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I am in the begining stages. I had my consultation...

I am in the begining stages. I had my consultation and booked the surgery.
A little about me, I had two huge babies...almost 11 pounds each and I had gained 100 pounds with my first child. I lost the 100 pounds and have kept it off for 15 years. I just celebrated my 40th birthday and realized that I have the breasts of an 80 year old. They were double D's during my pregnancy then deflated afterwards. I am getting the complete Mommy makeover which consists of a lift, a tummy tuck and implants.

I absolutley LOVED my consultation with Dr. Chong. He took his time and explained the surgery to me and did not promise perfection. He was easy to talk to and made me feel at ease.

I had gone to another Dr. 3 years ago but felt like cattle being herded in and out of his office...it was basically take a number, wait your turn... The whole process turned me off.
I was able to take the time I needed in the office and all of my questions were answered.


Ok, so today I went in for my breast augumentation sizing and ladies.... I could use some advise, I am a 36 B VERY saggy... I tried on a 375 CC and thought the result was desirable, except the side profile was not. I hated the fact that my boobs made it into a room before I did. Long story short, Doc suggested the moderate profile implants which were WAY better. Here is my dilema, I love to run and want an athletic body/nice breats for hubby. I choose the 375 CC but Doc suggested 450 CC because he said after the lift, the 450CC will act more like a 400 CC. .....Thoughts? I was considering calling back and changing to a 425CC to produce a 375 CC result.

Tomorrow is the big day

Well, I am only hours away until my mommy makeover and so nervous.....

I did it!

The night before I was unable to sleep a wink. I went in for 6:30 am and they wisked me into pre op immediatley! I was so thankful to not have to sit and pretend to read magazines all the while I was so nervous. The staff was incredible at putting me at ease until the surgeon came in to mark me up. I almost fainted at that time because *%^# just got real lol.

They immediatley brought me into the OR and quickly put me under. It felt like seconds until I woke up and saw my amazing husband in the recovery room. The nurse who took care of me was amazing. I slept for a little while as she continued to keep up on my meds. We got up and about and was on my way home around 1:30 pm.

I had drainage tubes sticking out of me, and had a binder on as well as one for the breasts.

It literally felt like mild menstrual cramps and sore muscles after. Everyone heals different though because I heard another patient come down the hall post op screaming "owwww" poor girl.

Anyways, I got home and had no issuea walking up the stairs. My bed was my best friend. I got up several times to use the washroom alone and even went downstairs and back alone.

I made sure to take my meds throughout the night on time. I kept waking up anyways! This morning I anticipate feeling worse just like after a workout and you feel sore a day or two later!

I have to go back to do a follow up later this afternoon. I will keep you posted. Too be honest, I am anxious to see if there was a good result on the tummy. I am skeptical because I had to see it everyday and agonize at how hideous it was. I am finding it hard to believe that it can look any different. The boobs are swollen right now and feel tight but they are back up high where they used to be!! Woohoo! I will keep you posted. Best wishes for those going in!

Day 2 and 3

Well, day two and three are not very much fun. I am aloud to take a shower today but I am worried about seeing the results for the first time.
I am so sleepy and everything feels so tight and swollen.

First week down

What a week it has been. I have had a whirlwind of emotions that I was not expecting. The first hurdle was the constipation that no one ever talks about. It was traumatizing and I thought for sure that the straining had blown all my sutures.

I had the drainage tubes removed which was surprising because it didn't hurt at all!

I felt amazing on day 8 and even attempted a shot at some normalcy and went to the grocery store with the hubby. I am still not able to stand up straight but I disquised it by pushing the shopping cart. We went out for lunch after that and then I payed for it later by being uncomfortable and exhausted.

Now I was hit with a ton of emotions as I feel almost regretful of what I did. I feel like life will never return to normal and I tear up even thinking about going back to work as I work in a physically demanding career.

I feel guilty at the responsibility I have placed on my husband and I feel a little depressed because I have no one to talk to about this. My friends who wanted to do the surgery but who couldn't afford it do not want to hear me complain and I completley understand!

Then comes the part of being so uncomfortable and achey all over! My neck is killing me, my back aches and I walk like a 90 year old. I dream of life even a week ago where I freely went to the gym, took a long hot bubble bath, and slept on my side.... *sigh*

The one thing I am thankful for was the timing of the surgery, I get to be home with my babies over Christmas and enjoy all this time with them...

I will update weekly as I go through this long journey of recovery! Happy recovering all.

Almost 3 weeks post op!

Well, I am feeling good, not as active as I would like but I am very impatient. I am moving around a lot better and walked for 40 minutes today on the indoor track at the gym. The tape on my breasts still hasn't peeled off and the Doc said he wanted me wait until it came off before changing it. I have changed the incision tape on my stomach as it has peeled off already. From what I can tell, the incision line is very thin. I am dreading going back to work but I have been approved for another 3 weeks at home!! I will post pics soon.

5 weeks post op

I am starting to get around great now but was a little sad after seeing my Doc to learn that I am trying to do too much at the gym. I HATE that I can't work out in full swing again as I can't really enjoy my results because I feel so unfit and gooey!! I did have some inspiration reading other's one year updates!! I t gave me hope. As soon as I get the green light, I am going hardcore!

I go back to work in 6 days and I feel anxious about that as I get sore shoulders and neck pain after standing for a long period of time!


Hey all! 7 weeks post op! Feeling some what better but a bit depressed because I want to work out like a machine but still feeling swollen and sore. I am eating my feelings instead tonight!!

More pics

Down time

It has been awhile since I updated, I went through a little "blue" period trying to adjust to going back to work and still not being able to work out.
I am up at least 10 pounds and I have lost some definition all over. I took up overeating and indulging!

Work has been going better then expected and I have been cleared for all exercise. I started day one of P90X today and it felt great!!! I am going to work up to running by next week. All in All... I am feeling so much better and I am excited to see what this new body can do!

1 year Post op with Revision scheduled

Well, its been one year post-op now and the healing has been difficult. I see great results with diet and exercise everywhere except the dreaded abdominal area. It still remains a "troubled" area despite great results from a tummy tuck. I LOVE the boobs but realize that I will always have this love-hate relationship with my tummy. I do believe that in anther years time I will come to enjoy it more as I will be in even better physical shape. I am scheduled for a scar revision to attempt to lower my very high scar. I am not expecting perfection and I am not looking forward to healing again, however, I am just so grateful that my PS is even willing to do the surgery as there are no guarantees. I will post some before and after photos in march. Good luck to all of you who are just beginning your journey. My only advice to you is not expect perfection, and do not compare your self to others. This surgery enhanced me but, when it was all said and done...it did not fix my insecurities or help me to love myself any more. In some regards in made me focus MORE on my perceived flaws.

Scar Revision complete

I am a few days post op from lowering my scar. I have to say that My surgeon is THEE best surgeon on the planet, hands down. He was totally honest upfront with me from day one when he said that the scar would be higher due to my lack of lose skin. However, with that said, he understood my disappointment with my scar and worked with me to do what he can do. He made me feel at ease during the procedure and even suggested that we try to lower the scar more in the future. I will post pictures as I heal.
Dr. Chong

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