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I'm 19 years old and I've always had large heavy...

I'm 19 years old and I've always had large heavy breasts, they are really starting to affect my posture! Two weeks ago I went for my consultation and now and in a few days I'm going in for my surgery! I haven't had time to worry yet, my surgery is 100% percent covered and I am a hairstylist and am taking 4 weeks off, I'm getting very excited about having a break. I'm currently a 36DDD I've never shopped anywhere to go for the other letters in the alphabet lol! My actual waist measures at 33 inches so I'm assuming my correct bra size would actually be a 34F or something. I'm very excited to be brought down to a C, I can't wait to wake up and not feel boulders sagging from my chest anymore! In the past two months I've lost twenty pounds, losing up to 3 inches everywhere but managed to gain half an inch on my bust, like what the hell!

How many of you?

2 days until surgery time! I'm just laying in bed thinking about the cruise I'm going on in December, with my cute new bikinis (pic 1 and 2) and then I think back to my past vacations... Getting ready for the beach, cute cover-ups, bikini bottoms (because I can find cheap and cute bottoms no problem!) quite often in target or Walmart I look at the cute teeny tops then go looking for the bottoms because I can't get the tops!! Anyways.. Getting ready to go to the beach, cute beach bag, sunglasses etc! And then you put on your $50-250 underwire top! I am that girl who gets everything I possibly can to look cute at the beach just to make me feel better about my upstairs situation. So now your laying on the beach getting an awesome tan, you head in for the night and notice holy crap, my boobs are fried! Like blistering! This happens to me all time! They are the most raised part of me and I swear they just sizzle like bacon out there! So long story short I can't wait for the cruise and I might actually fry my nose like a normal person not my girls.. So am I the only one out there!? I feel like a freak, like seriously I was starting to get worried about skin cancer on the poor things.

Made It through

Went to the hospital at 1030 today, my surgery was scheduled for 12 but I finally went in at 130, the surgery itself only took 1 hour. I slept in recovery for half an hour and otherwise I haven't been sleepy at all. I've cried a lot today, leaving my finance and mom to go to the or, waking up in recovery and in te day surgery ward, I was in so much pain when I woke up, I was given morphine in my iv and then again in my hip muscle, didnt seem to do much my pain level was at a 7 most of the time and by the time I left I was a 5. Everything is so numb but I can definitely feel my breast. I'm now on t3s and Advil extra stengrh. I think that's working better than the morphine. When I had the chance to do a lap around the day ward I loved it...I think the nurse at to keep up with me lol. The pain was almost instantly gone when I finally started walking. I still have some lovely black lines all over my neck, but I'm getting my dressings changed tommorow morning! Then I get to put in my cute pink polka dot bra!! I bought some really comfy pajamas, they are breast cancer ones so on my way out I got a lot of sympathy looks, I think they thought his young girl has cancer surgery... Oops but the pjs are so soft! I asked my surgeon to make me more on the smaller size than larger, I told him straight up this was in no way a cosmetic surgery for me, strictly medical, and losing the heavy weight was my priority. He seemed pleased at how open minded I was towards my looks. I told him I marrying my man next summer and he could care less what they look like and I only plan on him seeing them so I don't care! If I have to wear a push up bra I will :) I also love pear shaped bodies, I have nice shaped hips and butt and now little boobs! I feel so much lighter, he took out about 2 pounds total. When he was marking me he kept commenting on how surprised he was about how asymmetrical they were.... It never even bothered me before but wow they sure were!! One hung atleast 2 inches lower! So I think he took 1.5 pounds off the larger one and 0.5 off the other. I can't wait to see why they look like. I ended up with just the scar around my nipple and down, no scar underneath, he said this gives a better shape, but like I said before I didn't really care. I'm just so happy not have little boobs now! My first bra was a 34C in grade 4. And I think I should be able to get into that size again! How crazy! Being the same size I was when I was like 10!! I can't wait to For a run and do 1000 jumping jacks!!! I will update again once my dressings are cleaned!! Oh and I'm also allergic to paper tape and all the doctors and nurses were so surprised!!! Usually hey give paper tape to patients that are sensitive to other tapes. I literally break out instantly from it!! They were really good at using other tapes though, exspecially when they took the iv out and stuff. I was really pleasd my nurses and exspecially surgeon. Grey experience once I got the pain under control. I can't believe they can just put you out and cut you open and remover skin and fat without you even knowing it, such a crazy thought! Thank god you don't have to be awake or something!!! So grateful that in the matter of two weeks I had a consultation and surgery done. I really do believe everything happens for a reason! I now will be comfortable in a bathing suit for my cruise in 6 weeks and on my wedding day! Plus I will have a Chance to enjoy my new boobs for a couple years before we start a family! Thanks so much for everyone's support! I can now say I have had a breast reduction! Also the anesthesia gave me no problems I wasn't nauseous in any way, my throat hardly hurts, I wasn't sick nothing. It was fantastic!!

