Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty Surgery for Sept. 26th

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I broke my nose at the beginning of the year and...

I broke my nose at the beginning of the year and have been having problems breathing, along with a huge hump that is driving me nuts.

I've always liked my nose and have never had the need to get work done to it...so im definately leary about the shape change. Tip refinement was recommended for my "bulbous tip" and shortening of the projection as well as rotation (angle) change.

I have my Surgery set for Sept 26th...five days out and very nervous and second guessing if my nose is in really that bad of shape that it needs surgery.

The El Paso Laser West has a new imaging system that allows you to see what your projected outcome will look like based off the dr. suggestions and your requests. It shows your face and head from all angles which really helps to get a general idea and put your mind at ease... a little.

Side View Pre-Op

Bottom View Pre-Op

Side View Pre-Op

Side View (Break) Pre-Op

Side View Pre-Op

Two days away!!

I'm gathering all my items and getting them ready for the big surgery day. All the post-op necessities can add up : -( Glad im an over planner so I started a few weeks ago. I even consolidated the post op directions along with a prescription calendar to help NOT forget what i've taken while im kinda out of it. Anything to make me feel like im in control of the situation should help me mentally :) Hope this helps

Night Before!!! Very overwhelmed and a little exhausted from all the worrying...

Night Before!!! Very overwhelmed and a little exhausted from all the worrying...guess that will help somehow. Got all my supplies ready to go..about to take my first dose of SinEcch (Arnica). Luckily surgery is scheduled for 7am so im hoping all will go very quick once we are there. Ready for this to be done and over with already.

Was hoping to get some comfort in watching a few Youtube Bolgs of the PostOp portion of surgery (not actual surgery). Wanted to get an idea of what I should be expecting. DID NOT HELP AT ALL!!!! Made me go into a panic even worse than before : ( Watched a Septoplasty one since id be doing roughly the same. Horrible Horrible idea! She was messed up pretty bad and remained that way for almost a week. Im no stranger to cosmetic surgery but each person reacts differently and each part of the body can be more sensitive than another. Really upset now. Showed my boyfriend the videos(Day 1,2,3,4,etc.) and hes more worked up than me.


Maybe my piece of advice would be to not go 'looking' for what you don't really want to see. Prayers please!

Update: 3 hrs after surgery!

Ok guys so here is the play by play! So they have me change out. Take my vitals and issue some valium and celebrex. Then into another room where the hookup the iv and the doctor comes in w the nurses to make sure I'm ready. They wheel my to the or room and have me switch beds. They straighten out my arms and legs and hook me up to all the monitors. He tells me they are going to start the anesthesia. I remember feel how come it felt ams that's all she wrote. Next thing I can remembee is the ladies asking how I felt. I immediately threw up twice!! Thank goodness they were ready for it. All blood and lots of it. Scared me as I still wasnt coherent. Took a few minutes to be able to sit up. And after transferring me tova recliner for another thirty minutes they released me to go home. ..no pain at all. Although I sure tomorrow will be worse. .

Post Op

8hrs out!

Heres the pic -8hrs out


Arnicare Gel


I had a little crying spurt over the sutures not holding all the skin. As soon as i started to cry the blood started pouring out and im not a nose bleed kinda person. Once I got the bleeding stopped my left nostrilsgot really..ffor lack of a better word..Bubbly. Like bubbly boogers...but you cant blow :-( After a little carefll cleaning I made a discovery...there a splint in my left nostril! No one told me!!! Guess they were planning on yanking it out at the six day post op appt.

suture concern

Flap of skin hanging over sutures. Not swollen piece but an actual flap. Called the dr ane he said it should receed. We will seeon my postop visit

Worst part so far

I think the worst part as of yet is the drainage portion. Little to no pain still which im sure will change tomorrow as they say the few day after are when the fun stuff happens lol.

The saline spray reall feels weird at first, 2-3times an hours, but now ive grown to like loosening up the gunk at getting it out of me

No One Told Me

No one mentioned all the blood id be spitting up. The dr said it was normal from the bleding draining down thethroat. The two times immediately after surgery i threw it was all blood. I don't think ive ever seen that much blood come out of me before..its pretty gross


The sent me home in a split...which isnteven a splint its just alot of tape. Is that normal??

I see alot of people in casts and hard splints...mine doesn't seem sturdy at all and with all the sprays they have me using im afraid of it lifting. The edges areso close to the nostrils thay are already bloody and startin to loose grip

update.. morning after

Quick Update: rested all afternoon still was woozy and weak so I took it easy. Never fell asleep though. Watched tv until ifinally was ready tp sleep around mignight. Slept until 8 this morning. .minus a few pee breaks. The brusing is minimal compared to everyone else. Guess the ArnicaMontana really helps

morning after image

day after from underneath.

Approximately 24hrs after surgery. Image shows the underneath view. Drainage bandage removed.


towards the end of the day

I guess all the moving around made some bruising surface. May have been up on my feet too long

profile 3 days post

columella not connected

Very worried...contacted the dr immediately after replacing the first drip pad... roughly 3 hrs after surgery...sent the assistant the picture and advised there was a flap of skin just hanging near the columella incision that was not connected by and stitches. The dr responded back that he was very pleased with the surgery and it looked fine. It didn't give me any comfort because I knew what I was looking at. Four days from surgery and the flap had healed DETACHED from the columella. Amy advice??? Im really worried now

Went to see dr

Went to the dr... he said he acknowledges the issue but that it "should" heal properly.

It didn't give me any comfort because of there is one thing I know about my body and surgery. .its that skin doesn't just disappear

Another. Any advice?

dr also said..

That be didn't think adding any more stitches would help it...

Does anyone suggest anything?

Read some reviews on simular issues on RealSelf.. none ended well

PostOp goodie bag

Just went through my bag from my surgery day and the drs office put a cute little goodie bag in there for me. Very nice gesture

Post-Op appt

Suture removal was a nightmare. They were so tight that my skin had healed over the stitches so they had to go digging for them. I have a low pain tolerance and have had lots of stitches in my day but this was bad. I was cussing like a sailor. .poor staff. The dr had to come in and intervene. They removed four stitches. Got home and was cleaning the area and found a fully knotted stitch that they missed (not a dissolvable one). Had that healed without me noticing that could have caused all kinds of complications.

Post-Op images

After the cast cakmeoff I noticed that the "hump" was still there. The dr acknowledged it but said its probably just swelling..although to the touch it feels like the broken bone that was there. Staying positive



9 days post

10 days post





top columella lower than bottome..step

nose very pointy and tip turns

Hoping is swelling causing the top to turn and point

Side view looks like tip points down... not nosee just tip

Side View

Sought advice here with the ask the doctors section and they have said my results will require REVISION SURGERY....for pollybeak deformity AND scar revision. Really!

My nose looks like a beak.......it points down..and still has dorsal hump! Which is the only correction it really needed.

It was so pretty before and had a great profile...extremely dissappointed
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