I'm a 45 Year Old Getting FTT in Edmonton

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I have a 25 year old son and a 23 year old...

I have a 25 year old son and a 23 year old daughter and I like so many others on here I am finally putting myself first. I am getting ftt w MR and lipo on thighs and flanks. I have also been thinking of getting BA. I have read a lot about women wanting a BAafter their tummy tuck so I am worried that I will be regretting not getting mine done and that the TT will excentuate my droopy boobs. My Dr is Dr David Edwards of Edmonton ab and I have seen great reviews about him so I am hoping his work is as good as the rest of the results I see here. Can hardly wait to get my sexy back. These days I not only don't want my be to see me but I don't want to see me naked. I've included some b4 pics.

3 weeks and counting

So received my care garment And Spanx from Amazon and waiting on my silicone scar treatment. For those who are wondering I'm up to $250 in supplies from Amazon, $ 1000 in accommodations as I'm travelling outside of my home town, 13000.00 for the surgery and another $200.00 in supplies and food yet to come. This is a major investment in my happiness and I wish I had done it a long time ago.

2 weeks and counting....

Well got most of my medical supplies just missing my wedges for the bed support and sterile gloves. Started to wean myself off of my nightly glass of wine for the last 2 weeks and now I will stop all together. Upping my protein , taking multivitamin twice a day and increased vitamin C with a daily dose of oj and oranges. I make my final payment tomorrow for the $13000.00 ( insert a bit of crying here, my first appt was 5 years ago and it was $8000 then). I am also mentally and emotionally preparing myself. I am a bit concerned about the depression affects of the anesthesia and trying very hard to put myself in the right frame of mind. I have struggled with some mood swings since menopause so I am hoping it won't get too bad. I have already warned my boyfriend, he might some liquid therapy lol
I did go out for a hot tub with my daughter tonite and I looked at her beautiful tummy and thought...I'm going to have one of those soon and I won't be embarrassed and trying desperately to keep my swim suit top down and make sure everything is covered up. I will so happy to be rid of that anxiety and that my friends is what is keeping me sane and not regretting the thousands I'm spending. Cheers to you all that have suffered with me and to the flatlands!

Let's talk catheters....

I have seen some comments on catheters being used during the surgery. Does everyone get one? Do they put it in and take it out before or after you are under. I had one with my hysterectomy and by goodness it hurt a lot, so it has me a bit freaked out and I hope I don't need one.

What to wear to work?

So I start going back to work after 2 weeks and it's the middle of winter so it wil very cold here. I am starting to worry if the clothes I have will fit to wear to work the first couple of weeks. Do I need to buy some loose clothes to wear as I have to wear pants or will my normal clothes be good enough? Just don't want to wind up with nothing but Pajama pants that fit to wear to work.

1 week and counting...

Can't believe how fast these last couple of weeks have gone and now I'm only a week away.
Took some more pics so I can make sure to get a real good sense of the disgusting before compared to the after.
Just picked up my protein and arnica, even though my Dr didn't recommend these but I figure it couldn't hurt.
Like everyone else on here I have moments of sheer exhilaration and moments of sheer " holy crap ". I think on a daily basis I go through the whole spectrum between the two lol
So glad that so many amazing women have shared their stories, it makes me feel so much better to hear about the pain but then by day 7 and day 14 and so on, it gets exponentially better. Knowing getting past the first 5 days is the worst is an asset to have to prepare mentally.

So what about the unveil questions?

So I am not telling anyone but my daughter and son and of course my wonderful boyfriend who is taking care of me. And now I am thinking..what am I going to say to everyone when they see me in a bikini? All of my friends and family have either never seen me in one or not since I was eighteen before my kids.
I know I haven't even had the surgery yet but I have all these thoughts running through my head and that is one of them.
Any suggestions?

2 days and counting....

Well started my arnica today which is 3 tablets of 200 cc 3 x a day direct on to your tongue ( do not handle with your hands) and let dissolve naturally. Two protein shakes a day which I will be continuing for 2 to 3 weeks after surgery. Packing up all my stuff to take the 4 hour drive to Edmonton, getting all the last minute grocery shopping done tomorrow. I haven't been able to really sleep or concentrate on anything but this surgery since yesterday, I think I have officially drove my bf crazy. Super excited but also super nervous, so worried about everything and my anxiety is over the top. Can hardly wait till it's over and I have joined the flatlands.

