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Wow, I don't even know where to start! I had my...

Wow, I don't even know where to start! I had my first child when I was 17, I guess I took the term "eating for 2" quite literally! I was 97lbs when I found out I was pregnant and skyrocketed to 160lbs by the time I gave birth. I had crazy stretch marks, but was able to lose a decent amount of weight.

I went on to have 2 more children, got depressed and gained even more weight...at my top weight I was 184lbs...I am 5'1". Crazy!! Anyway, FINALLY, I took control of my life. I went off of antidepressents (with my doctors ok of course), lost a ton of weight, and got a divorce. I have been able to maintain my weight within 10lbs of my goal weight. I am currently 32 years old, 5'1", and around 129lbs...I plan to get down to at least 118lbs by the time I have my surgery. I have 3 amazing biological children, ages 14, 11, & 9, and 2 step children ages 8 & 10.

I am married to a man who fully supports me in my journey. So, Mommy Makeover. I am getting a full tummy tuck, no lipo and BA. I have decided on 375cc "gummy bear" implants, under the muscle. I have taken 2 weeks off of work and am hoping like hell I will be fine to come back to work. I have an office job so I don't see it being a huge issue after 2 full weeks. I also am heavily involved in Martial Arts, my PS told me I would be back at it in 8 weeks but I don't see that as being realistic as I am a senior belt so I do full contact sparring. So any advice, support, or information is totally welcome! I'm adding pictures, but I hate them :( I haven't wore a bikini like this since I was 15...ugh. I can't wait till the after photos.

Ok, so I can't figure out how to turn my photos?...

Ok, so I can't figure out how to turn my photos? They were taken right side up but keep rotating sideways when I put them on here. *shrugs*, ok 1 picture for now.

Less than 5 weeks

Ahhh!! I am so freaking nervous. Due to funds I have dropped the BA, and will just be getting the tummy tuck...as sad as I am, I would prefer not put my family in debt just to have perky boobs. Hubby has promised that I will get those before I turn 35, if I still want them.

I went to my PS office today, I wanted to see more of his before and after photo's as I have been worrying a lot about scar placement and complications. I know he is a great surgeon, it just still scares the crap out of me. I don't want a high scar, and I think that is my biggest concern. I also worry about infections or necrosis, I made the foolish mistake of googling "Tummy Tucks gone bad"...my husband told me to knock it off. Anyway, that's it for now I guess.

2 weeks today!!

OMG, starting to freak out now. In 2 weeks I will be in the surgical suite undergoing my tummy tuck :/ I started taking the Pre-op vitamins from make me heal today, sent in the rest of my paperwork and paid the remaining balance.

Now I'm trying to figure out where to make my "post surgical" den. I have a comfy recliner but there is no way I would be able to put the feet down myself, our bed is pretty high so I would need to use a stool to get into it likely, and the kids beds are just plain uncomfy to me. We also have a 10 month old yorkie x chihuahua who is totally attached to me so keeping him away from me will be a full time job for hubby.

6 days...

Holy crap! 6 days. I'm not ready, I have a few things purchased. I didn't lose the weight I had planned to, but the PS & his office manager assure me it's fine and I will still have a great result. I have seen many people on here lose after the fact so that will be me.

The kids are all gone now for 2 weeks, hubby and I went on a date last night. It's been forever and I really want us to have a great couple of days leading up to surgery. I'm still scared of dying, I make a lot of inappropriate jokes as dark humour is my way of dealing. Hubby not so much. I'm pretty stressed at work and am kind of concerned with the workload when I return but it is what it is. I'm only taking a week off at home, and working from home the 2nd week, returning to the office on week three.

I'm going to my last two martial arts classes this week, this makes me horribly sad. I just actually belted up and will receive my next belt tonight. I finally have the confidence needed to move up in ranks so taking extended time off killing me. I just hope it's all worth it in the end.

Got my surgical time...

