36 Year Old with 4 Kids (4 C-sections) and a Dream of Just Looking Good in Jeans – El Paso, TX

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I have chosen a surgeon based on his experience...

I have chosen a surgeon based on his experience and factors such as his length of time in solo practice and his reputation. Although I am apprehensive about all the worst case scenarios, my date is set, my mind is set, and I'm looking forward to the results and the day that I can finally tuck in my shirts. Now, if I can only get my anxiety in check....

My before pictures and starting the countdown to April 3rd

Here I am.....baring it all. I've dealt with this overhang since giving birth to my first child 16 years ago. Even at my lowest weight, 145, I had this overhang. My current stats are 5'9", 195lbs, size 12-14.
I am completely comfortable with my size and my curves, but I'm excited to get rid of the bulge and see a waist and a flat tummy in some super skinny jeans.

Almost here!!!!

It's only days away and my prep is in full swing. I have all my meds, all my supplies, and the house will be spotless by tomorrow's end. The only thing I'll need to work on is stocking up on food for my husband and kids. Surprisingly I'm still not wigging out, I'm just worried about how my husband and kids are going to do without me being able to move around too well. So, almost there and I'm excited.

The aftermath

Post op day 1 was horrible. I had my post op appt and the ride
And the walk wasn't too bad, but as the day progressed I became more and more miserable. I stopped taking the Lortab for pain because I thought that is what was making me dizzy and nauseous. I took Tylenol extra strength instead and got absolutely no relief. Needless to say, yesterday and last night were extremely difficult and had me wondering what the hell I had done to myself. This morning, after showering and getting something in my stomach I decided to take the Lortab again and I am so glad I did. Yes, they make me feel a little disconnected, but Id rather be loopy than completely miserable. Lesson learned. As for my swelling, the incision, and the lipoed areas, well I guess they're coming along. My pubic area is very tender and swollen, my back area where they lipoed is the area that hurts the most, I'm ultra swollen above the belly button, and the incision is the least of my worries right now. So for now, I just want the pain to go away so I regain just a tiny piece of normalcy.

Still struggling

I had my 1 week follow-up visit with my PS yesterday and he says I'm coming along great. My drainage tubes were removed and so was some of the stitching from my belly button. All I'm all, the
visit went well and I'm glad I'm healing. I'm still struggling with intense back flank pain and abdominal tightness and swelling. I'm miserable and I'm still having to take about 3 doses of the pain meds during a 24 hour period. The meds allow me to function physically, but I hate how loopy, disconnected, and sleepy I get while I'm on the medication. I'm scheduled to get back to work on Monday and I am very concerned. I'm so scared that I am not going to be able to function. I spoke with my director today and explained my struggle with recovery, so she's aware I'm gonna have to take it easy but in my line of work things pile up very, very quickly. I'm just praying that the stress from work doesn't make my recovery harder. Anyhow, I'm hoping I can start straightening out more, I pray this back pain eases up soon, and I'm hopeful I can start sleeping in my bed rather than rotating from the bed to the recliner and back. Ugh, I suspect I'm totally feeling sorry for myself here.....I'm not too much of a whiner, but I'm really miserable.
West Texas Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pate and his staff have are knowledgable and friendly. My questions have been answered without hesitation and I have not felt pressured into this procedure.

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