24 hour count down

Well confirmed my appt tmrw 945 am so 24 hours from now i will finally taking the leap i have waited for for too many years.
I am a worrier so at this stage i havent slept much in 2 days worrying about my work, my surgery, my bf, my stories i have told everyone, my recovery. I need someone to bonk me over the head lol
At least i dont need any laxatives my nerves have completely taken care of that preperation step.
I have my bf taking pics so i will post them when i can.
Thanks everyone for your support.

Off to the surgery

On my way...i will be waking up in a few hours to join my flatland sisters.
Scared nervous excited.

I made it to the flatlands

Thank you for all your support. It has been a rough 24 hours but I know it will get better from here.
Pretty doped up right now on precepts. I will update again when I am more alert. I go in for my post op tmrw I am hoping to get a peek.
Will sends pics if I can.

Went for my post op

Had my post op and it felt good to get out even though it's been only been 2 days. Got my dressing changed and got to see the results and wow it was a bit surreal. I'll post some pics and I'll try to post tmrw to give some. Detail just not feeling up to it.
Thanks again for all the support.

Day 3 update

Woke up feeling stiff and sore as per normal but actually got 4 consecutive hours of sleep so was happy with that. Took 2 Tylenol 3 instead of the Percocets and that was a mistake as it made me very stoned and neaseaus and I got sick. Took some gravel slept for a couple hours and had my first shower ...it felt good. So feeling much better. Still no BM even with the laxatives so sending bf out to get me something stronger.
Bf has been amazing and has catered to my every need wouldn't have been able to do this without him.
Trying not to be too concerned about that horrible bruising in my front as I am sure it will go away but just don't remember seeing any pics with bruising like that on the front. Did anyone experience that?
Time for my meds and another nap been a busy day lol
Take care

Surgery day experience part 1 of 2

My surgery day was Tuesday dec 15 at 1015 am and I had to be there at 945 for preop prepping. Got to the Dr office at 945 and signed in and was told the Dr was running about 30 minutes behind and we should go get the prescription filled and check out the post op door, so we did that and came back around 1010 and was told to hang tight and someone would be out shortly to get me. Good thing we picked up reading material as it was 1045 before someone appeared to take me back and we were told my bf was not allowed back so we said our good byes in the lobby. The nurse took me into another room and got my vitals and I got completely undressed put on the hospital gown and robe, had to take my socks off as I had lipo on my thighs. Wish I had brought my book to read as I sat for another 45 minutes in the room until Dr Edwards came in and said hi, took some pics and left, he didn't say much, then about 5 min later the anesthesiologist came in and went over my chart and found that the nurse had written down my meds down wrong it should have been "ventolin" and she wrote " Advil". He was extremely nice and sat with me a bit and asked if I had any concerns and we had a bit of a chat which calmed my nerves a bit. At 1145 am I walked into the operating room where there was a flurry of activity. They put me on the table, prepped me, gave me the iv gave me some oxygen and then bam I was out around around 1200 and the surgery was started...see part 2

Surgery day experience Part 2

I woke up with a startle as a nurse called my name at the end of my bed saying that I was done the surgery and I was in the post op. I had a horrible burning on my stomach and I felt sick and dizzy. They asked how my pain was and I said 8 and then proceeded to throw up. They gave me more gravel and more pain meds and told me they had called my ride to be here at 330 ( so I assume it was 230) and I passed out again. I was startled awake by a nurse calling my name and telling me my ride was here and time to get up. As I slowly got out of my haze I proceeded to throw up again, which was very painful so they gave me some more gravel and more pain meds and one of the nurses was waving oxygen under my nose saying that sometimes that helped. They then got me up which was again painful and made me more nausea, so they helped me walked to the bathroom and I was sitting on the toilet trying to pee I was throwing up and the nurse continued to get me dressed. So once I was done peeing and throwing up, the nurse proceeded to throw on my shirt and walked me to the wheelchair. My bf was asked to wait outside while they took me to the bathroom and got me dressed. They showed him my dressing and binder and drains while I was still trying to wake up and throwing up. At around 415 I was wheeled out to the car by a side entrance in the mall where my bf helped me into the car. I barely remember the ride home and I had to walk to the elevator and down a very long hallway to get to the apt we are staying at, thank god I was so doped up I don't remember it. I was also glad in away that I was the last patient so there wasn't anyone else around ( i think I remember about 4 other beds?)but I also felt rushed and they were in a hurry to get me out the door so they could go home. I was also expecting Dr Edwards to see me before I left but did not see him. This was just a very different experience from the one I have had previously at a hospital but maybe that is to be expected as it is elective and it isn't involving any major organ. The 24 hours after surgery was very painful and I was up every 2 hours. I am glad that is behind me and so far I love my results.
For the post op, I had to enter through the side mall entrance which was a bit embarrassing considering I was a complete doped up mess. And still in a lot of pain to walk. The Dr did not see me, the nurse came in and talked to me, changed the dressing, she was very nice and informative. Then I had to walk back through the mall and wait outside while my bf got the car. Not a very good set up.looking forward to my 1 week post op appt to get these drains out.
Thanks for reading and hope it was informative.