I need to be there @ 7:00 am, my surgery is at 7:30. Crazy!! One more day of work, then the week end to nest and get ready.

Well I survived...

I went in yesterday morning at 7:30 and was home by 1pm. The pain was horrendous when I woke up, 2 shots of Demerol and 2 tramicet later and I was much better.

My drains don't seem to be draining much, I went to my PS for my post op and this afternoon and he said everything looks fine. My pubic region is crazy swollen, hard, and sore to touch. I hope tomorrow has less swelling, I get to shower and see the results tomorrow as well.

Ahhhh shower day!!

Omg, best shower ever! I am binder free right now as hubby needed to wash it, there was quite a bit of blood on it and it stunk. I'm ok with that, it's much more comfortable without it.

Not much to update, I'm still feeling naseous quite a bit and still have no appetite whatsoever. I'm eating a little bit here and there but I get full super quick. Here's some pictures from today, hubby got some with our good camera I just haven't downloaded them yet.

Ugh, so tired of feeling nauseated

Every day I feel sick, some days less than others. Today I woke up nauseated and it hasn't gone anywhere. I took gravol in hopes it might ease it a little, that and some MOM as I am now 5 days BM free :/ maybe I will be able to eat a little more if I actually go finally.

On another note, I started taking the post op vitamins from make me heal yesterday, they made me feel really sick to my stomach, flushed in the face and I kept getting hot flashes. I took them twice a day as directed and both times it was the same, needless to say I won't be taking them :(

Healing wise things are going ok, I'm definitely in less pain today. I'm still taking pain meds, down from 2 pills every 4 hours to 1 pill every 6 hours. I hope by Sunday I can swap down to Tylenol. My lady bits are ridiculously swollen, scares me a bit, I hope that goes away soon.

I start back to work from home on Monday, I'm looking forward to it because I am super bored lol. I've been good and have been resting a lot but that gets old. I guess that's about it for today.

Drain photos

So, it's impressive how well I can move

When the MOM kicks in :/ I went earlier and thought I was good. Yeah turns out that was just the beginning. It's good to know that all of my body still functions well. And I can pretty much run in the hunchback position. If anything I made my hubby laugh, so there's that.

Day 5 - emotional day!

I had a big post and RealSelf ate it. I'm an emotional bag of shit today, cried most the morning. Took a shower, blow dryed and straightened my hair hoping I would feel more human. Just felt drained, so I went for a nap and woke up...crying. FML. So today is emotional day, bright side swelling is down and pain is managed by Tylenol.

Belly button

Not sure how I feel about it, we will see when it's healed...

Went out for a bit yesterday

We went to get a birthday card for my daughter, and to get some ice cream cupcakes...she comes back after 2 weeks away and her 15th birthday was Wednesday (2 days after my surgery). Hubby got himself Wendy's and I had a baked potato. By the time we got home I was drained, and getting in and out of the vehicle killed me and irritated my drain sites. They are supposed to be removed Wednesday and I can't wait!! I ended up taking a pain pill and relaxing the rest of the the night.

I'm blown away by how exhausted I get just doing mundane stuff that used to be simple. Ugh, I know...big surgery blah blah blah, still though. I'm thankful how decent my healing has been though, fingers crossed it keeps going this way.

So I sneezed today

Holy shit!!! It was like having a million blow torches in my stomach. Which is funny because can take deep breaths with no issues, I can laugh with minimal pain, coughing still burns a bit.

My upper abs don't bother me at all so I assume most of my MR was lower down. First day working from home went alright, I'm exhausted.

The drains of hell are gone!!

So I know I'm not supposed to weigh myself for 2 weeks post op but oh well, I'm down from 131 the morning of surgery to 124.6! Yay! Only 10lbs to go and I will be a happy camper.

