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I am a 23 year old, with two children and what...

I am a 23 year old, with two children and what might be a killer set of abs underneath handfuls of excess skin. Two pregnancies has left me with two fried eggs on nails for breasts and I am going on August 29th for my "mommy makeover". A full tummy tuck with liposuction and breast implants (silicone).
Will post pre op photos soon!


It's tomorrow! I know I should be nervous but I'm not. I'm not excited really either. I don't really think its real. A few days ago I was wondering if I am REALLY spending this much money on something, which I guess, yes I am. I called to confirm my arrival time tomorrow which is for 7am.
I will keep you all updated on how things go, I know reading reviews here really helped me be more comfortable with my decision when I first made it and I hope I can help someone else in the same way. Also, here is a before picture.

24 hours

Since I woke up from surgery. It doesn't hurt as much as I expected. I have two drains coming from my abdomen but none from my breasts. They are really swollen. I got 400cc silicone implants. They're very soft to the touch. I was given the go ahead to shower after my post op appointment this morning, although I don't feel ready to stand for that long. They said i was doing great especially after having so much work done at one time.
When i woke up I was smiling, I'm so glad i did this. Even though I am
In pain, I'm already happy about the results!

So it's a little after midnight.

I'm having trouble sleeping tonight, after sleeping last night for 12 hours only waking to pee and take antibiotics. This morning I was in a lot of pain on my right side, I must have slept oddly on my shoulder or done something silly because it was really bad. I decided to take a percocet (I've been trying not to take them) but it really helped and now I am just taking the 1 t3 every 5 hours, which seems to control the pain fine. Since I am bored I thought I would take some more pics. So here they are.


I tried to shower again today (my first attempt the day after surgery was really bad) and again I felt really sick and faint with all my bandages off. It's really scary looking down seeing the scars and the pump and everything. I took my time though and got through it and was able to get shampoo in my hair but not conditioner and then brushed my teeth. It took all of my energy to shower and I am exhausted again. The things that hurt the most is where the lypo was. I read that on other people's before and didn't understand how, but its true. My TT incision doesn't hurt much at all and my Implants hurt around the muscle but I can touch them and they're nt terrible. They don't actually feel fake at all. (They're silicone). I can't wait to be all healed up. I am getting bored sleeping all the time and I constantly feel groggy so I haven't been eating much which is making me feel like poop! Drinking a ton of water though. I took a few more pics today. I hope anyone else who is going down this road gets such great results. I am so happy I want to run out and buy a bikini for the first time in my life.


Seriously. I feel so proud and happy with my new body even though it is under a compression garment all day. I can tell that I don't have love handles any more and I just can not wait for this drain to come out and to snuggle into a pair of my jeans and see how they fit! I am so, so incredibly happy with my results, I want to sing from the rooftops. I had my first shower today that was completely successful, I was even able to condition my hair, didn't feel dizzy at all, it was amazing! No pain meds since yesterday. I will warn you ladies though, the lypo areas are THE WORST. I was wraping my towel around myself after my shower and my hand hit against my hip (no incisions just a lot of lypo in that area) and I thought I was ON FIRE. It was only about 30 seconds long but that was so unpleasant. Be careful where you hands are. Uhg that was just terrible. Otherwise though I am eating well and feel fantastic. The drain is supposed to come out Thursday and I am sure it will as it has been having outputs of less than 5cc for 24 hours now. Thank you to everyone for the support I can't wait to see if you all love your new bodies as much as I love love love love mine.
Also, boobs can drop now, I want to go bra shopping.
Have a great day ladies.

Dr. Louie on consultation was AMAZING. I think he spent over an hour and a half with me addressing my every concern and talking me through the risks and benefits of what I wanted. He was really thorough and understanding and really seemed to care what exactly I expected, wanted and what it was that made me want that. I am excited to have him do my surgery as I think he will do a great job and hope he is as attentive during surgery as he was at my consultation. (I suspect he will be, his wonderful secretary Dianne mentioned he was a perfectionist!)

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