21 Years Old - Tumescent Lipo on upper and lower stomach and flanks! - Edmonton, AB

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I am a 21 year old female, no children. I have...

I am a 21 year old female, no children. I have always had a small frame but a pooch on my stomach even when I was younger and weighed 85 pounds. I have done the "Insanity Workout" go to the gym, eat clean, had coolsculpting (paid 3000$), hired a personal trainer and nutritionist, and none of it would get rid of my stomach fat. I have been insecure my whole life about it, what bugs me the absolute most is the rolls and bulge I get when I sit, I wear flared shirts, never want to wear a bikini and I just hide away. I have so many clothes in my dresser that I buy and say ill wear when my pooch goes away and over the years I just have had to donate them... I am so ready to get this taken care of!! I want to sculpt my body, I am not looking to lose weight just looking to be able to be comfortable in my own skin. I am having tumescent liposuction on my upper and lower stomach and my flanks, I will be getting my upper and lower stomach done with Dr. Mariusz Sapijaszko on February 13th, 2014 and then will be booking my flanks for sometime in April. I am going for my pre-op appointment tomorrow, and am very excited!! I chose February 13th as that is a Thursday and it is a long weekend so I can have an extra day off of work since I will be going back right after the weekend so I will have thurs, fri, sat, sun, and Monday off work. I work for my father so it is very hard to get time off due to me not telling him about this procedure. I was initially suppose to go to a different province for bridal dress shopping for my friend who is getting married, so I booked off the Thursday Friday already for that but turns out they changed the date of the wedding so they want to wait a while on the dress shopping so I just kept the days off work!! plus ill be able to get my body sculpted before I have to go dress shopping :)

I will post pre-op pictures in the next day or so and will update you once I have more info!! :)

Pre-op appointment

So I went for my pre-op appointment this last Tuesday. Paid everything and got sized for the garment. I brought my mom to this appointment since she will be the one picking me up the day of surgery and staying with me, I wanted her to be filled in on all the information because she has been so stressed about me doing this yet she's always supportive of what I want even if she feels I shouldn't. At the appointment we decided to do my flanks and upper and lower stomach all in the one surgery, apparently I misunderstood the first consultation, to be honest I thought flanks are your love handles? From your sides on your back to the sides on your front if that makes sense but he was grabbing more by right by my ribs and bra line. Sucks cause i even google flanks and i see videos of surgeons doing that area i thought it was and I see diagrams describing that area to what I thought it was also but he said for me to do the flanks he was talking about so I don't look squarish after, he said if I did my love handles it would be considered my back but he said he will try to get to my sides as much as he can from the incision points he will be using (2 on my bikini line and one in my belly button) love handles have to be incisions right out in the open on your sides. So I won't be getting my love handles done unfortunately I guess that would be $10,550 instead of $7000 if I were to do that which I don't see a point in paying because I have love handles worse now because of my less excercise and eating habits lately I can work those love handles off here is the link to what i posted 8 months ago after i did insanity and had a trainer and nutritionist it's a huge difference in my love handles but then i got a breast augmentation and I couldn't work out for a while then fell off track especially because my boyfriend of 7 years always wants to eat out so that's majority of what we ate. The past two months I've cleaned up my eating entirely, anyways here's the link
you'll see the difference in my love handles from then to now. My problem area is my stomach I can't ever get the fat to go so that is what we are focusing on, it would've been nice to get my love handles done but oh well! My surgeon seems to really care about what would look best and made sure of what I want. I had seen two previous surgeons before Dr.Sapijaszko, I went to Dr.Groot and he was in and out of the room in 2 minutes sat across the room and didn't grab my problem areas to see just said I looked like a good candidate and left and then his nurse did the rest then I read his reviews and I seen a lot like mine. I also went to Dr.Lycka almost 2 years ago for this procedure he was in and out in 2 minutes too i told him what i wanted and he insisted I did cool sculpting instead and that would get me what I want so i trusted him and I paid $3000.00 and it didn't get me what I wanted at all it made a tiny bit of a difference but barely any and it wasn't him who did it he had a nurse and his reviews online (not here but on rate MD's) are absolutely terrible actually . I never got any follow up calls I was suppose to come in for after pictures and never got asked to do so I never seen him at all only during the 2 minute consult. So I finally tried the surgeon I'm going to now and he was in the room for 10 minutes with me checked what I wanted, he assessed me looked at where the incisions would be placed because I wear my underwear and bikinis low I guess so he wanted to make sure they could be covered if I did this, the preop he again made me show him what I wanted to get done so he could be sure we were on the right page which I'm glad he asked because we weren't (explained above) overall he has been great so I just will have to wait and see how it all goes.

