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I had a breast reduction and lift done back in Feb...

I had a breast reduction and lift done back in Feb. Now in December I will be having a full tummy tuck with a vertical incision. The PS said he will need to do a fleur de lis tummy tuck, to get rid of the extra skin. Has anyone else had this procedure done? I think I am almost more nervous about this than my breast reduction. The PS is being great and has worked with me on the cost. My husband is being very supportive and is letting me spend his whole reenlistment bonus on my tummy. I do want to try to tone up a lot more before I have the surgery. sometime it is hard to make it to the gym between school and family. Plus I only had a limited window between semesters to get this done.

6 weeks before surgery photos

Getting ready

So today I saw my PCM. She put in the computer system for me to have my labs done. I also did the EKG. I called my PS office and they want me to wait until the 1st week of December to do the labs. Since I haven't had a hysterectomy. I need to wait 2 weeks before surgery to do the labs.
I am also feeling guilty about Christmas. Since I just used a huge sum of money on myself. I think I may be putting $550 of the 1600. I have left on the care card that was I can use the other $550 towards the kids and Christmas. I know my whole family supports me on this but I can't help but feel a little selfish.
I also can't wait for the results. I keep imagining how I will look this summer at my brothers wedding. I have always been the chunky sister. My brothers and sister haven't seen me since summer of 2012 while I was at my heaviest and before the breast reduction and this tummy tuck.
Also a little nervous about not having the pain pump. It was a little over my budget, so I will be having to do this with just oral pain meds. I am hoping that my recovery goes as well for tummy tuck as it did breast reduction. With my reduction I was up and running around on day number 2. How long did it take for everyone else to be up and about doing normal activities?


So annoyed right now. My husband is in the military and had been waiting on his travel pay. They told us it would be 1400.00 so I have been planning on using that to pay off the last 1600 I owe for tummy tuck. Well it finally deposited in our account $613 of it. not sure where other 800 disappeared to. So now I am trying to figure out where to come up with the other $1000.00. He is in the field but when he has a chance I am having him contact our care credit card to see if they can raise our limit. Then if need be have him call our citi card to raise our limit. I hate when you have things planned out completely and then bam something screws it all up. I have unit Dec 3 to get this all figured out. That is when the last $1600. is due. They won't do the surgery without it.
I have already had my EKG done. Plus my labs are in the computer system. I just have to show up to my PCM's lab on the 2nd. I can't do it before then since they want me to do my labs 2 weeks before my surgery since I haven't had a hysterectomy. Please keep your fingers crossed that we are able to get the credit limit raised on our cards to pay off this last little bit.

It is hard

It is hard to not want to go shopping now in hopes of what you will look like after the surgery. I know it will take time even after surgery before I should go shopping for clothes since there will be swelling.
One of the things I have been doing is looking at other peoples reviews and hoping I will look like a lot of the wonderful ladies I see here. I have been trying to compare what my current weight height are to similar people.
I guess I haven't actually posted my measurements. I am 5'3 196 lbs. My waist is measuring at 43 inches around my chunky part I can't wait to get rid of. At my belly button I am 39 inches. Under my bra area is 38 and my breast(had a reduction in Feb) is at 42. I am just getting excited and can not wait for November to be over.

20 more days

20 more days till my surgery. Can the days move any slower? I have 1 persuasive speech I need to have written for the 5th. 1 algebra test and 1 algebra final to take. Plus a test then final in my computer class.
On Monday after my morning class I am going to go do my labs. Wondering if I need to make an appointment for later that week to get results. I am having my labs done at the military clinic on post, and I figured I probably need to hand deliever them to my PS.

I tried/preop

Well today is the day for preop. I tried to outsmart my body. My period was suppose to start the day I was going to have surgery so I went to my Dr and had her put me on BC. Well, a month later my period has decided it doesn't care if I am on birth control I am going to have one. Ugh the cramps(is this what I have to look forward to this month after surgery) On the plus side at least it is today (day of preop) and it will no longer be the week of my surgery.
My left inside elbow is nice and bruised from the lab work yesterday. Now, I get to go sit through my speech class before going to my preop appointment. I am trying to remember questions for my PS office. Need to find out if I can keep my acrylic nails on, can I take Ambien the night before, the day following surgery what time will I be released. how are the sutures closed. What to do for itching. how long will I have to have drain in. UGH I know I have questions but what questions to ask. I think I am just getting nerves. I have 1 test this week, 1 speech, then next Wed I have 2 finals to take. Plus my sons birthday is this weekend, and my parents are coming for Christmas. My husband is going to have to do our youngest daughters hair for school for the week I have surgery. It usually ends up kinda funky. I know I am rambling but that is what I do best when nervous.

