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I have always wanted a BA after birth. ...

I have always wanted a BA after birth. Unfortunately, life did not give me the opportunity for children but I still wanted a BA done. With the support of my husband and extensive research by most women here and personal friends, I am booked for surgery. Please help me, guide me and encourage me with this whole ordeal. I'm not sure how often I will be on here for updates but your inspiration surely assisted me a lot on this new life adventure.

wish boobies

At first, I found these beauties. The more I look, the more I found and admire different once. For my own sanity, I plan to stick with these ideas. I'm sure all women here went through from not knowing exactly the size we want to bring indecisive with sizes. So for all reader's sake, these are my wish boobs...for now...although I should really stay with these because my BA is less than 3 wks ????

Mentor MemoryGel Smooth Round Moderate Plus 400 cc

Right now, I'm going with MemoryGel Smooth Round Moderate Plus 400 cc. I made my own sizers at home using rice filled nylon for 3 different sizes: 400, 450 & 500. While checking the chart for Mentor, I notice that the projection is really not much of a difference. So now, I feel like I want to go bigger because I don't want to regret not going bigger. I also did the manual measurement i found on one of the ladies i read here. It suggested to go with 450 cc. So right now, I feel that i should go with 425. Aaaahhhhh, decisions decisions...

Mentor MemoryGel Smooth Round MP chart

To wear a bra or not to wear a bra

That is the question.

I've read about how some women were recommended to wear the surgical bra for a certain length of time vs. going braless. Can someone please enlighten me? I'm just hoping to prep my self.

Welcome to the other side

I'm now home sitting comfortable with pillows behind me. My surgery went well. I know some women feel pain and discomfort but I have little pain. Thanks to the meds. My chest feel heavy as expected.

Just so you all know, I was indecisive with size. We'll today was a surprise lol. My PS gave me 400/425 since I was lopsided lol. Now breast are even size.

Day 2

Just got back from Dr's and got dressing changed. Shower allowed. No lifting, exercises and all those fun stuff for 6 weeks. KFC here I come lol

I lied

It hurts like a s.o.b. when the pain meds wear off. What was I thinking? Getting up is super difficult without my hubby's assistance. Pulling my pants up needs help. Washing my hair is hard but I'm taking advantage of my husband's help til he goes back to work on Wed and I'm left all alone with a dog. I just want a clean house and I'm happy.

Measuring yourself

I had a question about the chart I used to measure my self. Here it is. One advice I will give is to make sure that you get some else to help you measure OR do the measurement on you. It is hard to do it on your own as you will be pulling your own nipple. To get a little accurate measurement, it's better that someone else is doing it. When I first did it, I got 475 cc which I thought was too big for what I want and for my body frame. I got my hubby to redo the measurement and we got 450. So using the guide I found online, I based my decision on what size range I should go for.

Over the months of research and making myself knowledgeable with this new adventure, I wanted to take as much info as I can. I talked to a couple of women that got them done with different perspectives. Both were helpful. In the end I had to decide what I will be happy with for the rest of my life. The one lady I met has about similar body frame and got 375 cc. She said she wished she had gotten bigger. So I used her size as my starting size and 450 as my ending size. My hubby helped me with trying on different rice sizers. The day I decided I'm going for 400 cc, was not the end of this size conversation. I repeat. You all women will be just as indecisive as the rest of us. We are responsible for driving ourselves crazy but that is part of our existence, right? Lol...anyway I hope this helps some of you out there as other women here have helped me already and still.

Day 6 Post op picture

Just for recap, I got 425/400 Mentor MemoryGel smooth round moderate plus under the muscle

I think I'm obsessed

My boobs are starting to feel much better. I'm becoming more mobile as the day goes. Yesterday I drove for a longer period and I found that shoulder-checking and backing out are difficult to do since you feel all the muscle movement you never thought of on a normal daily life pre-BA. I'm able to lift my arms and wear tshirt over my head without having too difficulty but slowly. It snowed here a couple of days ago and I had to get someone to shovel my driveway and front steps for me. So plan fir that if need be. I went for a walk today which is nice since the weather turned up well again. I bought myself a 2nd bra since I will need something black for other clothes. I bought the bra at walmart for about $15CAD. When I tried them on, the pad made me look like I have ultra high profile. So when I wore them today, I took out the pads and used the silicone nipple covers that I bought at Walmart for $7CAD. It's self-adhesive so keep them in a small rubbermaid/Tupperware container to keep them clean from dust and retain the adhesive. I only bought 1 pair since I'll probably only used them for 3 months or until I started to buy new fitted nice bras with my new size. In case you're wondering about my tape over the incisions, I was advised to keep them on until my 2 weeks post op appt. Then I have to keep them taped for 4 weeks according to my cheat sheet I was sent home with. That might change when I see my PS on Tuesday before I return to work.

2 weeks post op

Saw my PS for 2 wks check up ?
Went back to work ?
Sensitive nipples ?