Sneak peek

I'm awful I'm so gosh darn curious I lifted my dressing to take a peek, I didn't touch anything or pull it back go far. But I did notice I have a beauty mark on my breast and when I was younger it say right next to my nipple by the time I had exploded until my full DDD/E/F's the mark was about 4.5 inches away from my nipple, when I took a peek it's right back next to the nipple again!!! Yay!!!! That says they are a lot smaller now :)

One day post op

Still very swollen! I bought a large and xl large bra. Had to wear the xl :( hopefully I can wear the large once more healed! But even I I can't, I'm still happy to be smaller :)

Advice for you guys

Although I'm only 1 day out I have already discovered things I wish I had thought of

Shave under your arms and legs, you won't be bending for awhile, so thankful I did. Even though your asleepmimdidnt want my PS seeing gross hairy pits while working away on his pieces of art lol!

Stock up on straws!!

My front closure bras all fit so uncomfortably so Im wearing a really stretchy one from Walmart that I pulled up and my caretaker brought the straps up

I have a little basket beside my bed with movies,books, snacks, medicine, I annoy my man enough I try to help myself before I make him do something, after all I appreciate him taking time off work, I need him so I'm trying not to piss him off :) (he would never get upset though, I just feel like a pain)

Have all your bras and pjs washed and put somewhere you can easily access

Buy small water bottles, you would be amazed at how hard it Is to left and think about how many times you need to take medication!!!

Before you leave the hospital have the nurses show you how sift your breasts should feel, constantly press them and make sure they are not getting harder!

When buying bras buy a range of sizes, I was hoping to wear a large, so buy an xxl, xl, and large...seriously, I am so swollen and for the next few days when the swelling goes down so will my bras. Or buy really stretchy ones.

So far at one day post op this is what I can already advise you all! I will update the more I can think of things :) happy waiting/healing

Getting used to this relaxing thing.

Today I discovered I actually do have some bruising and some nasty looking ones. I have them under my breast where my bra band sits. I didn notice them until today. It doesn't hurt at all just looks scary :( I haven't been able to sit still I'm always up, I've been told to chill out and just enjoy sitting on my ass but being 19 and a hairstylist who stands atleast 8 hours a day I'm finding it very difficult! Finally on day 5 of being extremely constipated I finally went, and now I can't stop. Never a win win. Well it's 7 p.m bedtime!

So happy! Perfect size

I tried on some stuff today, I want to cry at how much of a difference there is!!!

I love my boobs :)

For anyone who is in the process of breast reduction or sitting in their couch recovering, I love my new boobs so much, such a positive change! If you haven't gotten them yet, don't give up on your process and for those who have, it's such an amazing feeling hey!? Thanks for the support ladies xoxo

Different sized nipples

So with the tape off the other day I revealed my different sized nipples :( I did say this surgery was not cosmetic for me but I still am disappointed. Anyone else out there have this happen? I will post a pic later. But ones about 1/2" larger

Ok I'm finally feeling brave enough to show my before and after pic!

I was quite assymeyrical to start. Funny because that never bothered me until he starting marking me up and I could actually see the difference! Yes looking at the pic I could see one is obviously bigger but I never realized by how much :( anyways now I'm feeling great although they are still somewhat assymeyrical still (which I was told he would do his very best to correct) I'm a little concerned at nipple size, the one is more toonie sized and the other like a nickel lol!

18 days post op!

Lately I've been feeling really great, it's getting cold here and my nipples are so sensitive to the cold! It seriously is painful when they get really hard, such a weird feeling but I am very grateful I still have any feeling at all. My left breast already looks healed I don't think it will have a visible scar my incision line is paper thin and slightly pinker than my skin color. My right is a different story in 3 spots down the breast it I'd angry looking, slightly torn apart from the incisions (I don't relax, therefore I deserve this) it's not an open sore anymore and is not draining anymore either. Before I had tons of green/yellow/brown discharge, no odor or inflimation and not to to touch or sore, so I haven't been worried. I think I will at 8 weeks start scar treatment I'm going to start with a cheaper drug store topical cream and if that doesn't work I'll move to the silicone sheeting. I'm not too concerned though. My 36e bathing suit fits like a dream, happy about that but kinda sad it fits so well, I've read a lot of ladies feel that way though I know I'm only 3 weeks post op so I'm not at my final shape of course and I'm pretty sure I was a LOT larger than an e nipples are starting to look more symmetrical I think the right since it took longer to feel sensation it didn't have as much blood flow and made it more shriveled.


Dr. Jay Zhu

Dr zhu just started his practise he had finished his training and was now doing them on his own. I wasn't worried about this at all. Being a hairstylist I know when your apprenticing a lot of people would prefer to have someone with more experience but when your new to something you are passionate about you will almost always do your best and more. Dr zhu was friendly, professional, double checked all his lines, he talked to my mom and told her everything to make sure she could pass It along to me once I was with it again. He listened to what I wanted and made me feel really comfortable. I was very pleased at how polite he was to the others he was working with (I sometimes get the impression that plastic surgeons are stuck up) I am very happy that I went with this surgeon, I was able to get in very quickly and from what I can tell he listened to me and did an amazing job! He suggested lipo in my sides but in no way did he try to talk me into something I didn't want, he just suggested it for that "perfect look" which I was not looking for. I'm very happy with how everything went!

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