I am basically prepared for my surgery that is next Thursday, I have maxi pads for the incisions like i have been told to get so ill have them under my garment on top of the incisions so they can soak some of the fluid up for the first few days, I filled all of my prescriptions, they gave me a pill that makes me drowsy for surgery, an antibiotic, t3's, Percocet, cream for my incision and then had to buy Trisan it is body wash I have to use the night and then morning before surgery. I'm still needing to go get some dark baggy pants and shirts from value village for the first few days while I leak and I need to figure out my bed situation so I don't stain anything. Any one have good ideas? I will be grabbing an old blanket and I already have a bed bug bedsheet protector in the closest we never used and I believe it's waterproof but I don't no for sure i will have to check but if it is water proof I could sleep on that since it'll cover my mattress or will just get some garbage bags too, my mom has old sheets and towels for me to use also and will have a garbage bag on the cars seat for when i come home.

The lady who did my consult and preop with the surgeon her name is Leanne said that I would need a week off work even though it's just a desk job....although I read alot on here that people go back 4-5 days after. I'm hoping ill be good to go back the Tuesday after my surgery as I don't no how I'd even get off more work with my dad not knowing a thing going on, will just have to wait and see if i need more time then ill have to take it I guess.

How long did it take some of you to go back to work? Is there anything else I should do to be prepared?

2 days post op

So I had my surgery two days ago February 13th, i am sorry it took me a bit to write this I attempted it on my phone yesterday but it was such a pain so I waited till I got my iPad.

So on Thursday I went in for 730am had a big breakfast before like they said and then he took pictures and had drew the areas on me which I am so happy he drew all the areas I wanted I was worried because of the confusion on the flank area but it ended up being exactly what I wanted! So I went and laid down and was given a pill to jut calm me I personally didn't think I felt any different from it until the next dy when I try remembering what all happened lol

