5 1/2 months post op from TT / doing well.....small revision needed!

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Pros Insecuritiy of weighloss reminder...


  • Insecuritiy of weighloss reminder perminently removed
  • more self-confident as a Personal Trainer
  • Flat tummy after 3 kids & 3 c-sections


  • Recovery time is longer and results take a while
  • Hard to do a lot of normal every day to day things
  • time away from family and kids

It has taken me a long time to write anything about my weightloss journey and then I saw this website and feel like I fit right in! In 2005 I decided to lose weight after my second child through diet and exercise, fear of a doctor telling me what health problems I might have so I started on my own and was very successful! I lost the first 125lbs in 1 year and it took me another 8 months to lose the last 35lbs!

Today I have 1 more child and 3 c-sections later and I now have my Personal Training Certification! I never thought this would be my love of life, but I am proud of every accomplishment thus far....I cannot say that this hasn't come without any struggles as I have had a really mind altering experience with food and maintaining my weightloss....your mind plays so many games, it is trying to conquer mind over matter at all times! I have learned to love weight training and tons of high Interval training, it really makes me feel very powerful and that I can do anything I want as long as I set my mind to it! So long story short, I have all this extra skin leftover and it really makes me feel insecure in many ways! I wanted to have this done in 2008, but the doctor told me to make sure I was done having children first.....so YAY, my time has come! I am now 34yrs old and loving wife and mother of 3.....ready to make this dream a reality! The last step of my weighloss......woooohooooo!!!!

Day of Surgery - was in pre-op for 6am, went into surgery at 8:30am, I wasn't intially scared of surgery as I have had 3 c-sections already, I was afraid of waking up after and all the aftermath! I felt ok waking up 2hrs later beside my husband, I was terribly itchy......it is the side effects of the anesthsia they told me....drove me nuts! It hurt so bad to have to stand up and walk to the bathroom for the first time, shortly after I was able to go home so I arrived home at 4:30pm. My mom was with my kids and had dinner ready, so I ate, that felt fabulous I was so famished as I was fasting for so long and had to drink that Magnesium Citrate the day before! So I got some good food in me and drifted off to sleep.....faded in and out sleep the rest of the night!

Day #1 Post OP - Ok so I learned that lastnight I had to figure something out with the sleeping arrangement....lots of pillows and a big pillow under my knees help tremendously! I love my bed so that is where I was sleeping! I had a wonderful day I felt so good....sore and hard to get around but I felt great...probably because of all the sleep I had, sometimes that is all we need! I ate well, got up and down the stairs and read lots, I am an active person and am very intune with my body so I was really amazed at how good I felt!

Day #2 Post OP - I got up the same as yesterday and carried on, but today I felt yucky....got very light headed and dizzy and thought I would vomit.....I was able to get up to my bed with a bowl beside me and rest all day, which really helped! I was going stir crazy by now as I am usually out and about most days and do lots with my kids! The drains are in and driving my crazy too, I am not one for blood and they aren't filling up too much so I am really not wanting them in! I am only getting between 5ml-20ml in each drain which is a little amount, wish I didn't have them in, and now I am getting some signs that my period may be coming.....I don't have big enough underwear to wear right now for that whole thing! So I asked my husband to take us for dinner and then we went to walmart for underwear....LOL, that was an experience, but it felt so nice to get fresh air!

Day #3 Post OP - I am getting around so well, I am feeling like this is a wonderful experience, I am so glad that I was such a fit person before this procedure, it has made it easy for me as having a lot of body strength from all my training has totally paid off! I can say that being able to get to my kitchen is a downfall as I have a huge appetite and I just wanna eat everything, I need to be careful, I wanna look good when the swelling goes away! When my husband came home we went for a drive and did a few errands and I got to stop into my work and say hi to everyone, that was fun! I also took my first shower tonight....I made this contraption to cover my dressings out of 2 ziploc bags and lots of bandage tape....but hey, I had a shower and I felt great, I even shaved my legs as I forgot to the day before surgery, how embarassing!

