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I'm 27 years old and have been thinking about a...

I'm 27 years old and have been thinking about a "boob job" off and on for 10 years. I'm in a long term relationship now and feel "settled" and secure enough with my finances to invest in something I never dreamed I'd ever do! I'm looking at correcting my very mild tuberous deformity with implants. I just can't decide on the profile! I know most girls get caught up in the size, a few cc's here and there, but I'm mostly concerned about profile. My whole "adult" life I've wanted cleavage and a curved lower pole. Two push up bras, chicken cutlets and a roll of duct tape and I still can't get my boobs to push together!
A little about me: I'm 5'7 155lbs (I have to really watch what I eat and work out frequently to maintain this size). I have a 13.7cm breast width and a 3 finger "gap" between my breasts. I also have very mild tuberous deformity. I'm not quite a pear shape, I often refer to my shape as a "swedish berry." I don't have the hip/ waist ratio that pears or hourglass shaped girls do. I'm planning on getting some flank lipo at the same time as my breast augmentation (an additional $3000 CAN). Even at my thinnest weight in high school I still had the dreaded muffin top and hip dip! I'm currently deciding on moderate plus or high profile mentor cohesive gel implants in the 375 cc size. The moderate plus will be a smidge wider than the high profile and "may" help with the cleavage I want so badly. On the other hand, the high profile might do a better job filling out my "deformity". The surgeons recommendation was 375cc HP textured, he didn't think my limited currently tissue could accommodate much more. I'm also hesitant about the textured implants, seeing some of the new studies on ALCL lymphoma. I wish I could glimpse at a magic ball!

Had a 2nd opinion...

Last week, I went to a "just in case" 2nd opinion with Dr.Toy who is also in Edmonton. He was fantastic! He told me that he thinks that my antamony is within the realm of "normal" and he doesn't think I have a "deformity". That was good to know! He was very personable and if I didn't have a deposit down with Dr. Chong I would choose him. He's very busy and since I saw Dr.Chong first for a consult I was able to secure a surgery date that worked for my schedule. They both made similar recommendations (Dr.Toy expressed a preference for Natrelle implants over Mentor).I feel as though both surgeons have similar skill level, I would feel secure choosing either of them.

Back and Forth

58 days until my surgery! I'm planning on getting in touch with my surgeons office this week so that I can get my preop package as soon as possible. I have a hard time getting into my family doctor with her schedule and mine so I booked my appointment with her weeks in advance! I'm still back and forth between HP and mod+ ....I'm also nervous about paying for the surgery in advance and having something go wrong! Ahhhh!

Taking wish pics with you on surgery day...

Did anyone take their wish pics with them to show Dr. Chong on surgery day? I have a couple "DO NOT WANT" photos and a wish pic I'd like to print out and take with me, but I'm not sure if that's something he'd entertain!

Little over a month to go.....

Anyone else experience pre-op anxiety about irrational things? I'm worried I'll catch a bug from one of the kids at work or have appendicitis and not be able to go through with the surgery! This is stressing me out more than the actual procedure! I've told a few people at work,which I didn't intend to do. I have a big mouth, it's hard keeping this a secret! I've had a lot of "why are you doing this before babies" comments but my family physician, who I just saw to fill out my pre-op forms, was very supportive! She's interested in consulting with my surgeon after she's done having children. She said she'd heard good things about both Dr. Chong and Dr. Toy... including that Dr.Chong isn't exactly Mr.Congeniality. I'm taking that as a good sign!
I'm hoping my weight doesn't sky rocket while I'm recovering... I have to work out pretty hard and be fairly strict with my diet just to maintain my "above average" weight.... first world problems!
Thanks for listening RealSelf!

Minor change in date

I just had to push my surgery date to the 16th of July because my mom is having a procedure a few days after my original date and I'm going to have to take care of her. I'm rather disappointed that I have to put my plans on hold, but very appreciative that Dr.Chong's patient coordinator Michelle was able to get me in the following week. Finding someone to take care of me, my dog and my mom was pushing it! I'm glad it looks like things are going to work out!

All Paid Up!

I don't know which is worse... my nervous excitement or the anxiety of seeing the large amount of money leave my bank account! Guess I won't be quitting my job any time soon! Only 13 more days!
I recently met up with a girl who had a whole mommy make over in Tijuana... BBL,BL,BA, tummy tuck, lipo and fat transfer to the face. She looked amazing! She said her flank lipo was the most painful out of all her procedures. I'm naively hoping that since my flank lipo is conservative it won't hurt that badly!

