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I will be 37 at the end of June. I have been...

I will be 37 at the end of June. I have been divorced for over 5 years and have been raising my two kids since they were 8 months old and just turned 2. I left an abusive relationship and a cheater. I work full time, raise my children on my own, own a small business and I have lost over 80 lbs in the last two years. I went from a size 16 and am currently a size 4.
My skin is not as saggy as some of the women here, but it's enough for me to not feel good about myself. The more I exercise and tone up, the more my cup size shrinks too. I'm super self conscious about how I look. I'm single still.
The moment I've had my children, I have done everything for them and I had to overcome a lot of guilt about doing this surgery. I never buy myself anything, I never do anything for myself. This is the first time I've thought about me and what I need to feel better about myself.
Last month was a wake up call. I found out that I may have a tumour or a clot in my brain. I found out a week later that it was an aneurysm. This is what made me make this decision. Life is short, and it's OK to do something for yourself.

So here I am. I've chosen my surgeon. He's newer but I really like him. He's nice and responds to my emails and questions. I'm excited to get going with this and book a date soon:)

Before surgery

So, I'm 5'3". I used to weight just over 220lbs and size 16. I had two c-sections in just under 16 months. I've lost over 80lbs and am currently a size 4. I've always been a size 10/12 on average, even in my teens. This is the smallest I have ever been.

I know for some, this is not as bad and I can easily cover this up when I wear clothes. However, I'm a single mom and I just don't feel good about myself when I look at myself naked. So I'm going to do this!

Got a date!

Soooo….I finally got a date..August 20th:) I'm pretty excited and nervous at the same time. I guess the countdown can begin. I have so much to do before…anyone have any tips?

I'm working out like crazy, trying to be as strong as possible and aiming for a speedy recovery. I will do my best to keep everyone updated:)

13 Day Pre

Wow…A new friend on here pointed out that I'm 13 day pre. I did't even count, but really, I guess I should!

So far, this is what has happened: I was 38% body fat and 175lbs almost three years ago. Today, I am 25.4% body fat and 142lbs. My smallest was 134lbs, but I have put on weight the last year..but muscle mass. I am pretty happy with my physical journey so far, but now it's time to put the "icing" on the cake:)

I've spoken with my PS and asked about lipo, which I originally did not want (felt like cheating), but then I thought, "Why not? I'm already paying to get this done and it might affect the results." He told me he was not planning on doing any lipo because I don't need it, but possibly my sides, but he won't know until he's in there. I'm pretty happy about this news.
I chose 235cc for my boobs. Not really a boob girl, so I feel like this is enough.
I also get to keep my belly button, so that also makes me happy:) LOL.
The only thing I'm really doing now is preparing for surgery. Spent yesterday making loads of food and freezing it. I only have help for about a week and then I'll be on my own again with my kids, so I need to be prepared.
My goal is to drop another percent in body fat, if possible, before surgery.

What CGs did/are you girls using for after surgery?

12 Days Pre-Op

Well, here we go…12 days pre and I realized that maybe I should grab some supplies for the actual surgery. I've been mostly focused on organizing my work, kids and after surgery life. I'm trying to make it so that I don't have to do much after surgery.

All I've done so far is work and work out! LOL. My to-do list is organizing some filing and working ahead a bit, so I don't have to catch up too much when I return to work. I've meal prepped like 22 meals so far, but I want to do some more. I'm a big fan of meal prepping and it's made my life easier, but for this surgery, I've kicked it into high gear. LOL.

I've dipped below 25%bf, but I'm aiming for 24% in the next 12 days. Hoping I can make it:) I'm posting my side view, so you can all see what I look like from the side. The tummy bugs me a lot…it's just hangs there. LOL. Cannot wait!!

5 Days Pre-Op

I had my last PS appointment on Wednesday. He did my measurements again and we talked about what was going to happen and about my incision for the TT. So I guess I have to go with a small "t" because I have a bit of extra skin and he needs to make that incision to tighten up the skin and pull my belly button? Something like that. Should still be able to cover up with my underwear. I get to keep my belly button:) That's the plan. If he can't save it, then he'll just make me a new one. LOL. I'm pretty happy with him. I've only heard good things about him. He even said that my surgery would be fun, LOL, because he'll be able to do more because I'm healthy and at a good BMI. That was good to hear:)

Now for life…it's crazy busy. I've been meal prepping like crazy, filing, cleaning, working and just trying to get everything ready for the surgery. I haven't told my kids or parents…the only people who know are three of my friends. I don't really want anyone to know.

