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Although I have spent much time on this site,...

Although I have spent much time on this site, reading and researching I have a hard time writing my story. Partially because I have grown embarrassed and the lack of confidence has begun to take over my everyday life.
I am 38, happily married with a 17 and 21 year old. Over the course of the last year I have limit my social life. I stopped attending company gatherings and limit my social life. My husband and I used to shot pool, have drinks a the local pub. I am tall so I have been able to disguise my body image. Here lately I find myself wearing my husbands shirts, buying larger than usual clothing to "hide" my body. I have added and deleted the pictures attached to this review but the reality is...this is who I am.

I am happy to say I have made some positive changes and en route to 1. A healthier me and 2. Happier me. Throughout my life I have made it a point to care for everyone and of course leaving myself last to care for. This year will be different. I will focus on me and making healthy choices, I am excited!
For the next 39 days I will be very busy! I'll be reducing my calorie intake and focusing mainly on protein, 1 gallon of water a day and increased exercise. For the past two weeks I have religiously attended aerobic kickboxing 3 times per week. This week I will increase to 5 days per week plus 1-2 mile brisk walks 3 times per week.
I know I'm rambling on but can someone tell me about this Arnica stuff? I've heard it's done wonders to many. There's a gel and tablets for under the tongue. Where can I find these tablets, also the only arnica gel I can find is this the same? I have checked at Walmart, Target and Walgreens.
Initial consultation with Dr. Sozer was back in November...I stood at 208lbs (Ugh!) I will be having an extended tummy tuck, lipo to the flanks, armpits and back, breast life and augmentation and fat injections to the hips. I haven't stepped on a scale but I am sure I have made it below 200 mark. I am very narrow at my hips, slim legs (I look like a cone :) ) Pant size depends if I tuck in belly or wear baggy shirt with gut hanging over pants (will post pictures of that later) I can fit into a size 9...from my waist down fits good of course with my gut hanging over it! Tucking in the gut I am a size 12...I then spend the rest of the day unrolling my pants and tucking that flab in. I can't wear yoga pants, sweat pants or anything pants with elastic! Although initially pants fit great keeping all areas in place, well reality sets in and sitting, standing and functionally moving around will cause my pants to roll down towards my pubic area :(.
El Paso Plastic Surgeon

After much research I have chosen Dr. Sozer for numerous reasons. I have checked his credentials, success stories and during my consultation my husband and I felt at ease with the amount of time he spent answering our questions. Since November I have made a couple stops in this office and contacted his office sooo many times! Each time I am greeted kindly, if a question isn't answered the ladies promptly return my call with answers. Initially I felt intimidated walking into an office full of gorgeous women, every one of them is kind, open to own experiences and great professionalism.

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