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HI, So I am a 33 year old mother of 3. I have...

HI, So I am a 33 year old mother of 3. I have always been large chested I went from nothing to a C. Then with Kids up to a G and now according to the sizing i found online I am a 38F/FF. I am wanting to go down to a C cup. I have suffered from tension headaches and backaches for years. i can't wait to be able to workout and not wear 2 sportsbras and still jiggle like I am not wearing anything.

My husband is very supportive of me getting a reduction as long as I am happy about it. I worry though about him having to take care of things around the house. For the last year I have ran the house with no help while he was deployed. He has never had to deal with the kids or housework without me.
I am scheduled for the preop on the 7th and surgery on the 12th. I think I have been checking this site about 2-3 times a day since I have found it. Always seeing new stories and giving me the courage to go through with the surgery.

I think I have spent more time since I got the...

I think I have spent more time since I got the call looking at other peoples boobs then my husband probably has in his whole life lol. At least he has been very patient with me always looking at websites about reductions and reading about other peoples experiences. I now have 22 more days to go. part of me wishes I would have taken the appointment that was for tomorrow, but it is my husbands first day back from block leave, and I doubted he would have been able to extend the time off. I can't wait to get over the hurdle of having the BR done.

This time next week I will be getting ready. I can...

This time next week I will be getting ready. I can already feel the nerves. It doesn't help there already was a miscommunication between me and the office and I missed my preop today because I thought it was on Thursday. At least they were nice enough to reschedule it for Thursday. I am just hoping I don't regret having this done. I guess as long as I am perkier and smaller I should b happy I just don't want them too small or I might look funny. It will also be nice to no longer have back pain and headaches.

So I have decided that haivng a breadt reduction...

So I have decided that haivng a breadt reduction is simillar to having a child. Everyone gets to see what you usually keep hidden. I swear at my Pre-op appointment yesterday that I spent half the morning with my top off and everyone looking or touching my boobies. I sat in a little room wrapped up in a sheet waiting for the Dr. Then after her and her nurse looked at my boobs to make sure I had no open sores, I had to go have an EKG done with my boobs hanging out again as they attached all the leads. I wonder by Wed how many people will have seen my big saggy boobs lol. I will also need to take some before pictures so I can post them here on the site.
Also my 14 year old is excited he gets to take a day off from school to watch his 4 year old sister. Since my husband needs to spend the day at the hospital with me he won't be able to pick her up from school. We don't live anywhere near family so the only option was having the 14 year old stay home and watch her for us. We may also have to let the 12 year old stay home to to help her brother. Since he broke his arm he only has 1 usuable arm. Originaly I am so independent my plan was to have my husband drop me off and when the kids got out of school have him bring me what ever I might need. Then have him pick me up the next day when I was released. But the PS prefers for him to be there till after I am out of surgery and cohearent. I really hate having to be a burden to anyone including my husband. So actually handing over all the responsablity is going to be hard.

So, 5 hrs post op. my boobs feel like someone is...

So, 5 hrs post op. my boobs feel like someone is doing hard little pinches all over the lower half and my nipples. That is only way I can think to describe pain. It does hurt even with pain meds. My husband was sweet and brought me white roses for when I came out of it. Felt bad though b/c for once I don't have much to say out loud. I will b here at hospital until tomorrow. The boobs are now up high like when I wear 2 sports bras. I am waiting for latest round of pain meds to kick in so on a scale of 1-10 I think I am at a 6 right now. It is also great that they just unhooked me from everything so I have mobility right now and no longer have to drag iv or leg warmer things that made me sweat. Probably lost 5lbs today on top of boobs just sweating lol. Ok enough of long drugged up ramble time to order dinner.

So i haven't updated much since right after the...