I told my kids tonight that they were going to stay at their grandparents and dad's for a little bit. They'll mostly be at their grandparents. My youngest started to cry and say he couldn't stay more than his usual 2 days. He said they won't know how to take care of him and he can't be alone with them for more than three days. I think this is the hardest part. The kids have never been without me for more than two days, every 2-3 weeks. Sometimes it's 2-6 weeks.

I can't even think of the surgery or recovery. All I can think of is my kids. I think I'm going to have a hard time, too. Did you girls do ok with your kids around? Maybe I'll just have them back with me after a couple days…

I hope you girls are recovering well:) I'm so encouraged by all of you:)

4 Day Pre-OP

Well…here we are four days before and now I'm thinking I should just not get boobs and stick to my original plan of just the TT. I don't want anyone to know. Especially my parents. They are not understanding about this type of surgery and thinks I should just be happy. They don't even know about it.
I know everyone else had these feelings and right now, I'm focusing on my kids and other stuff…it feels like I don't have enough time for everything and maybe I should not fix up the girls at all. Sigh….

Almost 3 Days Pre-op

Yep, in about 20 minutes, it'll be midnight and I'll be officially 3 days pre-op. I cannot believe how fast it's coming up.
I'm still undecided about the boobs, but I also didn't choose very big ones. I guess we'll see how I feel on the day of. I think I could honestly go either way. I do know , though, that if I don't get them, I will never get them. I wouldn't do surgery again. My big priority was my stomach. It honestly makes me feel fat, seeing all that stuff there. I know what people say to me, but it doesn't matter…it just is how I feel. I want to feel good about me.
The worry I feel about my kids being away from me is now kind of solved. My BFF has already told me to not worry about this kind of stuff and the kids can stay if they want and she'll help me out with them. What a weight off my shoulders. I wasn't really ever worried about how to do stuff on my own. I was more worried that they were sad they had to leave. PHEW.
The really great news that I got yesterday, which I forgot to mention, was that I actually made it to 24.8% body fat!! I am so excited. Just gotta stay on track and keep working out and get it as close to 24% as possible before Wednesday:)
Good night, girls. Your support is invaluable:)

2 Days Pre-op

Ok…I've done laundry, food prepped and gave the kids their haircuts today. I've been spending lots of time with them and doing lots of fun activities. Tomorrow I'm going to clean and make some soup…stuff I can eat after the surgery.

What am I going through right now? Just jitters and wondering a lot if I should even do this. I feel like a crazy person, choosing this for myself. I go between fantasizing about this new body and freaking out that I've lost my marbles somewhere along the way. LOL.

I'm having a hard time sleeping at night, because I spend a lot of it worrying about my kids and work. LOL. Craziness. I've never been one to pay a lot of attention on myself and now it feels crazy and selfish to be doing this. I know I should do something for me…Just jitters I guess.
From everything I've read, guess it's normal!
I love all the stories I've been reading…it's been helping me a lot:) Thanks:)

1 Day Pre-OP

Well….it's 2am. I'm still up….and tomorrow is my last day before my surgery. All kinds of emotions are going on in my head. Mostly worried about my kids having to be with my ex for a couple days. They will mostly be with his parents, so that will put me at ease a little more.
Tomorrow, when they wake up, I'm taking them out for breakfast and then to a trampoline park. Their grandparents will be picking them up after. I'll go for my last work out tomorrow - I sure am gonna miss being active! I have one more appointment, a massage and then home to pack.
My surgery is at 7am on the 20th…so here we go….too many thoughts and not enough time to write it all down!
Good luck to all of you who have surgeries coming up, too:) GN RS girls:)

8 hours to go...

So I thought I'd be writing more so close to surgery...but I'm not. I'm tired from prepping and now I'm worried because in all the craziness, I forgot to call this morning to confirm my surgery tomorrow morning. I'm so stupid. But there's not much I can do now because it's almost midnight. So...I will show up tomorrow and hope I didn't mess it up. I know it will be tomorrow....but maybe the time might be off...who knows. ..
I just feel dumb at this point. ..because it's so simple...because it I forgot...I was too caught up with my kids and prepping and getting them ready....sigh.
Goodnight and thank you for all your wonderful support...you are all so supportive and wonderful.

Here we go...

I enjoyed sleeping in my stomach and sides last night. I'm still under the covers. lol. I guess I'm gonna get up....just 90 minutes to go...gonna shower. ..then here we go....

Lost my update...