I got the drains out today (what a completely weird feeling), the one hole is still bleeding so hopefully that will stop soon as its really getting old. I also got a second binder so that's good. He gave me the go ahead to sleep in bed on my back with my feet elevated, I can't wait!! I miss my bed and hubby so much. I am still not able to do anything exiting, and I see him again in 7 weeks as long as there are no complications. The incision looks alright, they cleaned and steri stripped them for another 2 weeks and then I start taping the scar.

Swell Hell :/

So I found out how bad swell hell truly is tonight. We went to Target and walked around a bit and then out to dinner. I ordered a half chicken Caesar salad thinking it would be a better choice. Ya, not so much. OMG, I feel like my lower abdomen is going to blow up. It could be a part of not having the drains in any more...either way this sucks!!!

Day whatever it is

So 4 days of working from home down, I don't look forward to going back to actual work though as I am swelling so much by the end of the day. I have been drinking a ton of water though and still don't have much of an appetite. I made supper for my husband and I as he's in the process of building our garage on his days off. Felt good to do some "normal" stuff, but as usual exhausted and swollen by the time the kitchen was cleaned up. I don't want to wish time away but I wish I could zip forward like 3 months and see how life with less swelling and physical activity will be like.

Note to self

Life is not normal, I am not back to normal, I need to stop pretending like it is. I think I just want so desperately for things to be "normal" or to feel better. I woke up this morning (hubby was up yesterday and helped me get up) and was like a beached whale trying to get up. There was nowhere to grab to pull myself up and I couldn't use my abs to get up. Finally my struggles woke him up and he put his hand out while asking what was wrong, I grabbed it and pulled up and told him nothing. Sucks. Taking my daughter shopping tomorrow, that should be fun considering going out for an hour today exhausted me. I'm *so* looking forward to work next week *rolls eyes*. Lucky for me my young kids are still with their dad till next Thursday so I will have a chance to rest after work for a couple days.

Shopping today

And I'm terrified. Ugh. I am now down 9 lbs so I will likely try to find something's that will allow for swelling without people noticing at work. I don't know how long I will even last in the stores. Oh and I love the support I get from my binder but now I have back fat, below my bra strap and above the binder. Damnit!!

Bent over pic


So I've hit a lot of milestones since surgery day...

- I cooked dinner Thursday night, and cleaned up afterwards.

- I drove for the first time on Friday, that was nice and freeing. I've been pain med free for over a week but I didn't have any need to go anywhere.

- Saturday I took my daughter shopping and walked the mall for 3 hours, I was pretty tired but I felt alright.

- Sunday I got lucky, I don't know when the "right time" is or if there is any specific timeframe but there was no pain or discomfort and I was in a hell of a good mood after. My doctor never told me when we could or couldn't, I just know I can't do hard exercise.

- Today was my first day back to work. I'm doing fine, it feels good to be getting back to normal. Oh and last night I sort of rolled over in my sleep, I'm a side sleeper so I woke up super comfortable. My back kills me every morning from laying on it, it was a nice change. I'm down 10lbs from surgery day, I want to drop 5 more and then just maintain until I can start working out again.

Complication? Maybe?

I don't know, I have swelling...as usual. It's not horrible, it's uncomfortable but not horrible. So now I have small, like bigger than a marble, lumps underneath my incision. There are 2 on the left, and 3 on the right all are in a row. It's a lot more tender in that area as well. I still have my binder over everything and still have my man-gina going on. I was booking my 8 week check up (yup, I'm a little early for that) and spoke to the receptionist who told me she would have the PS call. He hasn't yet, and I find the uncomfortableness of it all is getting a little worse.


So my PS got called out to an emergency yesterday so he never called. His assistant had me take photo's and email them in and said he will call me today. Nothing, I haven't heard a thing from them. I emailed her just now to see if there is anything I should be doing or if it's anything to be concerned about. I'm not super pleased with the lack of communication.

I'm also not happy with how my lady bits are, I know, it's only 16 days post op but it seems almost worse now than it was before. Now I have this super swollen, water bed, type pubic region. Even if it is just swelling and maybe fluid buildup I can't see it becoming very pretty looking, it definitely won't be what I expected from our consult.