Day 4 update

feeling better everyday however had a breakdown today as i started to feel sick again and it was disappointing as i was feeling pretty good in between the diarhea and the neaseau. although i am pretty much off the painkillers and just take advil throughout the day, my right hip incision still is very painful when bumped andmy drains still sting if they get pinched. but i don't have alot of swelling and i can pretty much move around freely now with only a slight hunch. still have quite a bit of bruising and the bruise on my stomach looks like a blister. i am able to shower so at least that is a blessing and it makes me feel so much better. i have uploaded some new pics. my bf says i am looking better everyday , he has been so wonderful, but i am not seeing the difference. i just need patience, its just hard. thanks. take care everyone.

Day 5 update

Well everything seemed to be going okay when I woke up, didn't have a great sleep but that had to with my neck and shoulder more than my tummy. I am used to sleeping on my stomach so I think all this laying on my back has put a lot of stress on my upper back. So took 2 Percocets around mid nite so i finally fell asleep around 2. My drainage has been good and is under the 25 cc they want to see in a 24 hour period so I was pretty happy about that. I am walking around really well, just slowly and I get tired quickly. So after about an hour after my bf changed the drains, I noticed blood on my Spanx, so I stripped down and my drain had slipped almost out. Tried to get ahold of my Dr and was told he was not on call today and to go to emergency. Well after4 hours at the hospital they checked me over, cleaned me up and removed one of the drains and just covered it with gauze. To say I'm frustrated is an understatement but I am trying to be patient and not beat myself up that I chose this surgery so I just need to suck it up. I am hoping tomorrow will be the day that things finally turn the corner for me. Thanks for listening and your support. Take cAre.

Drains are out

Had my 2nd post op with Dr Edwards and everything went well and hallelujah they took that last drain out. The red on my stomach is blistering which he peeled off and then they added polysporin to the area. The blistering is likely from an allergic reaction from something and it caused part of my incision to open up, ugh! I now have to go back in 2 weeks to make sure everything is healing well. Which is a pain since I live 4 hours away. But on the good news front, no drains and no swelling so far and I get to go home today, yippee! Oh and I also have a flat tight stomach, which is something I have wanted for over 20 years.
Take care my sisters.

What a difference a day makes

So yesterday my drains got removed and I got to go home. Today I am feeling so much better than yesterday, I got to sleep through the entire night, my bowels are finally working normally, I am not on pain meds other than Advil and I can actually move around and get in and out of bed without the help of my bf. I still have almost no swelling but this blistering on my stomach is really got me worried and the Dr told me it won't scar but I have never seen pics with this type of blistering so I have no reference on how this turns out. Does anyone know of anyone else this has happened to? I guess only time will tell. Take care and I will upload some pics, so you can see what the blistering looks like now.

Updated pics

Here is what my stomach looks like today. Looks pretty nasty. Ugh!

Had to go buy a new bra today

I finally decided to put on a bra today and it didn't fit around me anymore, it was way too big. I honestly wasn't expecting this as I didn't think I would lose inches up there. So my be took me shopping for some pants to wear Xmas day as nothing will fit over my binder and new bras. To my surprise he picked ,e up some sexy new undies and paid for the whole works. He has been so amazing, plus he can hardly wait to see me in them and out of them. Wink wink. Lol
Anyone else have this happen?

