Completing my mommy makeover over Due Tummy Tuck, mother of 3- El Paso, TX

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This is not my first rodeo. 10 years ago I had a...

This is not my first rodeo. 10 years ago I had a lipo done in TJ. Two years ago I had a breast lift in OKC and now I have opted to finally get a tummy tuck. I've been doing my research here in El Paso. After 4 consultation I have chosen Dr. Sozer based on the information he provided. Note: It was a toss between two but at the end, he was able to answer all my questions. I have paid my deposit and am very excited for this will be my Army retirement gift after 20 years of service. I will be getting lipo to stomach and flanks along with tightening of the muscle. I have also chose to have Exparel injection for pain. The great thing is that they offer the Lymphatic massages at the office so I paid for 8.

31 days to go!

Hawaii vacation

Getting ready for a vacay. Just wish I had done tummy tuck before trip. I guess that will be my excuse for another trip to the Island.

Prep complete

Ladies, I have just returned from my preop and paid remainong balance. NERVOUS but excited at the same time. Staff thus far has been great. Pictures where taken and I also received vitamins, bromeline, arnica pilss, scar guard and lipid replenishing body milk. I didn't realize I was getting all this stuff, however great because it's convinient.

Today is the day!

It;s 12 midnight. I can't sleep. Guess I'm a little anxious or nervous or something! I know I'm in good hands. I prepped my downstairs living room with pillows, blankets and socks. Not sure what else I will need. Hubby said to me today..."So we are clear, what exactly should I expect?" I explained to him it was going to be like a c-section but scar will be a little bigger. I also told him that I will no longer have a sad belly button. My 4 year old told me she like my tummy the way it was. Ahhh, kids are too funny.

I have been practicing to see how I was going to get up from my recliner and realized that no matter what I do, I will be using my stomach. Any tips ladies?

Went to my post op

Ladies today was my post op. I was a little stiff. It felt worse than the other two days. I started walking around since day one. I was given some type of injections that I have to inject everyday on my legs. Bad thing is that I started my period the day of the surgery so I'm walking around wearing a diaper. Sure am! Hubby has been really supportive and gave me a bird bath. I've been using a portable potty however found out soon that it was hard to sit and pi, therefor, I started to pi standing up. I didn't have much of an appetite the first day. Second day I forced myself to eat something as well as today. Sorry side tracked. During my post op the PS instructed me to call the office once my drain was drain at 60 or less CC so I can have it removed. Belly button looks good and I have to stuff with some special gauze everyday. I will take pictures as soon as I can.

day 3

Today I felt a little better. I had to clean up and give myself the shot on my own. Putting on the garment was a challenge along with the shot. Haven't been able to eat much. The food either taste salty or too sweet. Not sure if I had mentioned my voiding issues. Was having a hard time voiding in the beggining. My bladder constantly felt full and was very unconfortable when I layer down. I soon started drinking more water and yesterday it got a lot better. Think I was just dehydrated.

updated pictures

Getting ready for my 1st bath. Thank goodness. So taking them before my bath since I probably won't have much energy afterwards. Trying to stay away from the meds. However had one today before lunch. The pain is beginning g to be more bearable as the days go by. Please don't mind the mess.

drains are out

Sorry, I have been out of it and have forgotten to post. Think Ill be better since I am trying to stay away from the meds (for the most part.) Drains were removed yesterday and let me tell you what a relief. I know it's too much info but I finally used the bathroom and been going regularly for a couple of days. Believe it or not I was trying to avoid it so was skipping my stool softners. Just sharing in case you all have the same fears. I will post doctors reviews soon. I want to make sure I'm sane enough to give them the great review they deserve.

