Regretting Tattoo Cover Up - Edmonton, AB

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I love this site, reading all the reviews about...

I love this site, reading all the reviews about the picosure helped me with my decision to try and get this removed. I am concerned with getting rid of the orange and yellow which I've read is hard to remove with the laser. I know the purple and blue will respond really well. I had my first treatment today and we only started on the top part to see how the orange and yellow will respond. The pain was waaaaaaaaay less than what I expected from what I read on this site. Although I did use numbing cream so maybe that was why. I started taking a herbal product called lymphstream to help with the circulation in the lymphatic system so that it will help move the ink through, so hopefully that helps with the removal. Thank you for everyone's posts it is very inspiring and supportive. I will post some pictures after a few days and once it has healed to see how much fading has occurred on the top part.

2 days after first treatment

So it's two days after my first treatment and I woke up this morning with pain and swelling. No blisters have formed, but my lower back is really swollen, has anyone experienced this? I'm also really tired, but I think it's just from the initial shock. I have lots of fading in the blue and purple, and actually I think the yellow is also fading. The black lines have not budged, but I'm sure it takes time and more treatments for those. I will post pics once healed to show before and after.

Day 3

Day 3 and the swelling has gone down, I stopped putting polysporin on it this evening. I do see fading in the yellow and orange, but maybe I'll be able to tell better when I see the pictures side by side. Once again, when it's fully healed I will post a before and after pic.

Photo after 1st treatment 4 days in - top portion only

Hi everyone, thanks so much for all the support, much appreciated!! Remember I only started with the top portion to see how the yellow and orange would react.
This is a picture of the fading after my first treatment only 4 days in and half the palm trees are very faded, one of the blue waves is already almost gone, the one that's peaking over the lotus bud on the right ( we only did one just in case I was leaving the bottom). The purple shading is really faded and I believe I do see fading in the orange. The yellow is showing some hyperpigmentation, has anyone else experienced this? But I do see that the laser did do something to the yellow so maybe that's a positive.

Picosure Tx 2 on entire tattoo

I went for my second treatment yesterday on the entire tattoo as the colors did respond well to the test portion on the top last time. I'm not going to sugar coat it, it definitely is the most painful thing I have ever experienced in my life, I had to take a break probably every 30 seconds because the pain was unbearable. But keeping in mind it did only take 1/2 hour for the entire treatment, so the positive side is it is quick. I did have numbing cream on but I don't think it really helps.

I had a lot pinpoint bleeding, scabbing and blistering this time; I iced it on and off as soon as I got home and took a bunch of Ibuprofen and just relaxed. It's amazing what we put our bodies through; but I'm trying not be negative or complain because it is self conflicted. The blue has faded quite a bit, I will be really concerned about the pink and orange, but overall I think it will fade enough after 7 treatments to get my coverup.

I am going to do a juice fast today for one day to flush out my system and keep taking my drops that flush the lymphatic system.

I posted pictures right after my treatment and I will post some once the healing is done.

Going for 3rd treatment

I am going for my third treatment this week, not looking forward to it at all!! Last time the pain was unbearable! I will post pics after my txt.

3rd treatment down - extremely painful

I went for my well technically 2nd treatment on the entire tattoo and 3rd where the test patch was on just the top. This time I was able to go longer without a break, but this time the entire area blistered and was extremely swollen. It's weird how each time is so different. I had major blisters and had to keep polysporin on it and covered for 5 days. I will post pictures when the blisters are gone and it's healed so everyone can see the progress. I'll be going for my next treatment on December 22nd, if the lotus doesn't fade anymore we are going to use the booster which I was told treats color amazing.

3rd treatment

This treatment was the worst. The pain was unbearable! And the blisters are the worst. I hope I'm half way done. I posted some pics from after the treatment, i didn't get a before picture, but I promise I will post one when this treatment heals.

Going for 4th treatment today

Hey everyone, sorry I've been horrible about posting pictures... I'm going for my fourth treatment today, really not looking forward to it. I purchased a stronger numbing cream called Maxilene which is stronger than emla which did not work at all. I will post a pic after the treatment.

4th treatment update

Hey everyone, I posted a picture of what the healing looks like on the third day after my fourth treatment. The Maxilene numbing cream I feel worked way better than the Emla. After the third treatment and using the emla I felt like i had a bad reaction to it because my back was more swollen and in a lot more pain than usual. This time was not like that at all. Apparently people have different reactions to both.

We did not touch the yellow this time because it still had a lot of hyper-pigmentation and the laser tech said they have a different attachment that can treat that if it does not go away. The lotus we did not touch either because my new tattoo artist is incorporating it into the new tattoo and the lotus isn't really budging so why put myself through more pain and torchure than I need? I might go back and get it zapped separately, we'll see.

I'll post pictures once it is healed this time I promise :)

Fifth Treatment

Okay, I know I'm so bad at posting pictures after the laser treatments have healed. Here is a side by side of my tattoo before any laser treatments and right before my fifth laser treatment yesterday. You can see the black lines are finally starting to disappear. I will post pics after this treatment has healed.

Timeline Pics

No more picosure

Hey Everyone!! Just wanted to update you all... my fifth laser treatment has healed and I went to see my new tattoo artist about my cover up to see if I need to do any more... guess what??!! No more treatments !! thank God!! I get to start my cover up in July soooo excited!! I've been getting treatments done for a year every two months.. so this is huge for me! thanks for everyone's support!

Cover Up

Here is my cover up so far; I have gone for four sessions and now you can't even see there was another tattoo underneath! My tattoo artist is amazing!! The tattoo also flows down to my left hip which you can't see in the picture. So far I love it so much! It is so beautiful; I'm so happy that I will finally have a tattoo I love! Going through the picosure treatments was the best thing I ever did! When you compare the tattoo I had lasered with this one it looks like a two year old drew it! Definitely do your research before you pick your tattoo artist; I learned the hard way, but I feel good because I know I made the right decision to end up here ;)

Tattoo is almost finished YAY!!!

Hey Everyone! I'm SO sorry that I have neglected posting anything on here! I'm horrible for that lol! So I have spent the last year and a half getting my tattoo cover up, going every month first for 8 months and then gave myself a break this summer and now I have one more session in a few weeks and then I'm done woohoo!!!

This was the best decision I have ever made and I'm SO lucky that I found the most amazing tattoo artist that was able and willing to cover my tattoo! I absolutely love how it turned out and it suits me so well! If anyone is thinking of going through this process, please do your research on finding a good laser clinic and a tattoo artist whom is super experienced in cover ups because you don't want to go through the process again! My tattoo artist saw me every 2 months while I was undergoing the laser treatments to go over sketches, placement on my back etc... he was amazing!!!

I have uploaded photos, the first when my cover up was still ongoing and the last two were from the very last session in March. It looks a little dark because these were take right after the session but it has lightened up and healed so nice. I will post final pics when it's healed from the very last session.


I had my final tattoo session last Saturday, and I'm finally done phew!! Two and a half years later and this is all behind me now! It was worth it!! I now have something so beautiful that I'm proud of and absolutely LOVE!!!
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Everything was very professional, Brooke who performed my treatment made me feel really comfortable and always asked how I was doing throughout the procedure.

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