I Am 46 Years Old 5'8 and Weigh 180 - El Paso, TX

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I feel so nervous and excited at the same time to...

I feel so nervous and excited at the same time to get my TT and Lipo done...i have not told anyone in my family about it only my co-workers, my 2 boys and boyfriend. i only asked for one week of work as i am a very active person I'm sure i will up walking as soon as as i see that i can. i will post before after pictures soon... Wish me luck and good luck to you all that are also getting one soon :)

On my 5th day after my tt

So far so good....1st 3 days were a challenge then on my 4th day ir stared getting better. ...today I had my drains removed have been doing a lot of walking tho and walking straight now....I go back next week on Wednesday to start getting my stitches removed....I will post pictures of what I have now and latter post after pictures......I don't regret it and even tho I'm still a bit swollen I already love the results.

took just now after shower.

Feel a little sore but my boyfriend has been massaging me for 15 minutes each side since day 3.....this is how I look now with out my drains.

9th day and go back to work tomorrow

I'm on my 9th day and feel great!! still a bit swollen but no pain thank God. will keep posting on my progress.

17th day

Just got home from my Dr. Appointment and everything went well....I had very little fluid drained out my lower back and my scar looks really good....Dr asked me to take a good look at myself in the mirror so I can see how good I'm doing in such short time :) I will post pictures later tonight after I get out of shower.....I look and feel a lot better too :)

17th day pictures

On my 24 th day

Took these pictures last night....I have dr. appointment today and I'm going to ask him If I can take my tight girdle of at night to sleep only. ...see what he says

Get yourself one of these to sleep on

Thank God I have one of these bears I just had sitting in a corner in my room....omg did it come in handy when I got out of my surgery ...it works and I still use it lay on it once in a while ....hope this helps you

5 weeks tomorrow

Hello lady's :)
today I had follow up with my Dr. and as of today I no longer have to wear my girdle unless I want to :) everything looks very good and I'm really happy with my results. I will post pictures when I get ready to show you all. I don't get tired of looking at myself in the mirror :)

6 weeks now :)

Hello lady's hope your all doing well... I haven't posted lately as I have been very busy. I just took pictures and I still am very happy with my results. ...still a little swollen from my lower back
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