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Ever since I was a kid, my labia always drew my...

Ever since I was a kid, my labia always drew my attention. They were so floppy and long. I remember being grossed out by my moms when we would shower together (sorry mom). It made me have really low self esteem and I was always worried when I dated someone new about the first time they would feel me down there. It takes a bit of work to actually get to the vaginal opening when the labia are all smushed together by tight underwear. My bf of 3 years has only gone down on me 3 times and although we've never talked about why, I'm 99% sure that it's because it's a mouthful and a half down there. The worst part is that I think the labia have been getting longer over time with gravity and the need to pull and stretch them to clean in between the folds.

The thought of surgery didn't immediately come to mind and I lived most of my life hoping I would find a guy who wouldn't care and that maybe 1 day I would embrace myself and not be self conscious anymore. Then when I found out that surgery was an option and not a 6 figure option... I pretty much had my mind made up. I spent 2 years saving for the operation and in the end financed most of it.

The doctors in the Edmonton area didn't explicitly advertise if they did labiaplasty or not, there was 1 doctor who did and that's the one I went with. Initially I didn't like him, he didn't make eye contact with me and seemed very rushed. But because there were no other options unless I called each doctor and asked, I decided to go with him.

I told my bf he had to pick me up because I was having a labiaplasty and he dumbly and sweetly tried to pretend he didn't know what it was. But he drove me to the appointment and they make sure you leave with someone (it cannot be taxi or public transport) and he's been helping me ever since.

The day of the surgery, the doctor asked me how short I'd like things to be down there and he mentioned most women like things to be "kind of hidden". I have a big clitoris so I wasn't sure how small he could go since we didn't discuss the 'clitoral hood reduction' since it's extra. I figured anything would be better than the floppy disgusting pieces of dangly flesh that I currently had. So I told him that it sounded good and they gave me a nice little private sitting area where they gave me a gown to change into, a robe to put on over top, a heated blanket to use while I waited and a cap for my hair and little booties for my feet. All my belongings I folded and put into this bin they provided for me because I would need help getting dressed after.

I told my bf to leave the room when they asked me to put on the robe and everything because I could tell he was uncomfortable and I felt like I would lose my dignity having him see me like that. Silly I know but I feel how I feel.

I was led into the operating room where 2 nurses were getting the material ready and going through checklists, another nurse had me lay down on the table and the anesthesiologist started asking me again what I was allergic to and yada yada. She was pretty old and she was looking at me very oddly... she made me uneasy. She started telling me that she was inserting the IV needle but not the solution yet and she put the needle in my vein. I could hear my heart rate on the monitor speed up with anxiety because she was not making me feel calm. She told me she was going to give me some oxygen and then insert the solution and that I would fall asleep and when I woke up that I would be across the hall recovering and it would be an hour later.

The 2 nurses who had been getting material ready before got an oxygen mask and held it over my face, (the 2 nurses had a very nice and calming demeanor, it was only the anesthesiologist that gave me the willys). The solution was injected and I could hear my heart rate speed up again because I was getting scared and realizing I could die, I could be allergic to the solution and they might not know how to handle it and I could die getting a labiaplasty! I had to tell myself that I trust myself and the 2 nice nurses and I started feeling sleepy within 10 seconds.

I don't know if I woke up because someone called my name or I felt movement but all of a sudden I'm awake and I'm so groggy that I can't open my eyes fully or speak well but I'm aware that a nurse is trying to dress me as I lay on a stretcher. She has my sweat pants on me and my socks. I ask if everything went ok and she said yes. She was not a talker this one. For some reason I asked if they throw the extra tissue they removed away and when she said yes I replied with "thats gross" to which she chuckled.

She moves me to a wheelchair as I try to wake up. I can tell it's taking a while because she's trying to find things to tidy and do while keeping an eye on me until I can keep my eyes open more often than not. She calls in my bf and he takes me outside and down the elevator and to the pharmacy for a prescription of antibiotics, pain killers and nausea pills. I can't walk fast and I have no sense of balance so I have to lean on him but I feel no pain down there at all.

Day 1 post op

I was kind of scared to look down below because I didn't want to be unsatisfied. I got home from the surgery and slept for 6 hours and finally had to use the facilities. It looks even better than I thought he could do! I'm so happy!!! Not feeling any pain, just very numb down below and when I pee it goes all over my leg because it's all swollen down below.

It looks so good and I'm so happy.

Day 3 Post Op

Not much pain. It's swelled up alot more than the initial photo. It's really hard to tell what's what. But from what I can see I'm happy so far. I've been taking antibiotics that were prescribed 4 times a day and pain medication off and on.