1 week post op

Here you go.... One week post-op. Trying to st a y away from the mess as much as possible but find myself taking one once a day. Only because I don't have Tylenol. One word of advice... stay away from drama shows. I find myself crying over the simplest things. Like who really cries watching undercover boss or a housewife show. Yup you guessed it.. This chuck right here. Ugh, hope it gets better this emotional roller coaster ride is crazy. Lol

Hard day

Today I seemed to have regressed. My incision doesn't really hurt but my abs were giving me some problems. All of the sudden I found it difficult to get up from the recliner to the point that I just sat there in hopes that someone would come by so they could help me up. TThe surroundings of my belly button has been looking red. Hopefully its nothing. Tomorrow I will be going to my follow up where the DR Sozer, hope he can shed some light on belly button and back swelling. Although back swelling has gone down. He will also be removing stitches from back lipo.
On another note...I found the binder I was given when I gave birth to my daughter 4 years ago and put in on top on compression garment. It sure did help with back pain. So I will be asking the Dr. to make sure its okay to continue to use it. I will be posting updated pictures tomorrow.

20 days post op

Sorry a little behind. Thinks are getting better. About a week ago the outside of my belly button was a little re. So the PS had some of the stitches removed. He stated that i had a small allergic reaction. This past Monday, I had my incision cleaned (two weeks post op). I also had the remainder of my stitches removed from belly button. Everything is looking great. PS said that I don't need to wear my garment to sleep. But still wear it. Makes me feel beter. Garment is starting to feel loose. So wearing a secondary garment on top. Still swollen though. I have lost 10 pounds thus far. I know, I know I shouldn't be weighting myself. But couldn't resist. My appetite is slowly coming back but notice that my stomach feels like it's going to bust if I eat adult size meals. So small portion meals for me. I started sleeping in my bed 3 days ago. However, I'm still sleeping in a 80 degree angle. I sometimes for dinner myself trying to figure out how to get up. My husband said I look like a dying cock roach. Guess what.. I'm not afraid to cough or sneeze! Couphing and sneezing g don't feel so bad anymore. It actually got better by my 2 weeks.

3 weeks

Swelling has gone down a lot. Still have a little scabs here and there. I'm still using antibacterial soap when I shower. Better safe than sorry. Haven't started any scar tratment as of yet. Continue to use lots of lotion all over my body. I've been using compression garments I bought from Kmart. Let me tell you they are cheap and work great. I've been sleeping in my bed for the past week and last night I was Ave to sleep without having to be elevated. I even tried sleeping on my side. I was in heaven. I am walking 95 percent straight. Back doesn't ache as much but when it does . Tylenol is a skip and a hop away. I'm able to walk a little more and don't need the motorized shopping carts anymore, however still find myself a little out of breath. Will keep posting pics as I see progress.

4 weeks

Not too bad!

late post

My starting stats:
height 5.3
weight 166
wait 32.5
hips 42

Current stats:
weight 155 (sometimes 154)
waist 29
hips 40

Ladies its been about 9 weeks. Yes I am horrible with my updates. As you can see my stats this surgery did wonders for my shape. Everything is going better than expected. The PS gave me the go to exercise (light) three weeks ago but didn't do it till the following week. I started with the elliptical, then tried running the following day. It wasn't too bad, I did a very slow pace (5.0) for about 10 minutes. However, I could feel a little pull on the hips. I'm only exercising about 3 times a week. I also try to take 1 hour walks around the neighborhood so I don't get bored. I ran for 30 minutes this week at a 6.0 pace and walked for 30 more. This time I wore a compression garment and it helped the pull/pressure on my hips. Thus far I have had 3 lymphatic massages. This really helps with the soreness and swelling. So don't try to skip out on these! Well worth the money.
El Paso Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sozer has been an excellent PS. He exceeded my expectations. He has answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. His work is phenomenal. Although it has only been a few weeks since my Surgery, the results have already started to manifest. The staff are very friendly and the nurses worked around my schedule and stayed a little after hours to have my drains removed. They even ask you to call or come in if you have any questions. This to me demonstrated their commitment to their work and to their patients. Another plus of Dr. Sozer practice is that they officer lympathic massages. The massage therapist is great. She explains as she goes along and gives additional stretches to do at home. He has won my vote and I will continue to use him.

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