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I have had two consultations with dr chong in...

I have had two consultations with dr chong in Edmonton. Im 31 years old and have two beautiful boys. I gainneda great deal of weight with both pregnancies. Im 5'3" and was 200lbs with my first and 194 with my second. After loosing 50+ pounds twice i have lost my once beautiful breasts and my tummy is very stretched. Im nervous about choosing the right doctor, and im nervous about recovery as my kids are still very young ...

just an update

Sorry about the previous spelling errors I was typing from my phone in bed and was tired. Blah. Anyways I feel like Im driving myself crazy reading reviews and googling images. I guess thats normal to worry right. I just want everything to turn out. Im worried that with a breast lift that there may not be enough tissue, and if I need an implant (which I love the upper pole fulness) I would not be able to afford the tummy tuck at the same time. I was quoted 15000$ for the implant to be added to the lift... (does that sound right to anyone else?)

Consult scheduled for feb with dr toy

Finally got a call back from Dr Toys office, I have a consult for mid February. This will be my 3rd dr for consults and Im hoping that he will be the one. Im still on the fence about getting a tummy tuck, the healing time scares me, I have my two boys and my husband wouldnt be able to take more than a week off.

Doing just the breasts for now... need help deciding...

OK so I have decided to put off the tummy tuck for now. I would like to see how much work I can do myself on my tummy over the next year-. I am getting a full lift anchor lift with implant (because I like the shape and I really don't have very good tissue left for just a lift alone. My dilemma now is that I don't know if I should get High profiles (I love the look of the round top) or moderate profile (because hey Im a mom and probably should go a little more conservative with shape and be a bit more natural??) I also worry that because Im still a little wide in my tummy and my current breasts are wide that a moderate implant would suit me better?? Help!! Im not wanting to go much bigger because Im a full C-D 36. (5'3 132lbs) (lost 65+lbs)

I have been looking at so many reviews lately and I think it is just making me more confused. Im ready to post a picture in hopes that you guys can help me decide.

thanks in advance.

Also... going with Dr Toy in edmonton

Surgery is scheduled for April 2.... Im so nervous....

Adding pictures and I'm so nervous.

I'm hoping my review will get a bit more support now that I'm adding my before pictures.

Me in a bathing suit

Working on my tummy. 5'3 133lbs. Breasts skin spills out

Tomorrows my pre op. One week from today is surgery!

Well I have been looking at so many pictures of boobs! I think its making me parinoide, some too big, some too small, some too natural some too round. Im even having trouble sleeping which Im pretty sure is normal and common for most of us who have a week left. I know what ever size and profile I choose I will be better off than what I have now. Thats what my husband has told me to calm my fears. Which he is right moderate or full I will have nice boobs, I should trust my surgeon he knows what he is doing. Im sure after tomorrows appointment I will feel much better about things. On another less positive note, the day home lady who I had arranged a month ago to watch my boys day of surgery has booked a last minute trip to mexico... umm ya thanks lady! Because thats what I need to worry about. Anyways I think I have been able to convince my mom to help me. (we lost my dad and her husband feb 11 so shes having a hard time dealing... Has only watched the kidos 2 twice for me since for an hour or two.)

anyways thanks for the support ladies it sure helps talking to you guys about this. Im excited, nervous and just cant wait for it to be over and healed. Anyone else afraid of being put under?

will update again after tomorrows appointment (Which is at 8am in the city)

sheesh sorry for the spelling errors.

Wish there was a way to go back and correct posts... PARANOID, not parinoide LOL

Post op app done

Well I had my post op. I was so nervous driving to the office. The Doctor and I picked 335cc Full profile under the muscle. With my full anchor lift I should have very nice results. Im nervous and excited and I have full trust in my surgeon. He really feels this will give me the look Im wanting to achieve without being too big or too small. I was stuck in between wanting moderate and full and the moderate made me look heavy. (which is something Im trying to avoid being only 5'3- on a good day, and current weight is 132 as of this morning.) I also tried on 365cc in the full, and 300 moderate, 350 in the moderate plus.

I will take some pics later in shirts and post a couple. Less than a week now. I just want it done so I can stop worrying.

Before pics.

oops I said post op meant PRE OP LOL

I sure wish there was a way to edit posts!

Just wondering...

Hey ladies just curious what did everyone find they needed after surgery. Trying to get a list together to have everything ready. Any tips would be helpful.

So far I have
My prescriptions
Ice gel packs
As you can see i haven't gotten very far with my list lol!

Tomorrows the big day

Tomorrow is the big day and I am nervous as heck! Last night I barely slept. I had major anxiety. Im not worried about the pain after. Just worried about the possibility of complications and not waking up...(I know thats silly right?). Worried about my choice on size and profile... I just want them to be perfect. Im going to keep myself busy today getting as much done around the house as I can.

My surgery is at 9:45 tomorrow am. I will post as soon as Im able with an update. Please pray for me ladies.


Home and tired. Will update later. All went well

Pics day of surgery

335cc round full profile.
So far no pain. Some burning sensations.

