya'll next week!

My Compression Garment/Faja

This is the compression garment or Faja I have been wearing the past couple of days. At night I just wear my Flexees top.

1 Month PO

So I'm one month post op and yet it doesn't even feel like it. It seems like just yesterday and at the same time I'm so sick of this recovery already. I MISS WORKING OUT SO MUCH. I'm starting to feel depressed and fat, I'm starting to not feel comfortable taking pictures. I know I may be crazy, lol, I know my clothes still fit better but I just don't like feeling out of shape. I'm a very active person and hate that I can't workout full force yet. Maybe my doctor will clear me on Wednesday. Fingers crossed.

My incision is doing good, it hurts a bit if jeans rub on it but I can't use the tape anymore so I have to just deal with it. My energy levels are back to normal, I think, I only get tired if I'm walking for very long periods of time or on my feet most of the day. House work still gets me tired faster than before surgery. I still hunch over if I don't wear my CG or by the end of the day. The same with swelling, by the end of the day I feel swollen, numb, and with a burning sensation were Lipo was done.

This past weekend I took a trip to The Grand Canyon and Mesa Verde National Park, drove through New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado and I made it just fine. Just swelling. It also doesn't help that it's almost that time of the month. :(

Alright girls, sorry I didn't take any pictures today. I am recovering from my trip right now and don't feel my best. I'll take some pictures on Wednesday and will give you an update on my doctors appt.

Have a goodnight.

1 Month PO & Dr Appointment

I had my 1 month post op appointment today and I was finally cleared to work out! I'm pretty much cleared to do whatever my body can handle. All he told me was to work myself into it and not try to do too much all at once. He said if I get any soreness or discomfort to take some Motrin or Tylenol until my body adjust. I was also told I no longer have to wear my compression garment unless i still want to. I think I will still use it most of the time, I think it helps with swelling a little but. Anyways, I'm so happy I can get back to working out and normal life!!

I'm no longer slouching much unless I'm really exhausted and my energy levels are normal. I have slept in my bed and a couch both on my back completely straight and on my side, both where comfortable but it felt a bit weird. I don't know how to describe the feeling, just weird.

My next doctors appointment is not until 2 months from now at my 3 month mark, I will try to update before then and keep you guys posted on my workout progress. Wish you girls all the best on your upcoming surgeries and recoveries! If you guys have any question do not hesitate to ask. Talk to you guys later. :)

Everything is back to normal

Tomorrow ill be 6 weeks post op and I can say everything is pretty much back to normal. The only thing I have to deal with is the swelling in the evenings, and sleeping on my stomach because it just feels too weird. I have been going to the gym 5-6 times a week just like before and I have had no problems. I run and weight lift as before surgery. I do still wear my compression garment especially during my workouts. I also do not do any abdominal exercises.

All my clothes fit, I can wear heels again and I also started using tape over my incision once more. I'm using a new one by Nexcare and 3M for very sensitive skin. It's blue in color. It's awesome tape and it doesn't hurt when I take it off. I got it at Walgreens. I also bought a new CG at Walgreens for $40.

Alright ladies, this is it for now. If you have any questions feel free to ask! I will give you guys am update at the 2 month mark, hoping to be around 125 lbs by then!

6 Week PO Pictures

My bellybutton was bleeding!

So I got a little scare 2 days ago, when I took my compression garment I saw blood coming out of my bellybutton. I instantly panicked! I called my dr office and I made an appointment to go in the next day. Today when I saw him I found out the nurse had missed a stitch so it was just finally spitting out. They removed it and its already closing, thank God it was nothing major!
Other than that, I'm working out again, I ran on pavement 2 miles today. Nothing hurts or is uncomfortable. I feel back to normal aside from the burning on my flanks at times, and the muscle spasm I feel in my abs in the morning when I wake up. I do wear my CG most of the time, but I'm already trying to wean off of it, to tell you the truth I don't notice difference in swelling when I wear it and when I don't.
I'm posting a few pictures I have taken. Until next time, have a great weekend! :)

The burning from Lipo is no joke!

Well girls, everything is going great, my only complain is the burning sensation I get from the Lipo every time I swell! It bothers me so much! It's so uncomfortable I don't know what to do to make it better. I'm taking Bromelain pills with turmeric but I can't really tell if they help at all. I guess I just have to wait a few more weeks and hope the swelling and burning will eventually subside.