Day #4 Post OP - I had an ok day today, talked to people on the phone and rested, I swept the kitchen and brushed out my dogs hair! I am not in a lot of pain as long as I move around appropiately, I find bending my knees in towards my body and using my arms to lift and turn helps tons! Drinking lots of water and herbal tea is so good for my body, well I gotta go to the bathroom lots that is the only downfall! My 3yr old is coming home today as he has been with gramma all week so I am excited to see him! I am sure wanting these drains out ASAP, I hate them, they are annoying. I have it cleared to get them removed on Monday, that will be the 1 week mark and my home nurse is allowed to remove them, and then I have my 1st Post Op Appointment with my doctor the following Wednesday!

My husband and I took the kids to see a movie tonight....they wanted to do something with me, at least I can sit there and not be moving around too much! They were so well behaved for us...even the 3yr old! Was a great day all in all....oh and I had another shower tonight....washed my hair too.....I feel so pretty now!

Day #6 Post Op - I had such a terrible back ache I...

Day #6 Post Op - I had such a terrible back ache I had to get out of bed, so I got up and got ready for church, I went with my 2 older kids as my husband and 3 yr old got the flu......I better not get that! I left church early, was getting over tired and sore, I'm having a problem remembering to take something for pain....not until I hurt do I remember, this is not good, it is catching up to me! Came home and had lunch then napped, that felt great! Had a girlfriend call and come take me out to a movie later that night......before I left I swept and vacuumed my mainfloor and got my kitchen in order. I took off my binder as I am getting really itchy from it, when I came home later I regretted not wearing it as I got really swollen and I was hunched over in pain more so! I had a shower after making my homemade plastic cover for my new friend on my tummy........works good, looks funny but so worth it when I feel so good after a shower! Tomorrow is 1 week post op and gonna get drains removed as I have only been draining 8-10ml in each every 8hrs.......so excited! I'll update and take photos when I take off dressings!

Day #7(1 week) - well I am feeling quite well and...

Day #7(1 week) - well I am feeling quite well and a lot more myself and things are slowly getting back to normal around home! We took our kids out to the mall to go on Rides and did a bit of grocery shopping.....but the best thing about today is that "I got my Drains Removed"....I did a happy dance...well the best I could! It is much more comfortable and I am finely feeling like this is not as bad and I look way better, no more huge reminder of how big I was before I lost weight (301 lbs)!!!! I need to remember not to overdue it as I need to remember to still rest as my body is still healing, who would want a tear in any sutures...I have heard that it isn't any fun and can slow down progression! Anyways, I hope the rest of recovery gets even better! I go for my 1st Post op appt with Dr on Wednesday...I have so many questions and can't wait! I posted some of my pictures, I am so thankful I have had a journey like this in my life as it has made me feel strong and full of life for me and my family and all the women on here as well!

Well today marks my 2 week post op....things have...

Well today marks my 2 week post op....things have been great actually, I have had a few minor things happen....travelled to see family and the ride back home was really bumpy so that hurt quite a bit and I had forgotten to take advil when neccessary! I got to see my surgeon last week and I was cleared to walk and do the eliptical so that was what I did last week....I recomend wearing the binder at all times when working out! This week I was able to start to jog...so today was my first day, I sure can feel the effects of what the sitting has done to my BUTT! It was rather difficult but I made it through and I felt like me again! I also tried on some of my bathing suits and WOW.....SOOOO HAPPY, I can't wait until the 2 month mark to see more results! Now I have to stay on track with eating healthy and resting when I get fatigued and things will be great in a couple months, I hope to see some awesome results when I get back to the gym and tone this bod the best I can! OH, and thank you to everyone for the wonderful comments, I hope to inspire other people with my story and help others know that hard work and dedication can really pay off in big ways!

Post Op Day# 17 Ok, so I've been having a bad...

Post Op Day# 17

Ok, so I've been having a bad couple days.....everything is good with my TT but I'm getting tired and bored! I have been to the gym 3 days this week walking and doing the eliptical...and some light jogging as the doctor has allowed me to....but I'm getting really frustrated with my weight and how much I can eat when I am at home and not allow ed to stay as active as I would normally be! I have to be able to get back on track and stay away from all that extra food......this is such a pain for me because usually when I focus on my interval strength and cardio routines I am super happy with myself and it detours me from eating badly! I don't know how many other women experience this but this has been an ongoing issue for me and a constant battle.......I just wanna fit in my jeans again....I am soooo upset with myself for allowing me to keep putting junk in my body and allowing my ASS to explode! Anyways, I just really need to get that off my chest....having a bad day!

