39 Year Old Getting BBL - El Paso, TX

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I am a 39 year old mother of 1 son who I had by...

I am a 39 year old mother of 1 son who I had by c-section. I have scheduled my BBC on April 21st With Dr. Jabor in El Paso, TX. I researched Dr. Jabor extensively and am confident in is abilities. I plan to have liposuction on my stomach, back, love handles and possibly my arms. I want to transfer fat into my hips and my butt. As of right now I'm wanting to transfer 700cc's to each side of my butt. I'm so excited and scared at the same time. I have to say I'm more excited though. I did my consultation via email since Dr. Jabor is 4 hours away. I have my first face to face consultation on the 20th. I have put down my deposit and have to pay the full amount in 2 weeks.

Reaching the 2 week mark

I'm getting so excited I can't stand it! I feel like I'm constantly looking at before and after pics and videos. I can't decide how many cc's to get. I don't want a huge Butt, however I do want to be able to tell the difference. I'm so afraid I won't get good results. Does anybody have any ideas on cc's?

Prescriptions and Lab work orders

So excited to get prescriptions. Lol. Just another step closer to my surgery date. I am two weeks out today. Yay! I will pay my full amount due to Dr. Jabor today also. Here are some wish pics. I can't wait to meet Dr. Jabor. I've read all of his reviews and he seems like an amazing surgeon.

Exactly 1 week before sx date.

I am exactly 1 week away from my sx date. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Everything is paid for. My labs have been received and I've been cleare. I have all of my post op items either bought or ordered and on their way. Husband and I have found the perfect wish pics for Dr. Jabor. I can't wait to meet his staff. They all are so sweet on the phone and email. They have been super patient and understanding.

Once I know how many cc's we're looking at I'll let you ladies know. I know for me that's been my biggest question.

Be blessed until next time.

My wish pics.

I guess I am on the petite side even though when I look at myself I don't think I am petite. I see a fat cow when I look in the mirror. No offense to cows. So I don't want my butt to be too big. I just want a nice round shaped butt. I'm hoping my back fat is completely gone as besides my butt my back fat is my worst enemy. Of course getting rid of my stomach fat and my love handles is welcome too. ;)

Made it to the other side...

Today is 3 days post op. Everything went pretty good. I had a family incident that delayed me getting to El Paso on time for my consultatio. But Dr. Jabor and Katy stayed late and met with me at 7 pm. This staff is terrific!

Day of surgery I got all checked in and was taken to the back. My husband stayed behind not knowing he could come back with me. I was glad to hear that he could come to the back waiting area. Katy (Dr. Jabor's assistant ) came in to see While the nurse got me in my compression socks and booties. I was a bit nervous. I was given a patch behind my ear, and some other pills I can't remember the names.

Afterwards they took me to my surgery room. I only remember very little ther. Next thing I remember is waking up after surgery.

My face was severely swollen and still is. Has any one else had this happen to them?

Dr. Jabor said he took a lot of fat out of my butt. That didn't surprise me since that's where I carried most of my fat. He took fat out of my stomach, flanks and entire back, even right behind my arm pits.

I'm happy with my result . My measurements before we're 38, 35, 36. My measurements are 38, 33, 41 1/4.
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