Surgery Was Today ( Day 1) - El Paso, TX

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So u had gotten my surgery done today. I got 550...

So u had gotten my surgery done today. I got 550 cc high profile silicon underneath the muscle. Right now I'm very sorry and it hurts to move around so I'm just trying to lay in bed as much as possible but my back hurts a lot from laying in the same position. I recived a compression belt from the doc too

550cc Silicone

They are still supper swollen and hard as a rock. They are a lot bigger than I thought they would be but I think that's also just because their so swollen.
And by the way I am 5'3 and weigh about 135


Where is where they cut me

Going number 2??

I don't think I've wanted to go poop so much in my life.. I'm so bloated from all the pills and everything and I'm just backed up even though I'm also taking stool softeners. Any help??

Still no luck ...

I'm so miserable right now.. I'm bloated and very very constipated. I'm going to have to have my mom buy me an enima because that's how bad it is right now :(
Pain isn't too bad due to the meds

They seem really big

I'm not sure if they have dropped yet but they are still swollen but have softened up just a bit. Like I said before they are a lot bigger than I was expecting, will they go down or stay the same??


Better picture of incisions

Slight bruising on left one but nothing major


So I bought new sports bra and I'm loving the way my girls look in it ????

Some new pics

Sports bra with plan tank top, still kinda getting the feeling that their to big for my body

Dropping... I think???

I think they might be dropping, not sure yet. On the bright side I'm seeing some veins show through now which I think is good :) but obviously still sitting pretty high as you can see from the side!
(Still super bloated from all the meds)

Sports bra cleavage!!

They look great in this SPORTS BRA! I never thought id be able to wear a sports bra and actually have cleavage!!!

Normal life back

So I'm finally able to actually do things , and is kinda normal.. I guess? Driving definitely feels weird now and the extra weight I'm still getting use too haha
Still can't sleep on my side though, but since I've been sleeping on my back the whole time it's kinda gotten comfortable:)
As you can see they still are super high up

11 days post OP 550cc

Day 16

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