Waiting Waiting.....

Just waiting on Dr. Chong's patient coordinator to call me with my surgical time for Thursday. She is also supposed to faxing my post operative prescriptions to a local pharmacy so I can bring them with me to Edmonton rather than having my poor, nervous boyfriend deal with it while I'm incapacitated. I am so excited! I keeping thinking to myself "Will I miss my original, little boobs?" and then think about how nice it will be to finally look and feel "grown up"! I didn't realize how sad my boyfriend would be over my original set, he keeps saying good bye to them!

Worrisome thoughts...

I decided to do some late night googling on Hematomas and Seromas. Not smart! Nothing good ever comes from late night googling! I have myself all freaked out that I am going to experience one of (or both of knowing my luck) these complications during my recovery. I'm concerned about what to do if something happens, I live a 5 hour drive from my surgeons office (and the ER here isn't the most renowned). Yikes! I will definitely have to ask my surgeon what the plans is if something comes up. I picked up my prescriptions today and the pharmacist said something a little concerning...the pain medication I was prescribed (which doesn't contain codeine due to an allergy) can cause codeine allergy like symptoms in some people...great! I almost want to ask for an alternative pain killer even though I've had the original filled. Did anyone get anything different besides T3's for pain management? Fingers crossed everything goes well Thursday!

All finished....

I was out of surgery and back at the hotel before noon today. The anesthesiologist Dr. Is mind was fantastic! Considering I have a lot of issues with meds and post op recovering I am so pleased with how I feel right now. This are definitely uncomfortable, I don't think my coedeine free meds are as strong as I would like but I am happy I haven't thrown up yet. The BA is bearable but oh dear god does the flank lipo hurt. It's so hard trying to find a way to stand up from laying down...I can use my chest to push up and I can use my abs to pull up either. I don't think I'd do the flank lipo again given the chance. I don't think my boobs look "huge" and I maxed out on the CCs my skin could support so over all I'm content with how they turned out right now. I'm amazed at the range of motion I have with my arms, I'm sure that will change as the days pass and the surgical drugs wear off. I can't wait to get home, I'm looking forward to reclining in the passenger seat. For some reason it seems like it will be the most comfortable place to rest. Guess that's why women purchase recliners for recovery!

Recovery Going Well So Far... Knock on Wood

So far the flank lipo has been giving me the most pain. As long as I stay on top of my meds I'm doing ok. I've had a very slight temperature (37.3 c) for the past few days but no other symptoms so I hoping that it's nothing. I did mess up my antibiotic dosage the first day but have been on the right track ever since. I'm still pretty swollen and don't like looking at myself so no pictures yet. Fingers crossed everything continues to go well, my caregiver boyfriend is back to work tomorrow so I will be left on my own trying to get out of bed. It wouldn't be so hard if it wasn't for the lipo! It's so strange to be sore and numb at the same time! I can feel my chest twinge if I move too fast or if I get cold it tightens and the implant sort of "jumps". Can't wait for these things to drop and fluff! Dr. Chong told me it would take me longer since I had some constriction in my lower pole. Positive thoughts for recovery!

One week post op

Here's one week post op franken boob and all! Can't wait for these to drop! Slowly but surely

2 Weeks Post Op

So far everything continues to go well, there's been some dropping but not so much fluffing! These things are still pretty hard. I changed the tape on the lipo incisions. So far I'm pretty satisfied with the results; no lumps and the bruising is all gone. While there wasn't a ton of fat to remove, the odd pocket I had has been minimized and the shape of my belly is more flattering, to my eyes anyway. I included a picture of the oils I've been using post-op. I used the Arnica oil on my back/flank area that was bruised and I swear it helped speed the healing. The other one I'm just using on my chest (away from the incisions) to keep the skin soft. Both are available on well.ca if your Canadian!

The zingers

At least that's what I hope these are! Right at the corner of my incision, only on one side! Short stabbing paint! Ouch!

3 weeks

Still slowly dropping, I'm dying to get back in the gym! So far all of my "old" clothes still fit, they look relatively the same minus that whole padded bra. Just trying to stay patient, they almost seem a little too "big" so I'm hoping there's still a tiny bit of swelling to lose. No boob greed at all! I'm really happy with the lipo of my muffin top...it wasn't any thing durastic but the little change makes a big difference.