So after he drew on me and took pics I laid down on the bed and I start to feel pinching which I didn't mind that part the only painful part of the whole procedure is numbing your stomach so I'd feel a pinch then the pain started coming id give it a 6 or 7 out of 10 and it was only because he was putting tumescent fluid in me which I've read can be quite painful and the doctor said since I'm young it can be more painful than most but he was amazing he seen me crunching my face and feet which he didn't want me doing so to keep me calm he massaged my forehead and talked tome he kept my focus elsewhere and was just so comforting, it helped tremendously. Once all the fluid was in me my stomach felt hard and huge like I was pregnant so,I went me took a washroom break and then came back and started to make incisions in the areas he marked out (there is two by my bikini line and one in my belly button) at,this point I am already numb and couldn't feel anything he was doing really there was one or two times he got to an outside area where it was sensitive but he just put more fluid in and I was fine. He did everything to make me the most comfortable. As it got,to near the end I started to feel it more I'm thinking because he got most of the tumescent fluid out so it wasn't as numb but I am not sure. He had asked me to sit up the tiniest bit so he could look at what areas needed more gone so it was all even and then he was done. By the way the nurse was amazing she made me feel so comfortable the whole entire time also she was funny and so caring. So after the dr was done he gave me a tylonel 3 and then he let me lay down for a while, the nurse stayed me while she cleaned up then I was able to just text and read a book. About 45 minutes later the nurse called my mother who,works 4 blocks away and told her she could come get me. After that she got me dressed in my garment she had put a bunch of pads also on my stomach and the garment on top and then I was able to go to the washroom (there is a massive hole in the garment to go to the washroom so I don't have to take it off) then I went back to room and she helped me get dressed and then I laid down and then my mom showed up. I had felt great the Tylenol 3 worked good so I booked my 4 free tri firm treatments starting two weeks after my surgery day which is a massage but with a heated machine I believe it helps with tightening and any bumps. I left and then went and got lunch with my mom and stopped and bought a few more towels for home (I had two laid on my seat in the car and they had fluid on them) my pants were pretty soaked I think when I got home in the day I changed them about 4 times. Around 430pm i took a Percocet not a Tylonel 3 only because I figured I'd take the strongest ones now and save the t3 for later. I have had both Percocet and Tylonel 3 before and I had no reactions. But about a hour after I took the perc I felt so,nauseous and I was scared because throwing up is the one thing I didn't want due to having to use your stomach muscles which are already so sore it feels like so I took gravol and ate crackers and jello and drank lots of fluids but I had no choice I threw it up it hurt my stomach felt,like it was on fire but I didn't feel nauseous anymore I put ice,packs on my stomach and it helped so much with the pain, about half hour later I felt nauseous again .... I threw up but time instead of leaning on my side out of need I sat straight up and didn't let my stomach crunch which helped a lot but still was,painful. My mother called dr.sapjiakso cell I was given and he asked to talk to me and was so helpful and asked if I would like to meet up and he could check on me and I said its okay I will just see how I am feeling in a bit and he told me just to keep drinking fluids. So I did and then a bit later I got sick again (I figured it was from the Percocet and that lasts 6 hours and it was 8 by this time so I figured I had two hours till it'll be out of my system for the most part. Dr.sapijakso called me around 10pm just to check up on me he told me to tell him my heart rhythm and then said i will be fine and just to keep,away from the percocet and then asked me come see him first thing in the morning at his south side clinic (I had an appt with the nurses at the downtown clinic for my follow up but he wanted me to see him)
Around 1030 I felt way way way better i did not take any more till 3am when I was a bit uncomfortable then I took a t3 and I felt nauseous again... Even tho I had a t3 right after surgery and was fine, I never got sick though but I couldn't fall back to sleep due to bein nauseous. So I went and seen him in the morning and he checked me and asked me questions and answered all of mine and we agreed I would just take regular Tylonel extra strength because honestly my pain is not really from the surgery but from throwing up and all the strain it put on my stomach. So I have only been taking Tylonel extra strength and its all I need and I am perfectly fine with it!! :) so happy to be feeling better.

My stomach just feels like I did a super super hard workout and I use my arms to get my up I feel like a pregnant girl getting off a couch or bed with how I use my arms lol last night my sleep was way better my back pain is really my only issue because I have arthritis so being in bed for a while hurts I've been using a heating pad and taking Tylonel only for my back really. It's funny how my back and pills are my only problem because other than that everything surgery related is fine!


I forgot to add I had a shower after my follwup yesterday my mom helped me she washed my garment and dried it while I showered and had a stool in the shower to sit on. By the way my stomach was perfectly flat even when I sat over!but I won't be too quick to judge since I know results take time but I'm already excited!!

Surgeon - Dr.Sapijaszko

Oh my gosh I'm so frustrated!! I went to put my surgeons name in for the review for my doctor and it hit enter before I even wrote any Of his name!! It says only Dr.S and it won't let me change it :(

His name is Dr. Sapijaszko with Youthful Image Clinic and he has been terrific! So supportive and helpful and really cares bout you not about the money like I found with other surgeons I consulted with. I m truly blessed I chose him to be my surgeon!

If anyone knows how to change it to his name please let me know!! I want people to know how great he is!