Lost my initial update. it's 1am. ..I'll update more tomorrow. lol. Sorry girls. ...

Day One PO

OK. ..so yesterday went well. I was just super tired from the surgery. The nurses told me it went really well and that I'll be happy with everything.
My surgeon used 270cc on me. They look super natural. No one will even be able to tell I had anything done. My tummy was already flat to begin with and no one could tell I had issues with it. I've always worn padded bras. ..so needless to say...I am very happy.

I also got to keep my belly button and he removed 1.5 lbs of skin. No lipo. I also had no catheter, so I drank water like crazy all yesterday and let me tell you...trying to pee took forever. Now that flood gates are open. lol.

I'm just sore but the pain is manageable. I'm just sleepy a lot. I sleep about 4-5 hrs at a time. I'm working hard on not doing everything myself.

I have drains. The first time I emptied they were 20/22 ml. Second time after 4 hrs they were 7.5/20 ml. Last night before bed they were 5/7 ml. I have an appointment this morning.

Thank you for everyone's support and kind words. seriously would not have made it without everyone's support. I'm so encouraged by all your stories.

Oh yes...I also talked toy kids yesterday and I feel a whole lot better.

Almost end of POD1

Well, i had to get up and go get my dressings changed this morning. Getting in and out of a car sucks. The drive itself is fine. Just remember a pillow for between the sear belt and you!
I've been sort of sleeping but not really. I'm almost standing upright and I'm getting into my bed and out. sometimes i need help with straightening pillows but otherwise good. My left noon looks a bit more swollen than the other. ..but I'm sure they'll settle soon.
I coughed today...that hurt so bad...
Every time i go to the bathroom Ai try to walk a little. and when I eat i will go to a table.
I got to see myself today at the Dr's and my tummy looks the same, minus the extra skin. Yay! The skin was removed from my lower abs, no lipo and got my original belly button. they just moved it down a little.
I cried a little today...This is the most help I've ever gotten after a surgery like this. my ex didn't help at all after each section ....and to top it off....my bff and her hubby bought me a gift card to VS to get a new bra when I'm ready. Not only are they watching over me but they're buying me presents. i am seriously one lucky girl right now.
Thanks again for all you support RS girls. GN for now. ..


Sorry…took forever to get the pics to upload…here are some:)


Well, I'm half way through my second day. I woke up feeling really ambitious and took my first shower on my own. I finally got to take off my compression socks, so that felt good. Then I proceeded to take the longest shower ever…it was just tedious trying to think of where I was going to put my drains and how I was going to shower. It was a tub, too, so there was a bit of manoeuvring to do.
I survived it and it felt good. I shampooed my hair and then gave up trying to condition it. LOL. I just left it.
The incision looks pretty good and it's pretty low. The picture I attached makes it look far worse than it really is. It looks pretty good.
The boobs don't hurt at all…they don't bother me. I had to cough a few times today…that's what killed. Those suck.
Other than that, I've just been relaxing, sleeping, and working a little bit on my computer. Replying to work emails and working on some little projects on my computer for work. That's the extent of it:) Pretty fun:) LOL.

First time in my life I've had this kind of time to myself.

I'm pretty happy…no bruising (because no lipo), have my own belly b (PS didn't have to make me a new one)….he spent most of his time on the skin removal:) The boobs turned out great in my opinion. I wanted an athletic look, and they're a bit swollen right now, but I think they will be just right once I'm done swelling.

Drainage is still good, very minimal and light, light red …almost yellowish looking. Pain is minimal:) In some ways, better than a section.

I hope you're all healing well, and everyone's pics look so great:) I love that I have so many people to recover with:) Thanks RS Family:)


Tomorrow I get to see my PS bright and early at 7:30am. I'm hoping he will take the drains out. They're more annoying than anything. I'm draining maybe 10 ml/day between both sides.

I took my second shower today, too. I always feel better after a shower. I'm sleeping much flatter now. I only use two pillows for my head now. LOL. yay! Small victories.

My appetite was weird today. I was hungry, but when I started eating, I was full after very little food. That's kind of frustrating. The first few days I didn't have this issue. I was eating what I normally eat. Go figure.

Everyday, I do some walking and I find leaning against a wall is relief for my back. It's hard to be all the way upright, but I'm close:) I'm not going to force it though. I will wait.

There's a little bit of discomfort with the tummy area, but nothing really stands out. I'm numb around the belly area, too. When does that subside?