So I had to take the steri strips off early...

They were supposed to stay on until Wednesday of next week but that didn't happen. Every time I put the binder on I would feel a ton of burning pain in a couple areas. Last night I decided to move the steri strips a bit to see and everywhere that the creases pushed in I had small verticle cuts above and below the incision. My body has reacted to the steri strips all along but I just dealt with it because the incision needed to close. I took off two sides but left the middle because there is an area that isn't fully closed. It was like instant relief to just have the paper tape on!

As for healing, I'm feeling alright. I did way too much today, likely stuff that I completely shouldn't have (yard work with my boys, well showing them what to do). I feel a lot of tightness in my upper abs, which is strange because I honestly didn't think he did any work there before because I had absolutely no pain there. That and I feel some tightness around my incision. Needless to say I'm now in a recliner just relaxing.

It's tough not to jump back into life, all of our kids are back now so it's a lot harder to just relax. They are all helpful when I ask, I just need to ask lol. I have my normal amount of energy back now, I don't know if that will continue next week when all of the after school activities start and I'm running off my feet.

Binder Free!!! Well, for an hour or so...

But it's not all good news, I've had 2 spots open up and so I need to take off the dressing and let it "breathe". I gotta say, I was prepared for this to happen from reading other reviews but it creeps me out now that I'm dealing with it. Any suggestions? I'm using polysporin and non stick gauze. I sent a picture to my PS and a description and they said I'm doing what they would suggest.

In other news my swelling isn't as bad the last couple days and I'm catching glimpses of how things are going to eventually look. I have a hard time remembering not to do stuff, I feel pretty much normal. I definitely have a shorter fuse and get emotional way quicker than before the surgery. My patience is also *way* shorter, I raised my voice in Walmart the other day because my son wasn't pushing the cart properly :/ not cool man. I apologized later telling him how I have a hard time when I get overwhelmed, not that it was an excuse. He told me he understood completely and he sometimes has the same thing happen...this boy is 9!

Oh, and I hate the binder. It's bulky and uncomfortable. Yet I love it because I feel supported in it. Ugh love hate relationships!!

Ok, THIS picture made my day

This is my stomach semi flexed, and how low the scar is in pretty panties.

Side by sides

I'm glad I do this, because even when I feel like crap I see that I look way better!!

Ok so...

2 days of eating crap (and by crap I mean the worst of the worst), KFC popcorn chicken and loaded NY fries one night, popcorn at a movie the next night plus then a pasta dish after with a Bellini. I swelled like the marshmallow woman each night, but I wasn't bad in the morning.

Plus, get this, I lost almost 2lbs over the last 4 days!! I am assuming because I really haven't been eating much my body is holding on to the pounds, so actually eating (even if it was shit food) nourished my body? I don't know ha ha. I won't be doing much of that though, I hated the gross feeling afterwards.

Healing is going ok, the 2 spots seem to slowly be closing. There's still oozing but not much. I went without a binder during the day at home yesterday. I wasn't doing anything and it really hurts some days. It was the best day ever and I was only a little bit swollen. My next appointment is October 8th so I hope I'm done with it after that, except for exercise of course.

We took our clan for a walk last week, it was probably close to 3km or so, not super long but long enough for me. I felt pretty good after so that's good.

My husband is thrilled with the results, he and I have no children together, we each had kids with our ex spouses so he had never seen me with a pre weight gain/baby body. He loved me how I was, but hated my lack of confidence etc. He says I am a new person, smiling and happy again. He says I even look at him differently during intimacy, with this sexy cocky attitude. I can see that since before I was always trying to hide the nastiness LOL.

Oh and the itching...

HELP!!! Omg I am dying! It's mostly bad when I swell but lately it's all the time. My body hates the paper tape, but I will continue to use it as per my PS. The area around the tape is non stop itch :(

The red areas from the tape

This doesn't adequately show the red scaley skin. Aside from where is opened all of the red swollen looking skin is from the tape.


