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Hey everyone! I have been stalking this site for...

Hey everyone! I have been stalking this site for many many years now. I am a 28 year old mother of 2 I have an 11 & 7.5yr old. I am only 5ft and weight around 138. I have wanted to back out of this too many times because I am scared of the pain but I have paid my deposit and am scheduled for surgery on Dec 8/16 for TT & lipo on the flanks. Doc suggested trying to lose 5-10 lbs to see better results so I will be working my butt off for the next few months. I am going to be off work for 18 days and I am praying that will be enough time (desk job) but it can be demanding. I am sooooo scared and nervous already about the pain and recovery. I have done so much reading of reviews on this site but any tips/info would be much appreciated.

Current Pics

I'm still 3 & 1/2 months to surgery. Part of me is trying to forget I am going thru with this and the other part of me can't wait for the end results. Today was one of those day where my mind couldn't stop thinking of surgery, recovery and results. EeeKk ! I continue to do as much research as I can. These are current pics from today! Can't believe I'm posting these but this site has shown me it is ok to be real and not feel judged!


Wow ok; so I received my envelope in the mail from the surgeon and first off the name was written completely wrong but kinda close where I just thought they maybe made a spelling error. I opened it and it's for someone completely different; person: some 40 year old woman getting ALOT more done then I have booked... This leaves a bad taste and I feel worried about this minor mix up. Could something like this happen during/after surgery? Well I immediately emailed the girl from the office letting her know my concerns and as well as me needing my correct envelope. Has this ever happened to anyone else? :( way to bump up my nervousness

Less than one month away

Wow does time fly. Less than one month away and I will be joining the flat side :) I can't wait. I was feeling so nervous and worried but after snapping some pics yesterday I really am sooooo excited!! Nervous still but more excited!
I haven't managed to lose any weight :( I don't know why but I won't stop trying. I've been going to the gym more often(3-4 times a week) and have upped my cardio but still no luck..., this last week my eating hasn't been the greatest; damn Halloween treats :( but I have tried not to over indulge. Need to get my head back in the game and do my best with clean eating up until the date of surgery!! I have found an amazing TT buddy support who is also going on the same day as me and boy can I say she has helped my nerves ALOT! Feels amazing to have this site as well as a TT twin to go thru this journey with!

Well it's officially one week away until surgery,...

Well it's officially one week away until surgery, I can't believe it's coming so fast! I remember booking it 6 months ago and now just a week left. I am excited and a bit nervous still. Trying to get as much as I can done. Christmas shopping & wrapping, birthday party for my daughter this Sunday. Hoping to prep a few meals to freeze, do as much laundry as I can and tidy up as much as possible. Hubby will finally be home 2 days before surgery so need to get in as much cuddling time as possible... I will be staying with my mom for the first week since I have a rambuctious puppy at home and my mom will take good care of me. Plus she has a walker and shower stool which I think will come in handy. I've picked up most of the supplies I think I will need; just have a few little things I need to pick up. I didnt get a recliner but purchased a contour foam contraption which I'm hoping will be good enough... oh boy this is really happening... I keep trying to convince myself that I'm not being selfish and I deserve thiS!

The big day is tomorrow

Wow the big day is tomorrow! I think im all ready for the big day but boy am I nervous! I'm glad I worked today because it's helping to keep my mind occupied! I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight. I picked up my prescription yesterday and think I'm all set !! Eeeeekkkk wish me luck


Today's the big day!!! Will try to get pics of markings before going in :) ohhh boy just waiting to head into the surgical centre! Surgery is at 9:15 !


So the surgeon was running behind and I didn't get into surgery until about just before 10am. I had read reviews about Dr.Chong being rushed and quick but I didn't find this was the case. He took time to answer any questions before going into surgery and made me feel comfortable!! The nurses were AMAZING! They were super sweet and reassured me I was in good hands and I would be well taken care of. Got into the operating room and within minutes was out, woke up in the recovery room around 11:37am. I had the shivers really bad when I woke up. I was freezing cold and my entire body was shaking intensely. That caused the pain to worsen a bit but luckily after about 20-30 mins and over 6 blankets it finally subsided :) thank goodness!

I left the surgical office around 2pm
And have been doing pretty well so far. I have been taking my max dose of painkillers every 4 hours as the nurse advised for the first couple days... if pain stays this way I can handle it. I had more
Of a burning pain on my left hip/butt areas, So far the pain is less then I thought and is bearable. I just hope it doesn't get worse the next 2-3 days as is mentioned in my post-operative care.

Can't sleep

I have my quick follow up appt today at 9:15 am to check everything out. I hope I can sneak a peek at my stomach :) I still can't imagine having a flat smooth tummy! I hope the belly button looks good! I have barely slept. I thought I would sleep all day yesterday but DIDNT sleep at all. I'm writing this at 4:40 am as I just can't sleep well. Trying my best to take naps. :) hopefully get a pic when at follow up appt so I can post :) I can't believe I went thru with this and now just in recovery ! Woop !!