Merry Christmas and update PO day 9

i hope everyone had a pain free and happy Christmas Day. I know I ate way too much because I didn't want to be rude and had 2 glasses of wine, I now feel swollen and bloated. I have been taking it very easy and not eating very much as it seems like I have a few bites and I'm full. I'm not sure how much skin or fat my Dr took off but according to my scale I have lost 5.5 lbs since the surgery and I have lost 8 lbs since I began the journey in sept., so I am now down to 123 lbs. my stomach mess is looking better and is healing slowly, just keeping up with the cleaning and dressing changes is an added hassle. Will be glad to be resting for the next 3 days before I go back to work and definitely won't be doing anymore heavy eating or indulging in alcohol. Hope everyone is well, take care.

PO day 12 feeling good but frustrated

Well I feel pretty good today after 2 days of swell hell and feeling awful from my gluttony on Xmas day. I actually gained 3 lbs from all the swelling and thought my stitches we're going to pop. Ugh! After 2 days of feet up, very lite eating and about 4 litres of water with lemon a day, I am down to 122 lbs. this puts me at a total so far of 9 lbs of weight loss.
My frustration comes from the state of my stomach wound. I have literally been obsessed (and driving my bf crazy) with how it is healing. I am worried about infection, necrosis, scarring, etc, because my Dr decided to pop the blister and left me with an open wound to care for. So I am stuck between wearing my cg, which controls my swelling and helps with muscle support and cutting off oxygen and blood supply to this wound and between keeping the open wound covered and letting the scabs dry. Ugh! So decided to wear cg during day and leave off during nite. Since my Dr is not available until January 5 I have posted a question to the Dr on here to try and get some help. I posted some pics, so upset and frustrated.

First Day back to work

Well after all my laziness over the last 2 weeks it was time to go back to work. Just wore leggings and a long sweater to cover my bulky cg and told pple I hurt my back. Luckily there is very little going on right now so it was a pretty quiet day and I only had to work till 4.
thank you all for your kind words and support with my stomach issues, at least my mind was off of it today at work.
My stomach looked pretty angry after being trapped in the cg all day and me sitting down and the swelling got pretty bad towards the end of the day, could hardly wait to take it off and put my feet up.
Hope everyone is well. Take care.

PO Day 16 Infection

Went to the local Dr here in my home town and it's official, I have an infection on my wound. So I have 2 antibiotics to take and he said I should see improvement in 3 to 4 days. Ugh! Happy the work week is over and I have 3 days off to relax. This is definitely an exercise in patience. I am hoping by Monday I am feeling better to start a full week and full days at work. Happy new year everyone!

Before and after photos

Well I finally figured out how to do before and after photos. With all the hassle of the wound on my stomach I thought these would make me feel better about my surgery. And it sure did. I am still quite swollen in the pics which my infection is contributing to, so I'm on day 2 of my antibiotics so I'm hoping they really start to work over the next 2 days. I've covered up my wound as it is pretty nasty looking and didn't want it to be shown. I have a great shape and a flat stomach and I know Ill see even better results as the wound heals and the swelling goes down. Trying to be patient and work through this long process. I have plans to go to Florida in March and just hoping this wound will be healed by then so I can rock a bikini at the beach for the first time in 25 years. Take care.

3 weeks PO and wound update

Well it's been a quick 3 weeks and there has been some good days and definitely some bad days. It's back to the routine and I'm on my own after 3 weeks of being pampered by my bf. Today was a good day with not a lot of pain and the swelling was bad but not the worst, sometimes it feels like I'm 5 months pregnant and my incision is going to pop. It is my second week of work but I still can't get past 430 before I need to go home, I usually work till 7. Restless legs are keeping me up at nite, so not sleeping very well. I'm only taking Advil at nite and before work, so my pain is minimal, more on my lipo sites than anywhere else.
As for my wound, it's doing much better with the antibiotics and not wearing my binder at nite, I also wear it loose over my wound during the day. I finally have an appt with my dr on Monday, and will be interested to see what he has to say about my progress. I've added some photos, I'm swollen but the wound is looking way better than it did.
I hope everyone is well. Take care.

woke up with rash

Well i just cant catch a break. Im not sure why but i woke up with a rash all over the front of my torso. I uploaded a picture of the rash, has anyone seen this before?

