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I was "blessed" with big breasts between the 7th...

I was "blessed" with big breasts between the 7th and 8th grade and they reached their current size of 40 DD in 9th grade! I have been seriously considering a breast reduction after I breastfed my daughter for 16 months! And lets just say that didn't help to perk them up! ;) My goal is to be a full B to small C.. I like my boobs, but not at the size they are! My mom was just a bit bigger than me and had a reduction in 98' . She said although she lost blood after surgery and had a handful of complications, she doesn't regret having the surgery. She was reduced to an A and in the last 14 years has grown to a C. I want them relatively small, cause I'm only 25 and the chances of having another child is likely and I would hate them to grow back to the size they are now!! I was approved for a reduction thru my insurance, so I will be paying no out of pocket expenses, and couldn't do so in our current financial situation. My husband is in the Army and works so hard to provide his family with excellent insurance, and for that I am so grateful! I am feeling excited and nervous for the surgery. Mostly concerned about leaving my daughter for the first time overnight! I will keep you all posted and let you know how my pre-op appt. goes! :)

Feeling really anxious to get the surgery done and...

Feeling really anxious to get the surgery done and over with! I can't even begin to imagine life with smaller breasts! Smaller, cuter shirts and bras! Not having to coordinate what I wear with my ugly bras and thick straps! NO MORE neck stiffness and back pain! The list goes on and on! Thank god I have my daughter to keep me busy the next 27 days! And that she does.. ;) My main concern is how my recovery will play out and when I'll start being able to fully care for her as I am a stay at home mom and my husband works a lot! He will get just over a week after my surgery. Is that enough time? I don't know! Kind of stresses me out. My parents are also coming down from Utah for 4 days so that will be nice! And with my mom having gone through the process of breast reduction, it will be nice to have her here for support and guidance! Another worry of mine, is how they will look afterwards.. Yeah my boobs are big now and starting to sag, but they are pretty well proportioned and I like my nipple size as they are now! I just hope everything will look symmetrical! Anyways... Hope everyone is healing well and good luck to those who have yet to have surgery! Night!

I'm actually between a 34-36 DD! haha I was...

I'm actually between a 34-36 DD! haha I was measuring my waist and breasts! What a dork!

I totally understand the anxiousness all of you...

I totally understand the anxiousness all of you ladies were/are feeling prior to surgery as I read thru your posts! I am 22 days til the big day and although I've been keeping myself busy, I am so overly anticipating this!! Come on August 6th come on! Happy healing to all! :) And for those of you awaiting the big day, I feel you...

Under the 2 week mark til the big day!! 13 days...

Under the 2 week mark til the big day!! 13 days and counting!! Woo hooo!! And we're taking a mini vacay to Ruidoso, my Grandparents are meeting us there, they live in Michigan. This is the first time they'll meet my daughter! My hubby's birthday is also a day before surgery, so we'll celebrate that up there too!! So at least I'll be distracted until my pre-op which is next Tuesday! Hop all you ladies are doing well! xx

Hi ladies!! I had an amazing get-a-way to Ruidoso,...

Hi ladies!! I had an amazing get-a-way to Ruidoso, NM!! It was so green and beautiful! I also had my pre-op appt this morning and it went well! I was able to ask the doc the questions I wanted and had my EKG, blood work, etc.. done. So now all I have to do is show up on the 6th at 6 am for my surgery! Right now I am mainly excited, but the nerves are there a bit as well.. Hope everyone is healing/doing well!! :)

Well I made it to the other side! Overall, was a...

Well I made it to the other side! Overall, was a crazy day and didn't sleep well at all last night! Really hoping tonight is better! So grateful to have the support of my husband and parents.. Will write more details later! Hope all you ladies are doing well! Will post pics when I'm feeling up to it... :)

We arrived at the hospital at 5:45 am on the 6th...