Follow up appt

I had my follow up appt this morning. Dr. Chong came in quicky said everything had gone really good. He did mention that if I had lost more weight as recommended would have given better results(being flatter) That was kind of a bummer. I did try and I don't expect to me a toothpick; but he wasn't a complete asshole about it, hes just very business like.
He took the binder off to get a peek. He put the binder back on tighter and OMG I felt SOoo sick. I was lightheaded, nauseas, dizzy and sweating like crazy! I was lucky I brought my nausea pills with me because I felt like throwing up. I had to just sit in the room for a good 20 mins to feel better. Dr. Chong came in twice to check up on me which was nice and advised that it is common since your weak from not eating well and being dehydrated. The pain was a little worse after that but still bearable. So far doing well and pain is a lot less than I imagined. Most pain is when I lift my feet onto the bed but it doesn't last long. My right drain is draining around 30ml and my left drain barely anything is coming out.. I have an appt on dec 15th to have drains removed :) he gave me the ok to shower tomorrow but I'm scared to take the binder off based on how sick i felt this morning, so I may put it off for one more day and just sponge bath!

1st shower

Finally managed up the guts to have my first shower. After how sick I felt taking off binder at first follow up appt I was pretty worried. Hubby has been amazing help. Can't believe how tiring that first shower is, even though I didn't do anything. I felt light headed and tired but not as sick as follow up :). Pain has been very minimal, I've cut back to 1 painkiller every 4 hours since yesterday!! Worst is coughing! Ouchie that hurts. No BM yet! Hopefully soon! Back and neck pain have probably been the worse. Using a corded heat pad for back and hubby bought me a neck travel pillow. Already feels so much better. I'm already bored of doing nothing lol!

Day 4

Today I woke up REALLY sore. Hubby tightened binder pretty tight yesterday and it was sitting kind of high and pitching! Not comfortable... I finally had a BM Today!! OH BOY THAT HURT!!! All the flaxseed,prunes,stool softener, finally kicked in after taking a cup of lax a day and then it was much easier and felt A lot better only had to struggle for half hour first!! not fun!
Im already feeling like I need time to hurry up so I can get back to doing things. It feels like it's been so long already but hasn't even been a week. Can't wait till Thursday when I get my drains out! Not much fluid coming out. Looking forward to that :) sleeping is the most uncomfortable still! Down to 1 pain pill every 6 hours as of today. Was pretty swollen today when adjusting binder.

Day 5 & 6

Forgot to post update yesterday. I have been doing well. I have been able to get out of bed myself since yesterday as well as only take one pain pill first thing in the morning (since that is when I'm most sore) and another in the evening..Sleeping is uncomfortable but got around 6-8 hour (mostly) uninterrupted sleep the last 2 nights. Getting a good sleep definately helps.

I am extremely swollen on my left hip/butt area. It is kind of hard to the touch. Not painful, but I have this big side ass HAHA I had BM yesterday still not very easy and nothing yet today. Still taking a stool softener cuz gawd damn that first one felt like giving birth (sorry TMO).

My very biggest concern is a fold/crease that runs under my belly button. I PRAY this will go away. I have follow up tomorrow to remove drains and that will definately be brought up. I am worried PS will say it's because I didn't lose more weight (since he has mentioned that twice already) way to make a woman feel like shit considering we have all the time in the world to think, think and think! (On consult he recommended losing 5-10lbs but said he would perform the surgery that day) so it was harsh hearing him mention my weight over and over! Which by the way I did lose a few lbs and gained muscle!

I'll update tomorrow when I get drains removed and speak to him about this damn Fold/crease :)

One week post op/Drain removal :)

Had a crappy sleep last night, stockings were irritating the hell out of me and I just couldn't get comfortable. Slept maybe 5 hours of broken up sleep.

One week appt and drain removal went great! Dr.Chong was really nice today, he seems more personable on those surgery days. Thank goodness :) he said I looked great and before I even asked any questions he told me NOT to worry about the crease/fold that it would go away; explained why that sometimes happens and everything will look great! That was a relief. Drain removal didn't hurt at all just a weird feeling when they pull it out of you. He said main things are 1.sleep on my back 2. Keep knees elevated 3. Wear binder tight at all times and 4. Use paper tape. I got to ditch the stockings ! YAYYY finally !! I only took one pain pill before leaving for my appt as I thought drain removal might hurt.

I was out and about all day today and boyyy was I sore (back & neck) when I got home. Over did it just a little. Just took one pain pill before bed in hopes of a good sleep and heating pads will be my best friend for the night.
daughter stayed home sick today with a cough and my throat is dry and sore, praying I won't catch whatever is going around *fingers crossed*
Forgot to take pic so will post one tomorrow :)

Day 8 & 9

Still doing pretty good! Mornings always wake up stiff and sore! So hard to sleep all night on my back when im always such a tosser and turner. Showers are much easier, able to stand and sit for much longer!