3 weeks post op

Nothing much has changed. Sensitivy on the nipples is subsiding - thank goodness! They are starting to get softer and not as swollen as they were. My insicion is the same. Everytime I pull aND push a door, it feels like my boobs are going to come out of my chest lol. I was advised to keep surgical paper tape over my insicion to heal better. I'm just getting very anxious for the boobs to settle so I can start going to the gym. I feel like mu life is on stand-still since the surgery. It kinda sucks since I'm always such a busy body. Now I can even do as much house chores without worrying that I'm going to hurt myself. Or maybe I'm just being a wimp lol.

1 month post op

My progress is going well as far as I can tell. My left boob looked bigger than other yesterday and i think it was more from overworking my arms over the weekend cleaning and shoveling. Scar is looking ok and i'm not obsessing about them as I know i get keloid scar. On the picture, i had that scar before the surgery from when I got a cyst out. Again, I'm not worried coz it's not like I walk around in public topless - i think that would constitute a criminal charge or something ;) The numbness under my breasts is still the same. My nipple sensitivity is gone - my sensation is back to normal as I like woohooo!! I don't even wear my silicon nipple covers anymore. I can tell that my boobs have dropped a lot too. With clothes on, I look like i'm wearing a super expensive push-up bra. They are still pretty hard which i'm sure is normal. Other than that, it's waiting time I guess.

Week 5 post op

Not much to report. Scars are healing well with tape a week at time. I definitely feel more mobile that I used to.


Week 6

I'm definitely feeling better as the weeks continue. I managed to go for 2 runs. For my 1st run, I attempted to only go for 20 minutes. I finished and that was good enough for me. My boobs felt little swollen after that. Actually, I felt more like my chest was tight but only for a little bit. I think it was just because it was my first run in 2 months. Calves were a bit sore as well...yikes! Anyway, back to the boobs... They are feeling soft. I think the scar is healing very well than I expected. I notice that my left scar is more bumpy than the other. I saw the girl that recommended me to my dr. and she said that she still has her scar after 2 years even after applying Vitamin E, Bio Oil and Coconut oil. So everyone's skin is just really different. Anyway, I went for another run 2 days after the first time. This time, I ran 5K. I'm more slow than my last record but that's ok. I'm just glad to feel good and more confident that I can run now before my dr. clears me fore exercise. My boobs didn't even feel tight or swollen which is super positive. I was thinking of going back to yoga but at the same time, I didn't want to push it either. I see my dr on March 25 so one more week wouldn't hurt me. Speed walking & incline walk on the threadmill, and my run are good enough exercise to have started with.

For now, happy healing to all.

I haven't gone bra shopping yet.

Week 7 already

Where did time go! I'm feeling great everyday. I'm pretty much back to normal and loving my size.

So I went to post op check up to get cleared to exercise regularly. It feels good to know that I'm good to go even though I already started running. Dr said I can skydive and do all sorts of crazy stunts lol. He gave me an 8x11 size pictures of my pre op. Then I noticed my chart said different size than what was written on me. He said he actually gave me 425 on my right and 385 cc on my left instead of 400 to make me more proportioned. I never would've known that if I didn't glance at my chart. In any rate, I'm still happy with what I got.

I even tried on different bra sizes and style but I need to get sized properly as I have no idea what size I am now. I really want to wait maybe another 2 weeks. At the same time, I'm so limited with workout tops now....arrrgghh.


I forgot to talk about them. My left scar is not as bumpy as last week. They're actually pretty smooth and I think the surgical paper tape that my nurse recommended is helping a lot. I was advised to cover them for about 3 months and only change the tape once a week. I never used the bio oil or vitamin E I bought for the scars. So I'll continue to use the tape.

I also want to add that the numbness below my nipples is subsiding greatly. My breasts are definitely getting softer more as the weeks go on.

So for those impatient, the time will come. I even did yoga tonight for the first time and modified a few poses. Happy healing!

Week 10

I've been slacking off. I even forgot to take a picture of week 9. Nevertheless, I am recovering well. I'm fully back to normal activities including hiking 9k on a moderate trail with 20 lb pack on my back, completed two 5k runs, yoga and upper body exercises for multi-day hike training. My boobs are looking great. They feel softer now than 3 weeks ago. I was beginning to feel disappointed that my nipple sensation hasn't returned. But I read that could take 4 months or 6 months or 1 year or 18 months before they return. My left nipple can feel something but not the same as pre-BA. Anyway, I hope it does fully come back.

5 months post op

It's hard to believe that it's already been that long. I missed to write my update last month. I can basically summarize it to getting better. As of about a week ago, I started to feel more feelings on the bottom part of my breasts. I also started to get my nipple sensation back. Woohooo! What a relief. I was afraid I lost it. I love my nipple sensation and I'm glad to starting to feel normal again.

As for my boobs, they definitely settled a lot. My sister even noticed how natural I look. Without showing them off, I really just look like I'm wearing push up bra if no one knows I got them done which what I wanted. And yes of course I wish I got a little bit bigger bit I'm still happy.

So for now, I'm just enjoying shopping more than I used to. I've gone for bra shopping multiple times already and found that I have to get different size for different style and brand. But I'm not complaining. Shopping is always an adventure ????

6 months

I'm so ready for my bikini in 2 weeks in Kauai. This surgery couldn't have happened at the perfect time. I'm healing well and feeling well.
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