We arrived at the hospital at 5:45 am on the 6th (Monday) and headed straight to pre-op as I had already done the EKG, blood work, etc.. They called me back without the hubby and had me change into a heated gown (really nice actually!) and took a pregnancy test. I signed some papers and then they let my husband come in.. We had a very detailed convo with the anesthesiologist (he was super nice and answered all of our questions, really putting me at ease with it all!) Then my surgeon came in and started marking me, she's not much into small talk, which is okay, that's not what she's paid to do! lol After that they gave me Valium and it was smooth sailing after that! I laughed as soon as it hit the bloodstream! I was so out of it from that point on.. They took me back to the OR and the last thing I remember was transferring from the bed to table. The anesthesiologist didn't have me count from 10, instead he just put medication into my IV.

When I woke up I was extremely loopy and totally out of it! I hated that feeling! It took me a couple of hours to come to my senses and as that happened the pain came with it! Totally crappy! My parents were driving in from Utah and arrived around one.. I was so happy they came! The guys ran and got Mexican food, which was sooo good! I had a full breakfast from the hospital cafeteria and almost ate a whole quesadilla for dinner.. My mom was shocked at how well I was doing, as she was extremely nauseated and sick for the first couple of days after her reduction! All I knew was, I was STARVING!! I have maintained a healthy appetite since surgery, which is great! The first night was really bad! Was in loads of pain and couldn't sleep but maybe a couple hours. My mom stayed with me so my hubby could be home with my daughter.. Was very grateful for that. I took a walk around the block last night and have been very tired today, taking it really easy! They gave me morphine thru my IV every 4ish hours as well as Tylenol 3's. At home I've been taking Vicodin, Tylenol 3's, Celebrex, and Keflex. I have a post-op appt tomorrow morning and I'm praying I can get these drains out then! They are really uncomfortable and I am longing for a shower!! I have showered from the waist down, but it's not the same.. I will keep you posted as to how my appt goes tomorrow! :)

Had my post-op today, it went well! The doc says...

Had my post-op today, it went well! The doc says I'm healing very well with minimal bruising.. I will post pics tomorrow as I am allowed to go braless now or wear a sports bra!! I threw the surgical bra away the first chance I got! haha Unfortunately the drains are staying in until Tuesday.. Which sucks, but I understand! The pain is becoming more and more manageable and overall I feel pretty good! Definitely sore, but for the most part I have full sensation in my nipples! YAY! One of the most painful things is the drains.. I'm super nervous to get those out cause it's so sore in that area! I only drained a total of 10 mL today and the doc says as long as it's under 30 mL total, she will take the drains out! So far so good! My parents left this afternoon, but my hubby still has til next Thursday before he returns to work, and I know I'll be good by then! I've walked every night since my surgery and am cleared to do any activities I feel up to doing! Anyways, hope everyone is well! Stay tuned for pics tomorrow! :)

Going to add new pics! :)

Going to add new pics! :)

I had my drains removed today and I feel free!!!!...

I had my drains removed today and I feel free!!!! They were causing more discomfort than anything else! The bruising is looking better every day and I feel considerably great! Can't wait to see the progress in the coming weeks and months and absolutely know I made a great decision! Thanks for all the support and guidance thru this process! :)

Hi ladies! I haven't checked in for some time! I...

Hi ladies! I haven't checked in for some time! I am now post op 3 weeks as of Monday.. I am back to all of my normal activities and chores.. I am a bit regretful of getting the surgery, as I seem to be a size D, when before surgery I was a DD! Yes, I had a breast lift, but I feel my surgeon completely disregarded what I wanted as far as size (which I asked for a B!!!) and did what she thought was best! If I would have known I was going down one cup size, I would not have had this surgery! How do I mention this to my surgeon? Or do I even say anything? What's the point? What's done is done, can't go back and change it, so I guess I just need to accept my big boobs and get over it! Anyways, wish this was a happier post, I'm just not happy with my outcome and I'm not going to pretend I am! Other than the size, they are healing nicely, aside from the t-junction on both sides, which is taking it's time in healing.. If I had been paying out of pocket for this surgery, I would have been more selective on my surgeon, but since this is who my insurance assigned me to, I went with her.. My advice, make sure you have a surgeon who 100% appreciates what YOU want and not what THEY want! Anyways, I hope everyone is healing nicely and for those awaiting surgery, good luck! The waiting is the hardest part! :)

Spitting stitches!!! OWWWWW! :(

Spitting stitches!!! OWWWWW! :(
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