My boobs don't bother me at all. I think they're fine. LOL. I finally had my BM yesterday on POD3. It was annoying having to just sit there and let gravity do it's work. LOL. I think I've lost weight, but I don't know, because I never weight myself. One of my gfs came to visit me and said I got skinnier and was concerned. I don't think so, though. LOL.

Well. Girls…seriously…you guys are the best. I feel so much support on here and it's nice talking to people who are going through the same thing, so thank you:)


Well, half the day is gone:) I was draining less than 5ml with both sides combined in a whole day. I went in to see my PS bright and early this morning hoping for removal of my "testicles." LOL. Happy to say they removed them and said I was healing faster than normal. I guess that's good!

While they were removing the drains, one of the sutures wouldn't come out because my skin had already tried to heal around it…OMG….the drains didn't hurt but removing the stubborn suture did. LOL. I told them to do it quick.

I feel so much better now that they're out. It does't pull as much AND I can finally wear underwear. I feel like my TT incision is fairly low, so I should be able to hide it well:)

The PS said everything looked really well and confirmed that all he did was float my original belly b down a little and confirm that he took just over 1.5 lbs of skin from my lower abs. He confirmed no lipo, but I knew that looking at my body because I have no bruising at all anywhere.

He started taping my incisions today and I'll see him again in two weeks. He's pretty awesome, because he said if I have questions, just to text him and he'll reply. Talk about great service:) LOL.

After my BM on POD3, I've been back on my normal schedule for that, so that makes me happy too.

So far so good…I do feel some discomfort once in a while where the incision is and sometimes theres some muscle spasms, but nothing major and it's never painful.

Thanks for all the well wishes, girls. Here's to all of you healing as well:) Lots of rest and lots of fluids:)

Love to you all:)


Here I am…One week. It sort of flew by. I've been doing well. My PS called me today and answered some questions I had texted to him. He asked why I wanted to know when I could raise my arms above my head…I told him it was because I'd like to start cheerleading. LMAO. He told me I could to do my hair or whatever, but to try to keep them down. LOL. When he took my drains out on POD5…I told him he had stripped me of my manhood. I guess I'm just funny. Apparently, right after I woke up, he came to see me and I asked him if I looked like a prostitute. LOL. OMG…drugs…I tell you.
So the biggest thing that's kind of annoying is that I can't fit into any of my clothes from pre-op. I'm swollen enough that I can't. Pre-op, I was wearing size 26 jeans and size 2/4 clothing….so to not be able to put anything on right now…ugh….I've had to wear my size 8/10 stuff…but it's still loose even with the CG on…but still…kind of frustrating that I'm bigger now…especially when I see other people able to wear things that are smaller than their pre-op stuff. Oh well, in due time.

My swelling is contained to my torso, so at least that's good. It sucks that I can't hug my kids and pick them up, like I usually do.

The other thing that kind of bugs me is my coughing. Everyday I just have to cough a little. LOL. I never noticed that about myself, but I guess I have to and it's annoying.

Really, other than nit-picky things, I'm doing rather well and hope my recovery continues to go well. I don't really know what I'll look like yet, but I'll just have to wait till the little bit of swelling I have goes down, then we'll see:)

I hope all you ladies are healing well and I am grateful for all you support:) Happy healing:)


Somehow, the pic that was supposed to go with POD7 didn't load, so here it is….Looks ok…but still pretty swollen….


Well, here I am at POD11. It's been long and short! I guess I should post what I did pre and post surgery:

So I've always been a very clean eater. No oils, no sugar, no salt. I count and weight my food because my goal is 20% body fat and building muscle. I follow a contest prep/bodybuilding kind of diet. So…I normally drink, at minimum, 4 litres of water. Yes, I know it sounds like a lot! I eat every 3-4 hours, protein at every meal and water, water, water! I also add a ton of fibre/supplements into my diet, which includes: flax, psyllium, hemp hearts, ginseng, ginger and chia seeds. I also use/rotate: iron (I have a low count), b12, c, d, evening primrose oil, e and omega 3/6 - mostly because my food diet is so low in fats.
I have one cheat meal a week. I plan my cheat meals. When I play with my calorie intake, I play with my fat and carb intake, but never my protein intake. My calories required to maintain my current stats are 1886 calories/day.


I continued to work out everyday, as usual (normally 5-6 days/week). I continued to hydrate 4-6 litres per day. My hydration routine is just plain water and detox tea! But 4-5 days before surgery, I started drinking 1 litre of plain coconut water, detox tea and water. I continued this throughout recovery. So far, my swelling in limited, even after a full day:) There's no science here, just what I think will work? It's probably different for everyone:) LOL.