Update on rash

Thank you so much for your comments, I immediately stopped taking the antibiotics and then after work I went to see pharmacist and got some Claritin. After 1 claritin and a good nite sleep my rash is almost gone and is no longer itchy. And on another good news front I am down another 2 lbs so that is a total of 11 lbs. I think the inability to eat like I used to, no salt, no more than 1 glass of wine, no more than a very small portion of food, no more grease, any of these makes me feel sick and bloated and very swollen, has helped me loose the weight I so desperately tried to loose for years. Oh yea and the cutting off of all that flap and sucking of the fat out my body helped too. :) I am hoping we are all on the upswing of healing. Take care.

PO 1 month and wound update

So had the long awaited dr appt today and boy i finally got his attention. The nurse, who was wonderful, was absolutely shocked at the state of my wound ( said she never seen such a mess). Once she got me settled she went to go get the dr and lets say he got the message i was not happy. So he proceeded to excavate the area under my bb, the small scab on my tummy and then the necrotic area on my incision. The necrotic spot on my incision left a hole that they packed with polysporin.
He then prescribed me some antibiotic ointment to treat the area twice a day. I need to keep it clean with antibacterial soap daily and covered with gauze or mini pads.
This is what i found out...
1. They took out 1 liter of fat and 1 lb of skin
2. I had excellent blood flow at the time of surgery and have never smoked in my life, the dr is baffled why this happened.
3. It will take 3 to 4 weeks for this wound to heal
4. Any scar revisions will be covered and he will take care of but will not know full scope of scarring until 6 months
5. Lump i have at top of upper abdomin is swelling.
6. No longer need binder i can switch to spanx
7. They took off tape and can use scar therapy
8.I can start exercising 6 weeks.

I need to take another 4 hour trip back to see him next monday to keep a close eye on the wound.
I wont upload a pic right now but i will try to take one tmrw to ensure i have a good diary of my journey with this wound.
Other than my wound and swelling im doing great and feeling fine. Still get tired by about 9 but that isn't surprising given what my body is fighting these days between the surgery infection and allergic reaction., the poor thing is exhausted.:)
Hope everyone is doing well. Take care.

mini pads or gauze

What do you ladies think, mini pads or gauze for wound/ incision coverage?

Pic update

Just thought I would upload some pictures. Overall I have been doing well, back to my 12 hour work days, wearing my Spanx which are sooo tight but they allow me to wear my normal clothes so that makes me feel good and the also seem to control the swelling a lot more than my binder. I've uploaded some wound pics, it's is very very very slowly getting better. I do like that my incision is very low and very thin. Looking forward to what my ps has to say on Monday but not looking forward to the 8 hour round trip. Hope everyone is well and keeping up the healing vibes.

PO week 5 and wound update

Well today was the follow up dr visit for my wound and everything was good. He said wound looks way better I just need to keep up the wound care. Still too early to tell if there will be scarring but he did say it will look nasty for weeks while it heals. The scar therapy/repair is where they cut the scar out and it leaves a thin line incision that you can then treat with bio oil or silicone sheets. The lumpiness on the sides where the lipo occurred needs to be massaged daily.
I have another appt in 3 weeks and I am hoping there will no more complications from now on and I can still wear that bikini in March. Thanks for everyone's support.

Pics and update

Well it has been an eventful week to say the least but I have found with this journey that there isn't a week that go by that you don't have to over come some obstacle.
I continue to struggle with caring for my wound, it's highly frustrating and I think I have seriously put the medical supply grandchildren through college with how much I've spent. I continue to be diligent in changing dressing and being careful with my eating and movement. I am dfinitely tired of this recovery and just want to feel normal again but I know this will pass and in 6months I will look back and not think it was so long.
I stopped using my Spanx as they were just too much of a pain to put on and off especially with my wound dressing and then I had a bit of a stomach bug and trust me, you don't want to be struggling with getting Spanx off when you have diarrhea, ugh. It was also very very tight by the end of the day when the swelling was the worst and I thought it was putting too much pressure on my wound. I now use my binder I bought from Amazon and put a tea towel underneath to cut down on the rubbing against my skin.
It's been almost 6 weeks since the surgery and I am down 14 lbs since I started my journey in September and 9 lbs since the surgery. I still wear my old jeans as usually by the end of the day I'm so swollen I can loosen my belt and they still fit ok and don't put any pressure on my stomach.
I also started to wear my silicone scar therapy which seems to be helping but not sure as it has only been 5 days. I hope everyone else is keeping strong and keeping up the patience through this marathon recovery. Take care.

