Full Tummy Tuck with Lipo to flanks

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I saw Dr Korus for an initial consult on April 19...

I saw Dr Korus for an initial consult on April 19 at her office. She was professional, engaged and informative. I didn't feel rushed and she was welcomed my questions. I felt at ease with her and appreciated her input. After seeing 2 other surgeons, I've decided to go with Dr Korus and my surgery is scheduled in 6 weeks time. I'm very nervous and excited at the same time. I workout, eat well and now am ready for a stomach that matches the rest of my body!

Before pics

Before and after

I'm 3 days po and am feeling well. Surgery went well and my ps was amazing. I completely trusted her. Surgery took a total of 2.5 hrs and I stayed in recovery for about an hr afterwards and then ones discharged home. My husband has been so wonderful. Bless him! No pain just tenderness and an achy back from being hunched over. Sleep first night was not good but last night I managed to sleep 4 hr stretches for a total of 8 hrs. Drainage is decreasing too. Taking bromelain to reduce inflammation. I'm so pleased with my tummy and am looks forward to the improvement to come!

It's been 1 week!

Feeling better as each day passes. I'm standing/ walking upright so my back feels much better. No pain meds since po day 3. My drains are still in which is a hassle but they do come out on Monday so only a cpl more days. No pain and very little soreness in abdomen. Coughing is no longer a nightmare;) . Still sleeping on couch propped up by a million pillows. I still have 2 more weeks at home till I'm Back to work.
Happy healing all!

2 weeks post op!

I'm feeling better each and every day. Swelling isn't as bad. Been Sri info the kids to school and daycare since 10 days post op and feeling fine. I actually went shopping for a bit today and then met up with a friend for lunch! Felt good to be out and about. My steri strips are still on and my pa told me to simply let them fall off. Had my drains out this past Monday and was that ever liberating! Felt immediately better after they were removed. Will post again in a week or two :) Pics today taken 2 weeks post op this evening before my shower . Some swelling still but that is to be expected.

A few more before and after pics

Weighed in and...

I'm down 7lbs! I was really worried that I had gained weight but so I was pleasantly surprised to see my weight down. Im thinking that the excess skin/fat my ps removed probably weighed around 3-5 lbs? I have been eating sensibly (lots of greens and veggies) and drinking loads of water. I plan to do a light walk with my family today to get in some activity. Feeling good now thanks back in my bed! Still propping my head up and using pillows under my knees to keep tension on my incision at a minimum :)

4 weeks post op

All in all things are slowly improving as each day goes by. Swelling isn't as bad but I feel more tender in areas especially close my incision. I attribute that to being back at work and moving more so than when I was at home recovering. My steri strips are still on and do not look like they are going to fall off anytime soon. My ps advised me to wait and let them fall off on their own--so I will follow her directions. I'm eager to start applying silicone strips. I've been massaging the lipo sites (flanks) after I shower in the evening and I believe that is helping even them out as before they had some dents in them which I wasn't thrilled about. I'm still wearing my binder 24/7.

6 weeks post op with pics

Today marks 6 weeks post op and I'm feeling 100%! Swelling is minimal and I've been cleared to return to working out! Yessss! Went for a run this morning and wore my binder for support. Saw my ps yesterday and she says my incision looks great and my bb has healed well. I really love my bb! I'm using Scaraway on my incision and I think it's helping. Happy healing all:)

Huge difference!

7 weeks post op and doing well:)

Today marks 7 weeks and other than the slight swelling at the end of the day I feel back to normal. I'm still using Arnica gel after my showers nightly and have decided to wear my binder occasionally for support. I'm getting in a run 2X a week and feeling good. I'm hoping to increase working out to 3X a week soon.

8 weeks post op!

Today marks 2 months post op and I'm feeling good. I've been running quite a bit this past week as I'm off work for vacation and I do notice my tummy swells quite a bit afterwards. I run with my binder in because it makes me feel much more secure. These pics taken just now after an 8km run:) Happy healing all!

10 weeks post op

Just over 10 weeks post op and things are good. I'm back to my pre op workout regime and am feeling fine. Swelling has disappeared for the most part.

Lipo touch up in Feb

Went in to see my ps for my 6 month follow up. Overall, I'm pleased with my tummy although my ps agreed that some Lipo touch up could help smoothen some uneven fat deposits on the sides of my tummy. So, I go in again Feb.

Some pics 6 months po

Just a few pics of how my tummy is looking at 6 months po :)

9 months post op

Feeling well and starting to notice now that my workouts are paying off in my abdomen area with some definition in my upper abs :)

15 mo this po

I'm 15 months po and feeling good. Still experiencing some swelling days when I consume too much sodium. All in all I'm pleased:)

One more pic before and after

Edmonton Plastic Surgeon

Where do I start? Dr Korus is an amazing surgeon. She's kind and professional and has great bedside manner. I knew she was the one to do my tummy tuck minutes into my initial consult. I am 3 days post op and am very pleased so far! I'd highly recommend Dr Korus.

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