No pain meds needed yesterday or today :) just back pain. feel like I am gonna walked hunched forever. I don't feel like I can stand up straight. Not too hunched but being short I need every inch of my body to be straight hahah!

I wish this crease would go away but I know it will take some time :) just got to be patient!

Day 10 & 11

Not much new to report. Recovery so far has been much better than I expected. Today was my first day driving. Felt so nice to have that freedom!
I'm still not fully standing straight; still having back pain; not as bad as before. I can't wait to walk straight! I find myself tired after doing a couple things so naps and just relaxing with feet up has been great.
Had my first 2 sneezes yesterday and owie that burned. Didn't quite brace myself enough. Little coughs and throat clearing don't hurt quite as bad now, just have to push hard on stomach. Coughing the first week felt like being ripped open. Swear it felt like I had damaged the muscle repair.
Tape from day of surgery is still on the incision, ends are starting to peel a bit but PS says to leave them on until they loosen up. I'm excited to see what it will look like underneath:)
My diet hasn't been all that great. Damn bdays and holiday season. I don't want to gain weight after having this surgery! went out for my bday dinner and chose a tight fitting top that was in my closet I have never worn! I used to hate going out and would take forever to try to find something to hide my flabby pouchy stomach; tried on one top today and was good to go :) I am already Soooo happy with my decision to finally go thru with this. Will post update pics Tomm.

Night peeps xoxo

Day 12 & 13

Coughing and sneezing don't hurt quite as bad now. Still not walking fully upright so still get back pain. Had my work dinner last night and I was exhausted by the time I got home and was soooo bloated and swollen. (A mix of doing too much during the day and eating too much Italian food) haha. All in all still doing good. I really need to watch my diet, I feel like my face is getting chubby; and after last nights dinner I sooo badly wanted to do a workout so I didn't feel so shitty for eating too much... this Christmas season is going to be the death of me lol. Then it will be salads and chicken for months haha . Pics posted is from Yesterday :) felt good to get a little dressy and be happy in what I was wearing! So excited to see what my results will be like 6 months from now. Can't wait for the crease to go away though! All in all soooo very happy with my decision!

2 weeks already!

Wow 2 weeks already!! Still not standing completely straight; my awesome TTT (tummy tuck twin) bought and shipped me a massage ball. She has been such awesome support!! I just got it yesterday so I've been slowly massaging my abdomen and sides/back in hopes I will be standing straighter. She has said it helped her lots! Fingers crossed! Tape from surgery is almost time to come off, starting to peel and lift. Excited to see how the incision looks. Not much change with crease but PS says it will go away so trying to be patient... still have swelling in abdomen and don't feel completing flat on my side profile but am
really happy with results so far :)


Finally took tape off to change it. Incision looking really good :) crazy how our bodies heal. I don't know if I'm getting sick/dehydrated or it's that time of the month but I felt really lightheaded, weak & shaky when I took binder and tape off. I haven't felt like that since the day after surgery at my post op. Just gonna lay down for a bit before showering. Weird because I have showered plenty of times myself since but maybe just low energy today! Crease Eased up when I took the tape off :)... I feel fat In my side profile but I think it's just swelling *fingers crossed*. With the holidays I haven't been eating so clean so time to get back on track. still feel myself hunching towards the end of the night and do get tired more easily still. other than that everything is going well so far :)

3 weeks :)

Went back to work this past Wednesday; I was pooped by the end of the work day and was feeling sore (mostly in the flanks) and pretty swollen. By the end of work I was walking much more hunched. Other than that Everything is going pretty well :) Worst would not be walking completely straight yet and getting tired much more easily when walking around. I can't wait to get back to working out. I would hate to put on any fat that was taken out haha! Eating has been much better since returning to work :) just got to keep my diet clean and walk walk walk...!
My crease is getting better and better :)

Pics posted were taken at night so more swollen compared to first thing in the morning!


My recovery has been going really well. This whole process has been better then I ever imagined; I think I worked myself up a lot leading up to surgery that it made it easier!

So far I am loving my new stomach and shape but It is discouraging to see so many stretchmarks. Taking a close up of stomach is like really why do the stretchmarks have to look so much worse and why does one just have to come up out of my belly button! Lol! I'm happy my crease is getting less noticeable as the weeks pass and I am 100x's happier, it's just frustrating to not look as "perfect" as one would hope.

I am thrilled that Dr.Chong did my incision low and very straight and thin. I think it will look great as time passes. I am too continue taping it for at least 6 months. He said that will give me the best scar and I will listen to his advise. Each day gets better and better. I am able to do a lot more now :) I still get discomfort in my flanks mostly and sore in the mornings from still sleeping on my back.

