Q-Switch + Picosure on 1 Year Old Tattoo - Edmonton, Alberta

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*Treatment results may vary

Costs: $350/ Tx Estimated that it will be fully...

Costs: $350/ Tx
Estimated that it will be fully removed in 5-7 (I don't quite believe that -- thinking more on the 10 tx side because some parts are very dense)
Procedure 1: Was NOT painful at all , which was weird to me because I have a low pain threshold. Numbing cream was applied for 45 minutes.
Didn't get much blistering at all-- but I did develop some sort of infection all around the area and was put on antibiotics! (Which is the strangest thing -- I was VERY diligent with my bandage change, polysporin, etc). The clinic was extremely helpful during this process and helped ensure I was healthy and did everything they could to help out.

1 Week after Q-Switch #1.

The 1,5 and infinity sign seemed to be the only parts that faded...

Before Picture

10 days post TX #1

Hi guys,
Sorry about the poor quality pictures in the previous pictures--from now on I'll take my pictures in the same lighting with the same settings so people who are considering the procedure actually see the difference.
The tattoo looks VERY different when there is lotion applied vs. Not-- in the previous pic it was very dry and it looked like it was fading more than it really was. This is how it looks like with moisturization.

Anyways, I'm going to buy some skincare products for the area tomorrow and go full on with this process! At this point I'm not sure if i want to remove both tattoos anymore. I'm definitely removing the bottom tattoo and I'm reluctant about going forth with the top one because it's raised (prior to laser... the tattoo artist was heavy handed) and that means there is a food chance for scarring. I'd rather have the tattoo than a ghost image/scar, so I'm going to see how it heals before I proceed with that one :-) hope everyone else is doing well!

14 days post Tx#1

Can't believe it's been 2 weeks! I started applying a silicone patch (see inage) to prevent scarring.. from the studies I looked at, these seem to work moderately well. As I mentioned from my last post, I decided I'm only going to get the bottom tattoo removed and the "5" from the top tattoo--the top tattoo is very raised (not because of laser removal-just from the artist) and I know for a fact that if I get it removed it will give that ghost image and leave scarring. I rather have the tattoo than that.

Other than that, the healing seems to be done. I'll update at treatment #2! (Which I might switch to picosure, we'll see). Good luck everyone on your progress!!????

Feeling Frustrated :-(

Hey guys, So I'm having this unusual reaction after my first session. I had severe redness 24 hours after my first session, and the doctor put me on antibiotics in case it was an infection. It's now 4 weeks after my first session and the area is STILL red (but not as red) and has the same exact borders as when it flared initially. It looks like a stain on my hip, and sometimes it's itchy. I feel like this is not a normal reaction :-( The tattoo itself healed in less than a week, it is the surrounding area that is acting all funny. I would appreciate any input!

5 weeks post session 1!

Im just posting this so people realize that fading continues to happen even after the session... notice how part of the infinity symbol is completely gone! My skin is still red and healing so I won't be scheduling my next one for at least another 4 weeks. hope everybody is doing well :-)

Night before TX 2!

Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing well. I'm finally doing my second TX tomorrow. I'm doing it a bit slower than others at a rate of every 3-4 months. I have this idea that slow and steady might be the best way to go about this... but I guess we will see for ourselves if it ends up Helping! Anyways here is a 3 month post session 1, and the night before session 2.I haven't been using those scar patches but I have started putting Bio oil on nightly. I'll updated in a week or so!

Oops-- forgot to attach pic.

3 months post session 1, night before session 2

3 hours post session 2

I really like the technician Carol who I worked with today, she took her time and was so sweet and caring. Definitely will request her from now on! Here is what it looks like a few hours post the treatment, I think there is a part of the tattoo that's already completely gone! I forgot to mention that I did take an antihistamine (Aerus) prior to my treatment in case I get that excessive inflammation again... I'll keep you guys posted!

1.5 days after treatment 2

Well the Aerius didn't help much haha... I'm getting the same exact crazy reaction but now I also have spots on my face and hands in addition to hip and back. Here is what everything looks like right now; I'm kind of not worried about this redness thing as I once was. It goes away with time, I guess my body is just more sensitive or something. What a mystery though! Anyways I'll update in a couple of months once it's healed

7 days post treatment 2

The "sept" is looking all raw and fleshy... that might be because I rubbed too hard when putting the Boi- oil on. Woops!I don't see much fading yet, but it doesn't look like there is any scarring (I'm hoping the redness in between the letters will go away soon). I'll check back in a month!

Second degree burn??

One part of my tattoo appears to be burned quite badly...there is that gross white layer that I've seen with badly done removals, ending up as hypopigmentation. Does anyone have experience with this? I went to a reputable dermatologist for this so I did not expect this to happen.
Sigh one problem after another haha

10 days after

Here it is after 10 days. This experience is so mentally draining! I went into this process wanting NON-aggressive treatment and didn't care how long it would take. I was going to go in every 3-4 months rather than the recommended 6-8. I'm slightly annoyed that the last session was turned up so high. The lady did go around it twice and the whole process took 20 minutes, while the lady from the first removal went around it only once and it took 5 minutes. The clinic didn't reply to my email and it's been 2 days. Right now I'm just using Aquaphor and polysporin because it does look like it could be infected (I was using polysporin for the first 5 days).
I'm starting to think this process is not worth it. I honestly rather have the tattoo than horrid scarring and hypopigmentation. This whole tattoo removal business is so unregulated and unpredictable -- that's why so few actually have good results.

11 days....