Here is my 2 day post op pictures after my second shower

2 Weeks Post Op

Sorry for not posting for a little while, today is my two weeks post op and I am still loving my results more and more every day! Last Thursday (1 week post op) I went in to see Dr.Sapijaszko for my follow up and he said everything looks good but I had some pockets a bit above my hip bone on each side and it was full of fluid (tumescent fluid that never drained) he was poking them and could feel it so he drained it on both sides (by putting a needle in, numbing it and then draining it and it was not painful at all) he told me to come in the next day (Friday) to see how they looked, well I went in Friday and more fluid had come down into the pockets again and so he drained it again and then I came back Monday same thing again and Tuesday and Wednesday and today I was just there this morning and there was some fluid still not a lot (by the way this is not a bad thing that there was fluid left over - it is more likely because my incisions are so low because he wanted them hidden for me because I wear my clothing low and so it was harder for ALL the fluid to go down there to drain initially) Anyways I go back on Monday since he is not in tomorrow just to check again if there is more fluid but I don't think I will need it anymore but we will see ! honestly it is not really noticeable even if there is fluid in the pocket and he said a lot of surgeons just wouldn't drain it but I am so blessed that he cares and wants to see me everyday to make sure all is good and if I need any more draining. He is so unbelievably caring about me and I am so grateful I chose him as my surgeon, he really takes care of you and does anything and everything for your best interest. Every day I see him he is so pleasant and happy to see me and he tells me to book a time the next day with him whenever works best for me... not for him but for ME and I love that! I always get in so quickly once I get there all the nurses know me now since I am there everyday and they have been amazing to deal with also! His office is absolutely great!!

I now wear my garment only in the days and then I take it off when I go to bed. My stomach is now hard which it will get soft again the Dr said - it is very normal for it to go hard and have bumps etc. I am not worried about anything at all, I love the results already and he told me it will only keep on getting better and I know if anything were to not go as planned he would take care of me in a heart beat. I cant express how great it is to have someone who genuinely cares about you and not the money!! it is very hard to find surgeons like that, so glad I chose him to be my surgeon!! :)

I will have to take some more pictures and will post them once I do

Just over a month post - op

I am doing great, stomach is starting to soften up a lot, there still is some slightly tender spots but barely even notice them. My scars are healing nicely also! I took off my garment about a week and a half ago, do not have to wear it at all anymore and I can wear whatever shirts I want now and not have to worry about rolls! :)

I will have to post some pictures soon!

6 Month Update

I have not been on here in a while I apologize! I am still loving my results, my stomach is still flat! I can wear tight shirts/dresses and not stress about anything hanging over, or looking like I am 3 months prego, I recently went to Costa Rica and felt so much better about myself walking around in my bikini!! but what I do notice is.. it is true that fat starts to build up in other areas of your body. My "love handles" have got bigger and my thighs and I even notice my arms are a little bigger not much though. I also notice now I have cellulite which I never ever had before... no one in my family has it either. So I don't no if that even has anything to do with this but maybe since fat is going to my thighs now it is creating those fat pockets to create cellulite? But anyways I have cleaned up my eating a ton the last few weeks, drinking lots of water and working out more so hoping it will help! My main concern was my stomach anyways, I was so insecure about it, and it is still looking great today!! No matter how much I ate good and worked out it just stayed the same and had those rolls and bulge but now I don't have that and even though fat is going into other parts of my body that is my fault as I was not working out as much or eating as great maybe because no matter what my stomach looked great! lol but I am going to work out and eat right and I am sure the fat that has come I can get rid of unlike the stomach fat I had!! When i worked out before i had no problem slimming down my lovehandles and arms and thighs. My scars are still red though, noticeable when I wear a bikini and it drops a little it is two dark red spots. Have been debating on just getting tattoos there! LOL hide it all together. The incision in my belly button healed great - no problems there at all. Even with gaining some weight in other areas and possibly causing cellulite I still am SO happy I did this. It still was worth it 100% to me I just need to get off my lazy bum and workout to get toned in the other areas!! which is what I have been doing! I am at work right now posting this, I have attached one picture I just took but I will have to take some more up to date pictures once I am at home. I apologize again for taking so long to update!
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