pills pills pills

At preop today we did 360 degree pictures and they gave me VitaMedica Recovery support program pills (morning, night and Bromelain), Arnica, Lortab, Colace, Phenergan, and Cipro (since I am allergic to amoxicillin. I looks like I have enough pills to start my own pharmacy. Now just have to take them my lab results when I get them on the 12th


Oh my the pre-surgery jitters are starting. I had a nightmare last night about my surgery. I know it wasn't realistic but with school no longer at the front of my mind surgery has taken over. I worry about my poor husband having to take over and run the house. I know he had to do it before when I had my BR but I really wasn't down for long with that surgery. I had the surgery was down for about 2 days (day of and after) then I kind of went back to my normal life with no heavy lifting. From what I have been reading the TT sounds like it will have me down longer.
At the same time all I can think about is how nice it will be to have a flat stomach. Today I will be picking up my lab work to take to PS. Then picking up Christmas gifts for my youngest daughters class gift exchange, teachers and therapist. Plus grocery shopping and picking up stocking items. I should have everything ready and easy to handle for Christmas.
*repeat It will be ok, you can do it, he can do it, it will be fine*

Labs are in

Got all my labs they look great. Now just need to pick up my ambien and drop labs off with PS.

I have a time

The office called I am to show up at 9:30am Monday!! So excited

Today is "the day"

It is here. Got my youngest on the bus now just need to shower and arrive by 9:30. Nerves are at a high wondering how the pain will be. Will it compare to my BR or be more. Enjoying being able to stretch, lay on stomach and take baths before my surgery all thing I know that will hurt like hell after the surgery. I can do this!


Little Cotten gown and paper thong are not my first choice in clothing. If I move wrong my boob pops out. Waiting for them to take me back to surgery. Anesthesiologist still needs to do their thing and PS still needs to mark me up. Plus not fair someone is eating something yummy and I am hungry.


Day 1 after surgery

These are pictures from 24 hrs after surgery

Post op appointment

Well, I had my first post op appointment today. The drain is staying in bit I expected that it would. I am still draining a lot my PS also did major lipo on me. He also pointed out even though I am already loving my shape it is going to shrink a lot more after the swelling goes away. I am extremely swollen. My husband has also pointed out that with the fat injections the PS did I now have a Kardashian butt. Also keep having nightmares that the fat roll is back.

The cold

Today was one of those days I can tell the PS removed a lot of fat. I participate in bountiful baskets (a food coop) and this morning when we went to pick it up it was 48 degrees out today along with a strong wind. I was wearing leggings and a long sleeve shirt and my jacket. Along with the CG. When we arrived home I couldn't quit shivering I was so cold. I even took my temp (96.5). I ended up buried under all the blankets we had on our bed. It took at least an hour for me to finally get warm again. I guess I don't have the blubber I have had for the last 15 years to keep me warm anymore.

Becoming a pro

Here is one thing most people never tell you peeing out of the hole in your CG is hard as can be. Get a decent size cup you will never be using again after you get out of CG and use it for peeing. It hurts less for squatting and you won't have to worry about soiling your CG


Tonight I put on a mini fashion show for hubby. My size 12 jeans that have been sitting in closet for over a year fit perfectly. That is with me swollen. My shirts now fit the way they were made to fit/not with a fat roll peeking out. I am so happy I could cry.

2nd time writing this

Well this week has been fun. I finally started driving again. At my 3 week post op they removed more stitches after removing scabs to get to them(OUCH!) Now I have 2 spots around belly button I am waiting to heal. Every where else is looking great. Also in 3 weeks when I go back in PS will tell me what e exercises I am allowed to do. Plus in 1week will be allowed to longer wear CG. Also discovered if I press on groin area just right it wiggles spot on left side of stomach like a waterbed, weird. PS is predicting that in 3 months I will be down to a size 6.

Week 4 pictures

Well this is me at week four. Took pictures all around


So I am feeling great. I have started back to school and working out at least 2 days a week. Today I had something happen that hasn't happened in years. I had somebody much younger flirt with me. It was such an ego boost. I am 7 years older then the guy flirting. I don't feel like the swelling or my waist has slimmed down but my pant size keeps changing. I am now down to a size 8, and it feels great when I have wiggle room in them. I am no longer having to squeeze my fat roll into them.

Picture I took at gym

Picture I took today at gym 4/22/14
El Paso Plastic Surgeon

His office has been great so far. Willing to listen to issues I have had work with me to solve these issues. Dr. Sozer has made me feel comfortable from day one. I have looked at many different pictures of tummy tucks he has done here on real self. Plus when he mentioned doing the fleur De lis he was quick to show me pictures of other patients he has done, making me more comfortable with my decision. I can not wait to be on the other side of this surgery and see the results of what will be his hard work.

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