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I had gained alot of weight after highschool and...

I had gained alot of weight after highschool and decided I was disgusting and wanted to look and feel good, I wainted to live a healthy lifestyle. I succesfully lost 110LB dieting and working out. Even after all that, 2 years I worked at it. I still didnt have the body I wanted and it really affected me, it gets to you mentally. So I decided I wanted to do something about it. So far I am very happy with my results.

9 Days post op

Putting my 2nd update in the comments, woops. Here we go:

9 Days post op. Just got my drains out today and WOW so much better already. Getting the drains out didnt hurt as much as I anticipated, I just looked away and they yanked them out. Also I was able to switch to some under armour compression shirts now, so glad as I was getting sick of the doctors garment. I will post some pics today of my drains out. Worst for me still is the swelling, I usually stick to a ketogenic diet, so being off that is also contributing to my swollen upper stomach, but I know that will go down again once I go back on keto after the holidays. Also picked up my first set of skin tape, need to re apply only every 7 days, wondering what other people use for scar care.

9 Days post op

Switched to these under armour compression shirts. Feels good.

14 days post op

14 days post op today. So far still pretty happy with the results, super bloated as of lately as im still eating carbs, you can see my upper stomach is bulging out quite a bit. I have been wearing my compression garment from my operation still, as it makes me feel the best. I had been using some under armour compression, but I feel they are not tight enough for what is needed at the moment, so i will wait a bit more before I only wear the under armour. My stomach is still pretty sore, coughing and sneezing is brutal, still difficult to bend down. I am still sleeping in my relciner, but I might try sleeping in my bed tonight with a small pillow under my knees. My stretch marks were acting up around my front belly button area, so I have been dabbing some bio oil on them to help. Its tough, I still feel kind of upset my stomach isnt as flat as I hoped, my upper stomach being so bloated is really bothering me and gets to me. I keep telling myself Im still swollen, but what if im not? Where my incesion is, it kind of sticks out a bit, not sure if thats from fat, or just swollen. I keep telling myself in only 14 days post op.

20 Days post op

Here I am, 20 days post op. Not sure if Ive made any progress these last couple of days, I have some insane pain/swelling in my lower abdomen at the moment, I think its the cause of me choking on some food and coughing violently for about 20 seconds 3 days ago. Feels like I took a step backwards forsure. I have an appt with my surgeon tmr just to make sure I didnt do anything and what not. Still sleeping in my recliner as its the comfiest, allows me to sleep at just the right position. I need a new compression binder, mine is getting all worn out and doesnt stick to well anymore. Hard to find one here in canada, been looking online for some decent ones. Going to see if my surgeon can hopefully give me a replacement one to use. Trying to sleep lots before christmas so I can be in a bit of a better shape!

Pain/swelling not feeling well.

So I made a post about my stomach was really swollen and hurting along with insane headaches, chills and sweats. Well it turns out I have an infection. Went in to see the Dr. And he immediately pulled out a tube and drained my stomach 1.5 times was a lot of merky looking sludge. He said what likely happened is that i developed a blood clot and a bunch of bacteria was just hanging about which started the infection. Hey started me on some antibiotics right away and gave me his personal number telling me to call him right away if it gets worse. So everyone be aware! If anything is wrong call your Dr!

38 days post op

So here I am, 38 days post op. Infection seems to be gone for good now finished all of my antibiotics and iv clinics. I can move around a lot more, I can sleep on my sides good too. Still tiring to do a lot but I'm getting more use to it. I still wear my binder as it provides good support for my stomach. Going to be taking the binder off for good here in a day or two. I was getting a bad rash along my incision so my surgeon said I should leave the tape off for a couple days and apply some zincofax. Have been doing that for 2 days now and its almost gone. My upper stomach it still pretty bloated from the carbs but that should go down as I get further into keto. Going to start doing some body weight workouts next Monday also. Going to take it slow.

Feeling a bit discouraged 7/w po.

7 weeks PO. Healing up well I think. Now that swelling continues to go down I see what belly fat I still have. A lot of my upper stomach bloating is indeed fat. When I sit down I still seem to get some rolls starting to form. I don't know if I'm looking into this too much or not. My upper stomach still seems to stick out a lot more then my lower. Especially after eating.

57 days post op

So 57 days post up, next Tueday Feb 2'nd will be 2 months post op. Feeling pretty good lately, obviously my stomach is still pretty numb though. My movements are alot better, I can bend down pretty good and im starting to be able to stretch straight up into the air fine. I am excited to say im going to be starting to go to the gym here soon doing the SL 5x5 routine next monday (Feb 2'nd). Went and checked out the place and it looks good. Very excited to start working out and building some muscles. Kind of nervous to see how I will feel etc but im sure it will be fine. I just really want to burn off that hump of fat under my chest.

84 days post op

So im 84 days post op now, feeling amazing. Had another post op checkup with my doctor last Thursday afternoon and all went well. He cleared me for swimming, hot tubs etc. He checked out my scar and everything looks good. Asked him about my upper stomach fat lump and he said it would be a waste to try and even do lipo on it, so thats good I guess? Still a little more fat there I would like to lose. This friday Feb 27'th will be 4 weeks of my SL routine and I tell you I am feeling amazing. I dont think I can ever remember being this happy about how I look, and people are making way more comments now about how im looking then ever. This surgery was seriously a game changer for me. Cant wait to improve my look even more. I think im addicted to judging myself, my fiance says im addicted because im always looking in the mirror and pushing on my upper stomach fat, really bugs me. I'll be honest and say im really concerned about how other people think I look, is that because of how fat I use to be? Pretty sure society has ruined me but im trying to get out of it and just not care, really tough though!

1 year post op

Well I thought I would come back and update this incase other people are ever looking through before and after photos.

1 year post op work out

I am actually haveing another surgery, getting the excess fat/skin on my sides/flankes removed. I have been dieting and working out hard for the last 8 months and the buggers will not go away.

4 days post op

4 days post op. Was pretty damn painful at the time. Forgot what it was like lol. You need help for everything at this point.

13 days post op

20 Days post op

Drains out

26 Days post op

Some tape off to show the incision
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Not a very personable doctor, but right to the point. Doesnt waste time and I respect his right to the point attitude. His front staff where you pay were rude and unfriendly, but his nurses and him himself are very friendly and kind. I have been able to call his nurses multiple times now with questions and always received a friendly answer!

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