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I have to say that my experience has been pretty...

I have to say that my experience has been pretty bad since i Had my septorhinoplasty. The reason i went through with this surgery was because at times i had difficulty breathing. My septum was pretty bad deviated, and supposably the Dr who refered me to Dr. Korzec said that my septum had lost strength and was falling to my right. Which now i have found out thanks to this website that, that wasnt true. It was assymetry. Bummer!!! I had my first consultation with Dr Korzec and he examined my nose and told me what was wrong. I also told him what the other dr had told me regarding my septum collapsing to my right. and well he didnt say anything about assymetry and how as humans sometimes we will find out that one side of our body isnt adding up with the other and that is normally fine. So to make things short we talked and he asked if I wanted him to do some work on the appearance of my nose, I didnt think my insurance was going to pay for that part but when i found out it did i went ahead and said yes. 

I had this bump on my nose that had bothered me since i was a young girl, but i did not have a problem with my tip even though it was bolbous. During our talk he said he was going to shave the hump " a little", and narrow my nose a little. I agreed because i didnt think he would distort my nose as bad as he did, since I had seen his previous work and many of the patients noses were hardly changed. Well when the cast came off, he didnt even let me see my nose. And when I saw my husbands and sisters face it just let me know right their that something was WRONG. When i got home i saw this overly thin nose super assymetrical with nostrils that were just so off. I literally looked deformed, and of course i was pretty swollen. But I just couldnt believe what the Dr had done to my nose up till this day it makes no sence to why he had to take too much cartilage off from my nose? It has been very hard since that day. I hardly go out, for the holidays i am being pretty reservative because i am so ashamed and emberrased. 

This experience has affected me in so many ways that i no longer feel like Me. I am 3 months post op and some drs here have said that as my swelling goes down my nose will only get narrower. Now that is something I aint looking forward to. I am planning on a revision in the future after i heal but i am so traumatized by this experience and am afraid of it getting worst. I really recomend you dont rush into this if you are in the lookout for a surgeon, go to many surgeons before making your final decision. Just because insurance is going to pay for it dont mean you got to settle to the first surgeon who comes your way, get picky ask questions, be as descriptive as you can about how you want your nose to look and what you dont want to be changed. And last if your gut feeling is telling you not to do it then listen to your gut feeling so you wont be regretting it like me. Also if your Dr dont seem to have good bedside manners get out of their and dont look back and i am sure you will find a dr that has good bedside manners and will give you what you are looking for..

3 month post op follow up.

I had my 3 month post op on the 3rd of this month. I went in feeling very emotional about the whole experience. When I saw the Dr he told me that the top of my bridge was still to high and that he might have to go in again after a year and shave some of it off. I didn't say much about that but I did let him know the areas in my nose I disliked. He didn't seem to understand that he took too much cartilage and he even said that the nose looks pinch because their is still too much cartilage on top of my bridge. With that being said I have made a determined decision to not go back to him because I can no longer trust him. Next month I have an appointment with another Dr and I am going to see if he understands my problem areas and if he does I'll stick to him and maybe look into a revision when it's safe to do so.

Remembering how i looked in the past:(

I was looking at my pictures before this nightmarish surgery and to be honest I was scared to look at them. But I got the courage to see them. It is very emotional to me to see them because I know I look better then than I do now. I really regret getting this done in the rhinoplasty part because the septoplasty part is good. I thought of sharing some of my post op pics so you guys can see the difference. And maybe I can stop one of you from doing this and learn to love yourself the way you were born. But then again if you are in the hands of a good dr with good reviews go ahead and proceed with your decision. I am not against this but their are drs who will screw it up for you and leave you feeling miserable. Do your research right. Before I had this operation I had read and seen many testimonials about this but I cannot believe how dumb I was to still fall in the hands of a surgeon who didn't care about messing my nose up. Please if you read reviews that warn you about this types of issues and if you haven't had the surgery I advise you to STOP in your tracks take a good look at you and think if it is really what you want. because once its gone its gone for good and you cannot go back. That is just my advice.

this is intimidating :(

I am posting a pic of front view so u guys can see the difference. Please know this is very hard for me but the reason I'm doing it is so you guys can see what I mean.

just an selfie with make up

Make up kinda helps cover the dents but I still don't feel comfortable.

feeling hopefull!!

This whole experience has been such a life changing experience. There are times I find myself mourning for my old nose as if some one I Loved recently died. I know that might sound weird, but I am grieving inside. Its a process that you get out slowly, little by little, one day at time. Its a process where you learn to accept things the way they are and move on. Its an experience were you have to learn to love yourself forcefully more than ever before. Why? Because Learning to lovee and forgive yourself is the only way you will be able to move on. Its a moment in life were you become sensible to the hurt and pain of others, and in my case you want to reach out and help. Its like an eye opener, for some. For me its not trying to obsess with having a perfect nose because I didn't have a perfect nose to begin with. Its more of wanting a shape of nose that fits me. Now maybe this whole bad experience wasn't just about getting the surgery, but letting someone who wasn't well experienced with my type of nose touch my nose. For now I am letting God help me remember that sometimes things will be hard but then I will see the light at the end of the tunnel and this whole experience will be a memory that made me stronger and wiser!! God Bless you all!! Best wishes, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!!!