Other than that, I'm doing great at the gym, I have gained a few pounds but I know it's muscle. I'm not concerned about it. Thinking about starting back my Insanity Asylum workout......don't know if I'll be able to do it as good as I was able to. I'll try one and see how it goes, if not I'll just stick to the gym and running. Alright ladies, hope you guys are doing great! I'm uploading a picture that compares 4 different weeks. I took the 8 week one this morning. Laters!

Quick pic from 8 weeks

2 Months Post Op

Did Insanity Asylum today again! It was great. My measurements are very similar to before surgery, didn't lose much muscle mass. My weight right now fluctuates between 132-137, depending on swelling and time of day. Alright, will update again in a few weeks.

11 Weeks Post Op Pictures

Just some updated pictures. Feel great.

Quick update

I'm 11 weeks post op and feel great! I still do swell quite a bit especially after extensive workouts but I'm not bothered by it, I knew it was something I was going to have to deal with for a while. My incision is started to be uncomfortable at the ends, not painful but quite uncomfortable, I guess all the nerves are starting to wake up. Around my belly button is still numb but I started being able to sleep on my stomach for the past two weeks and it doesn't feel weird at all. Also, sneezing doesn't hurt, it stopped hurting around week 8. My clothes fit great but believe me now I can tell when I over eat. You're stomach is so flat that you can practically immediately notice when you are eating junk food! Keeps me in check, haha

I can do everything at the gym including as long as it doesnt involve to much ab work. Pushups are still hard and I can only do them on my knees and only a few. Im trying to really watch what Im eating because I was getting a little too crazy a few weeks back and was eating out alot. The bromelain/tumeric pills are starting to help out with the swelling and I have also added arnica pills. They help out quite a bit with my swelling from my workouts. Ummm......I think thats about all I have to add this week, see ya'll later! :)

Incision Pictures

For those of you who wanted to see a picture of the incision. Remember my incision is quite long, it goes to the sides of my back. That's the way my doctor does it to prevent dog ears and to remove as much skin as possible. I have no problem with it whatsoever, scars fade and mine is super low, all my pants and underwear cover it.

Scar Treatment Info

For those of you who have asked me what I'm doing for scar treatment:
Since two weeks post op I have been using ScarguardMD on my incision, then over it I put the Nexcare Sensitive Tape. I leave the tape on for as long as it holds, once it's starts to peel off or look dirty I replace it and the ScarguardMD. I use the Bio-Oil all over my stomach because I didn't want to get new stretch marks like some women do. I do put the Bio-Oil on my incision every now and then but if I do I wait until it's fully absorbed before I apply both the ScarguardMD and Tape. That's all I do for scar treatment.
I buy all three at Walgreens. ScarguardMD is $30 for a small bottle or $60 for a big bottle. The Nexcare Tape is $9, a bit pricey but all the other tapes I was allergic to the adhesive. The BioOil cost me $12.

Hope this helps!

Worked out Without CG!!!

Had to update you guys since today I worked out without my CG for the first time! I ran 2 miles at 7.0 and then did a lower body workout and guess what? I didn't swell any more than what I do with the CG on! My tummy didn't hurt so I'm at the point where the CG doesn't make much of a difference anymore. If I continue wearing it it's only because I like that "safe" feeling it gives me. Slowly but surely everything is returning back to normal! Yay!! Laters girlies!

3 Months Post Op!!

Finally made it to my three month mark! I had my doctors appointment today and everything looks great. There's a little area that tends to swell a bit more than the others and he told me if the swelling isn't gone by my 6 month appointment he will do some quick Lipo on that area. Hopefully it goes down because Lipo hurts, don't want to do that again. Other than that I'm pretty much cleared to do anything, I have no restrictions. I feel great, incision still itches from time to time and it gets a bit sore when I wear jeans.
I'm working out religiously, trying to lose about 15 more lbs and lean out a bit more. I think I just need to tweak my eating habits a little more, I have been eating out way too much!
Alright girls, that's it for now. Unless something major happens I'm going to wait to update you until I reach my goal weight. Best of luck to all of you going into surgery and wish you all a fast recovery!

4 Month Update & Pics

Quick update on my progress, I am now 4 months PO and feel great. The swelling comes and goes but not like it used to, I think my body is starting to adjust. I wear my compression garment during my menstrual cycle week just because I get really bloated but that's about it. I still can't do complete sit-ups but other ab exersices are becoming easier to do as I try to do them more and more. I still wear tape around my incision and use scarguards but I am no longer as strict about it, I put it on whenever I remember. Sometimes I go days without scar treatment.

