Revision Liposuction to Thighs, Knees with Fat Transfer to Gluetal Fold - Edmonton, AB

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My entire life I hated my legs. No matter what I...

My entire life I hated my legs. No matter what I did, I had fat knees , thunder thighs and saddlebags.
When I was around 26 (15 years ago), I went and met with a plastic surgeon. I told him I wanted my hips to my calves improved. He wouldn't do anything extensive and only agreed to do liposuction to my outer thighs. While he did get rid of my saddlebags, he was too aggressive and I ended up with large indents in the area under my butt, causing my entire butt to drop. I am basically deformed. 15 years later I still hate my legs and have this horrible issue with the large creases and indents in my gluteal fold. I workout 5 days a week and eat very healthy and can never fix my legs.
I met with a couple plastic surgeons over the summer. The first said he had no idea how to fix me, the second said I looked fine. I finally met with Dr. Toy, who completely understood my issues and how to fix them and finally give me nice looking legs! I will be having liposuction to my bilateral lateral thighs, medial thighs, anterior thighs, posterior thighs with fat grafting to my upper posterior thighs and gluteal crease.

One week until surgery

My surgery is in exactly one week. I've done my pre op appointment with my family doctor, had my blood work done, and tomorrow is my pre op with Dr Toy.
I'm having a lot of mixed emotions. On one hand I'm excited...I've lived this way for so long I can't even imagine feeling good about my lower body. On another hand I'm scared. I can't even imagine how I will feel if it doesn't turn out well. I'm not hoping for miracles but great improvement is my hope...not worse. Since I've been botched already it scares me. I also know what is in store pain wise since I've been through it before and I'm dreading recovery. I think I'm pretty prepared...and I'm hoping the pain isn't as bad since this is a different method, but I am not holding my breath for that. I just hope the Percocet doesn't make me sick. I remember vomiting after my surgery last time, and that was with local anesthetic...this time I'll have general and that's generally worse.
But I'm trying to think positive and imagine having nice legs for the first time. I hope I will wear shorts for the first time since childhood! I imagine knees that don't stick out on the sides and thighs that don't rub together. If I end up with nothing more than that I'll be happy but if the fat grafting also works out I'll be thrilled! Speaking of that, I'm a bit worried about staying off that area for several weeks...not even sure how!!! It's not like a BBL, I'm having fat grated to the area under my butt. Driving won't be possible for a while...that will be the biggest challenge!

Obsessed with my surgery

I had my pre op appointment, it went really well. I'm super excited for the outcome. Paid the bill...that hurt! :). Got all my prescriptions and filled them, but now I'm just spending all my time obsessing over the surgery, looking at photos, worrying about stuff I need to get done, worrying about recovery. It's a long weekend with my family so hopefully it goes by fast. Then there is just one day left. My surgery is 7am on Wednesday.

Tomorrow is the dat

It's nearly midnight and I'm wide awake...don't know how I will ever sleep. Surgery at 7am tomorrow. I woke up this morning with hives. Discovered that the conditioner I used yesterday contained macadamia nut oil. I am deathly allergic to nuts! Washed my hair as soon as I realized, but still have two huge hives on my arm. Really hope this doesn't pose a problem for tomorrow!!! Super excited and nervous. Will update when I can!!!

Made it to the other side!

I survived! Feel like I've been hit by a train now though and I am super pukey. Good news is I've been unable to stay awake for long. Pain is pretty intense, but mostly when I move around. I'll write the whole story soon!

Day one post op

Well, I'm not going to lie, yesterday was awful. Mostly it was because of the nausea. Once I got that under control I was doing pretty good.
I am spending a lot of time laying with my legs elevated. When I'm not moving I am not in much pain at all. Been getting up to walk around and stuff, but that seems to drain me of energy fast. Took the garment off and had a shower today! Felt great to be cleaned up and the garment was on a bit sideways so it was hurting. I was terrified to put it back on but it wasn't bad at all. Took some photos. They look awful...lumpy, swollen and bruised with sharpie all over me, but I can already see a huge difference!

Day 3

I've been super tired today, wanting to sleep all day. Pain isn't bad at all. My stomach isn't great today...not used to taking so many meds. Took another shower and some photos...pretty much the same as the last ones!

6 days post op

Well it's been 6 days since my surgery. The swelling and bruising is insane. My legs look probably bigger than before surgery and like they have been run over by a bus. I've spent so much time with my legs elevated, eaten very little salt, etc. I had an allergic reaction to Bromelain so I can't take that but I've been eating a lot of pineapple. The pain isn't too bad anymore, it's mostly from the swelling. I'm just taking Advil now. Thinking about trying to squeeze myself into a much smaller garment to see if it might help the swelling. Energy is still really low. Going for post op appointment today. Just waiting for time to go by so I can feel and look better again.

One week

Went and saw Dr Toy yesterday. He was super happy with everything, which was perfect timing since I was feeling down because I am so insanely swollen. He said he removed nearly 3.5 liters which made me super happy! He also reassured me that my low energy, hot flashes and generally feeling pretty awful was all normal since my surgery was pretty big. Feeling good today, trying to be patient and hope the swelling and pain starts to go away soon!

10 days post op

Well, I'm still in some pain and still incredibly swollen...and black and blue! Each day is getting a bit better. More energy too.

Two weeks post op

I feel like I turned a corner the last few days. My energy levels are great now. Pain is still there, but gets a little better each day and I can manage being up and doing stuff for long periods of time before I have to elevate my legs. Still trying to not sit, which is ok because it's very tender there anyway. I can wear my tight jeans with the garment underneath and I'm super pleased with how I look in jeans now. I am still incredibly bruised and swollen, but the swelling has gone down quite a bit in the last few days. I've started icing my legs a few times each day. I'm excited.

3 weeks post op

Things are slowly getting better each day. It's a long process. Photos are after a long day on my feet.

3 week photos

2 month update - not so great

Well, it's been 2 months now and unfortunately, things are not looking great. I'm quite happy with my legs from the front in jeans, but the fat grafted area is a whole other story. Now that the fat has settled and become squishy and not hard/swollen, my perky butt has dropped and the fat grafted area has become pronounced fat rolls under my butt. So now instead of a crease there I have fat rolls. Big ones! I can't even stand to take a photo to be honest. I'm so self conscious I have to tape that area down before I go to the gym because it's so noticeable in tight gym clothes!! I am foam rolling and massaging the area in hopes it will flatten out, especially before summer and swim suit season!!! I'm also back at the gym 5 days a week, eating super well, and trying to do lots of leg/glute work to try and perk my butt up again! Holding out hope things improve a lot.

Photo of my issue

Decided to show a photo of the problem area. Contacted Dr Toy's office and going to see him in the near future to see what he has to say about it.

3 month update

Well, things are much the same. I'm pretty happy with my legs from the front, but these under the butt fat rolls have got to go!!! I still have to wear compression under my jeans and gym clothes and I am dreading putting on a swim suit in a few weeks! I am also still numb in places and my left thigh has a strange lump on the top. Frustrated but trying to hope for the best...

Going in for revision next week

Dr Toy is going to do very minor liposuction to the area under the butt to remove the rolls next Wednesday. This will be done under local so it shouldn't be too bad. I'm excited and super nervous!!

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