1 day post

Hi ladies. I'm one day post. The girls are pretty tender today. Not much pain if I stay on top of my meds. Set the alarm to take them thought the night. Yesterday was pretty bad. Just dizzy and out of it and threw up a few times. Couldn't hold down any food. Hubby got me some gravol to take along with my meds and that seems to help. I plan on just staying in bed most of the day today. I hope you all are doing well in your recovery.

had my follow up

Slept most of the day and I had my follow up at 2:45 in the city. Dr Toy said he thinks they look great. He seemed really pleased. Said most implants will ride high within the first 24 hours if they are going too. So it looks like mine wont yay!. He said I could shower tomorrow which Im looking soo forward too. Since we were in the city we stopped at Costco and walked around. Bought some meats and a chicken pot pie for supper which I was able to eat so that was my first meal since prior to surgery. I went back to sleep and watched half a movie. Im pretty sore tonight I think maybe that costco walk might have been a bit much. Who knew... LOL> Back in bed now.

shouldn't have stepped on the scale...

Up 6lbs from surgery day. Must be major water retention because so far Iv only eaten 2 small meals. Iv also not gone poop yet. Taking two softeners a day, theres some rumbling going on in my tummy so I think its on its way.
On the bright side I did get to have a shower which was fanfreakingtastic. I feel like a new woman. It was a little weird with my boobs out of the surgical bra. Sort of wishing I had gone a tad bigger but I think they are perfect. Once they soften and fluff they will be better I think.

Day 3

Hi everyone. I slept most of the afternoon. My tummy was pretty upset. I still don't have much of an appetite. Pain is less and I'm only taking one pain med every 4-5 hours instead of 2. Had another shower today. Able to move my arms with no real discomfort.

Day three pics

Off pain meds

Hey everyone. Hubby's back to work today. So it's just me and the two kids. I stopped my prescription pain meds yesterday and just took Tylenol as needed. I feel alright. Only lifting my youngest when it's absolutely necessary. I started doing my displacement massage yesterday. The tops are pretty firm still. The massage doesn't hurt at all. I'm wishing I had gone with the 365 just a little but bigger. But my mom and husband say that they are a great size. They look very natural under clothes. And this morning I finally went poop! Hurray! I think it's because I stopped the percocets. Either way my tummy is happier. I'm still pretty bloated. But from everyone's posts that iv read that's pretty common. Iv also been sleeping sort of on my sides again. Like still on my back but on my side. I have been using a lot of pillows to get comfortable. One more thing I can feel my left implant moving as I move... Anyone else have this? It doesn't hurt it's just weird. Hope your all doing well.

Day 11

Hey! It's been 11 days. Things are great I love them. I do still in the back of my mind wish I had gone with the 370 but I'm just going to forget about that. Lol.

Last week I had my kids Monday Tuesday and by Wednesday I had worn myself out. I had them go t the day home for two days and I rested. Iv been off my meds since about day 4. I wear my surgical bra around the clock like my ps instructed. I have a strap as well that I wore for the first week. My bruising is almost gone. Some of my sterile strips came off so I replaced it with paper tape. My two week follow up is next week so il let you all know what he says.



3.5 weeks since surgery.

Hi everyone! It's been nearly 4 weeks. I felt like i tore a internal stitch for a minute yesterday while lifting my little one. So iv been really careful how I hold him. Trying to remember to more hip carry. I am not loving my shape. I feel like they are not round on the inside or top. I feel like I have no cleavage. Also as you can see my left side hasn't dropped as much as my right side yet but it's barely noticeable in clothes. I don't see my dr for another 2 weeks. That's about all I have for today. I have been reading all of your updates and I'm so happy for you all!

Positive thinking

Thank you ladies for all your positive comments. You guys are gems.


Hi ladies. It's been just over a month now. I wanted to show you my progress of my scars. I tape them about every 5 days or so then change the tape. My ps recommended I keep taping for 3 months. So I guess two more months of taping to go. I'm pleased with my scar I think it is healing quite nice. This picture also shows where I think it's a bit flat on the inside like I mentioned earlier. Let me know what you guys think??

New bra!

Hi ladies! So I went bra shopping yesterday. I was shocked to find out I was a C 36. I thought for sure I would have been a D. I guess my suspicions were correct when I felt small. That being said I like them more this week then I did last week lol. Here are a couple pics of my new bra. It's from la senza. My appointment is scheduled for next Thursday work my ps for my 6 week check up.

Six weeks already

Hey everyone. It's been six weeks already. Things are healed nicely. I had my check up yesterday. My ps is pleased. We talked about the flat area and he mentioned a possible small revision to remove a bit more skin along the verticle incision. Which he had mentioned prior to my surgery. Due to my skin quality. (Very poor very stretched) so I'm ok with that. I didn't mention to him how I wished I was bigger. Since I don't think I'm a candidate for larger size because of my skin quality. He did clear me to wear underwires now but no push ups yet. They still have more dropping to do. I'm also still supossed to tape for another month and a half.

Our weather has gotten much nicer so we have been outside a lot. I am loving my look in tanks and right shirts. I no longer pull up my shirt to hide my hideous cleavage. Wish that little voice that keeps saying you should have went bigger would be quiet already lol. Boob greed I guess lol.

Hope you are all doing well. I will post new pics a bit later when I get a chance.

Almost 2 months

Hey ladies. Not much new to report. I'm still taping as instructed. Wearing underwires more frequently. I'm pretty happy with them but I still wish I had gone bigger. I'm undecided if I'm going to do anything about that yet. I will be having a revision sometime in the fall to tighten the skin using the vertical incision. Il post some bathing suit shots soon.
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