Up and down in the same day?

So I knew I would have ups and downs in this process but in the same day? I finally was able tod go for a way over due hair cut and colour on Friday nite, which was very taxing on me as it takes 3 hours to do my long hair and after a long week it left me exhausted but felt sooo good to have that mop gone off my head. So the next thing was to get my feet done, so Saturday I was off for my pedicure, well I had a major compliment from another client .." You are so thin, there isn't an ounce of fat on you, you look amazing" ..it made me feel sooo good. That was my up. So as I left the salon feeling up, I started to walk down the mall and I was looking at some clothes, lingerie, bikinis and that is what made me feel down, I did not want to try anything on because of my wound and swelling. I started to feel depressed at the thought of spending 13000$ on this surgery and can't even stand the site of my stomach, makes me feel worse than b4 surgery. I also have plans to see my friends and family next weekend and they haven't seen me since b4 the surgery, so with all the weight loss, I went from 128 lbs when they seen me last to the barely 118 lbs I am today, which is very noticeable there will be a ton of questions, not looking forward to dodging them. I know it's probably more out of concern than being noisy, I've lost 10 lbs in 6 weeks, I'm sure they will wonder if I'm ok.
When will life be normal again??

New stretch mark

Yup you got it, woke up with a new dark stretch mark on my lower right side. I might be the only person alive that gets stretch marks after losing weight. Ugh! Putting a ton of bio oil on it but doubt that will do anything. Can I just have a do over please?

7 week PO and wound update

Well another week has passed with its own struggles in this recovery. Swelling is up and down depending on what i eat or drink in a day. My wound has finally taken a turn for the better. It was such a relief to finally feel like i was on the upside of healing. I have been wearing the care garment only during the day and been treating my incision with bio oil and silicone sheets, not sure if any of ot makes a difference. Drinking 2 glasses of pineapple and coconut juice a day and then 2 cups of hot water and manuka honey at nite. Not sure if either is helping but its definitely not hurting. Ive uploaded some pics from the morning but im even swollen in these, will be happy to see final results. Hope all of my tt sisters are doing well and thanks for your support

8 week PO and wound update

Well it's been 2 months and what a journey through the flatlands. My wound is healing very slowly. I still have pain in my upper abdomen nut I have stopped wearing my care garment as it didn't seem to help any. I have lost 14 lbs since my journey started in September and 9 lbs since the surgery. I go up to 118 lbs on days and down to 116 lbs on good days. My abdomen is still sore but I assume that will continue for awhile. I seem to have gotten what I think is. known as dog ears and hoping the ps will fix that along with everything else. My 2 month Check up with the dr was cancelled by my pa so it looks like I'll have to reschedule. As I am 4 hours away it is not an easy task to reschedule an apt. Will try to get I again before my 3 mths are up. I am otherwise doing good. Or as good as expected. Hope everyone else is ok. It is also about 4 weeks into my silicone scar treatment and bio oil. Not sure if it has made a difference.

9 weeks PO and wound update

Well another week has passed and still struggling with the same challenges which is my wound and the swelling. The wound is healing and the holes closed up but it still looks nasty and I will likely need some form of revision on the scarring. The swelling is still very significant and I included some pictures so you can see the overhangs which is probably related to the swelling or my surgeon didn't do enough lipo. I am holding steady at that 116 to 118 lb weight, which I know will go down once I loose some of this swelling. I can fit into my size 8 pants and they are very loose in the morning but by the afternoon they become snug, so I usually keep to my size 9 and wear a belt so I can loosen it. I decided to take some laxatives to see if that helps with the swelling (was recommended by another TT sister) I hope it works. It looks like I will need quite a bit of revisions between my wound, belly button and now my newly acquired "dog ears". I am not sure why I got the dog ears as my incision is quite significant but maybe due to my weight loss?
Overall I am happy with my weight loss which I struggled with for 3 years after I hit menopause where I went from 113 lbs to 132 lbs. I still struggle with exercise as my wound seems like it gets pulled anytime I do anything. I also still have pulling feeling and my upper abdomen still is sore, I wonder if all this is caused by the swelling?
I am not sure if I should be doing any scar treatment given that I will need all these revsions. What do you ladies think, is it just a waste of time?
Thanks for reading and happy healing.