I really have no idea what's going on haha. The tattoo was fine for 1 week, no bleeding, barely any blisters. And then all of a sudden my skin started falling out,its bleeding a lot, it looks infected, there is indents in some parts where a lot of skin fell off. It's not scabbing well (all I want is for it to scab!). And in the part I circled in yellow,it looks like some little keloid scar is starting to rise... I'm not sure if it's my imagination. All I'm putting on right now is polysporin.

Everything will be okay :-)

I spoke with the dermatologist today and he was extremely helpful, there was just an email miscommunication earlier. I've always been pleased with the service provided here. Anyways he reassured me that everything would be OK and it was not infected (which is honestly all that I needed-I have a bit of an OCD when it comes to skin so this was very distressing to me haha). I also picked up bandages that are working better- the gauze ones were drying out the wounds too much. I'll post an update soon :-)

14 days post treatment 2!

So I was freaking out there because the whole/ huge indent in the "sept" and what appeared to be a keloid scar was quite distressing. Luckily the "scar" was just a scab and the indent in the skin is slowly healing... I can still feel a chunk of my skin missing when I pass a finger over it, but it definitely has filled in. Hoping there is no permanent discoloration there! Here is an updated picture (with aquaphor applied)

3 weeks after session 2

Still healing!
School is starting so I'll be busy with that; I won't be doing another session for at least 5 months.
See you guys next year and best of luck on your journey!

5 weeks post tx2

This is it at 5 weeks post...the redness is still there-- not sure if that's going to fade into hypopigmentation or what :( I'm giving it time and keeping it hydrated in the meantime. Definitely won't go into another session for a long time!

Comparison pic: following 1st laser vs. 2nd

That's the end of tattoo removal for this year for me....but next year it wil be picosure! Sometimes I havever doubts and sadness about all of this and feel depressed...it feels like I can't live life until it's off. But I'm gonna keep trudging along, using the mentality that slow and steady wins the race. So far there isn't any raised lines or signs of scarring, so I'm hopeful.

7 weeks update on burn spot

Burn is still red. Currently not raised -- I'm applying a lot of mederma and bo oil when I can! Crossing my fingers that color and texture goes back to normal. The dermatologist said it will likely take several months, so I'll keep you guys updated. Has anyone had a similar type of burn?

9 week update procedure 2

Hi guys!
I thought I would give an update. Here is that burn spot that concerned me...9 weeks after. It's been 2 months now and it's still a bit angry reddish in color. I'm looking for any sign of hair growth in the burned area because apparently that is a measure of how well the skin will heal. Sometimes I looks OK and other times it looks like it might develop into a hypertrophic scar. The dermatologist said it will take several months for the color to return back so I'm just crossing my fingers that It won't develop into a scar.

Taking a long, long, break

Hey guys,

Here is a quick update of what my skin looks like after nearly 3 months after the 2nd session. It's still red. I've been searching into laser excision procedures....I've seen some posts on here and the scar doesn't look so bad. I hate scars obviously, but what I hate most is the appearance of a ghost tattoo/botched laser procedure.I feel like based on the location of my tattoo (hip bone) I have enough skin to excise this out. Of course this is just a preliminary thought for now. Anyways I am going to give my skin a full year-Ish to heal before I decide if I want to go back for tattoo removal treatments or not. I'm going to take a break from the site and focus on my life for a while and put this tattoo in the back of my head until I graduate in June.
Hope everyone has a fantastic upcoming months with their procedures ?


Hi everyone,
I haven't been on here since my last update as I was busy-- but here is an update of the burns. It's been nearly 5 months and there has not been an improvement in color. I'm currently looking into excision.
I'm quite frustrated that the clinic tried to downplay this as a normal reaction. This was obviously a second degree burn due to the laser being turned up so high. For a broad certified dermatology office, I would have expected much better. I'm therefore changing my review of the place and have decided not to do any further procedures there. This tattoo should not have been difficult to remove as I am very fair skin and the tattoo is black.

5 months post "burn"

Hi guys,
Here is an update on my tattoo. I saw a great dermatologist (Dr.Taher) who offered to do the picosure at 200/session. I can't believe I was paying 350 for qswitcH at Dr.Rao...I'm annoyed that it was overpriced And left me with a permanent burn mark. Dr. Taher confirmed it was a second degree burn. I'll be doing laser treatments with him in a few months and then if it doesn't go well, will look further into excision.

Treatment #3 (first Picosure) scheduled!

I scheduled at Dr. Tahers office for the picosure on Feb.4th. This will be my third total treatment, but the first picosure. I hope it goes well!

Couple of hours before treatment 3! (Picosure)

About to head for my third treatment. Here is how everything is looking now!

2 days first picosure

2 weeks after picosure!

I REALLY like Dr Tahers clinic. They are so great over there. The price is reasonable, they called to make sure I was doing okay, and I got some great fading! Will definitely continue on with them. I feel like it's definitely startin to breat up. They quotes me 8 sessions. And they said they can do a different laser to target the burn spots from my previous treatment at the other clinic.

About a month since first pico appointment

Definitely better fading with the pico than the q switch. Also took less time to heal, no scarring. I wish I started from the this from the beginning! I won't be booking my next session until aboat a month from now.
Dr. Rao

This isn't a review of Dr. Rao per say. I think I'm being fair in my review as I really do like the staff and the doctor. Unfortunately, because of the second degree burn and failing to admit that it is one, I can't give this place a high rating. I think it depends on the tech you see. Overall, I do like the clinic, but was disappointed of the result when I had made it very clear that I preferred to take my treatments slow to prevent pigmentation changes.

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