29 Y/o Mom of 3 , 5'6 Weigh 145 Lbs and Going for 375-400 Cc . - El Monte, CA

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So it has been a roller coaster to set a date....

So it has been a roller coaster to set a date. Initially I had it for February then I changed my mind and set a date for March but trajedy occurred and I just lost the my mom. But I did reschedule for this Monday. This is something I wanted for years. I'm getting married in June. I get good and bad about still continuing with my surgery but my mom knew I wanted this and she was okay with it.

So nervous and Excited

Okay so I have 5 days till the big day. I'm so glad I have this profile because then I have someone to talk to about my surgery. I'm starting to worry that this spring break will be too much on my husband. Having to take care of my and our 3 daughters. My 16 month old is so clingy and only wants to be carried.

Don't know what to do

So my husband wants to take the girls out to Las Vegas or Palms Springs for spring break. I'm burly going to be 3 days post op , can I even think of going with them ? If I stay home I would be by myself . I guess I need to ask my surgeon

3 more days !!!

So today u confirmed my surgery and received all the instructIons. I'm so excited and can't wait. I want to go crazy buying sport bras but I won't know my size till maybe a 3 weeks later, I think. Hopefully someone comes across my profile and can give me feedback. Till later

Tomorrow is the big day !!!

First off Happy Easter !!! Tomorrow is the big day I'm so nervous specially since I have alot of school work to finish tonight since I'm sure I won't get anything done tomorrow. I have some last minute shopping and need to pick out my clothes.

Today is the day !!!

I'm up and getting ready to go off to surgery. My girls are in bed and will be taken care of by my mother in law. I'm so nervous . To think that after all these years in about 4 hours I'll finally have boobs !!!! I'll try to update you after surgery.

My Boobs have arrived

So I could of sworn that I updated my profile yesterday after surgery but I guess I didn't. my first post op day was horrible. I was regretting getting my boobs. I had horrible upper back pain and kept shaking uncontrollable. Luckily my doctor is great. I called his assistant and minutes later my doctor called. He reassured me that it was normal and that surgery went great. He advise me to take some motrin in addition to the Norco. It helped but I was still in Pain. Through the day the pain would fluctuate. This morning I'm feeling much better so far. I have my post op appointment tomorrow. So tomorrow I'll post some pics.

3rd day post op

I'm getting frustrated and inpatient. I'm in so much pain. I went in for my post op and my doctor pushed my boobs together and almost made me cry he also encouraged that I wear my step tighter. On top of that I'm only to take ibuprofen so that I don't become dependent of Norco. Someone please tell me that I will start having less pain. I have to go work Monday and that's also stressing me out. I'm feeling so emotional.

4 days post op

Wow they kind of look big for me. Lets see how they turn out when they drop. I have alot of bruising. I hope it goes away soon I'm going to Vegas in 3 wks. Pain. Is alot better but I do hate my strap.

feeling great

Feeling great compared to that 1st day. I was able to enjoy a 15th party last night. Danced the night away. Lol. Now I just have to wait for my boobs to drop. I see it faster on the right than left. As expected since my left boob is the one giving me a hard time since day 1. Now I don't regret getting them.lol . I have to rest today and tomorrow since I go back to work Monday.

So last night was horrible

I guess all the dancing I did on Friday and being up and down on Saturday morning with my daughters soccer game did a number on me. Last night felt like the first night after Surgery. This morning I'm feeling a bit better but have a headache. I better take it easy today because I go back to work tomorrow. Wish me luck

7 days post op

I went back to work today and I'm so glad I was able to do my job. I had a hard reaching some stuff and opening doors but overall did good. I hope I'm able to sleep more comfortable toniGht. I also found out that my doctor only was able to put 375 CC. They look good now but people say they are swollen and it will go down but I don't want it to. I guess my body is really meant to have small BREAST. I wonder what size I will be. I wanted a small C but I think i got a full B .

2nd day back at work

Today was my second day back at work It went okay. No major troubles. Tomorrow I have my 1 week post op. Hopefully my surgeon removes my dressing so I can take a good shower. Oh and I hope he doesn't do anything painful to my boobs.


Today is 10 days post op. I'm feeling my boobs are still small. No one but me and my husband can tell I had an improvement. I know that's exactly what I wanted but now I'm having boob greEd. Lol. But I'm sure it will go away as soon as I start exercising and playing soccer. I'm going to loose the few pounds I've gained in the past 6 Months and I'm sure you will be able to tell. Lol. In a few years when my skin stretches a little more I'll be able to get more cc's. Besides all that I'm surprised how fast this week went by. I'm exciting to start exercising. at what time did you guys start exercising ? Is anyone having back pain ? I am.

open incision

Yesterday I woke up blood on my sport bra and I wasn't sure what was going on. I just put a bandage and went on my day. Through the day I kept soaking the bandage and had to change it. So this morning I went in to see my doctor and it turns out my incision opened at the lower part of my areola. The good news is that I didn't need a stich just a strip to hold my incision together. The bad thing is I'm back to no shower. But hey at least I can wash my own hair since I have full arm range of motion. I can't wait to be able to start exercising. I have 10 lbs to loose for my wedding in June. My dress doesn't fit. It turns out that I have gained 10 lbs in 5 Months. Back to my boobs they feel great compare to the first day. I don't know if I'm doing my massage right. When you guys wake up are your boobs hard ? How often are you guys wearing your strap ?

4 wks

Today marks 4 wks since my surgery. I'm in love with my boobs. Lol. I could help it and went to Victoria Secret to buy "sport bras" anyways I got measured and according to them I'm a 34 DD but the 34 D also looked okay. The DD just has fuller coverage. Either way I'm so excited. But being that I'm burly 4 wks do I still have sweling ? Will they get smaller ? When can I wear a bra ? I have an appointment with my surgeon at 6 wks post op. I seen him last week but forget to ask all the questions I have. Oh and is it normal for your boobs to hurt in the morning ? Need to write down all my questions for next visit ????

Its almost a year

So its almost going to be a year since surgery and of course I would like to go bigger but wouldn't go through the pain and hassle for it. Righ now my boobs fit my body perfect. Can wait for summer to come again.
Dr. Gomez

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