45 Yr Old Who Needed at Fix Up - Edmonton, AB

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My TT was an after thought during my BL/BA...

My TT was an after thought during my BL/BA consultation. I figured I was going for surgery anyway, so why not. Since then there's been ups and downs. My worst down was my incision got blisters from the strips and that caused my incision to open. During this, I also had stitches migrate out. My PS had to remove them on 2 occasions. I think I'm finally healing. The pictures are from mid may, end of May and last week. My scar won't be pretty, but I suppose it can be fixed in a yr or so. All in all, the experience has been a learning one. I'd do it again, but wish I wouldn't have had complications and realistically it could have been much worse.

Still not great.....but getting there!!

So here I am. 13 weeks post yesterday. Saw my PS on Thursday. Good news is there is only the small hole on the one side not fully healed. Bad news, the scar in the front is permanent and not pretty. It will fade for sure but that's all. All my other scars are thin and perfect. I guess the ugly is what happens when incisions are open for 11 wks. Sucks!! In a year he can fix it. So I wait another year. May be now the swelling will subside some. And my BB will always look weird too. Appparently my pigment looked like that before. Ugh. Funny is my kids (17-22) don't know, so they'll figure it out on vacation next month. I can also do some exercise now. My arms got weak and it will help pack my "gut" down. My 120 lbs is still 120 lbs. Tossed my binder buddy finally. My cg still on during the day. It makes me feel flatter. I slept with out it last night for the first time. Also weird. I hope my scar fix is free cause otherwise I'll have to think about it. I also forgot to ask when I have to see him again. I was so happy that I can uncover most of the scar I forgot. Otherwise nothing new here. Hope healing is going better for all!!

Almost 19 wks......blah!!

So in a few days it'll be the 19 week mark. I'm sitting in limbo now. I still have the same hole as before. Same as a month ago. My vacation starts Saturday and still swelling later in the day. Still wearing "Grannys" all day every day. Just not to sleep. Same ole........blah and tired if it. My patience are gone. I can't even buy smaller Grannys as small is the smallest. I have found bathing suit bottoms which is great. I've noticed in pics a lot of us have the same ones in different colors ha ha. Great minds! My BB is weird, and permanent. I will probably have the scar fixed too. Anyway, what do you think? I'm a bit disappointed at my 10000.00 (cnd) decision.....and Friday is week 19!!
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