40yr 5'3", 148 Lbs Mommy Makeover-With BA 560cc Silicone

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Beginning my journey hoping to find someone else...

Beginning my journey hoping to find someone else with my stats 40 year old, 5'3", 150 lbs, I'm a medium to large size 7/9. Hoping to loose a few sizes with TT and Lipo with fat transfer from back/trunk to my butt. My BA Goal is 560cc silicone high profile under the muscle. I had my initial consultation and had pictures taken of the before and after results with my desired implants. My PS said 600cc would be the max...he mentioned they would give me the desired 36dd cup. I currently wear a size 36B/C cup. I debated a lot as to the implant size I know 560 is big...but everyone says the regret not going bigger. im still debating but I keep thinking to myself if I'm gonna pay all that money and go through the pain might as will go bigger. I'm already achieving a C cup with my padded bras do I tell myself why go one size up??? I will post 3D pictures of the before and after from the Initial consultation if I go with the 560cc they don't look like "OMG porn breasts" however my doctor did mention they were big and would give me the desired look I want with cleavage and fullness.

Wish boobs

My wish boobs...too big maybe???

Preop appointment scheduled

So I scheduled my preop appointing and my surgery is set for November 8, 2016. I have decided to do my BA first then schedule my tummy tuck in March 2017. I'm feeling happy but unhappy. I'll talk about the reason later :(

Hubby got a little upset over procedure and I almost made me cancelled my surgery.

So this weekend we had a little incident and husband got a little jealous of a man that came up to me at Peter Piper with no fault of my own. I am not the provocative kind. I am a professional, I go to church and dress very decent. I am not doing this surgery to grab any male attention to myself (although I understand that this is a very well potential risk especially considering the size I want). I am doing this for myself (because we all know what children do to us-I went through 6 pregnancies, I lost 2, but 4 kids were delivered and breastfeed, I had 2- 9lb babies you can only imagined how much stretchy skin I have.) But yes I am doing it mainly for myself but also for my husband. I had contemplated this surgery for many years and put it off due to income issues but I thought my husband understood how bad I wanted this surgery because when I brought it up a few months ago he supported me. Originally I wanted something natural that would be barely noticeable and he was the one that came up with idea of "if you are paying so much money might as will go bigger". This is why all this got me disturbed this weekend. He told me "after what happened at today I cannot let you do it, I am not going to support this crazy idea anymore". (He meant it like an order) His reason was quite honest, he said he was jealous and he just couldn't imagine what would happen next. I got upset and told him this isn't a change of heart, mind and soul, this is only a body transformation. He knows me and knows the kind of person I am and surgery would never change that. I got so unhappy that something that would make me so happy would possible make him unhappy. I cried a lot because honestly I don't disrespect my husband in any way, and my priority is to honor him as my husband. I almost told him its my body! (But its his body too...I belong to him) I don't want my marriage to encounter problems over this but from we encountered this weekend, I am afraid it could...I cried a lot for a few hours in my room while thinking this out! He had left, so texted him asking him why he was doing this to me and he texted back "do whatever you want, I am not in agreement to this just know this is definitely going to lead to a divorce" and I just texted back that surgery would not make any sense without him and I would cancel the surgery. ....I sent him some pictures of my fallen breasts and my saggy stretchy stomach and told him why is me fixing this hurting you so much...After he came home he saw me in bed and told me he hadn't realized this was so important to me...and I told him it was extremely important!
For many years I have tried diet and exercise and nothing works....so the way I see it is if exercise would help me achieve the result I wanted in my body there really would not be any conflict and anything left to prohibit...but since my only route here is surgery than this is offensive??? I mean the end result would be the same, I am only changing the means of obtaining it....At the end we didn't really talk much about it because I was just crying but he said he didn't realize it was that important, that he was a man and he knew he had a diamond which was going to shine brighter and he was scared of that. He told me he loved my natural simplicity and decency and that he valued the children I gave him and that he understood the result of children in my body but that he loved it the way it was- no need for surgery. I reassured him I loved him and nothing was going to change me internally. He said he would support me in this journey but he still didn't agree. So I am still a little sad :(

Preop pictures

So this is how my whole body looks like. I think I'm lucky to still have some waist. You can't see all my junk like on my flanks and trunk to see how much fat I have....except the last two pictures...but naked is a different story...my skin is very very saggy.

More wish boobs theses are way better more like what I definitely want!

My goal!

Almost there...

A few more days to go...very nervous of my decision not so much the surgery more like the decision I made...to go with 560ccs...let see what the doctor gives me I hope I don't regret going do big.

Surgery today! what I end up

Will be back in a few hours to post results! Going with 560ccs 605cc I'm letting the doctor decide what's better...let me wake up and see what he went with.

605ccs it is!!!!

So I let the doctor decide what would look best on me...he put in 605cc he said they fit perfectly. I had been going back and fourth from 475 to 560 to 600. I am extremely happy with results they actually do not look huge...I think my PS
did great

Post surgery finally over! 605ccs

So here are some pictures, boobs are still riding high and they are hard it's only been 3days. At nights I feel like I have an elephant on top of me. I am only allowed to sleep upwards on my back which is very uncomfortable. I am not allowed to touch the patch behind my ear the patch is for the nausea...I touched it not knowing and no I have blurred vision because I touched my eyes. recommendation

Emotional and depressed 5days po

I Dont even know if I should post today because Im feeling depressed. I had a lot of itching for a few days but that's gone, blurred vision is gone, I was constipated but now that's gone too. Most pain is gone. I have hardly any discomfort. So basically I should be feeling great. I'll talk about my depression later...

15 day post op


605cc HP

Happy with new boobs now....Tummy tuck time to start planning you!

I am very happy with my breast augmentation. Size was perfectly chosen by my PS, at first they seem huge and heavy. I got used to them and I think they are perfect I can cover them up for work and look as if I never had surgery...but with sexy tops...different story.
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