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I've seen a PS for a consultation after I was...

I've seen a PS for a consultation after I was referred by my obstetrician/long time family doctor. I'm booked for surgery on December 4 , 2013. I'm 36 K size and suffered for years. I was told I must have the free nipple graft procedure because of my size, shape and heavy density. I'm scared and going through many emotions trying to make this decision. Please if anyone has words of encouragement I really need them. Anyone else have free nipple graft or similar size? Is it worth it or should I just accept what I have (with great pain and inability to do many things I love, like running and riding horses). I also have a son, and am terrified of something happening to me during the procedure. He loves me just how I am, however, I just don't think I can go through life so big. My grandma had the procedure when she was 50 and loves it, even so I'm still scared. Please help.

Getting Used to the Idea.

I am actually starting to look forward to my surgery and keep thinking of feeling light and mobile again. I'm uncomfortable laying on my back, laying on my stomach, sitting on the couch, sitting on a chair, and just moving around. Not to mention I feel sort of grotesque with such a large chest, like these breasts don't belong on my body. I truly feel restricted by them. I want to be athletic again. And not get weird looks from people. Sorted through some of my pre pregnancy bras and couldn't believe how small I was when I was only an E or F cup before. Why women with nice small chests would get implants amazes me. Finally posted a picture, only a month til I don't have to have such a big chest anymore!


My goodness, even looking at my photo shocks me.....I had to hold my arms way out to take the pic so there's even more breast hidden by my arms. It's just shocking to see myself like that. On the other hand, my son, who is now 17 months old, had a lot of milk that I was able to give him, so that's one positive thing. But now, time for a change to improve my quality of life.

Thoughts Over the Years

I was also thinking back to my teenage years. I first started developing at age 9 and by age 12 was noticeably busty. I remember one time when a mean girl came up to me and said that the boys were talking about how I have big 't**s'. That really embarrassed me. For the rest of my high school years I always wore baggy shirts and had terrible slouched posture trying to hide myself. I still do, I don't like that kind of attention. People are outright rude in some of the things they have said to me, like being approached while out once by a supposedly adult male who's first words to me were 'you have huge boobs, nice!' Another person trying to be funny when I mentioned my upcoming surgery said 'save the puppies!" Ugh. So ignorant. I also happen to be a very nice and intelligent person, and it's a shame that my large chested first impression seems to be the only impression sometimes. We're so much more than breasts and looks aren't we? I wish that people (both men and women) would realize that.

My boobs crush me when I lay on my back

Serious shortness of breath, not to mention they go up to my chin. Looking more and more forward to my surgery, getting closer.

See ? Crazy big

My mom

I spent the weekend with my mother. She is very petite, and small chested. I take after my grandma I'm regards to my height and build. My mom doesn't truly understand what being very large chested is like , in fact she's always been self conscious about being small. But I told her 'you are so lucky'. She's concerned that I huff and puff going upstairs, always bent over, always adjusting myself when sitting. It's alien to me too, as I was very athletic prior to the 'boob expansion' that happened during and after my pregnancy. Even though I still have baby weight to lose I'm fit and very active, so its weird to me that i feel so restricted by my chest. even sitting here on the couch with my arm up typing my breasts are pushed up near my chin from slouching. I am so looking forward to being free again.

Another pic

This is a pic of just one half of me, sitting down on the couch. I'm wearing 3 tight sports bras under the shirt. I'm so unbelievably uncomfortable. And I feel like a freak show. This is why women want breast reductions .

Side picture

Someone requested a side photo so here it is.


I'm still looking forward to my surgery. I think that having a bit of time to adjust to this change has done me well...I am starting to accept and really really really look forward to it. I was surprised they were able to get me in so fast. I have anxiety about it all yes (then again I have anxiety about everything), but wow I am looking forward to freedom. I bought a zip front sports bra today in 38 D (for wearing during recovery) it's tiny!!! Last time I had breasts that small I was a teen. I am also going through some major stressful events in my life too (left abusive relationship, have to face him in court 2 days from now for when he choked me), filing for custody of my son, looking for work, wow this is so intense. I'm such a strong person. I'm a good mom and live in a healthy positive way. I am looking forward to my lighter more mobile body too. Thank goodness we have the technology and skills to do this surgery, I can't imagine 100 years ago being 'doomed' to pain and discomfort all our lives because of our chests. Mother Nature knows best yes, but sometimes Mother Nature makes us too big and we need help.

Grooves in shoulders

I never really paid attention to that problem before until I was reading other people's profiles the I took a good look at my own shoulders. Wow! They are permanently indented from bra straps. I hope that goes away eventually. That and the rolled forward posture and the difficulty breathing.

Heating Pad is my best friend

I'm writing these review updates in middle of night because I woke up hurting again. Heating pads are great inventions.

My Grandma

She came to visit my son and I today and I mentioned I was going to have a reduction. She grabbed my hand and smiled and said it was the best thing she ever did, no regrets. She really encouraged me to do it. She was even larger than me when she had it done 20 years ago. She is the same height as me or maybe slightly taller (about 5'8). She says the scars are nothing compared to how much better she feels. She also lost a lot of weight (about 50 lbs) after the surgery which she attributes to better mobility. I just remember her sitting in the living room chair in the summer heat, exhausted and having trouble breathing from the weight of her chest, looking so miserable. She looks wonderful now, very active and happy close to age 80. She walks outside every day. So great!

6 lbs per side!

That's how much my grandma had removed. 6 lbs per side. Wow.

So Ready To Do This

Yep, this is my chest. Yep, you see that lovely bra? I wear THREE of those babies when I work out. TWO if I leave the house. I'm not a big girl, but my photos embarrass me because my chest makes me look enormous. I'm ready.

