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I have 4 girls ages 12, 6,3,2. I have wanted a...

I have 4 girls ages 12, 6,3,2. I have wanted a tummy tuck since I had my first daughter, after the fourth I definitely need one!! I am 145 workout quite a bit but my belly ain't going nowhere without a scalpel. I'm extremely nervous!! I am naturally quite high strung as my hubby would say and I'm a worry wart, I worry about everything!! At this point I just want to get this over with so I don't stress about it any longer just recover as peacefully as possible.

My surgery is scheduled for Feb 28th. Im a stay at home mom, so no need to book off work, I have my hubby staying home with me for 10 days. He has to travel out of country for a week then and my MIL will come help out during the day. My hubby then will be working from home for a week, then it's back to life as per usual!! I also hired a cleaner for 3 months to help with housework.

Can't wait to finally feel normal again! Wear a swimsuit not mean for a granny, go shopping for new jeans and fitted tops, and mostly just o feel confident and beautiful in my own skin again, so I can set a good example of a healthy body image for my 4 lovely daughters!

Ok so I'm day 2 post op. it's been tough, very...

Ok so I'm day 2 post op. it's been tough, very painful! Not dealing with this recovery as well as I expected to.

Having a great day so far!! Took a shower (what...

Having a great day so far!! Took a shower (what an ordeal! But soo worth it!) and got a good look at my whole new body in the mirror as I was showering! Wow! I look fantastic!!! I have not said that about myself in 12 years, I was so happy looking at myself I was just about in tears! In only pod 3 so i know things are just going to get better from here:) my hubby says to me I look fantastic but the best thing is the smile on my face he can see I'm so happy with the result so far. He has always been very supportive of this but also made it clear to me that he loves me and I did not need to do this for him, he thought I was beautiful before too:) I'm such a lucky girl! Going for my nap now... A good long one:)

PO day 5! Got my drains out and was told I can...

PO day 5! Got my drains out and was told I can stop using my compression garmet and go to using a full body suit(waaay more comfy!) everything looks great, swelling is not too terrible, even considering trying extra strength Tylenol for pain management this afternoon... We'll see!! My main complain right now is still constipation:( eating nothing but fruit, veggies and bran and tons of water doubling up on stool softners and its not helping even a little bit...will post more pics after my next shower!

Tried to come off narcotic today because it...

Tried to come off narcotic today because it causing terrible constipation! Bad idea:( I don't know if it was because of drain removal today? I was doing so good but now today my pain is worse than day one! Putting my compression garment back on and taking a percocet at my next med time!! Disappointing setback. POD 6

My only complaint today is boredom! I'm so bored!...

My only complaint today is boredom! I'm so bored! Sick of watching TV and playing on my iPad. It's gonna be a long few weeks!! I'm a do-er, always up and about doing something... I'm a busy mom I've got four kids I'm constantly running around. Honestly, I was looking forward to laying around doing much o nothing for a couple weeks. It's been 6 days and I'm ready to go crazy!

Anyhoo, on another note, I feel like some of the nerve endings are starting to come back to life, I'm having alot of burning/tingling/pulling in my tummy and on my incision line. Also anyone else feel like a pinched nerve or something on their groin/ inner thigh... It like a sharp stabbing feeling, hope that's not permanent!!

So, feeling ALOT of pain along the incision line...

So, feeling ALOT of pain along the incision line and the whole general area is not numb anymore, it's REALLY sore to the touch. Still some numbness in areas but its awake for the most part. Slowly taking its time getting better, still very much swollen. The compression garment is pressing up against the brusing and well, it makes for a very long day. Trying to really ease off pain medications. When I wake up In the morning I am feel pretty good so I take an OTC Tylenol. As the day goes on my pain progresses, by 4 pm I need T3 and then a percocet at bedtime. Hubby is leaving in 3 days:-/ was really hoping to be a bit better by now. Hopefully a lot of healing happens in the next few days. My MiL is coming to help me all next week but y guys know what it's like.. It's much easier for me to sit here and let my hubby do everything, It's going to be way harder for me to let her take over everything! Added a close up pic of my BB.

So I'm 8 days PO now, today was much better than...

So I'm 8 days PO now, today was much better than yesterday. Had a tad more energy. Even went for a quick shopping trip with hubby to get some new shirts for his trip Monday. Was out just over an hour and then came home and laid on the couch all afternoon!! Didn't wear my CG while laying around cause my swelling was not terrible but my skin is very sensitive to the touch... My bruising and the incision line and basically my entire stomach hurts to touch. So the CG stayed off for most of the day and I think it was fine... My swelling did increase a bit by the end of the day so we just put it back on for the evening.

But so far I am sooo deliriously happy with my results!! Loving my BB, my incision is healing beautifully. Now I'm just impatiently waiting to be fully healed and back to life as usual! So excited to get back out in the world with my cute new body:)

3 weeks PO not feeling too bad just the same...

3 weeks PO not feeling too bad just the same complaint as everyone else in this forum... SWELLING SUCKS! Looking in the mirror is frustrating because although my stomach is obviously flatter I really don't feel much smaller or thinner at this point. Never thought I would be one of those people who experienced post surgery depression, I figured I'd be elated with my results.

Trying to find a delicate balance between resting and taking care of my 4 kids and house. Here is Alberta it's the second day of spring but we are having a major snowstorm and there is no end in sight until the beginning of April. All my Canadian friends will understand the depression and anxiousness for this to be over with once March comes and goes and is still winter!! ( it started here in mid October) looking forward to getting my kids outside and too the park. Can't wait to feel the warm sun on my skin once again! I think this will improve my overall well being (my kids too) Happy Healing everyone!!
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