Ok so I can't get a hold of my PS (or should I say his office manager seeing as she's the only one that ever gets back to me) until tomorrow.

So I went to the pharmacy, they said I'm likely reacting to the adhesive, which explains why both the steri strips and the tape are bugging me. Anyway, I removed the pape tape in the shower today and took pictures. I want to claw my abdomen off it itchess so bad that it hurts. I am wearing a pair of underarmour compression shorts right now because I can't imagine putting more tape or my binder on. I also have an ice pack on as it sort of helps. I will take Benadryl later but I still need to drive my daughter to work. Any ideas what I can do to ease this??

Bitchy and Overwhelmed

Yup the title says it all!! I am not myself, nowhere near myself. I am so overwhelmed with life, with work, with kids, with my husband...with...well,everything. And then because I am so overwhelmed I become moody and emotional. It sucks!! Like really, truly, completely sucks!!

My life is busy, I can handle it...or at least pre surgery I could. Not so much now. But it continues on because *I* am the one who chose to have this surgery knowing full well that I had to jump back into regular life shortly after. And I don't communicate well so when I do say what's bothering me it turns into a biggie sized fight. So...yeah. I hate this part, I really do.

I'm not sleeping either, I can't get comfortable and then there's so much going on in my mind that I can't seem to shut it off. I feel like I did after I had my kids, my mind is mush. If it's not in a calander I forget, or I will remember at midnight the night before something major. I have prescription sleep aids and those don't help either, I think this is my wah wah post...maybe later this week it will be better.

Ended up at the family dr's tonight...

My PS responded to my tape allergy concerns by telling me I needed to switch to Silicone Mepiform tape. So I found some, $20 a sheet but whatever right? I bought 2 and rushed home to shower and change to the new stuff. I got the paper tape off and my skin around the incision was swollen and shredded. The tape had eaten all around the entire incision, definitely worse on the ends.

I was dying by the time I finished, I put on a housecoat and tries to air out the burning. Nope. Nothing. Finally I told my husband I was going to the dr, he agreed and off I went. My 11 year old came with me seeing as I had to take her to gymnastics anyway. He gave me cortisone cream to put on the inflamed areas. Definitely an allergy, although he said my incision looked absolutely beautiful ha ha. So I can't tape it till the inflamed skin clears up, I'm wearing tank tops under my binder so it doesn't rub on anything.

By the time I got home (no binder or tape) I was in a serious amount of pain so I popped a pain pill and put the cream on. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

Today is finally a good day

It has been a rough week, not gonna lie. I was a mess most of the week, between emotions, pain, and the burning from the tape. Add to that a son who kept getting bleeding noses, one being at 12:30 in the morning. He came upstairs from his room dripping blood all over the carpet and wood floors so I spent a good little while getting that cleaned up only to be up at 6 for work.

Anyway, I ate pizza and breadsticks yesterday for my MIL's birthday, I swelled but it was so worth it ha ha! It tasted fabulous and I have restricted my diet so much that I just said screw it and enjoyed it. I went to bed at a decent time last night and slept solid until my alarm went off, I even got up and did my hair today (I have just been leaving it to dry curly I'm so exhausted). Even if all I get is one good day this week then so be it, at least it's on a Friday :)

Almost 6 weeks...

I gotta start off by saying I don't know how people go without a binder this early LOL, I have cracked the boning on both sides of BOTH my binders. It's gotten to the point that the plastic has started popping out of the fabric and is cutting in to me. So, I took it off today and now I feel exposed and vulnerable LOL. I don't want to buy another binder seeing as I will be going to the PS in 2.5 weeks for my 8 week check up and he says you can go without at that point. I know I will use it whenever I feel comfortable enough to start working out again so maybe I just suck it up and buy another one?