One day post op bra on

One day post op bra on. One side looks bigger because there's gauze wadded up inside. They're not up to my chin squishing me anymore :)

Pic updates

Me standing in my support bra with gauze stuffed under to pad the cut areas. Also a shot of my nipple, taped, that part doesn't hurt at all

3rd day post op

Feeling great. Saw my PS, I'm healing well. So very very happy... I feel so much relief. No migraines, neck pain, jaw pain, shoulders pain, lower back pain, breathing troubles and numb arms ever again. Laying on my back able to take full breaths. On one side 870 g taken off and the other side was 780 I think, if I remember correctly. It was like I was carrying a pregnancy around on my chest before. I have a new lease on life. I feel like a young woman again, agile and mobile, even though I'll be limited for a while during healing. Here's a pic without my bra, just taped up along the incisions. I had a shower, no problems, pain is minimal. I'm so impressed with my PS and love the results.

Tip for sleeping

You're going to need to sleep on your back for the first while....I did that by propping two large soft pillows under my head and upper back and two small pillows on my side under my arms so I can't roll. Also pillow under my knees. I noticed after a couple days though, sleeping on my back I was getting stiff in the lower back. So, I made a pillow bed! Line up as many pillows as you can find. Then put a heating pad on top and a couple more pillows under your sides. Works great! Takes off the pressure on your back. Memory foam mattress would probably be helpful too. I'm healing great with very little bruising, just a bit of swelling. Had more bruising on my hand from the IV haha. I think the secret is rest, moving around a lot (gently), moving your arms gently in all directions as comfortable, showering, not touching your tape too much, eating lots of veggies, and positive thinking. Drink Lots of water, enough that you go to the washroom every hour. I think that's the biggest help.

It's been a week!

Feeling great today. Was able to change into an over the head tshirt instead of button up pajamas. I slept on my side part of the night, hope that's ok. I was padded with lots of pillows and supported my arms, I think as long as it feels ok it probably is. My biggest complaint is the bottom of my bra digging into my incisions, ouch. I sometimes lay down and pull the bra down or even open it for a while just to have a break. Padding with gauze and a different bra doesn't really help. If you can find a wide bottom band bra I recommend that. I have more swelling now than the first days. I sure hope they shrink back down later again:). I'm very happy though, as there is still fullness in the upper part, my bruising is almost entirely gone, my incisions seem to be healing well and I have no back or hip pain anymore! I have the weird sensations where there's tinges and zaps in my breasts as they heal and nerves readjust. It's not unpleasant, I actually like it. Was reading many other reviews last night and it makes me sad when some women who look great post reduction are still unhappy with themselves or then turn around and want implants. I don't understand the quest for 'perfection' :), I'm just so happy to be free of the weight and pain. Hope everyone else is healing well, take care.

Found a great recovery bra for all my complaining about my other front close bras digging into my incisions (especially as there is more swelling now than a week after surgery), I forgot I also had this one tucked away...found it at a local Walmart, $17. The other 2 I tried were QT Intimates and Glamorise brand, and I think this one is slightly more comfortable, with a zipper, wider bottom band and firmer support. The others were ok, but this one feels much better on the ribcage. I bought x-large and it's just big enough to fit my chest and swollen boobs comfortably.

Why did I get bigger?

I noticed yesterday that it seems like my breasts got bigger. I was really scared because I was suddenly bulging out of the sides of a D sized recovery bra and was probably at least an F size wise. Of course it's only one week post op and it's only swelling, but suddenly I was like many other people freaking out thinking 'oh no I'm too big I wish the PS made me smaller what have I done'. So, then I chilled out, drank a lot of water, and today I'm now back down to fitting the bra well. I hope it goes down more. My PS did say 3 days post op that I'll go smaller after some swelling subsides. I hope so. I asked him to make me 'average'. He said its impossble to predict cup sizes, just proportions, makes sense. I have to be realistic too, I'm a tall girl with curvy hips and a tiny B chest on me would look odd. Not to mention likely impossible to do from a ginormous K size. Anyways I think otherwise things are going ok. Did anyone else have this happen (suddenly big and swollen) and ended up small after all?

Feeling almost back to normal

Well... Last couple days I'm feeling like I'm almost ready to get back to's a week and half from surgery and I'm now finding the only occasional discomfort I have is the incisions on the side under my arms. Bruising is gone, everything looks closed, swelling not bad. Incisions itch a bit. I'm sort of itching to get home too...staying with family over the last couple weeks has been nice and I really appreciate the help with my toddler, but I sort of want to be back in my familiar space in Edmonton. I'm finding that I'm sleeping ok on my side and sometimes accidentally roll on my stomach, hope that's ok. My PS said after 2 weeks I'll be ok to lift my toddler. I've read a lot where they say 6 weeks minimum to hold kids but ya right that's not realistic. Yesterday little boy choked on a snack and i zoomed in and picked him right up, didn't feel a thing. I'm sure the adrenalin rush helped:) I'm hoping I can get back home on Saturday. One thing I will have trouble with is getting my son into his car seat. Or carrying groceries plus child up 3 long flights of stairs. That requires super human strength. Another thing bothering me is I really really want/need to exercise. I've been doing light walking outside in the snow but that's not my usual intensity level. I wonder if it would be ok to walk lightly on treadmill or low intensity on elliptical (without using the arms). I'm big into Zumba too, I know that's too intense. Is it the bouncing that we shouldn't be doing or is it that we shouldn't be getting our heart rates up high during healing? I would think getting heart rate up and sweating a bit would clear toxins and help healing. Anyways, I'd also like to lose 10 lbs before returning to work in Feb. Ugh.
Dr Schembri

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