26, 3 Kids, Going for MMO - Edmonton, AB

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I've had 3 kids, breastfed 2 and it has really...

I've had 3 kids, breastfed 2 and it has really taken its toll on my body! My breasts sag and are quite empty, hoping for a lift w/ implants. My tummy is also quite loose and would like a tummy tuck. I've been contemplating these surgeries since my first son and finally decided that it's time to just do it. I've booked my appointment for consult with Dr Toy and I can't wait!

Some things

Now that this dream is finally coming to fruition, it's all I can think about! It's something that's been on my mind for nearly 10 years... I had my first baby when I was 16 and gave him up for adoption... and that's the pregnancy that killed my body and my mind. There are so many emotional scars attached to the physical ones left by my first pregnancy... It's all I can see when I look at my body. I never got to enjoy my pre pregnancy body... I was like every other teen that obsessed over every flaw that wasn't even there. I was also in a very emotionally abusive relationship (which is partially why I chose adoption), after I delivered my first son, he repeated told me how saggy I looked and that I should wear a bra to sleep, or that he wouldn't have sex with me anymore because he saw a baby come out of my vagina. Devastating words to hear at any age... Much less to hear as a teen. I had the body of a mom... Without being a mom. Those scars haunted me for years. It made it impossible to date... How do you even bring that up? "Oh hey, nice to meet you, by the way, if you ever want to have a physical relationship with me, you should know that even though I'm not a mom, I've got the body of one"
Fortunately I met my husband, who loves my body, but also understands that I need this and why. So after having 2 beautiful babies with him, it's finally happening! I have my consultation and it's ALL I can think about. I've waited so long for this. But I'm also so scared. This journey is the end of a 10 battle with lost confidence and excruciating memories, and the beginning of a new me that can finally leave that time in my life behind me.

Step1. Book consult (check!!!)
Step 2. Quit smoking!!!!

So now, that's my goal, complete step 2 in preparation for my consult! So excited!

Being that this is going to be an emotional journey for me and has been for many year, I'm expecting that recovery is going to be an emotional roller coaster for me. Or maybe it won't? I don't know... But I'm ready! I am SO ready!

Just gotta say...

I love this community and am so glad I've joined! I've gotten so much feed back from Drs with the questions I've asked and am thrilled with the knowledge and support. Thanks real self!

Lost 41 lbs so far

Still 10 to go but this is my body now

Playing with rice sizers

Playing with rice sizers. I like 500 cc but can't tell if I'm just being boob greedy?
Nevermind the brutal bruise! I fell while moving furniture lol

Had my consultation today!

Dr toy is definitely the one! My consultation was wonderful and he was so informative and knowledgeable. He listened to my concerns and desires. We decided to go with 470 cc xp round implants with a lift and a tummy tuck with full trunk liposuction... possibly bbl... that will largely hinge on price so we shall see. Waiting for my quote to come in. Will update soon

Got my quote!

Quote came in today, it's around where I expected it to be so that's nice :D
I did make my final choice on procedure and we will be doing full trunk lipo, lift with 420 XHP silicone in plants and a full tuck! Can't wait! Talked it over with my honey and because of my work schedule, we've decided to book for September! It feels like forever away but I've waited this long! What's another 10 months lol

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