PS......Hopefully tomorrow brings happiness, and my 3 week mark is almosrt here, my how time fly's, I will post some pics on that day!

3 Weeks Post OP Well today I went to gym and...

3 Weeks Post OP

Well today I went to gym and walked incline on treadmill for 45 minutes and went pretty good on Eliptical....felt good! I am determined to fit back in my jeans....it seems everything has shifted upwards and my pants do not fit...very frustrating! My binder broke today so I went and bought a new bra/camisole from a Spanx....I'm sure I will be able to finally get some better sleep, as long as my 3 yr olds sickness doesn't get worse...getting up in the middle of the night sucks! I did housework today and felt a bit normal without feeling so hunched over all the time! I had a very busy day and this is my ending.....now I am gonna go sit and read and probablly hit the hay after the 2 youngest are in bed! LAYTAH LADIES!

4 Weeks Post Op I am feeling pretty good still,...

4 Weeks Post Op

I am feeling pretty good still, just went on a family trip to Jasper and Banff, was fun with the kids and husband although I don't recommend traveling on bumpy roads and eating out for 5 days! It was nice to get away but I can say how much I missed my bed and I seem to be very sore on one side of my incision and swollen on the other side but on my flank where the Lipo was done, I really hope that goes away....my binder stopped sticking so I am wearing my spanx and a compression camisole....I need to buy another binder ASAP! I am going back to work next week, I am currently a server and looking to change jobs soon as I have become a personal trainer, but I didn't want to persue my career till this surgery was finished and I can move like I would normally so I am going to get a trainer to help me rehabilitate my lower abdominals and mid-section...thankfully the doctor said he didn't need to do any abdominal repair as I had already put things back on my own, even after 3 c-sections....for that I am really proud, now if I can get back to working on a 6 pack that would be lovely as I am trying to keep my head off eating right now, I love food and this will be a life long battle! Anywhoo, I can't wait to wear jeans again and feel sexy, they hurt me as I like the nice stylish ones that sit lower,not good for post surgery!

11 1/2 weeks Post Op I have been very busy and...

11 1/2 weeks Post Op

I have been very busy and haven't had a lot of time for the computer lately, as it is hard to get off once I am on! I doing well, other than my lower body has been larger than usual and I am trying very hard to work it off and fit into my normal jeans! I have read on some other posts how fat gets distributed to different areas after lipo, so that is what I am assuming has happened.....not cool!!! My body definetly has shifted as he pulled things up to tighten! Anyways....I am finally getting back to hardcore workouts....and changing things up in other areas! I will post some new pictures once I get my body worked out properly!

I feel terrible, I haven't wrote on here in a long...

I feel terrible, I haven't wrote on here in a long time, life has been very busy for me with summer and holidays, life is getting back to normal, school for kids and I will start a new personal training job full time soon......very exciting for me! Now that I have had my tummy tuck I feel more self confident and I am no longer afraid of having any clients stuck with seeing my flabby friend fall out of my clothes!!! LOL, but seriously it happened all the time before, even my kids commented! Yikes!!!! I am going in this Friday for a "dog ear" revision.....everything else looks great besides one side has a bulge still, so hopefully all will go well and it won't take long to recover, as I am not really looking forward to sitting around, my body tends to gain weight quickly the less I move! I will post some pics afterwards and show the before & after! Laytah ladies.....happy TT's!
Edmonton Plastic Surgeon

I don't exactly spend a lot of time in office as I am healing quite well and am not too concerned! If I had any questions I am able to just call office and they are very helpful with me! The doctor isn't too concerned as I am very aware of my body and what I can and can't deal with! But the doctor did a very good job! The only issue I am having is swelling in my right flank from the lipo, I wear my spanx at night....hopefully the swelling eventually goes away!

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