4 Month Update

So it's been a while since the surgery and I realize I really let the community down by not following up. I will try to recap all the important info and experiences for you guys.

When I got home from the pharmacy on day 1, I began icing as soon as I woke up from my 6 hour nap. Things looked good down there and I was ecstatic but I researched ALOT before the surgery and came to the conclusion that you need to stay on top of icing. There are quite a few stories of ladies saying there was no pain or swelling so they didn't bother and then bam, all of a sudden it looks like a grilled cheese. So I had some frozen ice cube trays and I put the ice cubes that I made into a freezer zip loc bag and just kept ice on it for hours for the first 2-3 days.

Walking around was no trouble at all. Everything is kind of numb down there and walking doesn't directly touch any of the lips but again, research told me to stay level as much as I could and not to over do it. I think that's why in my day 3 photo there's not much swelling at all.

I went back to work after 10 days and everyone was all up in my business asking what type of surgery I had and why. I just said it was personal and refused to talk any further so basically everyone thinks I had cancer lol.

Going to the washroom was fine, just dabbing with a wad of toilet paper instead of wiping. The edges of the labia were really very sore and I couldn't touch one spot at all without excruciating pain but again, that's not something that would happen with walking or sitting so for all the women out there who are nervous about working directly after, fear not.

So this carried on for a while. I was excessively washing my genitals with the shower head (maybe 2 or 3 times a day) and I ended up getting a yeast infection. It could have also been the antibiotics because I heard that's a side affect. The good bacteria in your body is killed so the yeast runs wild sort of thing. It was the worst thing to deal with and where I live, all the stores are closed by 8 so I had to wait it out through the night. In my desperation, I read online that oil of oregano is a natural anti fungal and would help. Well not only did I drink the required dose but I thought, 'maybe I'll put this directly on my vagina'. Well folks... DO NOT follow my horrid mistake. It burned so badly like 1 minute after the application and even when I immediately washed it off, it wouldn't stop burning. I do have to give it some props tho because I woke up feeling less itchy and I took another oral dose and it was almost cleared up by the time I made it to the store in the evening when I was finished work.

Everyone says by the 4 week mark they are basically healed but in my case it was more like week 8. Like I said, my left labia was so freaking tender to touch, I couldn't even touch it to clean it. It was more pain than I can even describe. My doctor told me not to play around down there and to just let things heal on their own so I wasn't worried. He amazed me after surgery on day 1 with what he did so I have the utmost respect for him and complete faith that things would be amazing once the swelling died down. The amount of swelling isn't even that bad. It becomes a little engorged but you can definitely see how it will sit after all is said and done.

My labia were so freaking thick and long as you can see in the photos, I didn't think it was possible for him to 'hide' the minora. And boy am I pleased that he could and did. The only thing you can really see when I'm standing is a little bit of the clit on the top. But damn I feel sexy naked now. To the fiances credit, he hasn't oohe'd and aahed like I thought he would but I believe he doesn't want me to know he thought they were gross before. Although he has gone down on me already so that makes 4 times now.... so far lol.

Washing my area now is different. I used to be able to pull my labia down and clean the crease where it meet the majoras and then there was one crevice that I could just open up in each lip and wash away the filth. Now, I can't see anything down there since it's all recessed so I have to use a wash cloth.

Also, I read one woman's story about a sense of loss she had for her old labia. I laughed when I read that because I absolutely loathed my genitalia and had cried about it and worried about it and compared myself to so many swim suit models and porn actors... I couldn't comprehend how she had a sense of loss. But it's a true thing. Something that you're used to seeing and handling for 25 years and it's all of a sudden gone... you do feel weird without it. There's a piece of me, with my dna, that actually died that day. It's almost traumatic. So just be prepared.

So here I am, 4 months later. My labia is still a little sensitive, like if my partner tries to penetrate me without lube and it pulls on a lip it's a little bit painful. The stitches took almost 3 months to devolve but we were able to have intimate relations at about 2 and a half months. It was so painful to touch directly or indirectly so we could only do it doggy style for a while.

So that's the end of the story. Questions, feel free to ask. I was just like you until 1 day I made the decision. I read every story, bad grammar or not. I did not experience any loss of sensation and I'm not an idiot either, a plastic surgeon can only do so much, expecting things to be perfectly even and symmetrical is laughable. Mine are not, but they started out different thicknesses from eachother and lengths so alot of horror stories are just women who expect too much.
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