So after my hell week I ended up going out to a birthday party with hubby Saturday night. My plan was to have a beer or 2, well...that changed :/ I ended up having far more than I should have. At the end of the night I went to sit down on a curb while waiting for our ride, lost my balance and fell back all the way. I didn't hurt the next day and no swelling, but by Monday I was pretty sore in the abs. My swelling is still mostly normal I think and nothing is bulged so I assume all is well. Stupid me ha ha.

I also decided that my daughter and I will be doing a whirlwind road trip this week end to attend my cousins wedding. It's a 6.5-7 hour drive both ways, so we will drive in Friday, wedding is Saturday, drive home Sunday. This is back in my old stomping grounds, but I know enough not to be stupid. A drink or two (for sure this time) and take it easy. I can't see me wanting to dance or anything, just visiting a lot of people.

Healing wise, things are going well *knocks wood*, I still have swelling in the lower area, usually never above my incision though. I feel fine, my back has been bugging me a lot the last couple of days, not sure if I'm hunching more or what. I still find I have a hard time multitasking (ie. talking and walking) in the evening, and climbing stairs at night winds me. I hope that will go away soon, it's getting old. Sleep wise, I am back to sleeping flat, no pillows and always on my sides. I'm a total side sleeper so I'm happy to be able to do so again.

Hubby asked when the "upper pubic region" would go back to normal. It's still swollen and seems jiggly. I told him if it doesn't go away we will be paying to get it fixed because I don't want a nice tight belly and a jiggly pubic area eff that! I'm happy with the results but still don't see it as everyone else does. "big gut syndrome?" I like what I see in photo's but not looking in the mirror yet.

Baggy jeans

Things are a-okay

Life is back to the full swing of things, I'm away from home more than I am here. I hate the business of our life but it is what it is.

I'm working on week 7 this week, and go see my PS in a couple weeks. I hope he lifts restrictions then. I'm no where near ready to work out but at least I would be able to if I wanted to.

So I went shopping at lasenza, they had a huge sale on bras and I bought a couple add 2 sizes. WOW! Omg they made itty bitty boobies look amazing! Although I didn't get the boob job I wanted at least I can pretend lol.

Sex life is through the roof, I am more confident and pretty much want it all the time...Hubs thinks he won a lottery ha ha. I also find I am *way* more sensitive down there. I could be lying there and move and my underwear grazes and I'm like hmmm I'm kinda reved up, wake hubby and jump his bones. He difinitely loves the new me.

Today I ended up with a UTI again, I can't wait to be totally healed. I think my body hates me.

Dress I wore to the wedding on the week end..

I shopped for 2 hours, the dresses I liked didn't come in the size I needed...drumroll...xs! What?? When did I become an xs.

I unintentionally ran today...

My son was participating in a cross country race today so I told him I would come watch. There was no parking so I ended up parking like 4-5 blocks away. His race was starting in 5 minutes so I did what any normal mom would do and I took off running to get there in time.

It wasn't until I got there and was waiting that I realized holy crap, I ran and I don't really hurt at all. I'm swollen tonight and had to nap free work I was so exhausted but hey it's a start! I also realized that while my belly felt flawless as I jogged over my ass shook like a bowl of jello. Definitely time to get back to working on that!

I'm enjoying a skinny day...

It's tough to go from excess skin and fat to none. I look in the mirror and see/feel the swelling and wonder if things will ever look as good as some people. AND my swelling is nothing like some of the pictures I have seen on here, with the exception of below my incision.

Today is a good day, I am mostly flat and feel good looking in the mirror. I have lost about 8lbs since surgery day, I hope when I get more active I can lose a little more. And I look forward to toning, I will likely start legs and arms soon.

Time for an update, it's been awhile!

I guess what everyone says is true, eventually life gets back to where it used to be and updating becomes less frequent. I am back to the full swing of things, a little more exhausted and a lot more emotional than I used to be.