PO week 10 and wound update

Hi everyone, not too much to say other than I continue to heal, my abs don't hurt anymore but I still swell a lot. I will be happy when the swelling is gone.
My wound is looking better but it won't be ready for a bikini in a couple of weeks, so I'm thinking about some body makeup.
I hope everyone is healing well. Take care.

And so the saga continues

Well the time has flown by and I no longer hurt when I cough or sneeze or laugh. I have lost about 17 lbs since my journey began and 10 lbs since the surgery. I continue to struggle with swelling everyday and I have to be very careful what I eat and drink otherwise I blow up like a balloon. I haven't exercised much as I have been working extreme hours and I am exhausted to say the least.
I had a set back with my wound. I switched ointment to cover my wound and it seems like I am allergic to everything now some how and had an allergic reaction to the new ointment. It is a complete mess again, I have uploaded photos. So discouraged and disappointed, I no longer know what to do.
Heading on holidays today and bought a new bathing suit but will be unlikely to wear it on the beach. Unless this wound takes a significant turn for the better over the next week. Maybe with reduced stress things will get better.
I still have my dog ears and my scar doesn't look all that much better. My dr is useless, haven't seen him since February. Will try to get in to see him after my vacation if he can manage to squeeze me in to his busy schedule.
Take care my TT sisters. Hope to have better things to write next time.

PO 15 weeks update

Well I am back from vacation and it was exactly what I needed. Lots of exercise, relaxation and sunshine. My wound got pretty bad for awhile and I was worried it might have got infected. I contacted my PS and of course I was told " sorry can't help you, go to your local medi clinic. All I wanted was a call in prescription for an antibiotic but once again I was on my own. All worked out and it completely healed the last half of my vacation. I am back to where I was before the allergic reaction. The swelling has been hard to keep under control and I swell everyday no matter what I eat or drink. The swelling in my lower right has caused my thin white stretch marks to become thicker and back to purple. I am treating them with bio oil but I don't think it will help. I was wondering if I should start treating my wound with bio oil or just leave it? If I can ever get an appointment with my dr I will need revisions on my bb, wound scarring, and dog ears. My scar is still red but starting to lighten up.
I still have some on and off sensitivity in my upper abdomen if the swelling is bad but normal day to day is no pain or pulling,
I have managed to stay at 116 lbs which is 16 lbs since sept. And 12 lbs since the surgery.
Overall I am happy with my figure and weight loss but my dreams of wearing a bikini as a result of spending 16k is diminsioning everyday I deal with this wound.
I wish everyone happy healing and good thoughts go out to all my TT sisters. Thanks for your support during this journey.

Revision surgery booked

Well I finally have my revision surgery booked may 4. I am not sure what he will do to fix the mess of my stomach but anything has to be better then what I have to look at now. I just hope he doesn't cancel. I have uploaded some pics to show my progress from pre surgery to the beginning of my wound to last week to now. I am happy with my shape and weight loss but if I have to look at this disgusting wound the rest of my life I would have to say I was far better off before the surgery. As you can see by the pics I need revisions on the dog ears on both sides, belly button, and then both of my wounds and lower part of my incision. Almost like he needs to start again. Ugh!
I hope everyone else is doing well. Take care.

Revision update

Hi everyone I had an appointment for revisions last week and it winded up just being a consultation on what he was planning to do. So I had to make another aappointment for this last Monday to get the actual procedure done. In the end he just inserted cortisone treatments in my BlackBerry and in all of my scars. I will have to go back in 3 months. Very frustrated. Thanks everyone for checking in. I've attached some pics the day after procedure

1 1/2 week revision update

Well it's been a very busy week and a half since I had my shots. I honesty don't see any improvement. I bought some scar treatment stuff see if that helps. Maybe it's just a lost cause and I will have to live with a scarred ugly stomach for the rest of my life. I updated some pics. Do you see a difference?