New Years is almost here!

Well even though I am happy for the new year that is approaching, I have to say deep inside I am left with a bitter feeling. That I am going to enter a new year with a new nose I dislike. I can honestly look back and say Im a survivor! It still hurts but I am trying to stay positive because that's the only thing left for me to do. I am unprepared for a revision, and hope the insurance will help. Last week I went on a mini vacation to a higher elevation city and in the middle of the night I had a hard time breathing thru my nose. Hopefully my nose wont start to collapse as time passes due to the amount of cartilage taken out and me having thick skin. I didnt have a stuffy nose my nose felt like it was just shut from the inside. I also noticed that my septum curves to my left on the inside, so when I look at my right nostril it looks clear all the way thru, but when I look at my left nostril inside it my septum is too close to the outter wall. I don't know if it makes sence but in other words my septum isn't strait like it used to its leaning to the left. Next month on the 12 I have an apt with a different dr and ill see what he says. Also on the inside of my nose were the tip is I still have a stitch I thought it was crust but when I pulled it it hurt. I wounder if any of you had this problem later in your recovery???

Appt with dr next week.

Next week I have an appt with another Dr I know I am still early for a revision but like that I can get an other point of view from another Dr. And if he can help me like that I can prepare myself financially until my one year post op. I have some other pics to share. I am still bothered by the pinched tip and overly rejected bridge I feel like my nose doesn't look natural, and I hope someday it will.

Their were times I felt ugly in the past but not this ugly!

Hi its me again I am just posting on my 5 month post op. I also wanted to share with you the reader, that In the past before my surgery their were times I felt self conscious and ugly, but nothing to the way I feel after I had this surgery. I am having a hard time feeling comfterble with myself. My self esteem is low and I am so self conscious more than I can remember before I had this surgery. I recently went to see the dr because I had a sticth that was causing some discomfort, and he was nice but he cant understand me. Its like he cannot see that he left my nose looking to piched and over resected. He says that the top of my nose is too swollen causing those dents on the side of my tip. But that isn't the case because you can clearly see that the dents are due to lack of cartilage in those areas. Also he told me that he couldn't read my mind. And that got me off guard because when we talked before surgery we agreed on the change that was going to come into place. I also told him I didn't wanted my nose too narrowed and that shaving the hump a little was good. But he took it too far. He uses the old fashion technique to doing a rhinoplasty which consist of excessive removal of cartilage to meet the angles a nose is suppose to have, never having in mind if the shape of the nose is going to be pleasant to the face. I have been going through such a rough time in my life and all I can do is tough it out and pray, and be patient, keep my mind entertained, and having hope that maybe one day God will provide for a revision. It is such and unstable situation because I am not sure that a revision could take place as soon as I would like. But for now I am trying to enjoy my life and family. this whole experience has showed me so much! Its a lesson learned for me. My nose still looks the same so I wont be posting any pictures. Oh and I had to change the appointment with the dr I was going to see to do a revision until April that gives me time to pass the six months post op to where many drs say that the way you nose looks at that point is the was it will be because all the swelling usually subsides, so theirs a better idea.

7 Months post op

Hi everyone, It has been a while since i last posted something. The reason why I havent is because I am still not happy my nose is so different and I am still pretty down. The good thing is that I have been seeing a Dr who has been helping me by injecting Juvederm in the dents the other dr left, and he has also been injecting steroids in the nose to help with the swelling and thin out the pollybeak deformity. Well here are my updated pics. I aint too happy about taking pics it brings me down pretty bad to where i just break down and cry. But I am making an exception here.

Finally a year has passed????

It has already been a year after my nightmarish septorhimoplasty. I havent mept up with my profile in a while. This is because taking pics of me kind of picks at that wound deep inside from all yhe guilt and pain...
I am happy to say thought that i found a Dr who has been trying his best to help me. He has been injecting steroids and fillers... unfortunately i will need a revision since the dents on both sides of my nose still remain but the fillers did help because the excess of cartilage taken off was startimg to stick therefore giving the dent impression. I sometimes wish i can wake up feeling and looking looking like the old me????

Almost 3 years!!

Here i am 3 yrs after my horrible experience that changed my life... Its been a lesson learned, I havent had another surgery due to insufficient funds but one thing I am blessed with a new baby boy who turned 3 months today!! It hasnt been easy, it has been one of those things you have to take day by day... I am not a person obsessed with cosmetic surgeries i just hope one day i can regain the confidence i lost along the way!
Dr. Kenneth Korzec

He can be rude. And wasnt very open or descriptive about what he had in mind about my nose to change the appearnce. He overdid my nose, and I dont think he understands the importance of keeping the framework of an hispanic nose, instead he gives you this cookie cutter nose that he thinks is good because its the angle they taught him in school. I wouldnt recomend him to perform a rhinoplasty on any of my family members.

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