So, I'm 8 weeks now. I had my follow up with my PS today and he almost seemed shocked by my results ha ha. I took off my binder and pulled down my pants and he goes "wow! that looks really good...amazing" I had some extra "fluff" prior to surgery that he told me the procedure wouldn't fix, thankfully with a good handle on my diet that hasn't been an issue. The two spots that had opened up are much darker and definitely bigger along the scar line, I showed him and he told me if I'm still not happy with them in 6 months when I see him again that he will fix them for me.

My main concern of course was the swollen pubic region. He laughed and said that is what causes women the most panic attacks after surgery. He said it takes a long time for it to go down and to keep being patient, it could be up to 6 months. I told him that if it's not to my satisfaction I will be getting him to fix it LOL.

I no longer need any form of compression garment, he said I could use it if I felt I needed it or if I was swollen. I need to continue taping my incision with the mepaform tape for another 2 months. He gave me shit for not taping my belly button scar as well, funny cause I had been up to like last week ha ha. Oops.

I am cleared to go back to living my normal life as he put it. I reminded him of my seniority in martial arts and he looked surprised, I was like umm you knew I did martial arts and he was like sure but you never told me you were a senior belt ha ha. Surprise :) Anyway, he told me that will take time but to start working at it now. He said I will be able to fully train again but to make sure I take it slow and ease back into it. I asked if I will be able to handle a kick to the stomach should it happen and he assured me it will do no damage down the road.

All in all I feel good. I'm tired, life is stressful as always but that's the joys. I did a two day career fair wearing heels the whole time and had very minimal swelling. Swelling still happens but it's really only noticeable to me, one night I made a comment to my husband about how swollen I was. He's like seriously? If you look that good swollen I can't wait to see it when the swelling goes away. I'm annoyed by my belly button, it looks like puckered up asshole (sorry, I have the mouth of a trucker sometimes)...but seriously, it was swollen pretty much closed! I started doing the ear plug trick and it works for a short while. I don't know how long I need to do that for. Hubby thinks I'm mental ha ha.

That's about it, I will get him to take some pictures soon. Hope everyone else is doing well :)

Some pictures

I still need to do some "real" pictures, these are all clothing shots but it gives a general idea. I also plan to find a picture from when I was at my largest so you can see the difference.

Turns out I have never had "real" swelling...

Until last night! We ate out 2 nights in a row, which never happens, due to our schedules etc. I didn't factor sodium content in seeing as my swelling has been totally manageable. H.O.L.Y C.R.A.P. I was like double my normal size, when I sat down I had a legit belly hanging over my scarline. Hubby came into the bedroom and I lifted my shirt and he goes OMG, that's crazy! Needless to say I put my binder back on :( Tonight we are having a party for his birthday, all pub style food & drinks, guess I will have water and veggies ha ha.

First work out

So I did my first work out in 10 weeks. Well somewhat I guess, baby steps ha ha. I did 15 minutes on level 5 of an elliptical, 10 leg presses of 110lbs and 50 crunches. Nothing overly crazy but I have big plans of how I want my body to look. It won't be perfect but it will be my perfect!

7 Months Post Op

I don't honestly have a lot to update, I am 100% back to life and have been for quite sometime now. I work out every morning (currently doing Jillian Michaels body revolution) and fully back into martial arts. I even competed in a tournament last month!

Sodium is still a big no no it turns out, I have eaten a modified sodium diet since surgery which has kept swelling to a minimum. I started a program which uses protein shakes, I didn't realize each shake had 400mg of sodium and at the end of day 2 I was completely swollen. That and a horrible headache, needless to say I'm back to the low sodium foods.

I have gained weight/muscle since surgery but a good portion of the weight gain went to my love handles, that sucks! So I'm changing back to the clean eating for the next 6 weeks of my JM challenge to see what changes that will bring. I have my follow up appointment with my PS on the 24th, my Mons area still isn't where I want it to be so hopefully I will get answers there. Anyway, back to work...hope everyone is well :)
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