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Hi Everyone!! Im just looking for support and...

Hi Everyone!! Im just looking for support and experiences with tummy tucks! I had my fist daughter 5 months ago. Before her i loved my body. I am 22 and 5'8 and weight 140 pounds, when I was pregnant I hit 210-215!! As a result of all the extra weight and by 4 months pregnant everyone was always saying "wow looks like you are ready to pop" and around 7 or 8 months I all of a sudden had a ton of stretch marks!! I hate my body now and I am almost positive I dont want anymore children!

The cost of the procedure is expensive ( I also plan on getting a breat lift with implants) To me it is more then worth it. My family thinks its foolish and how they have all had children and dont know anyone who has had a tummy tuck and with time my stomach will get better.

I'm trying to find a good doctor, wether they are in Canada or the US. I will be back at work by the time I have the money for the procedures. I'm just scared and nervous and would like some advice from other ladies who have had it done. I'm thinking about going to a consultaion in Calgary soon, just to get more of an understanding of both procedures, even though I've done soo much research on the internet... its exhausting!!!

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