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I had my 2 girls before I met my husband and he...

I had my 2 girls before I met my husband and he fell in love with me with my stretch marks and saggy breast fed boobies, I want this surgery done for me but a bit for him as well. I know with getting this done I will have the self confidence that I have never had and when my husband tells me I am beautiful I will believe him. We had our first son together 9 months ago and when I thought my body couldn't get any worse from having another baby, boy was I wrong! My breast literally deflated, I went from a c before kids to a b after the 2 girls and now an awkward a cup. It's not fun looking in the mirror, it's actually a bit disappointing, so I know a mommy makeover is definitly the right thing for me.
I booked a consultation with Dr.Chong out edmonton, after reading so many good reviews and seeing so many positive results I just had to see him. It took 6 months to get in but I was so excited regardless. When I did go in he was very quick with me i definitly thought he would of been more thorough and I was pretty disappointed at his quote for me. For my BA alone it would of been $16 000, which I thought was crazy, I'm sure if I go with him it will be worth it but I definitely want to get a second quote done. I have one booked for December 1st with Dr. Dawes in calgary, hopefully I won't be disappointed.

Consult with Dr. Dawes

I went for my consultation with Dr.Dawes yesterday and he is amazing!
His office is beautiful and Jodi and Vicki are the nicest, friendliest people ever!
Dr.dawes was very thorough, he explained what would happened, what I needed to have done to get the best results and he made sure all my question and concerns were answered. After that Jodi came in and helped me with sizing which was fun and it made everything seem so much more real. I went and spoke to Vicki after sizing and she gave me my quotes and did not rush me into booking anything, answered my questions and made me feel very comfortable. Overall my experience with Dr.dawes was wonderful, I think he may be the one I go with.

Going to try again.... but in Mexico?

Ok, so i gave up on the idea of any surgeries what so ever! I am super terrified, and im focused on raising my babies right now, but my husband had mentioned a holiday again this winter and possibly combining it with the surgery that i have been harassing him about.
So i have been doing a bit of research in mexico, lots of horrifying stories out there! Also, alot of amazing ones!
Any ladies out there have any advice?
I have mixed feelings, skepitcal but optimistic.
I would prefer to stick with the cancun area as that is really the only part of mexico i am familiar with, and anyone familiar with Dr. Carmona? Ive read all the reviews on here about him and all have been positive.
Dr. Feng Chong

Dr.chong was very quick, he did answer all the questions I had.

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