Wow 1 month post op

Yay one month post op already! I can't wait for this month to fly by so I can get back to exercising and feeling better and better.. actually I really just can't wait to not sleep on my back anymore. I emailed PS office and they said too sleep on my back until the 8 week mark :( that has been the uncomfortable part.. Energy levels are pretty much normal now but if I overdo it I do get pretty swollen and sore or when I sit too long. I'm walking much faster and straighter now. I think I overdo it too much at times , I've got to remember to take it easy since I'm still trying to heal up from a major surgery!! Us mamas try to do too much! Had sex around the 3 week mark after the OK from the PS; bending over bed didn't hurt at all! Sorry TMI!!
I'm loving my new tummy already! I've been wearing shirts that were hiding in my closet; feels so nice to wear them! I've been wearing my old baggy clothing during work; I've already had a few comments about me losing weight. My old man boss rubbed his stomach and said he could tell I lost from there!! Eek! Haha. I blamed it on not eating much after my hernia repair ;)

To all you ladies who are preparing to have surgery: you really don't need a lot of supplies. I know we like to go into this fully prepared but don't worry about spending so much money on extras. Some of the items I found most useful:

A CORDED large heating pad (I'm sooo glad my mom had one at home; it was just too annoying to keep reheating mine in the microwave) and it was a life saver!
Large Water bottle
Lipchap/halls (lips/throat gets sore/dry from throat tubes)
Wedge pillow and travel neck pillow (life savers)
Stool softner/lax a day (I only used lax a day once but it definately did help)
Baggy comfy pants or button down pjs

I still have a bunch of unopened supplies I didn't need (Tylenol,polysporin,alcohol swabs(I bought a box of 200 and only used maybe 10 so far; the hospital provided enough for the week of drain cleaning, heat/ice pack)-I guess it doesn't hurt to have these in stock at home for future use.

I'm really happy so far with my scar and the placement & surgery. My surgeon did an amazing job; I do recommend Dr.Chong & his staff; as long as your fine with a no bullshit personality! I was a bit down about his bed side manner during my emotional wave but I will take a great skilled surgeon over some sappy PS with mediocre results!! Is it bad that I was looking at myself and thinking I should have gotten a breast lift too hahah!!

Pics posted are late at night; for some reason I never seem to take any as soon as I wake up when I'm the most flat.

Much love to all my real selfers xoxo


I'm worried !! Help! I took binder off to lotion up since I'm SOOOOO dry on my tummy and flanks. I took it off to find a weird thick dark line running up by BB! I did apply a little poly to my BB last night as it was still scabbed and PS said to apply a bit... I don't know if that has anything to do with it, maybe helped it heal and made the skin around it relax?

I'm worried I tore stitches to my muscle repair or something !! Ahhh!!! How easy would that be ?? Or could it be that the poly helped heal BB and it's my open and not as wrinkly !! I don't know but I'm worried! The dark area does seem soft not as hard as it usually is!! I hope it will go away ;(

Haha I swear I wear different pants LMAO!! these have been my go to comfy pants!

Maybe overreacting ?!

Today the dark area/line doesn't seem as bad, there is 2 lines but they almost look & feel like vertical stretch marks or could be marks from a tight binder !! I was soooo worried all day. Feeling my stomach constantly, trying to peek at the top of binder while at work; Praying it was not some failed muscle repair lol. I'm probably over reacting since I examine everything so much more intensely now but I would rather be safe than sorry! I did email PS late afternoon today with pics just to be certain but haven't heard back yet. I'm gonna be taking things EXTRA easy & careful now until I pass my 2 month mark!

Xoxo to all you awesome ladies for being there for me !


I finally managed to look at myself first thing in the morning without my binder !! Ohhh boy how exciting to feel so flat haha! I almost always don't get a peek until the evening when I'm already so swollen! It felt so nice!
Even seeing such flatness I'm in a such a bitchy mood today :( wahh! Probably cuz my lady friend will be visiting next week(always seem bitchier the week before) woke up to a cold sore and Im craving junk today!! I always feel crappy when I know I'm not eating right and I can't work out!! At least when I was working out and had a cheat meal (or shall I say day) I didn't feel so bad.. I guess tomorrow is a new day!! Siggghhh!!

Almost 6 months

Still so incredibly happy I went thru with surgery.. so much more comfortable; don't take 100 years trying to pick out an outfit to hide my stomach...

I have REALLY been struggling with my healthy habits lately... haven't been meal prepping or exercising like I was before :( just been struggling with time and motivation... I definitely feel like I have put on weight and not such an hour glass shape as after surgery :( I haven't been feeling all that great about myself lately but I know once life slows down again and I'm kicking ass again my body will look 100times better. Here's to finding that motivation !
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