Bump in the road to recovery

So I've been home with food poisoning for the past week! I was feeling so good from the procedures I guess I didn't realize I was considered 'immune compromised', I hope this doesn't have any lasting effects. I'm really concerned that this 'sickness" will trigger capsular contraction... ugh I hope I'm over reacting!

Almost 1 month

I've been sick the past week with food poisoning and after seeing my family doctor I'm being testing for c.diff. It's incredibly frightening! I'm on another round of antibiotics and fingers crossed they seem to be helping. I'm still slow to drop and fluff, the left one seems to be taking longer. I've been rotating between different sports bras and still prefer the support of the surgical bra. I ordered a luluemon Tata tamer in a 34 D and can't tell if it's too small or just the wrong shape. My old y back lulu bras definitely don't have enough support! On Thursday I can stop wearing my binder from the lipo but right now I'm more comfortable wearing it. After a few hours with out it I can feel my flanks/belly swell. I think I'll wear it at least at home/night for a few more weeks!


So it turns out I do have c.diff. FML. I guess it's from the large dose of clindamycin post op. Definitely not ideal during recovery. I was feeling so good post op! Question your surgeon on the type of antibiotics your offered. Apparently clindamycin is the worst offender. It's really shaken my confidence and I'm concerned I'm going to be dealing with this for a prolonged length of time. Wish me luck...

Loving the Girls

At 6 weeks I'm loving the results...could live without the c.diff reaction to the antibiotics but over all I'm content. Take your probiotics girls! The c.diff is a b*tch!

New Bras and Follow Up Appointment

I picked up a couple of new bras, some in a 34C and some in a 34D. The D is a "smidge" big and if the C's are generous they fit. So tentatively I'm a large C small D. I hope they don't get any bigger! I'm having some buyers remorse over not going with the moderate plus profile, but I'm sure if I'd have gone the route I'd feel the same about the HP. The mind plays tricks on you! Some days I think they're perfect and other days they're obscene. I'm looking forward to them softening up, they're still really firm and there's no way anyone would ever mistaken them for "real" tissue. Maybe it's because there was never any tissue there to begin with! My follow up appointment is on Monday. I'm curious to see what the surgeon has to say.

Roughly 4 months

I got the all clear in September from Dr. Chong to go back to working out. Oh my do you lose a lot of strength in 2 months! I'm very concerned about bottoming out or damaging the pockets with all the bouncing I'm doing in my work outs. I definitely need some stronger sports bras! I think if I had my time back I would have chosen the moderate plus implants. Everyone says they love them and they look natural (even my family doctor) but to me they're just a smidge too big and round, too bolt on looking, especially when naked. I don't dislike it enough to warrant a revision but if I were to replace them (a rupture or they bottom out etc) I would have the 350cc moderate plus put in. That's just my personal preference, I know they look exactly what a lot of women would want, they're just not entirely "me"!


So lefty has finally "un-numbed" itself on the bottom by the crease. But sometimes I notice when I'm working out (mostly cardio) I can hear it sloshing. Sometimes it burns too. Not sure if I should be concerned or if its still healing. I guess I'll have to wait and see if it turns into capsular contraction. Now would be the time for it to happen! I'll keep massaging it until I see my surgeon in the spring!

6 months post op

Almost 6 months post op, they're starting to look more natural! It's hard to stay patient. One side sort of looks bigger in the photo; that's just my poor selfie skills, they're a matching set in real life!

1 year post op

Happy 1st birthday girls! Here's a quick pic of my scar progression, I just took off my sports bra, but they're coming along beautifully considering!
Edmonton Plastic Surgeon

Currently I am very satisfied with my procedures, especially the liposuction. As others have stated, Dr. Chong is a straight forward surgeon with excellent skills. He is honest about your potential risks and results. His office has been very accommodating of my schedule as I traveled from out of town. As I felt that all of the surgeons I met with were competent, I chose Dr. Chong for his no nonsense approach and his office's ability to meet my scheduling needs. I didn't have a lot of questions to ask him as I felt I had done a lot of research on my own. I wouldn't say he spent a great deal of time with me, however I never asked much of him either. The wait times in Alberta are long for all of the plastic surgeons. I had a specific time frame for my procedure, several months after my initial consult and they were able to accommodate that. The anesthesiologist was amazing with adjusting medications etc to ensure I had a positive experience as I have had challenges with anesthesia in the past.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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