So i haven't updated much since right after the surgery. The pain wasn't too bad. The most pain I had was swhen they went to remove the drains. that hurt a lot. To the point I almost passed out.(forgot to exhale) Today I got a little fustrated with the whole thing because we have a ball to go to tomorrow night. So I tried to find a backless bra. Went to Kohls it is fustrating when you don't know what size you are. they had two for me to try from the first one was little cups that don't move. Doesn't work when your boobs don't move either. could fit 1 boob in but the other the cup was too close and couldn't fit other boob into it. Then I tried their "spanx" body suit. well my torso was too short or they though my boobs should be about 4 inches lower than where they are. Gave myself a wedgie trying to pull suit up higher but it wasn't going to reach. Then went to victoria's secret. little less fustrating there. I did find one that kinda fit but it has flexable cups with clear sides that stick to hold it on. Didn't try it on in store just held it up and saw that the cup size did fit plus it was more flexable then the one at Kohls (it's cups actually moved to fit you" but got it home and discovered the sticky part will stick right on top of stiches. So will return it tomorrow and just go without a bra tomorrow. not like my boobs wiggle at all nor do they sag anymore. I just wanted something to keep dress from rubbing up against them. The nicest part of this whole thing is my boobs actually fit only in the part of dress they are suppose to be in. it doesn't cut them in two nor are they overflowing out of the top. Will post picture on dress.

So, have the tape off. I don't think they look...

So, have the tape off. I don't think they look that bad for being 13 days out. Hoping the stitches come out tomorrow because they are either too long and poking or I have cut them too short and am worried about what the PS will say.

It was so nice today bra shopping. It looks like I...

It was so nice today bra shopping. It looks like I am now a 38C. It was great that I didn't have to order any online. I was able to walk in the store, and walk out with my new bras today. I ended up with 2 bandini and 1 of the barely there by the same brand. The barely there is so comfortable. There were also a couple sexy ones I liked that fit but had wires so I will wait on those.

Well I have a spot that I just don't like the way...

Well I have a spot that I just don't like the way it is looking. It also feels like it is trying to spit a stitch in that spot because the spot in the middle is hard. Kinda reminds me of a nasty vagina lol. I just wish it would heal up like the rest has. Right now I am putting neosporin(sp) and a bandaid on it. I won't see my PS for another week. When I showed her the spot on Monday it was starting to scab but it and the yellow crap all came off with the epiderm gel. I feel good except that spot. It doesn't help I sleep on my side and tend to wake up laying on that boob.

It is now week number my 5 since I had my BR. The...

It is now week number my 5 since I had my BR. The sore spot still hasn't healed so when I went back in the PS put me on more antibiotics and instead of using neosporin I am now using promogran prisma on that spot. I also will go back in next week to make sure it is helping. If it wasn't for the spot on my left breast I would feel normal. That is the only place that hurts. All the rest are starting the healing and fading. My right breaast looks awsome. I have also been using the gel sheets for the last 3 weeks I think that is really helping with the fading.

Well it is now week #5 everything is looking good...

Well it is now week #5 everything is looking good but I think I am having reaction to the epiderm silicon sheet. The PS pointed out on Monday plus I have noticed I am very red on the underneath. At same time don't want to quit using it because the incision sites are looking good. Plus the prisma seems to be working for my sore spot.

My scars 9 months out

The scars going down from the nipple are not too bad but the underside ones I really wish would fade

Other breast kinda got cropped out


Oh my the pre-surgery jitters are starting. I had a nightmare last night about my surgery. I know it wasn't realistic but with school no longer at the front of my mind surgery has taken over. I worry about my poor husband having to take over and run the house. I know he had to do it before when I had my BR but I really wasn't down for long with that surgery. I had the surgery was down for about 2 days (day of and after) then I kind of went back to my normal life with no heavy lifting. From what I have been reading the TT sounds like it will have me down longer.
At the same time all I can think about is how nice it will be to have a flat stomach. Today I will be picking up my lab work to take to PS. Then picking up Christmas gifts for my youngest daughters class gift exchange, teachers and therapist. Plus grocery shopping and picking up stocking items. I should have everything ready and easy to handle for Christmas.
*repeat It will be ok, you can do it, he can do it, it will be fine*

whoops posted last one on wrong review

posted on wrong review

Picture from gym

Picture I took at gym today 4/22/14
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