My eating was pretty much the same throughout…I eat a high protein diet. I think most people think that eating less will help you lose weight, but it is quite the opposite:) I eat a lot of proteins, limit my fruit to 1 or 2 servings per day and consume my fruits before noon, everyday, so my body has time to burn it off. Fruit is still sugar and carbs…

My activity so far? I'm actually on my feet most of the day. I was climbing stairs and walking around lots after POD4. On POD7, I left the house and walked around the mall, went shopping for some school supplies I had missed and other randoms. My kids came home:) I suddenly got super busy!
POD8 was going to the park with the kids and random chores all around the house…busy and tiring still. LOL.
POD9 included driving to work to do some work…I know. LOL Boooo….went to Costco and made my 7 year old carry stuff and push the cart. Then it was back home to cook dinner, clean…the usual:)
POD10 was meeting the new piano teacher, shopping at Ikea for something for work, driving to a birthday party and helping out there and then going to a BBQ to see some friends.
POD11 is making the kids read, clean up, regular chores. In a little bit here, I will have to sign off and make lunch and get ready for church. Right after that will be a birthday party, a quick dinner for the kids and Katy Perry tonight!

How am I walking? Upright for the most part, but I am still a bit slow on my feet and I stay hunched when I feel like my stitches are pulling. I don't like to push it because I've read a few posts about people incisions opening up 3-4 weeks later because they pushed too hard. So I figure I'll be patient and not push it unless I have to.

I'm sleeping flat since POD7, but I do keep pillows under my knees all the time. I'm wearing a sports bra mostly now. I love the one from Jockey, because it's soft and comfortable. It was cheap, too. Got it at the Jockey outlet in Florida:)

So ladies, so far, recovery has been really good…I can't complain and I feel grateful that things have been going well so far. There's swelling, but it's very minimal. Most of my days have been great:) I've experienced far worse things in my life and this one is OK. It's easier than my c-sections:) Probably because I could be drugged up:) LOL.

Happy healing ladies:) I start work on Tuesday:) I'll be POD13 then!


OK…so here I am, almost on to two weeks! I'm really POD13! Today was my first day back at work and I thought I'd take it easy…but I really ended up most of the day on my feet, walking around.
When I realized that this is what I'd be doing…I started chugging back the water. LOL.
So my day started at 5:30am…made breakfast for my kids, ate…usual morning junk. Was out the door by 7am…worked all day until 5pm…home to make dinner with kids, started on some homework with the oldest and read with both kids..got them in bed at 8pm, Face timed with my parents, talked with my friend who's on anti-depressants, did more work and now I'm update RS…then bed time!
I get to do this all over again tomorrow.
I feel good still…but I was pretty hunched over by the end of the day.
Hope all you ladies are healing well:)


Well, it's already POW3. I wanted to go to the gym this last weekend but had to stop myself. LOL. I don't want to jeopardize my recovery. Had to talk myself out of it. I didn't want to overdo it, especially since I went back to work full time so soon.

So…I really thought I could sit more at my job…but I couldn't. My job involves a lot of walking, crouching, standing and barely any sitting…I realized…LOL. I had a step counter once, for a week…I walk, on average, 8000 steps at work alone. I definitely tried to limit my walking last week, but I don't think I limited it that much. LOL.

I'm pretty swollen in the torso everyday. I still wear my binder, as it's adjustable. I'm still only paper taping at this point, but everything looks pretty good, inicision-wise. I did get brave and I change the tape once a week.

I'm still drinking my huge amounts of water, taking my vitamins…honestly…I feel like I'm pretty lucky:) Recovery has been pretty good.

There's a part of me that's upset with all the swelling, even though I know I have to wait it out. I just feel super fat. I can't wear any of my old clothes…well, I sort of can, but it's still tight. Pre-surgery, I fit into all my size 2-4 clothing with room to spare…and not being able to wear my clothes is a little discouraging some days…especially when I have to work everyday and I'm limited to only a few things I can wear.

I hope you're all healing well:) Have a good week:):)


Well, here I am! POW4…how time flies! Saw my PS this morning. All the nurses and the PS were going on about how quickly I was healing. Guess that's good news. So far, no seromas. That's good news:)

I've been pretty active since POD10. I went back to work on POD13. I don't spend much of my day sitting until around 8pm, when the kids are in bed and I finish chores around the house. Before that, it's pretty busy. Back to 5 hrs of sleep every night again. LOL. There's not enough hours in a day to finish everything!