Month revision update

Well it's been almost 6 months since the surgery and a month since my cortisone shots. Swelling is still a pain but other than that I am pretty much back to normal. My scarring is starting to lighten but still nasty looking. My bb is scarred and distorted. I have started to wear tighter clothes and everyone is noticing the amount of weight I've lost. Some say how great I look some are concerned. Ihave lost 17. Lbs and went from 132 lbs to 115 lbs. Pant size only dropped 2 sizes from 29 to 27 waste bra size 36 DD to 32 DD. I am happy with my figure just not happy with the look of my stomach and bb. Hoping that after these cortisone shots he fixes what is left over like my dog ears and messed up bb. Thanks everyone for your support and I've attached some pics

7 months PO

Well it's been 7 months since the surgery and 2 months since the shots. Not seeing too much improvement in the scars. Still swell no matter what I eat or drink. Keeping the weight down but struggle with exercising and eating well. I don't eat a lot as I swell and feel full after only a couple bites so it isn't hard to keep the weight off. I use bio oil twice a day but don't think that is really helping. I did some research on the micro needling that another member mentioned and seems to get some good results. Going to see what my ps surgeon says in my next treatment at the end of August. I am hoping he just does the revision surgery to fix everything so it looks better. So tired of looking at the ugly bb, bunching and scarring. I hope everyone else is well. Take care my TT sistas.

8 month PO

The time has flown by and I still am dealing with the swelling and my scar. It seems to be getting better but am hoping that one day I will look down and be happy I spent 13k on this surgery. Still happy with my figure and I look great in my tight clothes that I have not been able to wear in 15 years. I have gained 4 lbs but I think it is all water weight from my vacation and trying to flush it out with lots of water. I was suppose to go see my ps at end of August but as per usual he isn't available will on holidays until October. So no scar treatment for me until he gets back. Take care my TT sistas. I'll attach photos separately as it seems I can't right now.

8 month po pictures

Here is some pics to compare

9 month PO update

Well it's another month gone by and not much change. I seem to have developed a bit of a lump on my right lower side, and the swelling is nonstop. No real change in my scar. Have yet to have another follow up with my PS as every time I call to get another appt for some cortisone shots I keep being told its another month out. First it was August then October and now it's November. I think I'll just make an apt at his office instead of the clinic and ask him if he is going to fix this mess or not. If he isn't willing to fix my dog ears, bb and scar then I'll have to start looking at alternatives because I can't stand to look like this. Hope my TT sisters are doing well. Take care.

10 month PO update

Hi everyone, well another month has flown by and not much change. Still struggle with swelling, I use my cg at nite to help. I hate the way I look naked, with my scars, bb and dog ears. Along with a lot of ladies here I also struggle with my flanks and they hang over my pants. Definitely not the results I dreamed about when I dished out 13k.
Booked an appt for nov 23 and hoping to hear that he will fix all this mess somehow. I do enjoy seeing my figure in the mirror as long as I keep my clothes on, so I guess that's an improvement. Take care my TT sistas and thanks for your support.

Wound progress -warning graphic photos

Thought I would post a progress of my wound from right after surgery to today, in sequence.

Revision appointment update

I had my appointment to discuss my revision with my PS and it went very well. He took a look and agreed that he will do a complete revision for free. But here is the scary part, I will need to go back under and he has to reopen up my scar and bb, cut out the scarring and sew me back up with a vertical incision. So I will now have vertical scar. I am excited that I will be able to get lumpy scars gone but the though of going under the knife again and having this done is very scary. What if something goes wrong again? He said it won't be nearly as painful as most of the pain comes from the MR but I will have a drain but at least it will only be 1 and that there won't be nearly as much tension so the scar should heal very thinly. I guess the good part is I know a lot more about wound care, swelling, drains and recovery then I did before, so I am way more prepared that way. I don't have a date yet but it is likely to be in the new year around the end of January. I am waiting to hear from his administrator to book the appt.
thanks everyone for your support.

Update on revision surgery

I have been scheduled for my surgery on March 20th. To say that I am scared would be an understatement. I don't want it to be worse or to have any further complications. This time it will be done in a hospital out patient facility not in the private clinic, so that makes me feel a bit better. No change in my scarring or weight, same ole same ole. Still swelling, I don't think that will ever change but I guess it helps me keep off the weight as I can't really eat anything without swelling up and feeling full. I wil be very happy when all this is done. Take care. I will post some pics later.
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