36yrs Old, 3 Pregnancies Full TT, Lypo, Well Worth It - Edmonton, AB

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I had a wonderful experience with Dr.toy and his...

I had a wonderful experience with Dr.toy and his staff. My surgery went well and on time. My recovery is going well. They answered any and all questions and concerns I had leading up to the procedure, during and afterward. I would highly recommend. I struggled with research and finding the right surgeon, I feel that I have done that. He has done a great job on my panus, mr, lypo of flanks and bra rolls. Also the staff are amazing. They set you up with the package and prescriptions of all that you would need to get you through. The procedure isn't at all painful and really recovery is minor provided you listen to all post op instructions.

Tummy tuck lypo flanks, bra rolls, mr

Some of my results thus far. Please all keep in mind first shower tiring (very) I needed orange juice quick afterwards.

Bra roll lypo

Lypo bra rolls stay swollen and tender but not terribly pain at all. Sorry, I wish I had before shots of those. Keep in mind my garment has been cutting off too short and just under them so they have had no contouring help what so ever at this point.

Add to bra roll

Bra roll little incision

4 days post op. shower #2

Quite swollen. Hard day at mall didn't nap until late. Thai was around 10pm. My swelling is the worst fr 6pm onward.

One week down!

Saw Dr yesterday. Doing awesome. He removed Lots of skin he said around 6-8" piece and 2L lypo. Have new compression garment to help with upper body and flank lypo. Only concern now is to concentrate on upper body then binder is like 3" short from covering incision. Tape starting to fall off. Walking upright. Have a cane for longer walks to help with lower back. Down to Tylenol, iron, blood thinner now :) drains still around 40cc in 24hr period. Will get them removed In a couple of days. Nervous about pain of the drain removal.

Drainage around drain lines

Post op day 8 I have noticed a signifant reductiom in swelling in the upper ab/bra roll since using double binding. Have started though getting additional drainage out from my right drain site. It's a normal orange colour and no odour so just extra fluid finding a place to escape. Still at 44ml/24hr. Hoping to get drains removed tomorrow.


I just want to update everyone on my drains. I was kind of foolish thinking they would be removed at the latest 7days post opp.. I had read so many that had them out within a couple of days that I thought that would be the same for me. I will be 2 weeks post op in 2 days and I am still putting out 30ml/24hr. I think it's important that others don't have the high expectations and that every body is different. Yesterday I ran some errands with my family got the same output as today when I did very little. They don't hurt though at all. Really their only inconvenience is hiding them under clothing. I have decided to keep mine in until Thursday. Really all that extra fluid is best off coming through the drain lines, then out through drain holes, belly button or incision line just creating a mess. That is my only I guess set back that I would like to share and it's not really a set back, I just had thought differently on the timeline of what the drains would be in.

3 weeks post op

I am 3 weeks post op today. I have to say I am feeling much better, but far from 100%. I am down to taking 2 Motrin a day and some days not even. More mobility but for sure swell crazy sometimes. My drainage sites are still draining and my belly button also. I still think before I reach or try to pick up items on the floor. I feel different kind of twinges and pulls inside my abdomen. I am starting to realize just how long this recovery can be. I was way too optimistic thinking I would be back to work by now and all back to normal as I am yet far from normal.

26 days post op

For the good: I have the nerve to now pick some things up off the floor, I bake and cook suppers now without needing a nap, I get in and out of bed by myself, I also shower alone and without needing any assistance, I can use the bathroom without cringing as to how to get on and off toilet, I find getting in and out of a vehicle easier. Have only taken 1 Motrin in over a week :)
For the not so good: still abdominal pain, still cringe getting out of bed, still think is it really worth it before attempting to pick something up from the floor or reaching to a high closet or cupboard, still not comfortable sitting to the dinner table for very long, still swollen like crazy, have odd aches and pains, still spend most of my life in my recliner, still have broken sleep, uncomfortable bum-tail bone and still hate travelling in a vehicle.
Bonus: shrinking, compression garment getting cinched much tighter.. Love handles no longer hurt, not near as swollen and bruises all gone.

4wk post op pics

4wk post op pics.

30 day post

Journey of scar healing

Back on antibiotics.. Draining incision. This is def a 2 steps
Forward, 2 back for me.

Pic taken at 11 weeks

11 weeks. Incision closed. Bb still draining. Swelling,, always, everyday regardless of activity level or what I consume. Still numb from bb down to incision. Uncomfortable sleeping and turning over in bed. Wear cg all day to work and remove for evening-night.

11 months

Belly button still leaking. Lower belly still numb. Other than that everything is great!!

Reduced swelling 17mths after

Had my belly button resewn many times.. it's been 2 months now not leaking and this morning finally the swelling has subsided.
Edmonton Plastic Surgeon

He speaks fast is very knowledgable. Great staff!

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