PS says my incisions look so good and in a year, they'll be beautiful. That's good news. You can barely see my BA incisions. I'm hoping the boobs go down a bit more…they're still a bit too big for me. I do like that things are looking natural. That's the look I wanted.

I'm still battling the swelling, but there's not much I can do except wait it out. I figure that this time, even if it's 3-6 months, is still such a short time to invest in the grand scheme of things…so I remind myself to be patient.

The really great news is that I'm allowed to do some light work outs again:) Yay me:) That made my day:)

Thanks again for all the support RS girls:) Happy healing to all of you:):)


Wow…POW5. It feels like it's a long time, but it's really just a short time since I had a major surgery. I can't believe I was working already at POD13. LOL.

My recovery has been really good and pretty fast, according to my PS. I attribute this to my crazy clean eating habits (which I've had for 2 years) and my crazy obsession with exercising (normal for me is 5-6 days/week @ 60-120 mins).

I was given the go-ahead to do some light weights and cardio last week. I've gone everyday since then. My workouts have improved a lot in such a short time. I started out just walking slowly on the treadmill for 15 minutes. After that I did some light weights and finished my workout with 15 minutes on the elliptical. This is my normal pattern. I like splitting up my cardio and I do that normally. Twice a week, I do my cardio all together. I like to change it up so my body has less likely chance of plateauing.

In just three days, I've moved to light jogging and working out without a cg. This is great for me:) My squats have improved immensely and they look almost normal again. I'm almost all the way down.

Stretching is a bit of a problem, but I still do it. I do have some stomach spasms, but when I get them, I massage them and they go away. The spasms improve over a few days. They hurt the most at the beginning. They're just dull now…occasionally there's little pain…and I use the word "pain" lightly. It's more annoying than anything now…

My days are full…I'm up at 5:30am, and between work, my business/clients, kids' swimming/piano/karate, their practicing and homework….I'm pretty swamped. I don't really sit until around 9pm every night and I'm sleeping around 11:30pm. haha….I wish I was less busy…but I don't get that luxury…oh well:) It's really nice to see the kids happy:)

So RS girls….Not much to report. I'm just happy and healing…and I hope you are all doing well:):) Talk to you all, soon!

Time really flies….

So…I don't even know how many weeks out I am now…maybe almost two months? 7 or 8 weeks. What's been going on? I've been super busy and I always think about all you girls, but I can never manage to get on here. I'm even ignoring my texts. LOL.

What's new? I continue to swell like crazy, but I also continue to workout like crazy. My days consist of waking up at 5:30am and making breakfast for the kids, packing up all our junk and driving 40 minutes to work. I stand all day and I sit again around 4pm. I am usually doing desk work until about 5, then I head to a lesson for one of the kids. After that, I do homework and read with the kids. Then I workout for about an hour. We do supper, shower and spend about 30 minutes together. The kids go to bed and I work some more and sleep around 11pm.

This is what I do every day. LOL. So in my picture, this is what you're seeing. Swelling at 10:30pm. I figure I'll swell anyways, so I continue my schedule like before my surgery. The weekends I don't have my kids, I spend about 2 hours at the gym working more body parts.

As for my workouts…I haven't used a CG since one month post. I jog, do the elliptical, bike, lift weights…I pretty much do everything I was doing before. The weights are getting to the point where I am also doing what I was doing before. Some exercises that require more ab muscles, I have to go lighter on and I don't really work on my abs like I did before. I truly believe that abs are made in the kitchen, because despite my crazy swelling, you can still sort of see my top two ab muscles and a little of my obliques.

The worst part of this surgery for me, is patience. Having to wait for healing, swelling, etc…this part bugs me the most because I'm used to just doing stuff and getting it done. LOL.

I hope you are all doing well:) I think about all of you often:) Have a good night:)


Sometimes you to need think back to where you came from to appreciate where you are now. I remember asking my PS for lipo. I wanted it. He refused and said I wouldn't get the results I wanted and that I didn't need it. Now I complain about swelling…but I have to remind myself to think positively and that I'm only 2 months out. I need to remember the saggy skin and that this is only temporary. So I'm reminding myself to be patient tonight.

Thanks again for all your support RS ladies:) You all are looking so fabulous yourselves!
Edmonton Plastic Surgeon

So far, Dr. Ladak has been awesome! He's answered my questions, his assistant is so accommodating. They're encouraging, professional and when I email him or his assistant, they always reply when they get a chance. I'm very impressed so far:)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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