Anyways, I am also going to start training to compete in fitness starting tomorrow! Yay. I will be blogging throughout my journey, you can read my blog here: xandrakantu.wordpress.com, it is something I always wanted to do but again, even whenever I would go on a strict diet and exersice regimen I would still have lose skin where my stretch marks were located and that was just such a demotivating factor that I would give up.

Alright girls, as always, if you have questions feel free to ask! Until next time, take care and Merry Christmas!

4 Month Pictures

Pictures didn't load on my last post.

19 Weeks PO & Pictures

I'm at 19 weeks post op and all is great. Like I said on my previous post, I'm am currently training to compete in a fitness competition sometime next year. I'm working out religiously and eating very healthy.

I still do swell, not as bad as before but it's still noticeable. My abs aren't as strong as before, but they are getting stronger. My scar itches from time to time and if I don't moisturize especially in cold weather, my scar feels dry and uncomfortable. Other than that, everything seems back to normal aside from the abdominal spasm in the morning as soon as I wake up.

I gained a few lbs over Thanksgiving and it all seemed to have gone to my back and boobs. Anyways, I'll keep you guys posted as the months go by.

You can check out my blog where I will be writing about my fitness journey to competition here: http://xandrakantu.wordpress.com

Quick Picture

Here's a picture of 20 Weeks post op. No real big changes to report, still hitting the gym super hard 5-6 times a week. I'm now doing ab workouts without any problem, swelling still occurs but like I mentioned before it's not as bad, and it's less and less noticeable the more I trim down. My scar therapy is practically non existent, haha, I still use the tape whenever I remember but my scar is flat and it's not that big a deal to me. Alright ladies, until next time, take care!

5 Months PO

I'm doing great! I don't really even think about the surgery anymore. I'm just concentrating on my clean eating and working out. I think I saw the end results of my surgery by the third month. I was just happy the extra skin and stretch marks, most of them, were gone. I still didn't have the body I want to achieve though, I knew surgery wasn't going to provide me with that. The body I want will only be achieved with hard work and dedication, I LOVE fit bodies that are toned and have muscle defenition. That's what I'm aiming for. As I keep working out and eating clean, I am starting to see results and it motivates me even more because now I know the extra skin will not hold me back.

In a perfect world, extra skin would bounce back for everyone and we wouldn't have to deal with the pain of a tummy tuck and a permanent scar, but we don't and having the TT has been one of the best decision of my life. It does come with some criticism from others, mostly haters, but I have never let what others think bring me down. For all you ladies that are about to go through this surgery, stay positive and remember that surgery isn't an easy way out. You need to workout and eat healthy or you will end up gaining weight, you won't get the extra skin back unless you become obese but really, just stay active and don't rely on getting lipo every few months for lack of discipline! It's a waste of money when you can just work out!

Anyways, ladies, I really wish you all the best on your upcoming surgeries and for those of you who already went through it, hope you are happy with your results! You all stay safe and I wish you all the best year yet!! Happy New Years everyone!!!!! Let's build our best bodies yet this coming year!!

5 Months

Forgot the picture on my last post!

7.5 months

I can't believe it's been so long since I've had my TT! Time sure does fly. So what is new? My scar has healed very well, I saw my doctor for a few weeks ago and he was very pleased with the results, so am I. Everything looks great and nothing bothers me anymore. I run, lift, do ab work just like before. Sometimes I forget I even have a tummy tuck. The ends itch every once in a while so I'll rub some lotion on it. I haven't don't scar treatment since Oct-Nov and my scar still healed nicely.

I'm still planning on doing a fitness competition sometime this year, I'll update you guys once I'm on stage! Other than that I will upload pictures again in July on my 1 year TT anniversary, if you guys have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

8 Months Now & I got my bellybutton pierced!

I went in today to my surgeon and he pierced my bellybutton. He numbed the area before hand. It didn't hurt but it was uncomfortable. Now that it's no longer numb it just feels like a burning/stinging sensation. I'll eventually switch to a dangling bellybutton earring once it heals. Here's a picture.
El Paso Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sozer is very professional and confident with his work. He answered all my questions without hesitation and always made me feel like I was in good hands. He clearly explained to me all that my procedure consisted of, he also didn't try to push extra procedures on me. He is friendly, always smiling and positive. I would absolutely recommend Dr Sozer to any of my friends and family.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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